Target Suspends Returns In Response to Coronavirus

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Target sign with temporary return policy

Target is taking new steps to protect its team members and guests.

Target just announced that it will be adding new protective measures to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

In addition to the more thorough cleaning procedures that are already in place, Target is taking additional steps to keep its stores clean and to promote social distancing.

One of the most noteworthy changes are some tweaks to Target’s return policy! From March 26th-April 16th, 2020, Target will not accept any in-store product returns or exchanges. If you have a return that expires between now and April 16th, Target will honor it for three additional weeks once in-store returns and exchanges resume.

Target checkout area

Here’s a preview of more changes we’ll see at Target in the coming weeks:

  • A team member will be stationed at store entrances to make sure that shopping carts are clean and available for use.
  • Signs will be added to the front of stores and floor decals will be added at checklanes to remind guests about maintaining a safe distance from each other as they shop.
  • Checklanes will be cleaned after each guest transaction, and team members will be on hand to guide guests in the line while cleaning takes place.
  • Stores will rotate the use of checklanes so that those not in use can be regularly deep-cleaned.
  • The sale of reusable shopping bags has been paused. Guests who bring in their own reusable shopping bags will be asked to bag their own items at checkout. Paper and plastic bags will be available for free in areas where local fees would normally be charged.
  • Shopping hours for “vulnerable guests,” including the elderly and those with underlying health conditions, will be expanded to two mornings a week (Tuesday and Wednesday).

To learn more about other changes happening at Target, read a statement from Targets’ CEO Brian Cornell here.

See the complete list of stores offering special hours for vulnerable shoppers.

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Comments 42

  1. dixie911

    So does this start tomorrow?

    • Kathryn

      Says effective immediately on sign.


    • Nee

      I just called to clarify dates and they told me it’s effective tomorrow the 26th.

      • Gramma C

        So lots of returns today than???

    • Kristine

      I just went. You can still return today. No one else was returning things except me. Lol

  2. Dana


  3. Las Vegas Mama

    Finally. They should have put signage up a week ago!

  4. Suzanne

    I receieved an email that Publix has suspended returns on products purchased during the pandemic in hopes that people will only purchase what’s necessary.

    • Casey

      Thats what people get for trying to buy an excessive amount and not being able to sale it.

  5. R

    It seems they could have measures in place for returns that are safe. If I purchased something expensive and it didn’t work I guess I would be stuck. Therefore I will keep my purchase amounts low at Target until the all clear is given.

    • rose

      They are extending the return by date by 3 weeks from date of reinstating returns in store.

    • MommySpendsLess

      What would you consider a safe return?
      I returned something a few days ago and was actually surprised then that they were still accepting them. Nobody I know has shown any symptoms and it was packaged in a small cardboard box and had been in the unused backseat of my car for a couple weeks but it occurred to me that the Target employee who had to touch it to process the return had no idea where it had been.

      • R

        Same as when I purchase an item, any item. Idk where it’s been and who has touched it. But I do wash my hands and sanitize. I picked up a prescription recently and the lady was wearing gloves. I cleansed my hands as usual, after any interaction or transaction.

      • Gramma C

        Just as I don’t know where the cashier has been who is ringing up my stuff and handing me my items. Just because they’re wearing gloves( and all of them aren’t ) doesn’t mean that they haven’t been exposed I mean for god sake they’re out all day around thousands of people!!! I don’t know why everybody just has this false sense of security that the people working in grocery stores and liquor stores and restaurants and delivery drivers can’t expose you!!

  6. Lo

    I hope Kohl’s does the same. My stores closed last week and I don’t think they’re opening back up until at least the end of April.

    • A

      Really they are the worst for taking back anything and everything! Can you imagine at at time like this🤢

      • shoppergal

        Kohl’s?? I’ve been able to return things after a year or two. Never had a problem. They happily took care of multiple returns with multiple receipts having to process each one individually

        • Lo

          They’ve recently changed returns to 180 days. Started in September. Yeah I’m a procrastinator…

  7. rose

    I’m wondering about mail returns

    • MrsG


  8. Jackie

    I have been using the car pickup from the Target app a ton now. Well last week I had a big bottle of dove body wash that had a cracked pump and had dried up soap. This is like a $8 or $9 bottle and I didn’t want to keep it. Thank goodness I went yesterday and returned it. The problem is that with the car pickup app you can’t see your items until you get home 🤦‍♀️. I think if you order something and it’s damage you should still be able to return it and exchange it for a new one. Does anyone know if this rule would also apply to exchanges?

    • Marie

      It says in the post that it does in fact apply to exchanges too. Now if you do car pickup, I do wonder if you noticed something wrong and mentioned it before leaving, if they would help you rectify the situation right then and there.

      • Lisa

        I would think they would

      • Carissa

        Once I had a missing item. I went in and they have me the item & $5 gc for my trouble.

    • Kaylee

      I always check my bag while the employee is at my car. I’ve gotten home with someone else’s stuff before. I would think if it’s damaged they’d run in and grab another.

    • kathidawn

      I bet they will replace it. I know the one I work at would. That’s totally different then deciding you didn’t want it.

  9. Csandst1

    Walmart is not accepting returns on food, beauty and personal care.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks! I’m not finding that – do you have a link to the news release?

      • Las Vegas Mom

        Stores are not necessarily announcing these changes. Smiths (aka Kroger in most other markets) are no longer accepting returns either. I only learned when I brought an item back about 5 days ago n

  10. Melissa Rice

    Very good move by Target. It will keep employees safe and customers will think twice before purchasing unnecessary items.
    It will also encourage people to buy only what they need. Anything that’s been in anyone’s home used or new should not come back to the stores.

    • Amanda

      Very well said 🙂

  11. marie

    the only complaint I have is buying clothes for work. the fitting rooms in target are closed. I bought 5 pairs of jeans & only 1 pair fit correctly. so here I am rushing to return the items because they won’t accept it tomorrow. thats over $125 for jeans I need to return. yes my job is essential so the jeans were necessary.

    • kathidawn

      Good point. We have been telling people they can just return it if it doesn’t fit since they can’t try it on. I mean you still can return after this is over but then you have to wait to get your money back. This is going to have a lot more guests upset with us.

  12. Krystal

    I am confused why people are worried about returns for sanitary purposes, you do realize that by the time something makes it on the shelf of a store it has likely been touched by no less then 30 people to get it there. Yes things are put on pallets and moved wrapped but often it was touched several times before being put on a pallet and several times after it was delivered to the store. I merchandise in stores and several stores move stuff constantly in the back room before it goes on to a cart where it is then put on a shelf. My sister works at Walmart and when she handed an item to a person who asked where something was she was given a dirty look and the person grabbed a different one off the shelf, but my sister is the one that stocked the shelf! She literally touched every item on the shelf to get it there, as well as the person who broke down the pallet and possibly the person who put stuff in the back stock and a person who put it on a hand cart. She works hard to wash often and be diligent about being cleaning but every person should be mindful that everything you purchase in the store has been handled by several people before you and you should always do your best to be clean and mindful of that fact no matter what you’re buying.

    • rochellemcgee

      Exactly. I understand lessening interactions between people, but this really is arbitrary and seems more like an effort to look like they’re doing “something,” whether or not it makes any actual sense. The virus lives on surfaces for days, and just because quarantines might be lifted around that date, doesn’t mean it won’t still be present on objects or people.

  13. Brittany

    Will they still be doing price adjustments at this time?

  14. Jeff

    I’m so happy about the no bag fee!

  15. ella

    A few companies like Costco are not going to allow returns on high demand items like toilet paper, bottled water and rice. It is to help stop the hoarding. I think it’s a great idea. Those who went crazy and bought a year supply (or worse bought a ton hoping to sell for a profit) will be stuck with it.

    • cindyawarf

      All the stores in illinois are doing this, which is fine for items that people are going crazy over. However my brother asked me to pick up a hand cheese shredder & I picked up the wrong one 😫.

  16. Anne

    Aggggh!! I just bought a baby gift from Target!! If the size or item is not correct- they can’t return!! I even got a gift receipt!!

    • MommySpendsLess

      Anne – if I’m reading this correctly they’re just pausing returns. Once life goes back to normal your friend can return/exchange the gift if needed. They’re even extending the return window.

  17. cindyawarf

    All the stores in illinois are doing this, which is fine for items that people are going crazy over. However my brother asked me to pick up a hand cheese shredder & I picked up the wrong one 😫.

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