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Target Circle Loyalty Program Set to Launch Nationwide in October

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Target shopping carts

Your Target run is about to get an upgrade!

After testing a new loyalty program in six markets, Target has announced plans to invite shoppers nationwide into its inner circle. Beginning October 6, all Target shoppers will have the opportunity to save more money, earn rewards, and make a difference in their communities through the new Target Circle program.

Target Circle is a rewarding new way to shop at Target, and it’s free (and easy) to join! 🙌🏻

Target Circle on computer and iphone

Rick Gomez, Target’s executive vice president and chief marketing and digital officer, had this to say:

“Our guests are at the center of everything we do, and we’re always looking for new ways to create even easier, more rewarding shopping experiences that give them another reason to choose Target more often. We worked directly with guests to develop Target Circle, and the program includes the benefits and perks that they told us were most important to them, from earning on every Target trip to having the opportunity to help Target make a positive impact within their local communities.”

Target Circle with Bullseye dog

Joining the Target Circle program is so easy. In fact, if you already have a account, use the Cartwheel app, or have a Target RedCard, then there’s nothing more for you to do! You will automatically be enrolled in Target Circle.

Anyone else wishing to join can create a account, get approved for a RedCard, or share their phone number at checkout in any Target store, beginning October 6. After that, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the new program’s perks.

Target Circle’s benefits include:

A graphic featuring four different Bullseye the dog icons, each highlighting a perk of Target Circle membership

Target’s Cartwheel app is said to be getting an update and joining the Circle too. Starting October 6, the Cartwheel offers we’ve come to love will be found under a new name – “Target Circle offers.”

In addition, Target RedCard is getting a makeover. Although it will continue to offer the same 5% savings as in the past, the new RedCard will be updated with fresh designs and new marketing.

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Comments 92

  1. Marie

    Already not a fan of this new program. Red card holders get gyped once again, by not getting the extra perks. No big deal really, because I’m much more upset that manufacturer coupons will no longer be included in cartwheel. I’ve barely shopped at Target these past few years, and this just discourages me even more. Oh well.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Marie. We sure appreciate it!

      • Rae

        Hip2save can you please remove the reply from the username: “Rat”, it has offensive innapropriate language that is NOT on par with hip2save’s family friendly website. I am surprised there is no filter to prevent that from posting.

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          Thanks, Rae! That has been removed AND the filter has been updated!

          • J

            Unfortunately, we can still see Rat’s comment through the HIP2SAVE app. I am so disgusted. Please remove it.

            • Buckeyemom


            • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

              SO sorry about that, J. It has been removed.

        • Laura

          I just reported it as well! First time ever on this site I gasped out loud!!!

      • Amanda

        Hip2save you may want to update your filter again. Rat posted it again just with two U’s this time…..

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          Thanks so much for bringing that to our attention!

    • Mel

      I think you’re misunderstanding. Red card holders still get 5% off every purchase. The 1% is for those who sign up for the circle and don’t want the red card.

      • Marie

        I’m not misunderstanding anything. Red card holders of not get the perk of 1% being returned to them at a later purpose. Yes, holders still get the 5%, but that is a reward for using red card. The 1% is a reward for using their savings app. Red card holders should get both, if they’re going to offer it in that light.

        • Mel

          But we already get 5% off. The 1% is to get more people in the store and hopefully convert them to red card holders. Target doesn’t have to offer anything at all. Why not be ok with the % you have now instead of complaining about a lesser discount?

          • Mel

            Also, how do you know that RC holders won’t get better offers than someone who just gets 1%? Seems pretty to complain about a few pennies.

          • Marie

            I literally said no big deal really. And besides, I don’t see why you feel the need to make a big deal over how ** I ** feel about something smh.

    • Mel

      Where does it say they’re getting rid of manuf coupons in the cw part? All it says is that it’ll be part of The Circle.

    • Laura

      Where are you reading that manu coupons will no longer be in cartwheel ? Thank you

      • Marie

        I didn’t read it here. I read it on another popular couponing site.

        • Mel

          Ah, Ok. I did just read that. That is a bummer if they remove the dq’s. But I can’t even remember the last time I redeemed a dq from cw. I do have some clipped, but I normally have a paper cpn.

    • Kitty

      If we’re going to be talking about inappropriate language… “gypped” is a derogatory term.

      • Jessi

        Not a lot of people know or have ever even thought about what this term means. I hadn’t until my oldest was taking an ethics course in college and when he read the history of the term out loud we were both really surprised.

      • R

        Most don’t know that. I’m sure the person who used the term meant it as “getting ripped off” or not focusing on current customers value, something similar to that?

      • MissLauraLou

        I thought the same thing! And ignorance does not make it okay… I’m also sure that the user didn’t intend it as a a slur, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t…

      • Selah

        It’s not “inappropriate”, its just not PC. You have to draw the line somewhere unless you want to be perpetually offended.

        • Lauren

          I mean, it’s a culturally offensive word, so that feels fairly inappropriate. And unless you’re an ethnic gypsy, you don’t get to decide if it’s “inappropriate” or not.

          • selah

            Of course I get to decide if its appropriate, just like you get to decide if its inappropriate. It’s a word. Unless you’ve surveyed every single person that categorizes themselves as ethnic gypsy and asked them if its offensive, you can’t categorize it as “culturally offensive”. The only reason you think it’s culturally offensive is because someone else told you it was.

            • Melissa

              Thank you for a response that is open, honest and intelligent

            • Kitty

              No, the only reason I think that term is wrong is NOT because I was told to. I can think for myself. Also, how do you know who has a Romani background and who doesn’t? I’m pointing out that is a derogatory word that implies people of a certain background will rip you off. It’s like saying someone “jewed them” which is equally derogatory and offensive. I mean by all means, feel free to keep on using words that you know are derogatory to others simply because you refuse to “not be pc.” Speaks volumes.

              • selah

                So where’s that list of every ethnic gypsy and what percentage are offended by the word? You’re actually missing the whole point of the discussion. You’re assuming everyone who has a Romani background is offended by the word and that’s not true. You’re actually categorizing a whole ethnic group as so fragile and inept that they need you to defend them. That’s quite belittling. Then you’re dictating what someone else is allowed to say and if they don’t agree with you, you’re somehow morally superior. Outrage doesn’t equal virtue.

        • Smellyann

          My husband’s family is Bohemian, so I wouldn’t DARE use the word around them. That being said, you never know who else is, and unless you just really want to look like a jerk, maybe you should remove it from your daily vernacular? 🤷🏼‍♀️

          • selah

            Interesting. I have friends and acquaintances who could care less. Maybe you shouldn’t be so egocentric in your worldview. That kind of makes you look like a jerk.

        • Anne

          So you’re drawing the line by offended an entire cultural group and defending that by saying it’s “just not PC”? There are a lot of other words that aren’t PC and I’m guessing you use those too.

          • selah

            No, I’m drawing the line at categorizing an entire culture group and being offended on their behalf all in the sake of virtue signalling.

      • Rae

        That is not the word “Rat” used. They used a word that is clearly offensive and derogatory without having to look it up.

        Though if I wasn’t sure what a word meant I would look it up anyway before saying it.

      • Sharon

        This is the only meaning I have ever heard for the word. I will continue to use it.

        past tense: gypped; past participle: gypped
        cheat or swindle (someone).
        “that’s salesmanship, you have to gyp people into buying stuff they don’t like”

    • Jane

      “Gyped” is such an offensive term and not one that you should be using to describe your situation.

      • JULIA

        My family happens to be Bohemian. NOT OFFENDED!!!

      • Marie

        If it was such an offensive term, then ALL OF YOU, wouldn’t be REPEATING it, quotes or otherwise. And you all know at least that much to be true. Just think about it. Now with that being said, what makes you think everyone knows the historical significance of the word?? Someone posted the definition above, and that’s exactly my knowledge also on the word, without having to look it up. Why would I google every word I already know the definition of before I use it. And once again, if it was known to be so incredibly offensive like some of you are arguing, then there would be no questioning its political correctness, because you’d be afraid to even retype the word gyped/gypped at all.

        • Smellyann

          Michelle, *I* personally did NOT repeat the word, FOR GOOD REASON. So when you say “all,” you’re just wrong. It wasn’t all. And if you’re Bohemian or Romani and just aren’t offended, bully for you. I continue to stand behind my statement that knowingly – now – using a word that is very derogatory toward a particular culture or people says something about a person. #SorryNotSorry

          • Smellyann

            Marie, sorry. Not Michelle. Not wearing my glasses right now. 😏

          • Marie

            Right, it wasn’t all, but that’s completely besides the point I was trying to make. Kudos to you tho that you want to stay on your high horse.

    • Katie

      An extra 1% on top of my 5% PLUS bonuses?!! I love it! What’s to complain about ???

      • Claudia

        I live in Dallas and we have had it for a while, there is no extra 1% if you have a red card. The 1% is for people not using a red card. On occasion they run promos where you get both but that’s like twice or thrice a year.

    • Gina G.

      So can we not use manufacturers coupons along with Cartwheel savings?

  2. Samanthology1

    Yay! I’m not sure how this would negatively effect red card holders, it just seems like a fun new way to earn and save to me. I love loyalty programs. Thanks to Hip2save I signed up for CVS carepass last month and have already been so glad I did.! And if it wasn’t for Hip2Save I never would have know about Eddie Bauer rewards, and I get them all the time now! Thanks for letting us know about another cool program. I love Target but probably wouldn’t have heard about this otherwise

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh awesome! You’re SO very welcome! Thanks a ton for the kind words. 💕 Glad this was helpful!

  3. DDLee00

    Not sure if I’m a fan. I prefer to save 5% upfront instead of redeeming it later

    • Jessica

      Did I misunderstand? I thought we still get 5% off up front but an additional 1% towards future purchases?

    • Katie

      From what it reads, it looks like a red card member will still get the 5% automatic saving but not get the additional 1% for later.

  4. Bargin Shopper

    My understanding if you click the link to get the details –
    If you join only circle benefits you earn 1% when you shop to redeem at Target later
    OR continue saving the 5% with you REDcard
    I like the community benefits idea and advance sales access may mean less stress shopping 🙂 I’m still a target fan.

    • Nikki

      Unless they change it we have had it in DFW in beta for a while circle has special coupons we got 2 weeks with 20% off ALL toys which was my favorite, 20% off beauty for 2 days, $10 off of $10, $5 off $5, 10% off your whole purchase on your birthday and all these do stack with the 5% red card. I also see more of the thank you for being a red card holder $5 and $10 specials then I feel like we have had in previous years.

  5. Barb

    I have tested this out. I am in NC. I like the program and they add random coupons to my wallet almost every week. I have already gotten 2 $5 coupons loaded to my wallet and I get 5 to 10% coupons on various items

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      How neat! Glad you have been liking it so far, Barb! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

    • Gina G.

      It must’ve been test marketed in certain stores cause I’m in NC and wasn’t lucky enough to be in it (Barb, what part of NC are you in?). 🙂

    • Ella

      I’m wondering if they sent you an email notice of the new coupons or if you just have to check your wallet periodically to see them there?

  6. Jasmyn

    I’ve already been apart of the target circle ( I had no idea it was only select markets 😬) But anyway everything has ran smoothly to me. Still use cartwheel, still use coupons, and get the 1% back when I use any other pmt besides my red card. Still get the 5% if I use my red card too. The 1% gets collected on my account, like a gift card, and I can apply it to any purchase or continue to save it up and use it later. It’s an added perk and seems like a win win to me. 😊

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the helpful feedback, Jasmyn! Good to know how it has been working for you!

    • MommySpendsLess

      Thanks for the explanation! I only use my RedCard online so the 1% when I purchase in-store will be a nice little perk.

      • Jasmyn

        I’m pretty sure I get it with online purchase I’ve made too. I know I’ve used my 1% earnings on my online purchases.

  7. Kitty

    I love this and can’t wait to use it. Redcard holders still get 5%. Not sure how people are misunderstanding this.

    • Scs925

      They get 5% but not the 1% cash back. It’s either/or.

  8. R

    Sounds good to me:). Thanks!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome!

  9. Sarah

    I have this from beta and I love it! You can still use your 5% discount by using your red card and still earning 1% that you can save and spend whenever you’re ready. You can also earn a vote that will directly benefit your community.

  10. Roeseeohh

    Im excited for this! I’m a red card holder and I don’t always use my red card. Now I’ll be able to get rewarded even when I choose not to use my red card.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I love that option, too! Thanks for bringing it up, Roeseeohh!

  11. Bebe

    I love it. I shop Target multiple times a week and spend thousands of dollars there each year. I still save more with my redcard, but I think it’s a awesome option for those who don’t want to sign up for a redcard. For years I shopped without a redcard and think of all the money I could’ve gotten back with the Circle 1%. I also love the extra perks/coupons that you receive. They’re so useful and I love that Target is going the extra mile to help their customers save. I forgot my redcard once and paid with Cartwheel which has my Circle attached and I received that 1% back, which is better than nothing!

    • Katie

      My exact sentiments!

  12. Suzanne

    Woo hoo! Any extra savings at Target is a win in my book! Thanks for the heads up!

  13. Nicole

    I’ve had Target Circle for months now (was eligible due to being in a testing area) and am a Redcard holder. I still get 5%, cartwheel offers plus some good coupons in my wallet on the app exclusive to Circle members. There’s other perks to being a Circle member as well. You get lifetime votes for your purchases that can go towards nonprofit companies in your area.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the extra information, Nicole!

  14. Karen

    Hmm. My birthday is 10/23! I’ll let you know what my birthday perk is 🙂

  15. Olga

    This seems like a bad idea. it looks like they want to control the limit on people’s purchases like CVS does.

    • mel

      What? How are cvs purchase limits controlling???? And how does that even compare to target’s program?

  16. Sharon

    Target is so overpriced that I rarely shop there. Not sure if I will sign up for the program. Not in the current program.

    • C

      The Targets in my area are not overpriced. I shop there at least once a week. I look forward to this new program.

      • cooper

        No it’s not. I don’t know why people keep saying Target is expensive especially when it comes to groceries. I think cause these people don’t use RedCard + Cartwheel + knowing how to stack gift card promos. Target is about the same as Walmart(use RedCard) and cheaper than your regular grocery store.

        Again know your prices. Know what is on sale.

        • jenn

          Probably the same people who think Walmart has the best prices. Wrong and wrong again.

    • mel

      I have found Target prices to be in line or less than WM in my area. sales + cartwheel + coupons and cash back apps, Target can BEAT Walmart’s prices. I’d rather shop at Target bc its clean, employees are friendly and less crowded (except Saturday). It doesn’t matter the day or time I go to WM, its always packed. Thank goodness they finally opened self co lanes and I can bypass rude cashiers.

  17. Stephanie

    I have a question. I was part of the beta testing and I managed to somehow save up about $5 in Circle. They sent the money to a gift card since beta testing is done, but I cannot for the life of me figure out where on the app they’ve put that $5. Does anyone know?

    • ST

      I’m also in a testing location, and for me, my Circle savings gift card was placed where all my other saved digital gift cards are. For me, it’s in “Wallet” in the Target App…just click on “Edit Wallet” and you should see “REDcards” and “Gift Cards”. The Target Circle gift card appeared under the “Gift Cards” for me, and to use it, just click it (to select/highlight it) and press “save”. Then it will automatically be charged when you scan your Circle barcode at checkout (like you are scanning for cartwheel savings).

      Sorry if that was confusing and/or didn’t make sense…I hope I described it all right! Hope that helps! 🙂

  18. Nancy

    This is a family friendly coupon site that offers great deals, ideas, and recipes. If you don’t like something you see KEEP SCROLLING!!! No one wants to read hostility or pessimism at 6:00AM over 1% or a coupon. Go outside and get some fresh air and be thankful you woke up today 🙂 As for “Rat”, please take your vulgarity elsewhere.

  19. Darla

    I am really glad that Target is doing this WITHOUT having to have their credit card. It angers me so much that Kohl’s caters to credit card holders. They use that as a big brother tool and know what you’re buying Etc. I don’t like to shop at Kohl’s for that reason. I give Target a woohoo!

    • Deb E

      Darla, my thoughts exactly! Also my Target is only a few miles away versus the nearest Kohls and with the price of gas in California, it saves me money as well as time, especially considering with my few/small purchases.

  20. Darla

    Where did this Rat person post? What were they complaining about on a savings/fun/coupling site? Why in the world do people get all worked up? And also why can’t people just count to 10 before finding something to get worked up again. I did not know the word gypped was so offensive. I’m sure the person did not mean anything by it. My word for the day is”geez!!”

    • Marie

      Thank you! I didn’t realize it was gonna cause so much drama because I never knew the word had any of these associations. Sheesh.

  21. Tati

    Any good popcorn deals? Suddenly I feel like having a bowl

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