Furbo Dog Camera for Medical Workers – Latest Info & The Best Places to Buy One!

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white dog sniffing furbo dog camera

Looking for the free Furbo for medical workers promotion? Unfortunately, that freebie is no longer available, but we’re sharing a great Furbo deal that you can score online. Keep reading!

If you’re curious about the details on the free Furbo for medical workers, it was only available through early April, 2020. Furbo was giving away a FREE Furbo Pet Camera ($199 value) to healthcare workers who are fighting on the frontlines during the coronavirus pandemic. What an amazing offer. ❤️ Keep in mind that this offer is now expired.

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Furbo camera toss treats

Still interested in a Furbo dog camera? Here’s where you can find one:

If you’re worried about your dog experiencing separation anxiety when the stay-at-home order is lifted and you go back to work, consider investing in a Furbo dog camera!

Priced at $199 on Amazon or Furbo.com, the popular and highly-rated Furbo Dog Camera lets you connect with your furbaby while you’re away from home by seeing them, talking to them, and tossing them treats. It will give you peace of mind and your pet will love being able to interact with you!

dog standing and looking at furbo

On the fence? Check out these awesome reviews:

“Use to watch my furbaby while at work or in another area of the house. Love it. It gives me peace of mind knowing my dog is safe and happy.”

“I actually found the alerts to detect people and such extremely useful since a roommate used to help us let our dog out. Feed quality is good including night vision, feed delay is 1-2 seconds but that’s expected. The kibble I feed our dog, for the most part, fits into the treat slot. The color-changing when someone is viewing is great for testing and letting someone know you’re watching.”

“This is a perfect investment if you have a fur-baby. It alerts you when the dog is being active, barking, or even when whimpering. It has been very helpful when a couple of hours away from home and the fur-baby is alone. The best part of is you get to give the fur-baby treats through the camera.”

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Comments 89

  1. Suzanne

    This is really awesome. Thank you for sharing! There are 2 nurses in my family that are now working even longer hours, 1 in the ER. Both have sweet fur babies. They will love this! Hopefully they can get a minute to check the camera during their shifts!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re SO welcome, Suzanne! 💖💖 Glad you can pass this along to them. BIG thanks for the work they do.

  2. lisa

    How nice!!

  3. sue

    Now I can watch my dog pee on the carpet in real time!!!!!!!!!

    • Amanda

      LOL!! Thank You so much for the laugh 🙂

    • Gina

      OMG too funny. My dog aged 1000 years in December as well as went blind so I can totally relate…

  4. tracy

    This is so nice! I just applied. I work 12 hour shifts, hopefully I get one, fingers crossed 😊

    • Marcie Faulkner

      I miss my baby!

    • Claire

      Where did you apply?

    • Claire

      Where did you apply?

  5. AliciaE777

    This is very generous! I do wish it was available for everyone on the front line that still have to work.

    • Amber

      I agree! Police, fire and EMS folks are in the same boat now and always!

    • A.na

      100 percent agree, people don’t know how much they do.

    • RJohnson

      I agree. I work in law enforcement and we are working longer hours and discussing locking down at work and not even getting to go home at all. I do appreciate the medical personnel though, so I’m glad for them.

      • Ana

        Bless you😊

  6. DeeC

    Is there an activation fee? Also, I am somewhat skeptical having a camera watching. Who else would be watching is my concern.

    • Lisa

      DeeC, I would hope they have learned there lessons from other devices that have been hacked and have safeguarded things by requiring a two-factor authentication, but you definitely bring up a good point. Would love to know as well.

    • Hunterwoody

      That was mine too. Too many horror stories of people hacking those. I got halfway through and chickened out.

      • Mae

        I know! Who knows what kind of creepy weirdos could be watching your dog pee on the floor!

    • Amy

      Then don’t sign up, it’s that easy. I understand your worries, but they really didn’t need to be expressed, as this company is doing something great for free.

      • Mae

        I hope you know I was joking. 🙂

  7. C.J.

    I don’t know if you should give your license # out like that….

    • Beth

      I told my little sister and she did not want to give out her license number.

      • Kels

        It’s public record though. I’m a nurse in GA and anyone can search on the website for me by name and get my license number, if I’ve ever had an action taken against my license, and a as an added bonus, my home address. 🤦🏼‍♀️

        • Peaches

          he license# I understand but your home address should NOT be linked to that in an easy search. That just ain’t right!

    • Libbys4

      Your NPI is public knowledge as well as your license.

    • Erin

      Anyone can look up your nursing license. It’s public knowledge

    • Whitney

      I agree..

    • Cbbg

      Did anyone get a confirmation email? I filed out application but no idea if it was received ?
      If you did- what the email it came from In case it went to my Junk folder? Thank you!

    • lynnleco


  8. Anthony

    Do you have one for police, fire, and ems workers? I’d love one of those to make sure my dog is ok between calls for service.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      We’ll keep an eye out!

    • Sunny Oregon

      IDK about police, but I’d be very surprised if they didn’t include firefighters and EMS as a branch of medical workers. Pretty sure the people saving lives, applying tourniquets, etc are definitely medical personnel!

      • catherinerucker

        EMS is the red headed stepchild when it comes to public service. Unlike those working in a hospital setting, they don’t get a heads up what they are walking into.

      • Anna

        Police DO apply tourniquets and save lives. Actually they are the FIRST responders clearing the scene so that ems and medical workers and fire can come to a scene. They are very often medical workers but also getting blood on them while keeping us safe.

  9. Rn404

    Thanks so much…I am a RN and we have been working in overdrive the past few weeks and this would be a nice perk to have. I applied and hope to get one. Also our license number is public knowledge so ANYONE can log onto each respective state board of nursing website and get it…

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re SO very welcome! Thank you so much for the work that you do, Rn404. 💖 We appreciate you!

  10. Heidi Allen

    Omg. This would be so amazing to have! My sister has one and loves it! All the hoist working seeing my pups and to give them a treat would be AMAZING! Y’all are amazing!

    • Heidi Allen

      I am a Flight Respiratory Therapist. I fly sick adults, children and babies. For 12 years now. I am also picking up in another hospital to help. It’s been insane! H

  11. Michelle

    Super cool product. I wish I could afford it. I’m an ER nurse. Last few weeks have been overwhelming but this is the job I love.

  12. April H

    It doesn’t insure you will get one, it says hope you are one of the lucky ones??! I was under the impression that you just apply and they give one to you, not aware it was a sweepstakes.

    • akzabel

      Same here. Title should be changed.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Everyone who applies and qualifies does get one! If you look on their Instagram page, they answered readers questions on that here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B99ZNYpFKKL/

      • Cassidy Brinckman

        Is there any furbo still available to nurses. I am in desperate need for one for my two dogs who are extremely anxious with me being gone for so long. If you could even give a discount that could help!

        • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

          Unfortunately, that freebie is no longer available.

  13. MaaMaaBear

    it does not appear as though everyone would receive one this is the comment after submitting my information… “Hooman, Thank you! 💗 We’ve received many applications and we’ll do our best to get in touch as soon as pawsible if you are selected. ” 🐶”

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! They are getting a HUGE response right now and are working hard to make sure that each application qualifies. If you are qualified, you should receive one.

      • Anita Mccartney

        I to work in the ER in Portland VA medical center how do we apply for one? No place to apply my TJ would love to see his mom

        • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

          Click on the part in the post that says “free furbos” to apply.

          • Theresa Frey

            I and a acute Dialysis nurse with 4 fur girls .. this qould be perfect for them

  14. Jnog

    Why does it say “we will be in touch if you are selected?”

  15. Sarah

    Sooo initially they are giving them out for free, very nice. Then there is a monthly subscription after 90 days… $6.99/month or $69 per year. So it is very nice but then they kind of hook you in. I did see a nice camera that connects to a phone app where you can see and hear what your pet is doing and you can speak to them through it for only $30. I signed up for this but I think I’ll decline if they email me about it.

  16. Claudia

    I work in the Nutrition Department at a hospital. We are working long hours and with all the new regulations, it is very challenging to serve the doctors, nurses, patients and their families. Don’t forget about the EV technicians ( housekeepers ) who have to clean and disinfect all the areas as well.

  17. Sara

    Does this only apply to hospital workers? I am in a pharmacy which is also a medical field and I have a license. Just curious

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Sara! One of their questions is “At which hospital do you work?”.

  18. Kristin

    Is this only for dogs? I foster cats as well as have a few of my own.

  19. chanellemray

    Thank you so much!!!! Im in Hospice care, I run two offices in two cities and time away from home is becoming more and more. Thank you so much for allowing us to apply! I sincerely hope Im chosen for a camera. We have had to get created with our PPE, we having people in the community make cloth masks for us, we are having to care letters in our cars in case we are pulled over due to our state being on mandatory shut down, and we have started a food pantry for our patients, their families, and our employees. Several of our staff cannot work because they dont have child care due to the schools and daycares being closed so many of us are having to pick up extra hours! Being able to watch my furbabies at home would be such a blessing during this time.

  20. Emily widomski

    I have been working 9 days straight at my
    Hospitals covid testing centers… so much more time away from my fur baby. This would be awesome!

  21. Rn404

    I applied when it was first posted here…has anyone heard anything

    • Kande Parks

      I signed up the first day and have not received any follow up information.

  22. Lissa C

    What an amazing thing to do!

  23. robynedwards

    How do you sign up?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Just click the link for the free Furbos at the top and follow the directions.

  24. Dana Ellis

    These seem so cool! I have a German Shepherd at home that could you some checking in on while I’m working my shifts at the hospital. Fingers crossed for a free furbo dog camera.

  25. Keri Roskow

    How can i sign up to get one of these. I am a nurse in an ICU

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Just click on the links in the post, Keri! Thank you for your service!

  26. Laura Walters

    Hoping to be selected. I’ve been quarantined from my children because I’m at high risk for exposure. I’m not the only one who is missing them. Peaches is very sad. Please help!

  27. Merina Sapkota Parajuli

    I am a nurse in St. Jude hospital Ca working in the frontline.

  28. Michelle

    Has anyone heard anything since applying for this? I filled it out in the first day they posted about it but haven’t heard anything back so far so was just curious if anyone else had TIA 😊

  29. Elisa Dennis-Brady, RN, CST

    I’m a nurse working doing COVID-19 swab tests and would love to have one to check on my 2 dogs and 3 baby rabbits! Thank you so much for your support during this ruff time! 🤣

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome! Thank YOU for the work you do! It is truly appreciated. 💖💕💖

      • K

        Are they still sending out confirmations? Their insta says “selected individuals will be notified by next Friday April 3”. I applied early the day they posted the offer and provided my licence number but unfortunately have yet to receive any communication from them since, so was hoping they were still working on it. (or did the everyone gets one part change?)

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          Hi K! I’m not finding any further details or any dates listed as I search through now. I do still find the offer to be valid. Hoping you receive one!

            • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

              DARN! Thanks so much for sharing with us, K. It does look like this has ended.

              • K

                It’s no problem. Thanks for sharing it to begin with 😊
                I’m guessing they did decide to change the everyone who applies gets one lol not that I blame them though I’m sure if they did that itd likely bankrupt them 😅

                • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

                  You’re welcome! 😊

  30. K

    Are they still sending out confirmations? Their insta says “selected individuals will be notified by next Friday April 3”. I applied early the day they posted the offer and provided my licence number but unfortunately have yet to receive any communication from them since, so was hoping they were still working on it. (or did the everyone gets one part change?)

  31. Erin

    Did anyone actually get this? I applied back on March 24 and haven’t heard anything else.

    • K

      I haven’t heard anything back either. Judging by the comments on their Instagram I’d say it’s likely that if they did give some away it was only a few. Several people have asked them how many they gave out but they won’t respond to that question.

  32. Susan Butterfield

    I so need this. It said it’s unavailable now. 🙁 I am a health care provider dealing with this pandemic, I am away from the home 8-10 hours daily. I missed out, since i just found this site.

  33. Taylor

    Please offer this deal again!!! I would love to keep up with my fur baby! Had no idea

  34. Jenny

    Hi I am a RN and signed up for the dog camera last month but I haven’t heard anything back yet.

  35. Joe Schuringa

    I signed up while this offer was still valid and never heard anything. I am trusting this wasn’t a scam to get our personal information.

  36. casy

    Im really bummed, we just got notification from our hospital regarding discounts and offers for health care workers only to log on and find out I missed out, again!

    • Susan

      I’m issued out too the story of my life

  37. Jacobey Holderman

    Hi I really appreciate this offer. While, I am cross continental at the moment from my four fur babies. I think you should be commended for allowing those who received the Furbo’s at no cost. Your company probably saved them at the some of their worst times! Please keep me in mind if there is a discounted rate or something! Your company is amazing!!

  38. Raru

    I did not get mine!, is it too late now?

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