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Rare $40 Off $40 Target Purchase Coupon w/ REDcard Sign Up

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Target REDcard

Love to shop at Target?! Don’t MISS this!

Through July 27th, Target is offering a rare $40 off $40+ purchase coupon when you sign up for a Target REDcard credit card or debit card in-stores or online!

Once you’re approved for the Target REDcard, a coupon valid for $40 off a $40+ purchase will be mailed to you with your REDcard. The coupon is valid through August 31st, 2019.

Target shopping carts

Perks of having a Target REDcard:

Target REDcard on shopping list

Don’t want the credit card?

Consider signing up for the debit card instead of the credit version to receive the same perks, no annual fee, and no credit check required. The debit card is tied to your existing checking account so you can also withdraw up to $40 cash at checkout in-store.

Items excluded from this discount include – gift cards, prepaid cards, alcohol, milk, select baby brands (DockATot, Halo, Infant Optics, Owlet, Peg Perego, Philips Avent), Levi’s Red Label, LEGO, Bose, JBL, Sonos, Apple, Fitbit, Tile, Google Home/Mini/Hub, LG OLED TV, Samsung TVs, GoPro, DSLR cameras & lenses, mobile contracts, Nintendo hardware and Switch games, PS4 hardware, Xbox One hardware, Simple Human, Traeger, Harry’s, Flamingo, power shave, power dental, Tylenol and Motrin pain relief, clinic & pharmacy, and Target Optical. 

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Comments 143

  1. Tracy

    If I have a credit card can I sign up for the debit card and still get the deal or vis versa?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Tracy! I just spoke with customer service and they did confirm that you can do that! Hope this helps!

      • Diana

        Yea – thanks for finding that out! Same offer available if you sign up at the store since on-line site is down?

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          You’re welcome, Diana! Yes! In stores too!

      • Tracy

        Thank u!

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          You’re very welcome!

      • Spr

        If you dont get the coupon,do you call their customer service?

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          Yes! Be sure to give them a call! 1-800-424-6888. Hoping they will be able to help!

  2. hellfiregainz

    Who has it in debit? Any hidden stipulations you know? Would love to hear about some debit users.

    • KeriB

      I love my debit card! Use it every time. The only thing I’ll say is that it takes several days for the money to clear the bank so you have to be mindful of what you spend there.

      • hellfiregainz

        Thank you!

    • GM

      I have a debit version. I like it. It doesn’t hit your account immediately. I think they process the transactions on Wednesdays. So if you use it after a certain time on Wednesday or any day after Wednesday it doesn’t hit your account until the next Wednesday. (I can’t remember if that’s Target or my bank that processes it that way though). But as long as you keep a proper check register it’s no issue because you know you used it and deduct it from your balance.

      • hellfiregainz

        Thank you!

      • Kathy

        Just curious – when you first signed up for your debit card, did they do a couple of small transactions with your bank account to verify it was you?

    • Heather

      I’ve had a debit card for probably 7 years or so. I like the 5% off, the special coupons they send, including the anniversary bonus coupon and free shipping promos. We’ve never had a security issue either. Plus, being able to have it linked to your app makes checkout easy.

      • hellfiregainz

        Thank you!

    • CW

      Hi I’ve had my debit for close to 10 yrs and when I make a purchase, it hits my bank account in 2-3 days. So it totally depends on your bank. Love the debit, no complaints, you still get free shipping too!

      • hellfiregainz

        Thank you

      • T

        I don’t get free shipping any more. It changed so most stuff is free with a $25 purchase. Is it just me?

    • Mrs. G

      I love my debit!! No issues here. Target has the best customer service if you do have problems.

  3. PD

    Omg… I signed up for Credit card last Monday. Any idea if I will also get this $40 gift card?

    • PD

      I mean the $40 coupon … not gift card

      • Angi

        Not if it just started.

    • Abby

      Never hurts to ask!

    • Michele

      I would call corporate customer service and ask about it. I bet they honor it.

      • PD

        Have called them but it’s a No No

  4. dashofnutmegs

    When using your RED credit or debit card, does it automatically deduct the 5%? Or do you have to tell the cashier before you use your card? I’m just worried I wouldn’t get my 5% off if I don’t do or say something. Thanks.

    • Misty D

      It gives 5% discount automatically

    • Shannon

      Yes, it comes off as soon as you insert the card to pay. I’ve had a Target credit for years and love it.

  5. Tammy

    I have had the debit card for many years. Never had any issues. Love saving the extra 5% and having free shipping.

  6. Melanie

    This may be my time to sign up. I shop there so often and they always ask if I want to sign up/why I don’t have one. I always tell them, “one day you’ll get me” Today, just might be my day 😂 🎯

  7. Keepin’ It Green

    Wow! This is an awesome deal. I may just have to finally get that RedCard!

  8. R

    If you already have the debit card I wonder if you can sign up for the credit card and receive the promo?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yes you can! I just spoke with customer service to be sure!

      • R

        Thank you! 😊

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          You’re very welcome!

  9. Mama

    I have a credit freeze in place since the equifax breach. So I would have to thaw my credit to take advantage of this deal. Does anyone who
    Applied recently know what credit bureau they use to approve you?

    • Kara

      You can unfreeze your account for just one company or fora certain time. I had all of mine frozen years ago and only unfreeze when I need them

      • Mama

        Yes! I was hoping to only thaw the one bureau that they use.

    • sunshine0826

      They used Equifax when I did it this morning

      • Mama

        Thanks for the info! Much appreciated

  10. Mary

    Thanks Hip2Save! Just got approved for the credit card. Nice perks, no annual fee and the $40 off coupon is the perfect time to sign up.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! You’re welcome, Mary!

  11. sunshine0826

    Just got approved! I was waiting for a good promo to finally sign up! Expecting my first child in October so this will come in handy!! Thanks so much for all you do!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Woohoo! Congratulations! You are SO very welcome! 🥰

      • Nancy Unger Goldstein

        I’m extremely worried. I just got approved and now I think it’s a scam.

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          Hi Nancy! This is not a scam. I did speak with customer service to confirm the details above. Be sure to contact customer service for any additional details on the offer. Hope that helps!

    • Wca

      I was just approved for the credit card.. Signed up first day I saw this. What proof do we have that we are to receive a 40 off 40 coupon just in case they don’t send?

      • Wca


        I found what I needed

  12. Melissa

    Do you have to get approved for the debit card?

    • Lisa

      They run no credit check for the debit card.

      • Charlie

        We just applied for the debit card, and we got the message that “our application is being reviewed, and they’ll inform us in writing within the next 7-10 days”. What does that mean? I thought approval for the debit card was supposed to be instant??

        • Darla

          For the debit card you will get an email stating that they took out a certain dollar amount (under a dollar) and then withdrew it. You then notify them of the amounts so this verifies that it’s your account and then you’ll be approved. I got that email today

  13. Munu

    Got “technical difficulties” after going through everything and verifying the bank for debit card.

    Any one else had similar issue?

    • Breanna

      I did as well

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Darn! Maybe wait a moment and try again or switch to a different browser. If still having issue, be sure to try contacting customer service to see if they might be able to help. Hoping it works for you soon!

    • Tina Cardwell


  14. Laura

    I’ve got a Red Card linked to my personal checking account, but wonder if I’d get the coupon if I applied for another Red Card linked to my husband and my joint checking account. Would love to know if anyone knows the answer. I’ve been wanting to get a Red Card linked to our joint checking for awhile and this would be the perfect time to finally do it!

    • Becky

      No, I tried this before for another promo and it wouldn’t work. One one per bank account.

      • Brittany

        It’s a separate account number so there’s no reason for them to not honor it. I just applied for one and my husband and I joint account.

        • Brittany

          I just called customer service and they were really weird about it, gave me the run around a bit and wouldn’t directly answer my question. They said I needed to call back tomorrow to verify if my application was approved or not. I did get them to finally state they would honor the $40 promo if my application was approved.

      • Laura Foss

        Yup, two separate banking accounts. My new redcard application went thru and I should get the card in the mail in 7-10 days! Yay!

  15. Leah

    Awesome!! Thank you

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Leah!

  16. Luv🌺

    Does getting the debit card have any effect on your credit score/report or is that only if you apply for the credit card? Thanks in advance for inputs 🌺

    • Steph

      Debit card won’t affect your credit score/history at all!

  17. Norma

    I am trying to sign up but wouldn’t take my email

    • Melanie

      It happened to me too. Make sure there isn’t a space after your email. (Hit the backspace button so the cursor is flush against the “m” in .com)

  18. AL

    Can you cancel your debit card at any time if you sign up for this? Don’t know if I want another debit card. And dont want a credit card since I alway use my Alaska. But I want this deal 😅

  19. M

    Can I cancel the card anytime? Is there a penalty?

  20. Karen

    And if you already have these? I guess no special for us?

  21. Rachel

    Anyone else get technical issues after hitting submit for the debit card, then applying again and getting we will contact you in 7-10 business days, I am wondering if it is my bank since it is just a local bank if they have to verify the information, frustrating I did it online vs in the store.

    • Melissa

      That happened to me too and I use a local bank. 🤔

      • Shelly

        Same here 7-10 days

    • Breanna

      I use Chase bank and also got the technical difficulties then I applied again and got we will contact you in 7-10 business days. I also tried during the last promotional period and got a letter in the mail that they couldn’t verify my bank account 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Munu

      I don’t think this has anything to do with using local bank. I use Bank of America account and still got the same error.

  22. Kelly

    I just got approved LAST NIGHT does anyone know if the promotion was running yesterday?
    Thanks in advance

  23. Ashley

    Dumb question, if I have more than one bank account (different banks), could I get a debit for each and get more than one coupon?

    • AL

      I actually used hubbies email and info and our joint account that I used with mine and everything seemed to go well. Still do need to wait to get the approval letter and card.

  24. Jules

    I love my target debit card. 5% adds up and you get free shipping when you purchase online. There is a delay for the money to get deducted from your bank. I have TCF and if I buy on Monday it will come out of the bank on Wednesday.

  25. Elizabeth With An S

    I got technical difficulties. Ugh. I hope that I still get a gift card!

  26. MelRox

    I applied in store one time and they said that my Bank of America account could not be used for the debit card. I tried online the last time they had a similar promotion and got another letter later saying that the type of account I had would not allow them to link their debit card to my Bank of America. (After the promo had ended) perhaps there are certain types of accounts that the bank won’t allow Target to connect to.

  27. Jeff Treon

    We just got our debit one and NO $40 free coupon.

    • Cathy B

      The $40 incentive began today, July 14th, and will run through July 27th, according to the details on the website.

      • Jeff

        Sad. They could have told us. Kind of feel ripped-off now. 🙁

    • JacQak

      The coupon will be mailed to approved cardholders with their REDcard and will be valid through August 31, 2019.

  28. shop4mybabies

    I have had my debit card for about 10 years and love it. takes 2-3 days to come out of my checking account. love the 5% and free shipping online. If you can PLEASE sign up with your favorite cashier in store, they put a huge quota pressure on their employees

    • Steph

      This actually isn’t true-at least at all the Targets near me (including the one I work at). We are just asked to ask every single customer if they want a red card but there are no quotas for us to have or bonuses or anything of that nature…in fact most of us have stopped asking unless we see our head hanchos around

      • shop4mybabies

        my cousin was written up for not getting 2 red cards in a month, and when my daughter interviewed there Saturday they talked about it a couple of times in a one hour interview…so it must be quite different from store to store

  29. Cathy B

    I was given two options to open the debit account – an instant option, where I could log into my bank account with my credentials, and an option to have small deposits made into my checking account over the course of a few days. I chose the instant option, and was assigned an account number immediately to use online. The physical card will take a few days to arrive in the mail. I had both a Target debit and credit account in the past, and stopped using both, so they were closed by the company. They have been closed for about 2 years now. I would not have applied to reopen the account if the $40 incentive was not offered.

  30. mary b

    I have tried several ways to even get to the application and I’ve tried different URLs and different browsers and can’t get in it from my iPhone. I will try later tonight for my home computer. This is an awesome deal 40 free box OMG thanks Collin and hip2save yippee Yahoo

  31. Jen

    Success tonight applying for a debit card, already have credit. Approved in minutes with card # already in my hand to shop online right now, did do instant verification where it’s necessary to enter login and password to my bank account. For security, went in a few minutes afterward and changed the password. My 20 year old had great luck as well with a lower credit score and less than a year of credit history getting approved for the credit card. Thanks for posting this deal!

  32. Nancy Unger Goldstein

    It’s a scam.

    • Marie

      Really? How so. Do tell.

    • Spifftiff88

      How so?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! This is not a scam. Be sure to click through the link above to find all of the details listed on the Target site. You can also check with customer service for additional information. Hoping that helps!

  33. Chris Woods

    Ive tried to apply for debit card but it keeps saying can’t reach site, connection reset. Anyone know what’s up? I tried resetting connection multiple times, not working

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Darn! Maybe try again. It seems the site was having technical issues last night. Hoping that helps!

  34. Megan

    Their website isnt working to apply for either card :-/ i have tried on both mobile and computer

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Darn! Maybe wait a bit and try back again. Hoping that helps!

  35. Cathy B

    I don’t believe that the application process is working on mobile devices. Remember that Target had a huge breach a few years back, so the card application process is more stringent now. I applied on my desktop computer successfully.

    • Liza (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you for your tip, Cathy!

    • Megan

      I tried on both my comouter and mobile for hours now and no luck.

  36. Melanie

    I just applied on my phone. It was quick & easy. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Liza (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Melanie! Glad it was easy peasy for you!

  37. Lily

    Applied. Got approved. When will I get the coupon? Thanks

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! The offer will be mailed to you with your Redcard. Hope that helps!

      • Stephanie

        Does it also get mailed to you if you do the debit card option?

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          Yes! It appears so! You can always double check with customer service for any additional details. Hope that helps!

  38. Nancy

    I sign up for the credit card but I didn’t get the coupons for $40 should I wait and see if I get a email or should I call customer service?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Nancy! It appears that the offer will be mailed to you with your Redcard. Hope that helps!

  39. mary b

    Was able to score this deal on my laptop computer. I could not get it to work on my iPhone. Are used to work at target and this is a very rare good deal and it is legitimate. Go for it.. Yes they do have a red card credit card which I have already but I never signed up just for the red card debit card so glad I waited. Who doesn’t want free money. Way to go Collin!!! thank you

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You are SO very welcome, Mary b! Happy you could score the offer! 🙌

  40. MotherOfTwo

    Did anyone receive a confirmation as to being approved for the $40 gift card? I signed up today, was approved for the debit Redcard..but didn’t specify anything about the giftcard.

  41. Diana Gresham

    So I got notification from Target that they had made two deposits and one withdrawal from my checking account. However, when I went online to get the amounts, my account only shows two deposits – not the withdrawal. Does it come later, or do I need to call someone – and if so, whom??

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hmm, maybe try giving them a call –
      Target Credit Card & Target Mastercard (U.S.): 1-800-424-6888
      Target Debit Card: 1-888-729-7331

      Hope they will be able to help!

  42. Darla

    So cool! Thanks! I almost didn’t read it because I didn’t want another credit card. So cool it’s a debit card I get $40 and I get free shipping woohoo score thank you!

  43. Darla

    So cool! Thanks! I almost didn’t read it because I didn’t want another credit card. So cool it’s a debit card I get $40 and I get free shipping woohoo score thank you! Now I wish Kohls did that. I’m always angered because Kohl’s has such great deals but you have to have their credit card and I refuse.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You are so welcome! I hope this works well for you, Darla!

  44. SquirrelGirl

    I love my Target debit card, but I just wanted to warn others of the possible difficulty of trying to get your $ off promo. I signed up when they were doing $20 off of $100. When I got my debit card in the mail, there was no coupon or gift card. I waited to see if it would come separately – it did not. I called customer service, who told me I would have to make a purchase first. I did that, still no coupon. Called customer service again. They told me the coupon was supposed to be in the mail with my debit card. They said they’d resend it. 3 weeks later, no coupon. Called customer service again, who sent it again, and still no coupon. THIS HAPPENED FOR 4 MONTHS. I called Target customer service 7 times, spoke on chat 3 times, waited 4 months just to FINALLY get my $20 off of $100 coupon. It was ridiculous, gave me a headache, frustrated me beyond belief trying to talk to and convince these agents that I have NOT received any coupons… it almost wasn’t even worth it. So when you see these $ off promos, just remember that you may not actually get it. Think about whether the possible frustration and time-drain of dealing w/ their customer service is worth it.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh bummer! SO very sorry to hear about your experience. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! We sure appreciate the honest feedback!

  45. christine miller

    I applied for the debit. They took out the amounts from our checking, but I never received the email to verify amounts… Is this normal?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hmm, maybe try calling in to customer service to see if they can check on that for you – 1-800-424-6888. Hope that helps!

  46. KK

    The site is having issues. I went through the application process twice, it completes but then says its having issues and goes back to a blank application. Yikes! Where did all of my personal info go?

    • Darla

      I think there’s just a lot of people doing it today. I got the same issue twice and then try it again later and it went through

  47. Monique

    I signed up in the store and have the CC. But the 40 off 40 wasn’t mailed with my red card. How can I get the deal added to my card?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Monique! Maybe try calling in to customer service to see if they can look into that for you! 1-800-424-6888.
      Hope this helps!

  48. Alicia Jones

    Can I use my 40 of 40 coupon on gift card deals. Like when you buy 3 toothpaste and you get a gift card?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I believe that should work! You can always double check with customer service to be certain. Hope that helps!

  49. Tuquyen

    Received my $40 off coupon with my debit card in the mail yesterday. Thank you!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      SO glad to hear that! You’re very welcome!

  50. T

    This post is misleading, since it’s not $40 off $40 or more. I got my card today and the coupon turned out to be “$40 off a storewide purchase of $100 or more”.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      If you signed up before July 27th the offer was $40 off $40. If you did that, I would contact customer service and ask about it. If you did it July 28th or after it would be $40 off $100, T.

      • Darla

        Mine is 40 off 40 . wow. I wonder why you got the other one

      • Jenny

        I signed up the 27th and they sent me the 40 off 100 too

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