Special Shopping Hours for Seniors, Vulnerable Shoppers, Healthcare Workers & 1st Responders Due to Coronavirus

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Sam's Club Senior Concierge Pickup sign in parking lot

These retailers are taking steps to protect vulnerable shoppers from the Coronavirus.

In an effort to make shopping a little safer and less overwhelming for our most vulnerable populations, many stores are now offering special shopping hours for senior citizens. In some cases, other shoppers who are particularly susceptible to medical complications from Coronavirus are also included.

Most of the restricted shopping times occur right at the beginning of the day, during the first hour of business. Since many stores are now closing down overnight for restocking and enhanced cleaning procedures, these restricted hours will give our most vulnerable friends and family members a chance to get what they need in the safest environment possible while avoiding the worst of the crowds.

Requirements to shop during these hours vary by store, so if you have any questions please contact your local retailer before heading out. Most stores aren’t requiring ID, but you may want to bring a valid form of identification just in case.

These are the stores that are currently offering specific hours for vulnerable shoppers:

Albertson's at dusk

Albertsons & Affiliates

Albertsons and other company-owned stores will be reserving every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM for its most “vulnerable shoppers.” This includes senior citizens and other at-risk populations such as pregnant women or those with compromised immune systems.

The Albertsons company includes other stores such as Acme, Jewel-Osco, Randall’s, Safeway, Shaw’s, and Star Market. A complete list of participating stores can be seen here.


On Tuesdays and Thursdays, ALDI stores will open at 8:30AM and reserve the first hour of business for vulnerable shoppers. This includes senior citizens, expectant mothers and those with underlying health concerns. Go here for more information.

Big Lots

All Big Lots stores are reserving the first hour of every day for senior citizens and those most vulnerable to the virus. Head on over here to check the hours of a Big Lots near you.


Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 8 AM to 9 AM, Costco will open to members who are 60 and older. Costco is also allowing healthcare workers and first responders who show a Costco membership card and official ID to move to the front of the line to enter the warehouse every day of the week.

Effective May 4, all members, guests, and employees will be required to wear face masks while shopping inside the warehouse.

outside of Dollar General store

Dollar General

Dollar General is dedicating the first hour of operations each day to serving the needs of senior citizens. In most cases, this will be from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. Use Dollar General’s store locator to check the hours at your local store.

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is dedicating the stores’ first operational hours each day to at-risk customers, including senior citizens, individuals with pre-existing health conditions, and pregnant women.


All Fareway Meat & Grocery locations will be open from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM daily to serve shoppers ages 65 and older, those with increased susceptibility to serious illness, and expectant mothers.

The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market is designating special shopping hours for seniors and other individuals most at risk. These hours are between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM, Monday through Friday. All store employees and customers are now required to wear masks or other face coverings.

Giant Food Stores sign on outside of building

Giant Food Stores

Beginning Thursday, March 19, all GIANT, MARTIN’S and GIANT Heirloom Market stores will open from 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM daily in order to serve only those customers who are age 60 and older.

Kroger & Affiliates

Some Kroger locations and other company-owned stores have started to offer exclusive shopping hours for seniors 60 and older. Hours vary by location, so please see the complete list or contact your local store directly to see if it’s participating.

Marshalls and T. J. Maxx

As Marshalls and T.J. Maxx stores reopen, they will hold dedicated shopping hours every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 AM to 10 AM for seniors (60+) and those who are at greater medical risk.

Meijer store front


Meijer stores and pharmacies will provide dedicated shopping times for senior citizens and customers with chronic health conditions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 AM to 8 AM local time.

Meijer will also provide dedicated shopping times and pharmacy hours for essential service workers and Meijer team members on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7 AM to 8 AM local time.

Price Chopper

All Price Chopper, Market 32, and Market Bistro locations will pre-open exclusively to seniors from 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM every day. These hours will begin on Thursday, March 19.

Publix Store Front - Veteran's Day discount


Beginning on March 24, Publix will offer senior shopping hours for customers ages 65 and over on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM. Publix Pharmacy will also open at 7 AM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for senior shoppers.

Publix has also designated special shopping hours for first responders and healthcare workers. Thursday from 8 PM to 9 PM and Friday from 7 AM to 8 AM will be reserved exclusively for these groups. The pharmacy will also be open for them during these hours.

Rite Aid

The first hour of every weekday (from 9 AM to 10 AM local time) at Rite Aide has been reserved for seniors over age 65 and those with weakened immune systems.


As Ross stores reopen, they will have dedicated shopping hours every Tuesday from 9 AM to 10 AM for seniors and those with higher medical risks.

Sam's Club worker offering curbside delivery

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is offering early shopping hours every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 AM to 9 AM for seniors and those with disabilities or compromised immune systems. The pharmacy and optical center will also be open during this time.

Sam’s Club also introduced a new concierge service where vulnerable members can choose to shop from their car during these hours. Members in need can place their orders from a dedicated parking location, and a Sam’s Club associate will bring their items out to them.

On Sundays from 8 AM to 10 AM, Sam’s Club is now open for Hero Hours, when healthcare workers and first responders can shop without a membership. For more information on Sam’s Hero Hours, head on over here!

Smith’s Food and Drug

Smith’s is offering exclusive shopping hours for seniors 60 and older on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM.

Stop & Shop

Beginning Thursday, March 19th, all Stop & Shop stores will open earlier in order to serve only customers who are ages 60 and older. Shoppers in this age group can use a designated entrance and shop between the hours of 6:00 AM and 7:30 AM daily.

Southeastern Grocers

Winn-Dixie, BI-LO, Harveys Supermarket, and Fresco y Más stores are dedicating the first hour of every Monday through Friday to seniors and high-risk customers.

Healthcare personnel and other first responders can also visit these stores from 8-9 PM on Monday and Tuesday evenings to participate in shopping hours reserved especially for these frontline warriors.

Target shopping carts


Target is reserving the first hour of shopping each Tuesday and Wednesday for “vulnerable guests,” which includes the elderly and those with underlying health concerns. In-store CVS pharmacies will be open during these times too. Use Target’s store locator to check the hours at a store near you.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is now starting every day with a senior shopping hour from 9 AM to 10 AM. When lines form outside the store, a separate line will be maintained during this time for senior customers.


Now, every Tuesday is Seniors Day at Walgreens. This means that every Tuesday will begin with a senior shopping hour from 8 AM to 9 AM for shoppers ages 55 and up.

Seniors can also enjoy special discounts every Tuesday, including 30% off eligible regular-price store-brand products (in-store or online with the code SENIOR30) and 20% off all other eligible regular-price items (in-store or online with the code SENIOR20).

Walmart store front and shopping cart


From March 24 through April 28, shoppers 60 and older will be able to enter the store one hour before it opens every Tuesday. Since Walmart has adjusted its opening time to 7:00, the senior shopping window will be from 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM. Walmart’s pharmacies and vision centers will also be open to older customers during this time.

Winn Dixie

Southeastern Grocers, which owns Winn-Dixie, Fresco y Max, Harvey Supermarket and BI-LO, says it will extend shopping hours on Monday and Tuesday from 8 PM – 9 PM, dedicated solely to healthcare providers and first responders.

They have also designated a special shopping hour dedicated to seniors and high-risk customers from 8 – 9 a.m., Monday through Friday, in all stores.

(Thanks, Renee!)

Whole Foods

All Whole Foods Market stores in the U.S. and Canada are now servicing customers who are 60 and older one hour before opening to the general public. For example, in stores where the hours of operation are 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, customers who are 60 and older can shop beginning at 8:00 AM.

Whole Foods Market stores have adjusted their store hours in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Use the store locator to check the updated hours of your local Market.

We’ll keep updating this list as more information becomes available. In the meantime, stay safe, be well, and look out for one another. ♥

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Comments 106

  1. Esther

    Food Town is also allowing “ seniors only” hour before opening shopping.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing, Esther!

  2. Ivan

    Unfortunately, this will be abused by many since there is no way for a store to confirm whether or not you have an underlying health concern.

    • almalima

      This is what scares me and makes me not want to take advantage of this option 😓🤰🏼

    • Lisa

      An ID card came with my Pacemaker/ICD. I always carry it in case of emergency, so I will have it with me when I go to Target next Wednesday AM. But shame on anyone who makes me show it.

      • Gramma C

        Lisa, what’s the big deal I’m showing it? Sounds like the people who get all up in arms and lose their shit because somebody wants him to prove that their dog is a service animal. I for one am sick of seeing everybody bring their scrounge dogs into the store because they’re not allowed to ask.

        • Robert

          Souds to me your not a dog lover . so shut up dogs is mans best friend

          • Liz

            Robert this has nothing to do with whether someone is a dog lover or not. If only service dogs are allowed, just don’t bring any other animal…or wait till after the senior hour.

          • Gene Rez

            I love dogs as much as anyone BUT what about the person that is allergic to animal dander, but I guess that THOSE people don’t count. A little consideration goes a long way

        • acgold

          Costco has a sign that only allows service animals, not emotional support animals.

        • oo

          Wow, “scrounge dogs”. Maybe they get upset because it’s against the law to ask for proof.

      • Debra Munoz

        Lisa – it’s sad that there is no trust….but it is a reality…consider yourself more protected if they do ask…then those who would otherwise take advantage (and there are plenty that will) will NOT be allowed to be there when you are.

    • Tricia

      I told my husband to just take his prescriptions with him. If they want to google what they are for then let them. I’d rather they ask for proof or else like you said people will take advantage and still be putting the vulnerable at risk. Most people with health issues should have a form of proof somewhere.

  3. acgold

    Really Target- 1 hour on Wednesdays? How much more inconvenient can they make it? So they just announced it and people will have to wait until next Wednesday?

    • Elizabeth

      Just said the exact same thing. Outrageous !!

    • Lisa

      As a member of the “at-risk” population, I appreciate Target’s gesture. Getting a chance at the cleanest and most well-stocked hour of the day without hordes of children 1 day per week should work for me.

      • Gramma C

        Well it’s kind of funny that you say that without children running around because anybody could have the virus even you

        • ohjodi

          It probably has more to do with not wanting to shop with rowdy, unsupervised kids running around, than with kids carrying the virus, lol

  4. CJ

    Still not a good idea for our seniors to be exposed to each other! I’m doing the shopping for my in-laws as I don’t want them exposed to anyone out there. I suggest you do the same for your elderly neighbors and family. Even best to not risk exposure to them from ourselves so if they are able to, leave the groceries on their porch and knock them leave and call them from the car. It sounds mean to be so antisocial but it’s because we love them that we are avoiding them right now. BUT don’t let them feel totally isolated, call them daily and have your kids (their grandkids) call them. They’ll both be pleasantly surprised that we can actually still keep in touch via phones :). And have your young children that your homeschooling right now draw pictures and write letters and cards to nursing homes. A pretty flower from a crayon decorated paper will do more than you know to bring sunshine to a great grandparent that feels forgotten about.

    • debiannj

      I’m shopping for anyone who asks – co-workers, family, friends. I’ve already picked up TP for a family friend, and Tide Pods for my daughter.

    • Sarah

      I agree, my dad is in assisted living and has serious health concerns. While I appreciate stores doing this, my concern is it actually may be even more crowded during that one hour time frame.

  5. Deb

    I agree. One day a week is not enough. They should do it every day for that hour. It is very inconvenient for the shoppers. Also for the store. They will be slammed on one day, instead of spreading the crowd throughout the week.

  6. Lorrie

    My husband and I are seniors. When we went to Target in Frisco this morning at 8:05 they were letting everyone including kids and young adults in.
    We complained and they said they could not keep people from coming into the store.

    • Lindy

      I had the same thing happen this morning, and the younger customers were cutting in line and grabbing newly restocked items before many of us elder folks could get to them. It was very disheartening as I thought we would have the store to ourselves until 9 A.M. They were even cutting in front of us at the checkout as many of the oldest customers weren’t able to move that fast. A good first start by Target, but hopefully by next Wednesday the policy will be clearer, especially since many seniors lives are at risk.

      • acgold

        lease post their on the Target Facebook page and let them know that their employees do not know how to run the store.

        • K

          I saw someone at my target give 3 different seniors that were shopping gift cards to help them out. Lots of good people out there from all generations.

      • Mary

        That issue at that target store location should be brought to their corporate headquarters. That’s not right or fair for seniors or for those at risk with medical conditions to go through that on the one day and hour they have. Shame on everyone who took advantage of that hour that wasn’t supposed to be there.

    • J.H.509

      My parents are seniors and my grandma is 90. I find it very disturbing that the younger population can’t just stay home and sacrifice for their elders. Our elders went to war for us I don’t think it’s asking much for them to go to the sofa and stay there for the time being. I made sure my grandma and parents had what they needed and always ask if they need something. God bless us all in this trying time but we need to protect the senior population that fought for our freedom. Stay safe everyone.

      • Ama

        Our generation have also gone to war and have been in a war for many years.

        • Kim

          Right BUT our older generation is at risk of DYING if they get sick with this virus. Younger HEALTHY people can wait there turn. Have some compassion people.

          • J.H.509

            Yes Kim that was perfectly put.

        • J.H.509

          Yes but I’m talking about our elders….they were drafted. Completely different. Stay safe

          • rochellemcgee

            I don’t get this silly argument that keeps going around. So people who willingly sacrifice their lives are more patriotic than those forced into service? 🤔. Maybe we should just stop trying to elevate some people above others and protect everyone.

            • rochellemcgee


      • Karolyn

        While many are likely abusing this, I’m in my 40s and am considered extremely high risk. Please don’t judge based upon age. We’re all in this together. (As an aside, I will not take advantage of this one hour as I do not want to be judged)

        • nwetrich

          I have an aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis so my immune system is extremely susceptible but if you look at me most days, you wouldn’t even be able to tell. If I went there though you wouldn’t be able to tell so I may be judged as if I was taking advantage of the accommodation.

          • hip2trade

            If you go shopping in public, even before this you’re at risk with your conditions. Even more so now. I would consider online shopping or order pickup, if I had a very weakened immune system.

        • akajulz

          If they at least had an employee at the door stating they are only letting senior citizens or those at high risk in, at least the customer could say they are high risk and leave it at that. Of course, there will always be cheaters but just letting everyone in is beyond ridiculous. I live half a mile away from Target and I am thinking about driving 5 miles and paying higher prices at Whole Foods. Hopefully, they are doing a better job than Target although the bar seems to be set pretty low so it shouldn’t be a challenge.

      • C

        @JH- I’m young but I have immunity issues.. just bc you look young or healthy doesn’t mean you don’t have underlying issues that aren’t visible- just like ppl with disabilities that aren’t visible, but need handicap parking bc they can walk a short distance with their disabilities but can’t walk after a while… while there are some ppl who might abuse this, especially with the media over hype, I would hope people don’t (albeit I live in a state where most ppl are very honest). My “elders” are in isolation currently living off their canned and frozen food- they can always call me to pick something up, but thus far have been in isolation over a week without requesting anything (and aren’t sick from corona)… with the media over hype and the reduced hours, it’s hard to go in store without a ton of ppl there (I generally have always gone into stores during off hours when there’s likely less ppl like around dinner time or late at night like 10-11pm)- this I think makes it more dangerous with such limited hours, especially with kids out of school and many out of work- I understand reducing hours for 24 hour stores, but for example target here used to be open until 11, now it’s 9, and cvs was 9, now it’s 6 or 7..

        • oo

          Thank you for pointing this out C. Too many people don’t realize that people can gave chronic illnesses and disabilities without “looking sick.”

    • acgold

      Please post this on their Facebook page. It is not true- they can bar anyone from coming into the store. Let upper management know that their employees need to be properly trained about the policy.

      • debiannj

        Sam’s club is open earlier for business members, regular members have to wait. So it CAN be done.

        • Hipgrandma

          Not sure that’s true any more. Check before going.

        • hip2trade

          My Sams is open at 9 for everyone. No early time for plus members right now apparently.

        • ksfoxxx

          I have a business card and was recently informed by an employee that this is not the case anymore..sadly. If you buy the upgraded Plus card is the only way, but they are not honoring that early hour at this time..at least where I live.

    • akajulz

      Lorrie – I find that infuriating. What is the point if you are just going to let everyone in? I was wondering if they were going to be at the door only letting in obvious senior citizens. There really isn’t a way to control people lying about being at risk, but at least they could have an employee at the door attempting to enforce it. It would cost them less than $20 for an hour.

    • Gramma C

      Damn people that take advantage. No shame.

  7. Deb

    They should have a large sign on the door. Maybe some people don’t know of these special hours.

    • Dkp91576

      Walmart, Target, Stop& Shop, ShopRite, all have huge signs outside the door and in lobby,

  8. Gordyl

    I think this is great for the more vulnerable! Of course they won’t be policing this but I would hope everyone would abide by this and let the elderly get in, get their quart of milk and 6 eggs and get out!

  9. Tracey

    I was wondering if they were checking somehow – I could bring my inhalers to show them or a note from my Pulmonologist but that would take longer than shopping! I think online shopping & grocery delivery is a better idea though so you won’t have to mingle with others just in case. We are never going to stop the spread of this if we keep going out and shopping. Of course, the flip side is that we are exposing our shoppers, so it’s a catch 22.

    • akajulz

      Tracey- that’s IF you can find a store to deliver or even offer outside pickup. In San Jose Walmart and Target are so far behind they aren’t even shipping items that we really need and there are no appointments for delivery or curbside pickup. Hopefully, the situation is better where you live.

      • CJ

        None of the Walmart’s in NJ are delivering or even doing pick up service anymore which is a shame bc it would keep ppl from going IN the store and spreading it.

        • hip2trade

          It seems counterintuitive to take away a service when it’s needed the most.

  10. Shari

    Good Luck w getting dressed, fed, loaded up walkers and driven to a Target or anywhere this early! …yes that includes senior me! Most of the elderly I know need canes and walkers… with not a very fast pace In the hour allotted time… still I could try and appreciate that whole hour on Wed. (:-0)

    • J.H.509

      Very true. My grandma and mom both use canes and would have to put major pep in the step to make it through the whole store and get what they need in an hour. And would they allow me in when I’m the one who assists them in walking and grabbing items that are high up (grandma is 4′ 9″)

      • xoxo

        You could shop for them and have them stay at home preferably

        • Chloe

          Would that person be allowed to shop for their elderly grandmother without them there? I was at the supermarket the other day, but people were standing too close to each other, so I had to leave and come back another day to not put my mother at risk.

          • Crystal

            My 12 year old daughter is a heart transplant and have severe ventilator induced lung damage. I plan to shop during the senior and at risk hours since I am her direct caregiver. I haven’t left the house in two weeks but we will run out of perishables soon. My anxiety is through the roof.

  11. Liz

    I’m not a senior but like the idea. I would expect these stores to do as they say and limit who goes in during these hours though. Simply put a security guard or employee by the door and kindly tell ppl who didn’t know of the change to come back in an hour. Just saying they “can’t control who goes in” is absurd, puts older ppl at higher risk and defeats the whole purpose of this.

    • C

      That’s opening a whole can of worms. I highly doubt any store is going to ask shoppers what special needs/medical conditions they may have. Sadly, this only works if everybody cooperates.

      • Amber

        My Hyvee is having these limited hours too and including expecting mothers (myself being one of them). There was a local police officer at the door the morning I went. He was very friendly and didn’t ask questions, but I did quickly explain why I was there and I heard other people doing the same. Felt very war-like, but I appreciate the enforcement of policy.

  12. Deb

    I agree with Liz.

  13. Chritina

    Many stores are trying to limit how many people they have in the store at one time, no matter their age, right now. Which is a good idea right now.

  14. babymair

    I just wanted to say that I will forever shop at my Dollar General store .My store had someone at the door,to double check if they were seniors.They had someone to help them to the car w/ their items… They had on a mask,and gloves to protect them .. The employee at the door came In an hour & 1/2 early and volunteered his time .. They said the employees are all taking turns with the early open. Not one of them are complaining!!.I think this is great. And thx Collin and team for all you information, and deals .. keep up the good work, be safe and God bless!!

    • Lori

      That is so wonderful of the employees at your Dollar General! I was at mine this afternoon and the cashier was complaining very loudly about people still coming in to shop. Said if we weren’t there she wouldn’t have to be there. Told her we still need to live our lives and she should be grateful to have a paycheck.

      • hip2trade

        It sounds like she would be better in the stock room than dealing with the public. It’s not the customers who choose what stores are closed or open. My dollar generals are the only places I could find paper towels lately. Definitely thankful for that.

    • akajulz

      babymair We don’t have Dollar General where I live but I admire them for doing things the way it was intended to be done. Kudos to the employees as well.

    • annie

      God bless those wonderful people. Maybe someone could notify the local paper or news station. They deserve credit (even if they aren’t asking for any) and what an uplifting story…we can all use more of those…and more people setting an example. Thank you for sharing this.

  15. Pregnant

    I for one am thankful that some stores are including expectant mothers! I am 5 months pregnant with a high risk pregnancy. I haven’t left the house or gone grocery shopping since last week, because I have been terrified to be out in public.

    • almalima

      Same here! 29 weeks on Friday and terrified to go out… 1st baby and we tried so long for her. Not risking my health or hers. Hubby has been doing grocery pick up for us or shopping if it’s just a few things. Iv gone on car rides with him just to get out of the house but that’s about it… scary times 😓

      • lynnleco

        Awww good luck! We are expecting our third grandbaby but are saddened that we won’t be allowed to visit at all right away, unlike the other two. Changing world😩 but still blessed.

    • cbakerd3

      I’m in the same boat. My work wanted me to continue to come in to a place that employs over 500 employees. And I am not in healthcare or any real essential job. I flat out told them they could fire me if they wanted, I would be at home. The uncertainty of all of this while pregnant is terrifying! I’ll be praying for you ladies and all the other terrified pregnant women out there right now.

  16. Jessica P.

    Please keep in mind this is pretty unprecedented territory for many stores! The fact that they are adjusting hours and trying to be accommodating should be appreciated, even if it’s falling short of the ultimate goal right away. Since most criticism was directed at Target, this Wednesday change was made just the other day so many other shoppers may not have heard the announcements yet, and were doing there regular shopping. It is a very difficult thing to police, and no one wants to turn customers away. I’ve had asthma some 30 years, but don’t think of it for myself as an underlying health concern (I also work in retail). Once the information is able to be posted (as I said before, Corporate just made this change the other day, and many stores are already struggling on restocking essentials), other customers will be more aware of this Wednesday hour and hopefully honor it.

  17. Lexy

    That is awesome!!!! I work at a retirement center and we are keeping our residents all inside if they need anything we are going out or ordering things online and having it shipped to us

    • Liz

      That’s awesome! I was just telling my husband how nursing homes need to have someone going out for them and or a security keeping people out. If one person in the home gets the virus, it could be fatal to many.

  18. xoxo

    Just a friendly reminder that you can be a younger person and have a compromised immune system. High Risk includes anyone with asthma, copd, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, hiv, cancer, diabetes, etc. and someone may not “look sick”. I wonder how and if this will be enforced for the medically vulnerable.

  19. Sara

    The link to supposed list of participating Albertsons & Affiliates stores doesn’t actually go to a list. It goes to a statement that provides links to the various banner websites. The link on the page for Albertsons doesn’t go to a list of participating stores.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      The press release is from Albertson’s Companies. They do provide a list on their page and say to visit your local store’s website. When I click on Alberston’s I do see it takes me to my local store. You can change stores by clicking “change” in red at the top.

      • Sara

        There was no list when I clicked that link. I did change the store. There was no mention one way or the other of these special hours.

        • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

          Looks like it’s been issued from the corporate office, so stores should be complying. You could call your local store to verify.

  20. Jen

    Our Costco is letting 60 and over shop alone at 8 am for an hour.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks, Jen!

  21. Christine Wallace

    Sams do like Costco give us from 8 to 9 the elderly

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I’m not seeing that as I search through now. We’ll keep an eye out. It may vary by location.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks, Laura! Good to know!

  22. Hipgrandma

    Our Meijer store has one hour senior shopping twice a week. My husband went on Tuesday. He said it was more crowded than most other times and many weren’t respecting the 6 ft suggestion. He said he’ll never go at senior time again. He IS a health compromised senior.

  23. IB

    My parents…both in their 80’s…went to Target yesterday for this. Target had employees at the entrance telling non-seniors the hour was set aside for them and asked that they wait outside. Most complied, although a few were too good to wait. My mom said store was relatively empty.

  24. acgold

    Our Costco in NJ has senior hour. There was a line before 8 AM. They opened a few minutes early.So many people, they were letting in 3 at a time. That’s fine except the paper goods, cleaning product and meat dept. was full of people not practicing social distancing. I needed to pick up things for a more elderly, ill neighbor. I forgot one thing and went back at 9:30-no line and the store was emptier. So maybe wait until the regular hours and pick a time!

  25. Sue

    As a senior I was thrilled when our small, local grocery store announced early hours for shoppers 60+ and for pregnant women. Last week it was great! Clearly everyone was either over 60 or pregnant. The store was fairly well stocked and 5 checkouts were open. The lines moved smoothly and quickly, making it easy to practice social distancing and staying 6 feet apart. Today, I went again and it was a different experience entirely. There were people in the store who were not seniors, including children who were elementary school aged and teenagers. There was one open checkout that wasn’t self check. It was slow and the line piled up with people. As encouraged as I was by my first experience, I’m not sure it’s worth getting up at 5:30 am to shop at 6 am after today’s experience.

  26. Katie

    I see lots of negative comments here (not surprising). My mom (67) went to Publix yesterday (Wednesday) during the designated Publix time and had a very positive experience. She said that upon entry, the manager was assessing people – and she heard him ask several people if they were over 60. He would not allow younger folks into the store. She also said that two employees were disinfecting buggies as she entered – and when she left they were still doing it. Nothing is perfect, but at least some of these places are trying. And, for me, if I see or hear about local places that aren’t putting this into reasonable practice, or are doing it in name only, I will not patronize those places in the future. I don’t HAVE to shop at Target, and I won’t, if they show their butts on this.

    As for comments about some of these places only having these hours once or twice a week, I actually think that is positive. NO ONE needs to be going to the store more than once a week right now. NO ONE. If people will be careful, plan ahead, and be smart, this can work.

  27. Pinckney4

    My local grocery store opened an hour early for seniors this morning at 6am. It was the most crowded I have ever seen it. And lots of stuff was wiped out & not yet restocked such as meat, some produce, paper products, etc. I think I will just shop with the “young folks” from now on when it isn’t so crowded.

  28. Meljnda

    I didn’t see any comments about this (and I could be wrong) but does anyone know if say Walmart or Safeway would allow me to come at this time to shop for my mom? She’s in her 70’s and is completely unable to leave her house. Thanks again! 😷🙏🏻♥️

  29. Renee

    Let’s all be kind to one another on this post!
    Special Senior Hours and those High Risk at Winn-Dixie, BI-LO, Harvey’s and Fresco (all stores part of Southeastern Grocers), Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 9 a.m.
    First Responders and HealthCare Workers special hours are 8 p.m. – 9 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays

  30. acgold

    Dollar Tree just announced that the first hour each day will be for seniors, handicapped and pregnant women.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks! I just added that!

  31. cbakerd3

    I sent my husband to Martins this morning at 730. While there he noticed a lot of old people and then an announcement came on saying 7-8 was reserved for the elderly to shop. This list says 6-7 for Martin’s. I knew a lot of stores were doing this so we tried to check online before he went and couldn’t find anything. I told him to check the doors when he got there since I’m sure they would have something posted. Nothing on the doors though. He felt terrible and embarrassed once he realized, but it would be nice if the stores did a little better job of communicating and posting these special hours. We’re all for having these special hours as we have two high risk people in our home, just wish they could be clearer.

  32. Shoppingfan

    If you have an H-E-B store, we aren’t having special shopping hours because we want our seniors to stay home so we are offering a shopping/delivery service over the phone so that they can get essentials. The items are shopped for based on a list they provide & then delivered to their doorstep where they can have non contact with anyone. The hours are 11a-4p & they can call 1.833.397.0080 or if they prefer a family member/caregiver can shop online for them! It’s been going great & our customers are loving it. Some have asked us to offer this continuously!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you for leaving this information! I love it!

  33. Tricia

    Way to go Winn Dixie for opening hours for first responders. That is awesome!!!! I hope all stores do the same.

  34. lindak

    My husband went to Aldi on Friday, mid-day, and found the store relatively empty and fully stocked, with the exception of margarine. He and I are both well over 65 and have cancer, but after reading the above comments, decided to skip any “senior” hours.

  35. partyof5

    I think at least half the day, several days a week should be made available not just an hour or two.

  36. Larry E Meade

    In my area now, only one person per family can enter a store, if two or more people are is a car, they will pull you over. 3 or more you will get a ticket. However this does help with store traffic, just feel sorry for the people with kids and no baby sitter.

  37. Linda

    I went to Safeway last week – in the early hours required for Sr.Citizen & Health Challenged customers. There were lots of people who were obviously not qualified to be there shopping at that time pledged for those NOT YOUNG & OF QUESTIONABLE HEALTH CHALLENGES.
    I asked customer service if that policy had been discontinued? Her response was – they are not allowed to approach those customers.
    They make us feel safe – and then pull the big switcheroo!

    I called Giant to confirm the shopping time of 6AM TO 7PM be a safe time to shop-they informed me that everybody has been shopping at that hour!!
    She informed me that Giant will start restricting the # of shoppers allowed to enter for shopping.
    But she couldn’t say when it would go into effect.
    I PM’d Giant on FB, and shared how frustrating it is to risk your poor health to worse by exposing yourself to to a grocery store (cesspool of bad possibilities) when you aren’t certain of what will be available on the store’s shelves.
    It is frustrating that stores – for the sake of good PR will lie about making shopping less threatening – by throwing Sr. Citizens & health challenged a bone! Safeway 7AM TO 9AM – but only 2 days a week (Tues/Thurs)….
    Hope you can make it on one of the two days – out of a 7 day week!
    And the Giant? Yeee Haw!! They give you a real week…. oh but only 6-7 AM!!
    Shoot! I’m gonna buy a membership at Sam’s – shop online – and pick it up curbside!! Yeah!! Thats the best way!!
    Avoid contamination… without going into a store that will not be guaranteed to have whats on your list.
    Sam’s is not guaranteed – but a far better chance of having more on their shelves than what grocery stores!!
    Without the PR LIES!!

    • Linda

      Oh, and about Giant restricting the amount of shoppers in the store -(supposedly) they don’t know when it goes into effect?
      If there are a bunch of people – encroaching on others – making sure they don’t loose their place in line?
      The only way that doesn’t go krazzzy…? Would be by having staff – at the door- handing out numbers (like at the deli counter) but…
      What about the kranky pants people, they will be fussing that people are taking too long shopping – what if people push out two carts, HOLY MOLY!! I can hear the fussing now!!
      So? What’s next? Call ahead reservations? And restricting shopping to 1 cart only?
      I think all grocery stores need to allow you to grocery shop online!!
      Its like when you shop a dept store online – they tell you when a shirt is sold out -grocery store could tell you the same – and just let us come pick it up!
      But if anything is missing from the order – people are going to be short on patience – after all this crap people are going through!
      Feel like cattle being processed for their convenience- so we can surrender our money!! I’ve read about the prices being marked up – thankfully I haven’t discovered it first hand – but lord have mercy – these stores are treading on thin ice with consumers!!

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