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Pampers Introduces Lumi Smart Diapers | Monitor & Track Wet Diapers, Sleep, Feedings & More

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lumi by pampers system

Now we’ve heard everything…

Pampers recently partnered with Verily and Logitech to create a new line of diapers called Lumi by Pampers. Yep, that’s right – diapers have officially gone “smart.” LOL!

When combined with a video monitor and an activity sensor, these new Lumi diapers will help parents and caregivers to monitor and track their baby 24/7. Lumi will automatically track baby’s activities like wet diapers and sleep and you’ll also be able to connect your phone to receive notifications!

smartphone with lumi app

The complete Lumi by Pampers system includes an activity tracker that attaches to the front of the diaper and a video monitor. You’ll be able to download the app on your smartphone which will display activity from the tracker as well as the ability to view the monitor and track temperature and room humidity. While in the app, you’ll also be able to track feeding times, diaper changes, key milestones and more!

Tracking my sleep, steps, calories – sure. But do we really need an app to track wet diapers? Let us know your thoughts below!

Interested in grabbing the Lumi by Pampers system?

A price and release date has not yet been announced; however, you can sign up for the waiting list here!

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Comments 37

  1. Diane

    If you posted this in 4/1, I would think it was a joke!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      LOL! It sure is a new and unique diaper!

    • Drb

      It will just give parents an excuse not to pay attention to their babies. They can just stay on theirs phones all day and wait for the alerts. Ridiculous.

  2. Sara

    Smart diapers? Seriously?

    Enough with the smart everything. Not everything needs to be connected to the internet.

    • J.H.509

      Exactly! I remember doing everything old school. We even used cloth diapers with our first.

  3. Summer

    Gone are the days of just checking on your children it seems. Sheesh.

    • Rae

      I agree! Is it that difficult for the modern parent to check on their kids?

    • This is ridiculous

      And are we ever going to just raise our kids and get the heck off these stupid phones?

  4. MakoKaKeni!

    Is this for real? I feel like everything nowadays needs to be called “smart” while people are getting ____. Oops

  5. Katie

    I feel like this might be a ploy to sell more diapers… the alert would go off all the time in the first few months.

  6. Pampers

    They are making apps for everything this is insane. As a parent I don’t think we need a “smart” way to tell us the diaper is wet.

  7. Jessica

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Who would jump on the chance to submit his or her newborn to more EMFs!!!! Gah

  8. judith

    Now they just need to develop an app that will change the baby too! 👶

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)


  9. Mrsyancy


  10. Courtney

    Seriously? Why tho? 🤦🏼‍♀️ I hope nobody buys this and it goes away. Just spend time with your babies instead of getting alerts when they need things.

  11. Courtney

    🤔 although possibly this could be useful in a hospital NICU setting I suppose…

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I do like that idea of a NICU, Courtney!

    • kristi

      I used to work in NICU. They are staffed at 1 nurse per 1-3 babies, and the nurses are by the babies’ bedside 24/7… they chart and weigh every single diaper, content, and even description of the poop…

      • M

        I don’t think these smart diapers are going to give a description of the poop.

      • Meagkb

        This was not our experience in the NICU—though what you describe is what I would have expected and wished it to be. Our NICU nurses had 5+ infants each. One day our nurse was gone for over 3 hours. My son missed a tube feeding and several medicines. I asked the nurse nextdoor if she could help me obtain the food and medicine. She said she could not help bc she had too many babies that were her own. Sad but true. The diapers at our NICU had the stripe to let us know the when wet. We often had new nurses. One day I told the nurse I would change my son’s diaper and give her the weight. She asked how I knew it was wet. She was unaware of what the colored line meant. In addition, as I was changing the diaper, she watched intently and said she wanted to learn my technique bc she had never changed a diaper.

        • Chris

          I’m not sure what level NICU your hospital has. My son was a 30 weeker and the goal of his level 4 was to have parents do the feedings and diaper changes to have them feel comfortable doing these activities for when they go home. Changing a 3 lb baby’s diaper is a lot different from changing a 6+ lb baby’s diaper.
          From day 2 to when he was released at day 35, I made sure the NICU doctors and nurses knew I would know how to care for my 5 lb baby when we went home. Plus the hospital tracks who did basic care and what the parents were doing.

          • Meagkb

            I preferred to do all of my son’s care from the beginning. He has Down syndrome, heart defect, born in heart failure, not allowed to feed by mouth, etc. At this level of NICU, parents were not allowed to work the feeding pump (once stepped down, a different pump was used that we could operate). I did not have access to the medicine without the nurse. It was delivered to a machine that only the nurse could access. I finally found a supervisor who would give me the meds to administer but bc our nurse had not charted the feeds he had received that day, they refused to feed him until she returned. He ate every two hours, so he missed an entire feed. He had to be a certain weight before they could do cardiac repair, so every calorie counted. Having said all of this, I don’t really see the point of a smart diaper in a NICU situation. Our public special needs pre-school does not provide feedback on diaper changes. I might find it useful during school.

  12. SUZY

    This is Absolutely absurd !! If you have to have an app that tells you your baby’s diaper is wet… then I’m not so sure you’re ready to be a parent. What a marketing ploy to sell more diapers!

  13. A

    This would be great for hospital time. I have had 4 csections. Every single time I am handed a pad and a pen to keep track of when baby eats, when baby poops, at what times, etc. I always lost track because I was exhausted, in pain, and on meds. This would be helpful for the nurses to keep track without having to check in every 2 to 4 hours to check if baby pooped or not. Is it necessary? No, but it would be helpful. I even think for babies that have issues pooping or urinating and parents have to keep track,this could be helpful. Or how about when baby starts to sleep through the night and they poop themselves. They sleep right through it and hours later when you get up to check it is too late. Diaper rash is already forming. It isn’t a matter of being lazy or just checking, but there are several benefits of this. Not having to wake baby up for a change if it isn’t needed, etc. I would opt for normal diapers outside of the hospital, however as I said before I can see some of the benefits of this.

    • Katie Mecham

      I had a lot of the same thoughts as you. I actually just had a fourth csection this month! I snuggled my new little one constantly and he was taking care of, but every time someone asked how many wet diapers etc I couldn’t remember. Something that could help track things like that could help overwhelmed parents be able to relax and enjoy baby. Not about laziness but overwhelmed or in pain can make it hard to track everything.

  14. Mary

    Helicopter parents rejoice!!😂

  15. sherry

    Why not develop an app that notifies parents when a baby is left in a hot car?
    Or better yet call the brain an app, maybe if that happens people will start using it.

    • Jen

      Totally agree on the car… we have bigger issues than monitors on wet diapers.

  16. Tiffany

    This is ALARMING! We need reminders to get our kids out of the backseat, we need a diaper to remind us to tend to our children. If you need all that don’t have babies. I’m a millennial and have 2 babies whom I love adore and am involved with. Hmmm perhaps others should do the same.

  17. Mary

    In the future things will need to be labeled “non-AI” in the same way their currently labeled “non-GMO”

  18. samfs2016

    Lol it sounds funny.Anyway it won’t be successful as well personally I won’t spend any extra penny for this lumi diapers

  19. Melissaan

    Back in the day when everyone used cloth diapers, parents changed their babies’ diapers when they were wet. Then disposable diapers were invented. Part of the marketing was the claim that disposable diapers kept moisture away from the baby’s skin and were healthier than cloth diapers. Thus, parents using disposable were inclined to change their child’s diapers less frequently because it wasn’t as important to be changing with every little piddle. Meanwhile the number of diapers in a package decreased significantly over the decades whereas the price of disposable diapers increased, which further encouraged parents to increase time between changes out of economic necessity. (As a parent in the 80’s and 90’s and now a grandparent I can testify to all of this. The number of diapers that was supposed to last a week became smaller and smaller.) So now, this diaper company is attempting to encourage parents to change diapers more frequently and not coincidentally increase profits for the company. This is the main reason for this “innovation” – not to improve things for babies! How mankind has managed to survive for millennia without it is the big question!

    In addition, I can’t imagine having my babies diapers connected by Bluetooth I assume to electronic devices. There are already studies which indicate dangerous radiation exposure levels impacting sperm levels which affect fertility due to the proximity of cell phones in men’s pockets. There is more research that needs to be done. But I wouldn’t be talking any changes with precious babies exposing them needlessly to potential harm. And a “smart” device should never replace a parent’s attention to their child.

  20. Laura

    The only way I would ever be interested in this is if I sent my child to daycare while I worked, so I could see that they were being changed appropriately… but I’m a SAHM, so it’s a no from me.

  21. E

    This is ridiculous. It’s a way to sell more diapers and make more money and have the data about babies, which in turn will fuel marketing to sell more diapers! No thanks. I’ll keep my cloth diapers! Baby gets changed every 2-3 hrs, because that’s how much pee they hold. I don’t need an app or a monitor for that! And I know whether the baby has slept ok or not by how tired I feel 😂

  22. Avi

    Lol smart diapers….. 🙄

  23. Kay

    I tracked my babies bottle amounts for a few months, tracked his sleep for a quite a while. I just wrote everything in an email draft. But I’m not going to freak out about these new smart diapers like most people it seems. If it eases anxiety for a mom then good for her. No mom shaming from this girl.

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