90% Off Holiday Clearance at Target | Apparel, Home Decor, Ornaments & More

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Target holiday clearance is HOT!

If you are headed to Target this week, Christmas and holiday clearance is officially 90% off, so now is a great time to stock up for next year! We found holiday apparel, food items, character stockings and more!

*HIP TIP – Before making a special trip to your local Target store, be sure to click on the DPCI numbers below to check the stock and price of items at your local store. Note that Brickseek is NOT always accurate with stock and pricing.

Mickey Mouse Holiday Sweater at Target

Disney Kids Holiday Sweaters
Only $1.99 (regularly $19.99)

Well Worn Girls' The Snuggle Is Real Ugly Christmas Sweater

Just One You by Carters Santa Top and Bottom Target

Just One You by Carters Infant Santa Top and Bottom Set
Only 99¢ (regularly $9.99)

Just One You by Carters Reindeer Onesie

Just One You by Carters Reindeer Onesie
Only 69¢ (regularly $6.99)

Cat & Jack Santa Hat at Target

Cat & Jack Kids Santa Beanie Hat
Only 99¢ (regularly $9.99)
DPCI # 202-04-0737

Women's Wine Christmas Fleece Ugly Holiday Sweatshirt

Character Christmas Stockings in Target shopping cart

Character Christmas Stockings
Only $1.40 (regularly $14)

Winter Oreo Cookies at Target

Winter Oreo Cookies
Only 89¢ (regularly $2.99)

Wondershop Kettle Corn at Target

Wondershop Spiced Gingerbread Kettle Corn
Only $1.58 (regularly $5.29)

Target animated Wondershop Santa

Wondershop Animated Climbing Santa
Only $3.50 (regularly $35)
DPCI # 051-12-1895

Wondershop Holiday Ornaments at Target

Wondershop Shatterproof Holiday Ornaments 50 ct
Only $1.50 (regularly $15)

Find more holiday clearance deals over this way!

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Comments 103

  1. Julie

    I bought shatterproof ornaments last Friday at Target for 50% off. I found some yesterday for 75% off at Walmart. Does anyone know if I can return the ones to Target and get 90% off? I don’t really need them, but will take them for 90% off. lol

    • Me

      They don’t let you do that on seasonal items. The only way you could do that is if you found the same items on the shelf today at 90% and buy those and return the ones you bought before but you have to have the receipt to prove the price.

      • Julie

        That’s what I figured. No big deal. I don’t need them any more, though. I’ll just return them and let some lucky person snatch them up and get the deal. Spread the wealth! 🙂

        • Jane

          Target will salvage all clearance either tomorrow or Friday. So if you don’t take them quickly, no wealth is being spread, just a loss on Target.

      • Debby

        Not always true. I just did it today with no issues. Again it all depends on the store and it depends on the person you talk to. Everything that I had purchased two days ago at 70% as well as items at 50% off the price adjusted everything for me today.

    • Debby

      After I went shopping at 8 o’clock this morning at 90% off..then I went up to the customer service with all my receipts of everything I have purchased at 50% and 75% off at target and they price adjusted and gave me the cash difference. I think it all depends on what stores you go too. Most people thought that target was closed today …I was the first one in the store at the 90% which I was very very lucky because the store still had tons of stuff!

  2. C

    Still 70 here 🙁

  3. JR

    I went to Target this morning. I struggle with the people that fill their entire buggy with the clearance items and then stand in front of the price scanner and scan every item. I wanted to scan one item, so I tried to scan it quickly while she was digging in her buggy for the next item and she seemed irritated by me. She was also letting her toddler try to scan things. I was able to get some good deals and leave them to finish scanning!

    • Jess

      You know you can price check with the Target app on your phone right?

      • Txgirl05

        It doesn’t show the clearance prices on the app, hasn’t since the summer.

      • Gramma C

        the clearance doesn’t always ring up the same. In fact the 1st target we hit we put back a lot ( I am one of those people with a lot to scan but I always let others cut in ) as it was ringing up regular price. Than at the 2nd target we discovered that even though it rang up at the scanners or on our APP at full price it was ringing up at 90% at the registers.

    • Amanda

      Was there only 1 scanner working in the store?

      • Gramma C

        sometimes lol

    • Iris

      If you get the Target app, you’ll be able to scan them yourself 🙂

      • Erin

        Interestingly, the Target app isn’t always accurate, especially with seasonal clearance, so I usually use a store scanner to verify prices.

        • Gramma C

          Even the store scanner was showing full price on a lot of xmas clearance today but ringing up 90% at the register.

    • Aleshia

      Eh, doesn’t bother me at all. First come first serve. Next time take your time and try to not let someone else’s impatience bother you. There are literally several scanners all over the store and they are there for a reason. I fill my buggy up and I also price check every item unless it is repeats of the same exact item. Several of the things in the Christmas clearance aisle rang up full price and I would have held up the checkout line by asking to have a lot of it removed from my cart. I also let me kids price scan stuff here and there because they love to help. If it bothers you that much, go find a scanner someone else isn’t already using.

      • Melissa Rice

        Same here, my target has multiple scanners and if I just have one item to scan, I can just walk 10 steps to the next one.
        On the other hand if I have cart full of items, I usually let the next person to scan out of courtesy.
        I think it’s very cute that the mom was letting her toddler scan. There’s nothing to get offended here, everyone is trying to score a good deal.

      • Kim

        Not sure if any other areas had this issue this year but my Target started out with signs reading 30-70% and they never changed. The scanners were showing everything at full price so I went to customer service and they said, “yeah, we don’t know what the price is either until you check out.” Of course the seasonal is always the furthest point from the registers so that wasn’t helpful. Then finally today even though the signs still said 30-70% except one shelf that was 90%. You had to scan everything and some items were still showing full price until you got to the register. It was very strange.

      • Jac

        It only shows your horrible attitude just to get cheap stuff! If you have tons of items that you want to scan and there’s someone behind you who just want to scan a few items, let that person scan them first!

      • Tiggy

        So much for common courtesy! I was here first do I can tie it up for as long as I want. Sounds like a 5 year old!

    • rochellemcgee

      I would have done the same thing, JR, and her irritation would have rolled right off my back. Even if it’s your “right,” monopolizing a scanner with a full cart (esp as entertainment for your child) when someone else is waiting to use it with only one item in hand is a bit rude and only requires literally a 10-second courtesy.

      • Aleshia

        Or 10 seconds to walk to the next scanner…🤷‍♀️ no one is obligated to step back and make way. If they do it out of kindness than that’s great, but it gives you no more right to push them away because you are being impatient. Especially when there are a dozen or so others posted all around the store.

        • Peace for All

          None of us are obligated to do anything other than for our children. However, it’s nice. Let’s all put our best foot forward in 2020.

          • Aleshia

            It sounds to me like impatience and irritability was felt all around from the person scanning to the person waiting to use the scanner and neither were being very courteous to the other. No one is entitled to get their way. If someone else is already using something and they do not step aside then simply wait your turn, ask politely, or find another one. Tapping your foot at someone who isn’t fast enough for you or reaching in front of them to quickly check your item is just as rude. There is seriously a scanner in every section of the store.

        • Jac

          Rude! It only shows your horrible attitude just to get cheap stuff! If you have tons of items that you want to scan and there’s someone behind you who just want to scan a few items, let that person scan them first!

      • Gramma C

        Except when they are rude and aggressive and keep coming over evry 5 seconds ( I only had like 7-8 items ) saying “I only have this 1 item ” and than just goes ahead of you and scans 3 or 4 things – that wouldn’t scan but she wouldn’t give up.

    • Lesli

      JR, just a thought, I usually ask kindly if may I jump in and scan an item real quick if I only have one thing or just go to another scanner. Also, a lot of times when you have a toddler your oblivious to everything else, at least I am, and just trying to get out of there. I had quite a few item the other day and went across the store to a scanner that was not near the Christmas clearance so I wouldn’t take up a scanner. A lady came up behind me and acted irritated but I was not sure how much they needed to scan so I just kept going. If it was obvious they only had one thing I would’ve told them to jump in. I had already told my daughter she could help scan a couple things when no one else was around so I still let her help.

    • Alex

      I totally get this. It’s too excessive. People need to have some self control. Scan a few things at a time and come back. No need to hog the price scanner.
      Also, the people that scan things and pile them up at the scanner if they don’t like the price instead of putting it back 5 feet away (there’s often a scanner right next to seasonal so there’s really no need to leave it on the end cap). You’re making even more work for the employees. Don’t be lazy.

  4. daniellewirth

    Make sure to check out the food storage items. I found winter themed Reynolds foil for 89 cents and Ziploc containers for $1.04

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for the helpful suggestion!

  5. Breezy Brie

    Large Melissa and Doug stuffed animals 90% off too (like the life size ones). We got Pegasus for $8.99!

    • Me

      I saw those yesterday. I was SO glad my son wasn’t with me because he would have insisted that we get a couple of then there wouldn’t be any room on the floor in his room. We have enough stuffed animals!

      • Aleshia

        Yeah we had the giant dragon one at ours!

      • E

        Yes, I saw the dragon one and my son had been trying to convince us to buy it at 50% off. Thank goodness I didn’t bring him with me!! So big I don’t know what I would do with it! I got plenty of other things, though. Lots of clothing and I got toys to donate.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Woohoo! Awesome score for sure!

    • MJ

      I totally scored one bc you mentioned it! It will be fun to try and hide for a birthday;). Also picked up the jack Russell terrier and the cashier wanted to charge me full price bc they thought it must have been put in the system wrong,😆

  6. Me

    I went yesterday and it was really picked over at 70%, but I also noticed that there was still Christmas stuff in the other departments (i.e. clothes, etc.) so check in the other departments and by the scanners. It is like a massive treasure hunt, but if you spend the time, you can find lots of deals. I, however, am so over Christmas, I just can’t drag myself there today. There was a lot of food left, but my thighs were complaining that they had had enough this Christmas already, so I didn’t buy anything. (lol)

  7. lindak

    I snagged several bags of candy for 70% off yesterday. Still had some good stuff like
    reeses, Dove and my favorite Hersheys peppermint bells. I love them.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      YUM! My daughter loves Dove chocolates. Thanks for sharing your finds with us!

  8. Taya

    I got $50 dollars worth of stuff!

  9. Taya

    Ours is 90% in MN went after working a night shift! Got 3 boxes of the cool sock advent calender!

  10. Sara

    Our Target has some body size pillows 90% ($2.25 per pillow). They also had some quilts for 90%. Twin size was $4.56 and full/queen was $5.xx. There were a few pillow cases for $2.xx. Some of the More Than Magic items were 70% off too.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome! Thanks, Sara! We’ll have to keep an eye out for those prices in our stores!

    • Gramma C

      TONS of that More Than Magic stuff! I saw so many with FULL carts!

  11. Amy

    Went to 2 Targets this morning. The first one I went to was 90% and they still had a whole lot left! I found a bunch of stuff including a Hearth and Home sign that says Peace on Earth! That was a great find! The second Target we went to was still at 70% off and not much left there at all.

  12. Kim

    I thought my store had everything at 70% off too, but it rang as 90% off at the register. I got a bunch of wrapping paper for 25¢ each 😊

  13. MJ

    Its all 90 at some stores I went to but only with 50 to 70 off signage. Still annoyed that the cute little wooden play food toys from the dollar spot are ringing up full price! I’ve been to FOUR targets in the last two days and they are not on sale. Anyone find any marked down yet? They aren’t worth 5 bucks, but at a discount, YES! 🙂

  14. Nicole

    I went this morning and the signs still said 70% off but a nice lady informed me they had just changed it to 90% they just hadn’t changed the signs yet. I snagged my favorite mercury glass ornament set for $2.50 and a 12 days of Christmas bath bomb set for $1!!

  15. carinatorres

    Thank! I went to the local target here it still says 70% but I found candy and the tree topper I wanted! Went to pay and it rang at 90 off got my candy for 95cents and my tree topper from 35$ to 3.50$ excited!!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Nice score, carinatorres!

  16. Alea

    Still 70% at my Target stores. Scanned a bunch of stuff to make sure. 😞

  17. Susan

    My store is still 70% off

  18. ambur

    Just fyi there is a offer on circle for 20% baby clothes newborn-18 months so I was able to use that on some items

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks, ambur!

  19. Susan

    My store is still 70% off. They said maybe tomorrow or the next day.

  20. kat

    One store had 90% off on Wondershop brand while the one on the other end of town didn’t….Does this happen a lot?

    • Shop624

      Why wasn’t the gift wrap scanning at a discount price? I got a few things but didn’t buy anything that was not scanning on a discount price 😒.

      • C

        Sometimes the scanners are not correct. The wrapping paper I bought was scanning at full price($2.50) but it rang up at 90% off ($.25) at the register. I was planning to ask the cashier if she could adjust it, but I did not have to bother.

    • Erin

      Yup. I live within 15 minutes of four different stores and three will have the same discount but the forth doesn’t (whether seasonal or nonseasonal merchandise), and it’s not that a particular store is an outlier–the store with a different discount varies. I haven’t discerned a pattern.

  21. berrylandnow

    My target has tons and tons of baby pjs for regular price. They’re clearly Xmas. I don’t get it.

    • E

      They ring up 90% off at register (some of them) and the rest I just asked the cashier to adjust and both cashiers at both stores obliged graciously! Scanners weren’t showing everything that was 90% off.

      • berrylandnow

        Oh wow really? I may need to go back

    • Jessica P.

      I will say that usually all Christmas merchandise adjusts its prices automatically in the system, without requiring any person to scan and mark down. Sometimes however the system misses things that are clearly Christmas, there are a bunch of Wondershop pajamas at my store (a purely Christmas brand) that are still full price. The system isn’t perfect, by any means, yet I wanted to just point out it was not the fault on any employee because we often don’t/can’t manually mark things down

  22. tobey

    My target is salvaging and most is coming up full price or $0. Was only at 70% and they will not adjust even though it’s still on the sales floor. Clearance is getting to be to hard.

    • kathidawn

      Most likely the person over the department hasn’t done their job and marked them down. I would ask for the discount at the register or guest services.

  23. Crystal

    I scored some great stuff 90% off in Charlotte NC! Home Alone the board game, frozen wet brushes, men’s Philips electric razors, Goodfellow men’s razors with 4 extra cartridges, makeup brush sets, gift sets by: burts bees, raw sugar, cremo, baby lips, eos. Ogx shampoo and conditioner, Pop socket pop packs, more than magic mini cat speakers, stars above women’s house slippers, Mickey and Minnie adult aprons and more!! My family had such fun treasure hunting!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      OMG! You had an awesome store with tons of clearance! Thanks for sharing with us, Crystal!

  24. amberpeoples

    Got a ton of home decor! Threshold, Hearth and Home, etc! Was marked 50% but checked the scanner and it was all 90% off. Paid $60 for $600 worth of home decor!

  25. ebg

    Saw that my store was 90% on brickseek so I went pretty early and it had a lot of stuff still. The signs hadn’t changed from 70% but everything scanned 90%. Some stuff wasnt discounted on the stores scanner but it show up on the employees hand scanner. Also few things didnt discount once I got to the register but they were happy to apply 90% off since it was clearly holiday items. Tried to hit up a second target but that place was pretty cleaned out. Saved so much 🙂

  26. Sara

    I went today and was there at 8am. My mom will hit up one target in the area and I will hit up another. This year I went to the one closest to my house and there were a couple of people outside waiting for the store to open. I made sure to have my cart ready and I went to the back of the store and grabbed the lighted 9 ft garland and when it rang up 3.50 normally 35.00, I was like “oh yes, today will be a fun day.” Most of the really good stuff I was able to find throughout the store like some of the other commenters mentioned. I found foil for 29 cents, rugs for 1.50, large cookie trays for 99 cents just to name a few. Then I went over to Starbucks and confirmed with barista that the holiday coffee, stuffed bear ornaments and the tall reusable cups were 90 off. She confirmed and I loaded up on the packaged coffee for a dollar and some change and a few 99 cent bears and a 1.89 reusable tall tumbler. Then my mom asks me to look for some furry pillows for 1.99 but can’t send a picture for some reason and I have no idea based on the description so I go throughout the store and grab all the furry pillows and start scanning them. I have the app and it is inaccurate as has been referenced by other commenters here. Some pillows ring up regular price and at least half ring up 90 off and coming up 1.99-2.49 plus I have ten percent off using the target app when I check out (every little bit counts). None of this stuff even looks like it’s christmas. I put back the cheap looking pillows that I had put in my cart originally that said merry Christmas and another shopper confirmed if I was sure I didn’t want them and I told her I don’t need them but if she likes them she should take them. She did and was happy. I did also pick up some Hanukkah items at 70 off because I have to work the rest of the week. Lastly, I did get cheap cat toys for like 19 and 29 cents. I don’t think my cat has any toys that weren’t originally marked 90 off after Christmas and one day, if I ever move, I’m sure I’ll find 90 percent of them under my bed, couch, etc. The thing I will say about the target I went to is that they are kind of disorganized. Some people hate this but it works to my benefit because I can find hidden deals. Also, other customers return things or hide things so you can sift them out before the people that work there have to put it in the seasonal section where it will be snapped up. This is a long post but I feel like 90 off at target after Christmas is like my own favorite holiday!

    • cherneva

      Can you post pictures

  27. Mommyof4

    Did anyone happen to get the women’s Home Alone shirt and have a dcip #? Thanks!!!

  28. sarahbowen

    My store had zero Christmas stuff left. Why!!!!!!!!

  29. Queenjen87

    I woke up early and checked, saw 90% and ran!! I spent about $120 and stocked up on so much stuff. Wrapping paper, coffee creamer, Melissa and Doug, gift sets, men’s razors, got some of the pillows but a lot wouldn’t have matched my decor so I was pointing out the right ones to others lol! I found one of the metal Starbucks cups (I never find those!!) now of course I’m feeling the after deal lull and wondering if I can sneak back haha!!

  30. Jen

    Is anyone’s target has holiday candy at 90%off yet? And I also encountered a ton of children’s Christmas pj sets not even marked down and scanning for full price. Same with individual Christmas cards like the papyrus ones. Anyone have success either at the register and having it ring up for 90% off or asking for it to be discounted?

    • Wendy

      I just left target and none of the pajamas were 90% off. I took them to a register and had them check the price.

    • Kristin

      I hit our Target yesterday here in DE and the pajamas were not coming up 90% off but I brought them to the register and they marked them down for me! I scored a bunch of stuff yesterday!

    • Mona

      I have three Targets within three miles of my home. The inconsistencies in the 70% and 90% markdowns at each of the stores was aggravating to say the least. Some items showed full price even though they were obviously seasonal and on the 70/90 off shelf. I used the shelf scan units and nothing seemed priced correctly. I became frustrated and dumped the lot back on the shelf and left feeling disheartened with Target.

  31. Lindsey

    Just an FYI, our store scanner had some items coming up at 90% but others were ringing full price (that were clearly seasonal) and when I went to check out I was prepared to ask the cashier to mark them down but they rang up at the 90%. If you really want something try going through check out first and it may come up a different price.

  32. EM

    I’ll have to remember this for next year. Went in this morning for coffee and saw 2 women leaving with carts filled to the brim and figured “why not”. Ended up getting wrapping paper sets for $1, 400 light sets for $2.99, Hearth & Home tree toppers for $1.69.

  33. Melissa Rice

    I scored a lot of Hearth and Home by Magnolia stuff. Got lots of small plates, got one green house play set and Christmas ornaments, tree topper and milk and cookies cup and plate set.
    I also found make up.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Great finds, Melissa!

  34. Joanne

    I went to the Orland Park, IL and New Lenox, IL stores today – both were 90% off. Then I went to the Tinley Park, IL store – I spent easily 1.5 hrs. looking for stuff. I had two carts worth. Didn’t bother to scan anything. Went to the register and the Christmas/Holiday items rang up anywhere from the regular price to only 70% off. When I told them the other stores were 90% – they told me it’s not a corporate decision. Each individual store manager decides when and if and how much to reduce. I was angry I spent so long there. Left both carts. I was prepared to buy it all – at 90% off. They can keep it.

    • C

      @joanne that’s funny bc here they claim corporate makes the decision when to drop each store but that all stores are on different schedules… which is just weird… they also claim here they don’t know until the day of when it will drop- which seems ridiculous to me

      • Jessica P.

        Actually each individual store is different and it is typically out of the stores control, the Christmas clearance prices adjust automatically in the system and I believe vary based on the amount of merchandise still in stock and probably sales that the system has tracked weekly. I have 2 Targets within 10 minutes of each other and the prices on clearance vary on all types of things. At one the item could be 30% and the other 50% and Target will not match from one store to another. As a Target employee I know there is no button pressed to mark seasonal items down, the system adjusts this merchandise. The only thing employees do is scan the items first thing in the morning to see if the signs need to be changed. My store has waited to salvage seasonal items if there is a lot left, salvage does need to be individually scanned, yet a person cannot salvage what the system doesn’t decide.

  35. Julianne

    70% in Myrtle Beach and the shelves are are. There are literally two Targets here. 😫😫

  36. Jeremiah2911

    1/1/2019 9pm Keizer, OR store had almost nothing left besides gross popcorn flavors. Was really hoping to score some great wrapping paper deals!

  37. Tombeamenderfer

    Still 70% at our store !!

  38. Jen

    Do we know if candy will go 90% off??? That’s pretty much all that’s left here

    • Jessica P.

      Usually food only goes up to 70% off, because at that point the other seasonal items are 90% and then after a day or two at that price, all that is left, food and everything will be salvaged

  39. warrencubed

    There was almost nothing left in the Christmas section at the store I went to today. Luckily I decided to search the store for other hidden gems! I got 2 Olaf Sip by Swell cups for $1.50 each, 2 different game sets for $1.29 each, a card game for $1, and 2 kiddy tin card games for .49 each. Most were in the toys clearance section (I recognized them as Christmas gift items). $8 for all 7 items! Most will be stored away for Easter, the card games will be used for the card game club we are starting with our homeschool group!!! Excited to have found all these items for 90% off!!!

  40. Tina9222

    I went today, there was not one Christmas item left they were putting up shelves for Valentine’s Day 😭 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  41. jennifer

    I got two of the Melissa and doug animals one was 2.39 the other 5.39. I had two more without a tag. I took 5 employees and two managers to say they couldnt find a price so they would have to charge me 53.99 I said they are 90% off they said they arent honoring that. At least I got two.

    • Jessica P.

      I will say some merchandise does not come with DPCI #’s on any tags(how the price is found in the system on items). I’m hopeful that they tried to look up the item in both the Target system and app/website (with several people looking this should be the case). There are times I’ve had to search quite a bit for the # on these places. I’d suggest you check Target webpage searching Melissa and Doug and the animal if you can find it there, a DPCI# will be there, with this the price can be verified if 90% off. No one’s going to buy it at full price, and unless your Target is different I’ve only seen this plush at Christmas time in my store. I did this once with a Rudolph onesie, no DPCI on it, found the # and had an employee print a tag for me, granted it was someone I work with, but even not I’m sure she would have helped me.

  42. Nancy Ebner

    The Target stores here in NJ have already salvaged all the Christmas merchandise. Very annoying to see them pile all the clearance items into carts and take them into the back room. They were grabbing things up as people were trying to shop.

  43. Suzy

    Just bought xmas wrapping paper for .25 and eos, but bees and nivea lip balm for .29 and .49!! Score!!!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Woohoo! Great buys, Suzy!

  44. Tina

    Just came back from target and found parchment paper on an end cap right by the foil and Saran Wrap. Clearly holiday with snowman – rang up 29c! Was very surprised that it was just sitting there untouched. Keep checking your stores as there is still stiff. I saw lots of More than Magic items in the girls section – the kits are ringing up 90% off and every target I’ve been to has still had plenty.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for the heads up on what you spotted, Tina! We’ll be sure to look for those in our stores too!

  45. Tracy

    Does anyone know why the Christmas stuff on Target.com isn’t on sale?

  46. Nancy

    So many people here are complaining about not getting 90% off. I went to our target on Sunday the 27th and there was not one Christmas item in the store. You are lucky to get things at even 50% off. I’m not sure what our stores here in NJ did with the clearance items but they were completely gone. It was very disappointing. They already had the seasonal section stocked for Valentine’s Day.

  47. Sara

    Yea the targets in our area look like they stopped at 70 percent off. I actually went to one that hardly gets shopped in a more commercial area, less residential housing, on dec 31 and they had tons of Christmas stuff left that evening. I went back January 1st and it was all gone and replaced with Valentine’s Day stuff. I think they sent it all to salvage this year in most targets. Cost of goods, their inventory, probably went up this year for them because of supply chain issues which could mean that selling it at 90 would be them taking a loss. I think when they salvage it some of that stuff is donated so it might be better for them to get the tax deductions. Who knows but it’s unfortunate and I’m just glad I bought stuff at 70 off. Sorry to those that didn’t get any discounts at all this year 🙁

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