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Polaroid Originals Everything Box Only $34.98 at Lowe’s (Regularly $116)

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woman holding a Polaroid Everything Box

Wrap up your holiday shopping with deals at Lowe’s!

Hurry over to Lowe’s and score this Polaroid Originals Everything Box for just $34.98 (regularly $115.99). Choose free in-store pickup, if available near you. Please note, this item is not available to be shipped.

This seems like a pretty sweet deal as a similar item is on sale today at Best Buy for $79.99.

Polaroid Pics

This Polaroid Originals Everything Box has everything you need to start creating original Polaroid photos including a one-step 2 viewfinder camera and a film pack.

This camera has a vacuum discharge tube strobe flash that helps quality pictures to be taken in various light settings, and the rechargeable battery can last up to 60 days on one full charge.

Need a little inspiration to finish up your holiday shopping? Check out these gift guides!

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Comments 67

  1. bhokanson05

    Showing 75$ for me

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Darn! Maybe try changing your location. Hoping the sale price pops up for you!

  2. Karla

    My store has it for $74.98 :-(.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh bummer! Is there another nearby store you could check? Hoping that helps!

  3. Carrie Sink

    I’m only seeing the price as 74.98 using your link. It may just be my area, things tend to be more expensive here in Wa:)

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yes, It seems this can vary by store. Maybe try changing your location. Hoping that might help!

    • Megan

      $34.98 at the Lowe’s in Auburn, WA. Keep checking around 🙂

  4. Stacie

    I got 2 @ 34.98 each! YAY!! Thanks Hip!!!!!!!!!!! The Lowe’s closer to me was 74.98 each so I selected one with a different zip :O) but it’s in my commute path.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Woohoo! That’s great! You’re welcome, Stacie!

  5. aehartis

    Thanks so much! This was on my son’s list and now it fits in the budget!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      SO awesome! Glad you could check it off the list! You’re most welcome!

  6. EM

    I got one for the $34.98 for store pick up (not available for shipping) I’m in SLC, UT

    • aehartis

      I almost accidentally checked out with delivery and it added $54 for shipping!! Glad my store had free pick up! Whew….

  7. tara

    Thank you!!!! I wanted one for my classroom, great price and my Lowes had 1 left in stock!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome! You’re welcome, Tara!

  8. Karen B

    Thanks!! Was just looking for a gift for a 20 year old!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Perfect! You’re so welcome, Karen B! Glad this deal popped up for you today!

  9. Amanda

    Got one at a local Lowe’s but not the closest to my location. The closest location was $74.xx! Thanks!!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome!

  10. CaseyRusso

    $74.xx near me in CT

    • Robin

      3 available in Bloomfield CT for $34.98 – all others stores in CT are $74.98

  11. Mary

    $35 for me! Perfecet gift for my 15 year old daughter. Thanks!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh good! You’re welcome, Mary! Hope she loves it!

  12. Doral1208

    Just grabbed one for my dtr!! Didn’t think these ever went on sale!!!! Awesome! Thanks for the post!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Woohoo! You’re welcome!

    • Gina G.

      I had been looking at them all season but refused to pay what they selling for. Sooo glad I waited! 🙂

  13. Lexi98

    Got it! I checked at several locations near me and not available in store, but truck delivery was available for an extra $79.00. No way!!! I kept checking stores and some offered in store price at $87.00 or 30 percent off regular price. Finally found a store an hour away and got the $34.98 price . I don’t mind the drive for the savings. If you don’t mind a drive, keep looking. I’m planning to have lunch and find something fun to do while there : ) Ended up getting one for my daughter an another as a gift.

  14. btsot7

    Checked 3 different stores and finally snagged one! Thanks!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome!

  15. Trace_E

    Waaaah! This got me so excited! There’s 8 more at the Lowe’s 10mins away from me. Snagged one as birthday gift for my daughter. Thanks for the heads up!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Such a great gift idea! You’re most welcome!

  16. christina26

    Yay! Got the last gift I needed! I had to try out some different locations to find one with the deal and available pickup 🙂

  17. Barbie

    Got mine! I have been wanting one but couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on nostalgia. I am excited!

  18. Melissa M.

    It’s not the same bundle as the one at Best Buy, but my daughter is still going to love it. : )

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for pointing that out, Melissa M.! I got that updated!

  19. Ms. Frizzle

    YASSSSS! My 18 yr old daughter wanted one of these- I totally forgot about it! Got mine for the $35 price in Kansas

  20. S

    Where do you get the film replacements?

    • Gina G.

      You can get the film at like Walmart or Amazon. 🙂

    • Angel Hao

      I am a huge fan of instant cameras. I own this model and three other Polaroid Vintage Cameras. I also have Fuji Instax Mini 9, Mini 25, Mini 26, 90 NEO, Hello Kitty, SP2 and two Lomography cameras.

      For the Polaroid cameras, the iType film usually priced at 15.99 to 16.99 and the 600 film at 18.99. I was able to purchase and stock up these films somewhat between $10.50-13.50 on their official website during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other holiday sales.

      Right now, they have Color Film for 600 Festive Red Edition 30% off, $13.99/ea.

      Hope this info helps… 🙂

  21. Debbie

    why is their shipping absolutely ridiculous —- $65 shipping is crazy

  22. Gina G.

    Awesome, just ordered mine for in-store pickup!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)


  23. Jamie

    Just a head’s up – successfully placing an order does not guarantee your store has it in stock. My order was cancelled more than an hour after it was submitted.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you for letting us know, Jamie! I’m sorry yours was canceled.

  24. Melissa

    I ordered one as well. Just called the store to get a timeline of when it could be ready and was informed it was a error that they had any and that it would be cancelled. Just a heads up.

  25. K

    Wishing my dad would’ve kept his. Who would’ve known Polaroids would be a thing again!

  26. TaraB

    Im in Delaware there were 10 at the store by me fun fun got it and used my military discount 10% off

  27. Vanessa

    I was so excited I was able to order one and my order was cancelled 😕

  28. Ashley

    They cancelled my order after I got it at the low price listed! Just FYI, seems to be a tactic.

  29. Kat

    My order got cancelled too. Worst of all is that I paid with a gift card and the store was unable to process a refund. Need to make a special trip to Lowe’s in order to get my money back. ='(

  30. chenga57

    I was so worried they would cancel my order. I got a confirmation my order is ready for pick up! So excited – thank you!!

  31. Ty

    Extremely mad about this deal. So this afternoon I placed an order at Lowe’s for this item to pick it up at the store. I’m at home and they called me just a few minutes ago and said sorry they can’t fill the item. I got a gift card just so that I could buy this item and they told me from that Lowe’s store in Franklin Indiana that it would be no problem my gift card I could just go ahead and use it doesn’t get charged till I get to the store. So I tried to place a new order at a different store where she said they had the item and no go. So I called Lowe’s customer service and they said that’s not true they do charge the gift card so it does have a zero balance and it would be returned to me by mail. Will this deal will be over by then and also they really didn’t care that there was an order out there and that I needed to place a new order and would do nothing about it. So they’re sending me a gift card I did not want at all I only purchased it to buy this item!!

  32. Patricia

    I picked mine up , this was not an error price but its possible that employees are canceling to buy for them selfs. Employee at my store mentioned she was alerted at the price when she processed my order and bought 2

    • C

      That’s horrible! I guess if I got cancelled I would contact CORPORATE….. I wouldn’t be surprised though… employees seem to get shadier and shadier

  33. Sherry

    I ordered from 2 stores that said in stock and both were cancelled. Very disappointed!

  34. gg

    picked up mine w no issues!!

  35. K

    Just ordered 2 from a store a city over (not available here)… also used a giftcard from so saved even more!!! If you don’t have raise yet you can get a bonus with your first purchase using my code when you sign up: KSHAFFER0893

  36. Gina G.

    I’m ticked beyond belief, I just discovered, no phone calls or anything, that my order (hours after placing my order) was cancelled. When I placed my order my closest rural store showed 10 cameras in stock but, when I called to inquire as to why it was cancelled, I was given to completely different stories, one being that they’ve been out of stock for quite awhile then when I ask why the website said it was in stock she changed it to maybe somebody miscounted how many they had today & hung up! I’m sorry, but sometimes I can’t help but to wonder if when they suddenly run out of things, it’s because the employees realize they’re on sale and decide they want the item too.

    • ProudMama

      Wow!!! That’s awful, but I can see this happening! Someone has to process the order and if they see it for such a low price, they might want to keep it for themselves or as a gift! Too sad.

  37. Julie M

    First off this isnt the only deal site or social media site that posts deals. Thousands of people see the same deals people see posted here. There could be anywhere from 3-50 people in your town who constantly get feeds from several sites and want the same item just like you.

    Let’s say stock shows 10 on a shelf. Actual stock is more like 6-8( due to theft or damage or loss)

    Orders are not filled the moment you place it online or call it in. It could be several hours or half a day before someone can pull the item from the shelf.

    Resellers, and deal seekers who have been around long enough know that the best chance to get it is to drive to the store and buy it in person.

    If your item is cancelled even though it showed in stock, chances are the employees couldn’t find it, didnt have time to pull it from the floor to fill your order before it sold out, or called a friend or family member to buy it.

    9 out of 10 times people from your town were either in the store and saw the clearance price and bought it or several people saw the deal online and bought it before your store could fill your order

    Once you have had your orders cancelled too many times, you tend to drive to the store immediately after seeing a deal post and you see your store has that price and availability
    Calling an order in by phone or ordering online alerts the employees to a deal.

    Just because they work there doesn’t mean they are aware of markdowns, clearance or hot deals.

  38. Shauna Clark

    I am another shopper who was unable to secure his deal. I went to my local Lowe’s after I checked online and saw they had a dozen in stock. My husband and I searched the entire store while we picked up a few other things we needed and could not find them anywhere. After asking two floor employees, who had no idea what we were looking for (though one was clearly taking inventory on toys and gift items), we went to customer service and she checked only to find that they had record of them having 12 in stock but they could not be found and were “lost somewhere “. No explanation, but -sidenote-she was also looking for one! We left and I ordered one online from my next closest Lowe’s who showed they had stock, only to get a call an hour later that they were also out and my order would be cancelled. Lowe’s employee racket for the win!!!

  39. Anthony

    I wonder if I can price match at another retailer

    • BlessedMom

      Great question. Anyone have luck with price match? Best Buy will not

  40. Tiffany

    I had 3 stores cancel my order. They showed 10+ in stock when I placed it. Customer Service was horrible! They had attitude when I questioned things. NOT HAPPY!

  41. aehartis

    Another bad experience: I ordered and even received an email telling me that my order was ready for pickup. After getting there, they (guess what) Can’t Find My Order! Looked in the pickup area where orders are kept and it isn’t there. I am furious that I drove out of town for an order that was supposed to be ready and it wasn’t even there. Something just seems fishy about that. We were so excited about this deal, but Lowe’s failed me on this one.

  42. eas

    My order got cancelled also and I got NO notification at all from them.

  43. Mel

    Congrats to those who were able to grab this deal. When I checked on the count for my local Lowe’s, it said there was 1 in stock. Having worked in retail and with an inventory counting company before, I knew that 1 was probably incorrect. However, I was so interested in the deal that I called my Lowe’s to inquire about it…just in case. When customer service found out what I was inquiring about, she put me on hold. She actually got very adamant about putting me on hold like a fire had broke out in front of her. After a few minutes, the music stopped and I could hear the sounds of the store instead. She was assisting someone with something, but it gave me a taste of what I would have encountered if I had made the long trip to the store searching for the camera, which I honestly have no idea where it would even be in the store.

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