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Costco Will Require Customers to Wear Face Masks Starting May 4th

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sign at Costco requiring face masks

Costco is making changes to limit the spread of coronavirus.

The CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. And now Costco is making changes to its Guest Shopping Policy that will require customers to keep their faces covered in the warehouse at all times.

Beginning May 4th, Costco will implement a new policy that requires all members and guests to wear a mask or other face covering that covers the mouth and nose while inside the warehouse. This policy will not apply to children under the age of 2 or to individuals who are unable to cover their face due to a medical condition.

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This new requirement follows several other measures that Costco has taken to help limit the spread of coronavirus inside its warehouse locations. Members are reminded that the use of a mask is not a substitute for social distancing, and they’re asked to continue to maintain social distancing while shopping at Costco.

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Comments 362

  1. Layla17

    I’m shocked at how many people don’t think for themselves and just blindly follow the news.

    Have you all not seen the leaked videos of Bill Gates with his event 201 trial?

    Or seen his speeches about how he can get the population down by vaccines?

    Have you followed the money from his foundation?

    Who owns all the mainstream media?

    You are gonna believe what you wanna believe. Everyone has a right to have their own opinion, just make sure it’s an educated one. Think for yourselves and quit being sheep before you get led off a cliff.

    Any store that enforces something against my personal rights loses my business. If this was really that contagious our healthcare workers would all be down with it by now, not making stupid tik tok dance videos to pass the time.

    • Valerie0408

      Your mentality might end you up in the ICU!

      • Lenardh

        Your mentality already led you to be a sheep!

      • Selah

        Sounds like something someone who blindly follows the news instead of using critical thinking skills would say.

    • ann

      Wow, you obviously don’t know anyone that works in a hospital or the medical field (or any young person with no pre-existing conditions that has had this badly…well one that had survived it). Maybe look into that and see if you feel the same.

    • Jaci

      I had seen those videos that you’re referring to Layla17. I don’t mind wearing a mask until all of this gets figured out. Many unknowns at this point and one life lost due to this virus, it’s one too many if you ask me. But I also have seen people affected and impacted by this virus…
      It’d be interesting to know which state everyone posts from.

    • Pam

      They also require you to wear shoes and a shirt. Does that violate your personal rights?

      • Amber

        Do you wear shoes a shirt based on fear?

        • Pam

          No. It’s store policy.

        • Shelie

          Do you wear a seatbelt based on fear?

          • Amber

            No. I wear a seat belt to protect myself. If it was based on fear, I just wouldn’t drive. The better comparison would be: Do you need me to wear a seat belt so you’re protected?

            • Shelie

              My point is rational people do rational things to keep themselves and other people safe. It doesn’t have to be either or. We are all in this together even if you don’t act like it due to your selfishness.

            • Leslie

              In a car crash, someone without a seatbelt can become a projectile and risk further harm to others wearing seatbelts. So yes, wear your freaking seatbelt and face mask.

    • Laura

      For anyone that thinks that it’s just the few elderly, just remember-

      The elderly represents over 15% of the US population.
      42% of the US is obese (pre-existing condition)
      10.5% have diabetes

      And since there are tons of pre-existing conditions and I couldn’t possibly name them all and their percentages, 19-50% of non-elderly Americans have some type of pre-existing condition. This number doesn’t include people that are only obese.

      Not to mention a bunch of healthy young people have gotten seriously sick too. And the 30, 40, and 50 year olds that have suddenly gotten blood clots and had strokes. I’ve read a lot of stories about people getting sick when they thought they wouldn’t. All of them said they should have taken it more seriously because even if you don’t die, it’s miserable to get. Sure, dying is mostly the worst thing that can happen (being young, having a stroke, and having problems from that the rest of your life might be considered worse by some), but that’s like the saying “but did you die?” No, maybe you didn’t die, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t terrible. You don’t know that you aren’t asymptomatic and could be spreading it to people that could die from it. Wearing a mask reduces your risk of spreading and getting.

      Thanks Hip2Save for posting deals for us every day, and for focusing on the ones that you can get online now, a lot of coupon sites are still showing in store deals.

    • Liz

      OMG … the nuts are all out

      • tia in boise

        dangit–apparently have to “log in” to give you a thumbs-up, Liz. I don’t do that (pure laziness, no conspiracy)—so THUMBS UP. I don’t go to Costco but wish EVERY store mandated masks. I just hopped onto the comments to see why so many. ugh…..

    • say what?

      What rights? Please educate yourself before you write stupid things. The Constitution says nothing about mask protection. Please be smart or this virus will come to get you too.

      • JJ

        But the Public Service Health Act passed by Congress in 1944 allows the government to implement any of the methods you are saying violates your freedoms, fell free to look it up

    • Mike

      I appreciate your comment! You are not alone!! There are still some of us with common sense and the ability to think for our selves! So sick of the mainstream media and thr brainwashed sheep!

    • fhhaban

      You are absolutely right on the money. It is great to know there other rational people out there still. I personally will not be a customer of irrational companies such as Costco. They need to change their behavior before I would consider shopping with them again. Fact of the matter, these masks DO NOT halt microbes as small as a virus. These sanitizers being used DO NOT kill viruses. I have witnessed some places smart enough to at least be using watered down bleach, but most use this “hand sanitizing” garbage which is only effective against bacteria. All said, our bodies have something called an immune system as well as skin. Skin is impervious to microbes and exists to protect us from microbes. Our immune system is the backup for when this fails. Pharma creates mechanisms like vaccines which mimic what the human body already does. Except, their method is less effective.

      • June

        How do you prevent the flu? Wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, stay home if you are sick. The problem is that many people aren’t following hygiene recommendations. There are too many unknowns with covid except that it spreads very quickly. Since we can’t guarantee that people will keep their mouths closed while shopping, then stores have every right to require masks to protect customers. If you sneeze you will spray droplets several feet. If we are both wearing masks and are 6 feet apart, those barriers will prevent most droplets from being breathed in. It reduces viral load. The government steps in all the time to protect people from their own stupidity. In this case, it’s a store and you can go elsewhere to shop if you dont like it. Costco wont miss you.

    • Oliver

      I’m guessing you have a 5th grade education at best..

    • April

      We’re you just as enraged by the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” signs that have been around for decades? Businesses have the right to protect their workers and customers and institute a dress policy. You have the right to shop elsewhere.

    • -replying to ms. crazy-

      Wow! Just Wow!
      You are Dangerous!

    • Becky

      Your right on the money Layla17…well written. This is the 1st virus I’ve ever encountered in the 30 years of nursing that the politics surrounding it are proving to be more deadly than the virus. Very sad.
      I didn’t come here to debate anyone, so I’m off to save more money 🙂

    • J

      Who are you to judge these healthcare workers who have been working non-stop saving lives. Some of these healthcare workers have also committed suicide as a result of having to deal with so much death around them, not all are making these videos you mentioned. Seems like your the one who’s not educated or thinking for yourself. How dare you judge healthcare workers, which we all need at some point in our lives. It’s a far more important & thankless job might I say. God forbid you or a loved one gets the virus. I don’t know why this virus has to hit certain people personally in order for them to take it seriously.

    • Jennifer

      Ignorant. You obviously don’t have intellect. It’s like talking to a wall trying to get it to paint itself. Nothing more to say.

    • Jaydensmom

      61,000 people dead and over 1 million people infected and you claim it’s not that contagious?
      How many more people should die or catch this deadly virus to satisfy you that it is contagious.

      Costco employees and all of us who care about other human beings will be thrilled that you won’t shop at Costco.

    • Sue

      I totally agree with you Layla17. I have also watched these videos with Bill Gates. You should watch ones that Ty Bollinger and his wife Charlene are showing right now. And I will not be renewing my Costco membership this June.

      • Betsy

        Yes! I agree.
        I just bought The Truth About Vaccines.
        Very scary what is happening. Mandatory vaccines? NOT cool. Medical decisions should always be optional. Never mandated!

    • Thomas

      I have seen the employees at Costco wear their masks incorrectly. I’ve seen them pull their masks down in public to scratch their face and put them back up with their nose not covered. I work in govt and we are supposed to have 2 masks a week. I have gone 4 weeks without a mask because they don’t have enough. So how dangerous is this? None of my coworkers have caught the virus and were cleaning up poop, vomit and pee. So this is no more dangerous then the flu. Go read what a real pandemic is from history and STOP being Sheep and lead by the talking heads on TV. They are stealing the country from YOU!!!!!

    • Sue

      Did you know Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and the WHO foundation (World Health Organization) bought the rights for a vaccine for the coronavirus back in 2015. Don’t you find that odd and now 4 years later the virus is released? I would say it was all part of the plan.

      • Ella

        This is a flat out false conspiracy theory.
        The term “coronavirus” is actually a classification for a bunch of viruses in the same family. It’s not the name for one specific virus. SARS, MERS and the new virus “2019-nCoV” are all strains of a coronavirus.
        Patents have been submitted by multiple governments and research groups to study vaccines and detection methods of past coronavirus strains.
        The patents are real, but they are about other older coronaviruses, not the one that’s currently spreading.
        Stop spreading QAnon conspiracies!

        • Nancy

          Thank you Ella! People that have no idea what they’re talking about keep spreading misinformation.

        • Tom

          Ella and Nancy you two don’t know what your talking about.

        • Jamie

          Conspiracy Theory = A term made up by the CIA at the time of the Kennedy assassination intended to control the narrative and shut down any alternative opinion / thought that goes against what we are “allowed to believe” about certain topics in this country.

    • Esmeralda Elliott


    • Jen

      I wish all the business establishments in the US would enforce the shoppers to wear mask, let’s see if you could survive with your ignorance and stubbornness! Covid-19 is highly contagious But we have different immune system and underlying illness, some unknown to the person.

  2. celticmommie

    And the comments will be turned off in 3…2…1…

    • marquila185

      I would have wrote the same LOL Me being the one looking at 2 people fighting and wondering whose brain will explode first. We all are in this mess so just follow the rules and hope for the best. That’s it.

  3. Deb

    Thank you Costco it’s the least we can do until we know more. I will wear my mask so I don’t unknowingly spread this virus or worse kill someone. Simple acts of kindness start with us. Same reason I don’t text and drive. I choose not to hurt someone by being selfish. Have a safe day everyone.

    • ann

      Thank you Deb.

  4. Molly

    Please close the comments to these types of posts H2S! People are literally name calling and wishing death on others.

    • Deb

      I hope you weren’t referring that to me. As I did no such thing.

      • ann

        Im.sure.she’s not. It probably just got attached to yours.

  5. Bunny

    Please be kind to one another. That is something we can all do!

    I found out yesterday my brother has been infected by Covid19. He lives alone and rarely leaves the house. How did he get it? The million dollar question. So until there is tracing, we may never know specifically how each individual gets infected.

    In the meantime, all we can do is try to do our best for one another. This virus is highly infectious and it kills! Please wash your hands with soap & water and wear a mask in public.

    Thank you Hip2Save for keeping us informed, letting us know of good deals on disinfectants and hand gel. You are doing a great job and it is most appreciated! Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re SO very welcome, Bunny! Hoping your brother feels better soon and recovers quickly! 💕

    • ann

      Thank you Bunny and my heart goes out to you. Until it effects someone they know, so many of these self-centered people just seem to think it is someone else’s problem. It just saddens me to.see how many selfish people there are now. My mom is 96 and she said WW2 all.anyones thoughts were on is how.can I help OTHERS , todays society makes her so sad.

    • kristaedge

      Prayers for your brother. 🙏💕

  6. Danielle

    Hi Friends! Please watch below! Just like we wearseatbelts and follow the speed limit!

    Watch “Returning to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic | Michigan Public Health” on YouTube

    • Mary

      Oh Danielle. Bless your heart. Praying for you and that wackadoo of a governor you have.

      • Danielle

        Mary, I am a proud Michigander and I think our Governor is wonderful! She has the best interest of our state at heart. Don’t believe everything you hear on Twitter.

        • Mary

          I’d be concerned about her blatant over reach of power as well as hiring data collection companies with conflicts of interest then immediately canceling the contract when she got caught. Yeah, that’s not shady at all. And I don’t bother with Twitter. Hope you are well and have a state to reopen !

        • jimk

          When I start hearing a politician has my best interest at heart I get real worried hahah

          • siena95

            Found this online, Costco Prez Craig Jelinek Time to let him know this is nonsense!

            • Patty d

              Thanks for this info email sent

  7. Marinova

    I was bored and I saw a thread about Costco face masks had hundreds of comments. “Ooh” I thought, “DRAMA!” I was not disappointed. Thanks once again, H2S!!! Let’s keep this soap opera comin folks! [crunches on chips]…

    • Demi

      Lol! I think the h2s ladies feel the same😂😂
      Time to ruffle some feathers!!

  8. jessicakarnsbingham

    I will not shop anywhere that requires me to cover my face. Very disappointing Costco!

    • June

      Good. We don’t need your germs while we shop.

      • Kate

        This response reminds me of girls running away from boys because they have cooties.

    • Another Shelly

      Good riddance to you!

    • J

      Keep your germs to yourself, just wear a mask. God forbid you have elderly or family with underlying health issues and they get the virus just because you brought it home. Please take this virus seriously. Put the selfishness aside. It’s time to care about one another. So many people have died, because it was taken seriously fast enough.

    • Zara

      Same here, I will shop somewhere else! If you are that paranoid then you should stop going out! Goodbye Costco, I will support small local stores 🙂

      • siena95

        Found this online, Costco Prez Craig Jelinek Time to let him know this is nonsense!

    • siena95

      Found this online, Costco Prez Craig Jelinek Time to let him know this is nonsense!

    • riss

      Good thing you don’t live in my county, or you will be ordering everything online or delivered. We are all encouraged/required (i don’t know the better term is) to wear mask when out in public- grocery stores, trails, etc. You don’t need to wear it when you’re walking by yourself and not passing by people. And you know what? people follow the rules. No one wants to get sick or make others sick. Why does it have to be infringingon your rights? It does not. And if you don’t want to wear a mask, please stay home. We need the essential workers to stay safe, so you know, they can do the essential work.
      And yes, please shot this post down. I didn’t read all the comments, but just reading a few….crazy!

    • ann

      We both then agree not to shop at the same stores.

    • Danielle

      I understand your feeling. I for one will ONLY shop at places that require all to wear masks. I choose to follow the stay at home guidelines very strictly. I’m 5 months pregnant, and after loosing my last 2 pregnancies (this is the farthest along I’ve been in 5 years), I would do ANYTHING to ensure that my unborn child is not affected by this virus. I’ve gone to the store 3 times since this all started. I always wear a mask (my choice). I totally support others’ rights to not wear a mask. However, I will feel MUCH better at places that require all to wear it. It will help me stay safe and breathe easier knowing my risk is further diminished. I’m grateful I now have this option. I know there are still many stores for those who don’t want to wear them too.

  9. TAY

    I am shocked how many people are upset they have to wear a mask. It is for everyone’s protection. Be thankful they are open and serving you.

    • J

      Exactly. Do you think these grocery store workers want to get the virus (it’s already happened throughout the U.S.) just because one refuses to wear a mask. I will never understand such degree of selfishness. It’s all about protecting one another & stop the ignorant thinking that this virus is in any way political or a joke. It’s sad how some people have to experience a tragedy in order to take some things seriously. This actually happened to a pastor in Virginia who refused to take it seriously until he got the virus & died. Now his daughter is taking it seriously.

      • ann


    • jimk

      We can be upset about whatever we please lol. Masks won’t be what keeps me from getting it. Only going out when needed and basic hygiene will do just fine. I rarely got sick before because my husband is a micribiolist and I have been getting this advice for years…. welcome to my life lol.

    • ann

      Yes, without wearing masks the next thing they will yell about is the store having to close because too many employees are sick (i.e. like meat packing plants did)

  10. DB

    Bet $5 they will reverse course quickly and encourage members to wear masks, but not make it mandatory. Read on Twitter their 800# has been swamped with calls.

    • ann

      when too many employees get ill and they have to close you might change your mind

  11. Blessed


  12. fhhaban

    Alienating your customers is not good business. Costco and other irrational businesses will lose my business.

    • J

      I hope you reconsider. It’s about facts not fear. The fact is that the experts, scientists just don’t know enough about this virus, therefore it’s better to take extra precautions & as a result lessen the spread of COVID19. It’s time for everyone to put the selfishness aside & wear some sort of facial covering, if you don’t have a mask to protect others from YOUR germs.

      • ann

        Yes. Our masks protect them so if they are out and about without one , WE are not protected. We deserve a safe place to get things!

    • AV

      I agree. If it were Walmart I wouldn’t care as much because a private business has a right to do what they want. But it does leave a bad taste in your mouth when you PAY to be a member. I’d be willing to bet that Costco would refund memberships if requested though. Also, if you don’t want to wear a mask just tell them you have a medical condition that does not allow it.

  13. Another Shelly

    I think this is great. I’m tired of people who feel invincible violating social distancing orders and not caring about anyone but themselves.

  14. Betty

    Anyone know the least busy time of day to go to costco? I need some stuff but want to help spread the crowd out.

    • patricia

      If you google the costco and the city you are looking for and scroll down it shows the days and times, busy ,not busy…
      I haven’t put it to test yet. Haven’t had the courage to go to Costco after the huge rush and lines at the begining of March but it may be accurate 🙂

    • E

      Not first thing in the morning. Friend who works at Costco has said it’s calmed down some but is still crazy when it opens.

    • riss

      We went 2 weeks ago an hour before they close, busy but lines were moving. Certainly didn’t wait more than 10 minutes outside in line.

  15. Another Shelly

    Two moms under 40 died LAST WEEK in my social circle here in Colorado. That is EIGHT children now without a mother. Not wearing a mask is a death sentence to some people and we don’t know enough about the virus to know exactly who will be killed. It’s Russian roulette right now. And I guarantee Costco cares more about the health of their employees than they do about your hurt feelings.

    • Amber

      Wow. There have been 4 deaths total in people 30-39 in Colorado (population of 5.7 millions) and you knew half of them. I mean, what are the chances of that?

      • Nic P

        Extremely high if they were friends. Thanks for playing! Use your brain.

        • Amber

          Math isn’t your strong point, huh? Use your brain instead of being a hammer that sees everything as nail.

      • Another Shelly

        You are out of your mind. One in 428 Coloradans has now had COVID. There are hundreds of pending presumptive positive investigations.

      • Another Shelly

        One in 428 Coloradans has now had COVID. There are hundreds of pending presumptive positive cases. Sorry to burst your bubble – but this is serious. Jerk.

        • AV

          You say 1/423 like it’s super bad and scary. You realize that’s only .23% right?? Goodness, and no need to call people jerks. That reflects more on you than them.

      • siena95

        Found this online, Costco Prez Craig Jelinek Time to let him know this is nonsense!

        • ann

          Thank you. Now everyone can write and say that they love the policy or not. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. There are many states where businesses are required by law to do this in order to be open.

      • ann

        You can get the correct information on the Colorado State Department of Health website.

    • ann

      You are so right and I hope Costco holds their ground for everyones safety. The people that like the policy should write them because you know all the people that don’t are!

    • ShellyB

      Another Shelly, OMG I read she wore a mask religiously and was still infected with the virus!! How scary!!!

  16. Tia in FL

    Whoa, just thought I’d pop in to see what was going on here and it’s a lot! I thought it was strange since wearing masks has been mandatory here in South Florida for like 2 or 3 weeks now. You can’t get inside any establishment without one. Never even dawned on me how many people would be opposed to it.

  17. Katie

    Maybe someone should turn off the comments on this post. Nothing but people being rude to one another.

    No one really knows about this virus and everyone thinks they’re an expert. And apparently adults have lost the ability to be able to disagree without belittling. It’s like kids on a playground. Gross.

    • misti

      I agree. A little shocked how cruel some of the comments are.

    • ann

      The medical experts readily say they are learning something new every day so.qhy anyone thinks they know anything is indeed a very good question. No one has argued this is not the most transmissible disease they have come across in their lifetime so we do know that.

    • tammy

      I’ve reached out to Hip2Save and they said they encourage people to voice their opinions and they ‘monitor’ this regularly for inappropriate content. Doesn’t appear that they are if these comments are still here.

      • riss

        I emailed H2S, too, to disable the comments, no reply. People are just so brave because we are online and not telling all these rude comments face to face.

  18. DJ Vin

    …just checking in on the comments for entertainment value. (*crunches popcorn*) What Would Stetson Do? That’s my burning question. This thread needs his angle…

    • Lexy

      I’m just upset I didn’t get much use out of my Costco I activated on February went on a trip on March then the whole madness broke out and since then I’ve just avoided Costco because all this crazy stuff

    • ann

      I’m sure he’d simply put on the mask and be on his way to do some shopping. =) !

    • Vamom23

      Agreed! My guilty pleasure these days is reading these long threads.

  19. R

    First off I don’t have a Costco membership simply because it’s a bit far from me. However I have been wearing a mask when I go out of my own personal choice. I figure it can’t hurt to wear it. The old adage better safe than sorry. I think some people will use situations to start acting like it’s a constitutional thing. As some said before you aren’t allowed in establishments without shoes & shirts. This is just another rule to follow…..temporarily. How about getting this up in arms over starving children or crime!

  20. Mary

    As someone who have had multiple family members and friends die from COVID-19, I fully support the requirement for people to cover their noses and mouths when they are in public places. It’s not a difficult task and there’s nothing wrong with being safe just in case. We buckle our seat belts when we drive and we wear a helmet when we ride our bikes. We teach our children to do those things. We’re not predicting there will be an accident; they are safety measures just in case. We don’t argue about this, so we also should not argue about having to wear a mask. It’s a safety measure for the one-hour (or so) time you are in a public place. The most important thing is being able to slowly allow people to return to “normal” life again. If requiring the use of a mask means people can return to work, children can return to school, and we can shop at stores and eat at restaurants, I think we should all support it. We should support protecting each other and that means implementing/following safety measures. (For the haters out there, you don’t have to like my comment. But I promise you, you would understand if you had to go through what I have had to lately.)

  21. Sharon

    As a nurse , I wear a mask 8 hours a day , five days a week for the last 6 weeks to protect my self, my family, my coworkers and my patients. I would love to only wear a mask when I go to the store. We all need to stop and think about everyone around us . For those who think wearing a mask is a hardship, spend some time listening to the stories of all the healthcare workers and first responders who are dealing with this every day.

    • ann


    • Ash

      Wait, so you don’t wear a mask around your family when you are at home? I thought the masks were more about “protecting others”?

  22. JJ

    The Public Health Service Act passed by Congress in 1944 allows the government to enact whatever measure is needed to protect the public from transmission of diseases. Look it up. Costco is a private business and can do whatever it wants.

    • hip2trade

      Maybe Costco should have this up in big bold print in front of the store. Some people don’t believe things are real until it happens to them or someone they know.

  23. siena95

    Absolute bs..we need to boycott Costco! No law requires facemasks, so why do this? Oregon has such a low infection rate..this is all just nonsense

    • ann

      some state DO require it legally

  24. siena95

    Costco prez is Craig Jelinek Found this online. I suggest we let him know this is not ok!

  25. hip2trade

    Reminds of the preacher who bragged about not taking any precautions for his service and ended up with coronavirus & died. He thought it was all silly talk n nonsense as well. Sad he couldn’t just take a precaution.

    • ann

      His story isn’t the only one. It is obvious these people that are against it don’t spend much t(if any) time doing any medical research on this.

  26. Frustrated

    I normally don’t post on these things. But wanted to say please stay safe and wear your masks and wash your hands. KUDOS Costco! If we all used common sense with these precautions things wouldn’t be so bad. No ones liberties are being violated. It’s still a free country and you can choose not to follow social guideline then shop elsewhere, hunt/grow your own food, etc. I care for sick patients including COVID and many thought they too were immune to catching it and no big deal—Wrong if it happens to you! None of these people have declined our medical care or ventilators/oxygen/life saving treatments even though prior they didn’t believe in it. Well in the medical field we are here putting ourselves and our families, other patients at risk and still treat you with a smile and help you no matter what. Please respect what you can’t understand. Have compassion and kindness for fellow mankind. Do what you can to slow this disease as well as others. Instead of badmouthing others and great companies like Costco, spend your time doing something productive and make a face mask 😃 end of rant….

  27. The silent majority

    Another day in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Japan culture is to wear masks. Guess what, folks still got sick. As such this bug isn’t going away and you will likely get it mask or no mask. The majority recover, no need for masks to weaken your immune system. Live your life and maybe start to run and not from the bug.

    • Lynn

      I agree silent majority. Since our children have been home, my husband or I have been spending approximately $250 a week at Costco. We have 3 teen athletes. They eat a lot! But my husband and I will not be wearing masks. So we are stocking up this weekend and won’t return until the policy changes. I’m not criticizing anyone else. So please don’t criticize me. I’m entitled to my opinion. My research has shown that a mask may increase my risk. My husband has extreme anxiety. He is medicated for it but does not have a doctor’s note. If the risk is so high that a mask is now required, I’m safer at home. Good luck to all!! Stay safe! Get sunshine and exercise. See you soon!

  28. Thia

    Wow! I cannot believe you allowed these rants to go on. At some point in time you should have simply stated

    “CDC guidelines state individuals should wear face coverings to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please avoid politics in the comments below, otherwise the comments will be locked. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

    I have always been a strong supporter for you and your company but this is outrageous!

  29. Beth Potter

    What’s next Costco? Telling us we need to cover our entire body for our own protect. I Do not need anyone telling me what I can and cannot wear “for my own protection”.
    They should offer mask free days for people that are not interested in wearing masks.

    They are offering full membership refunds if you call and request it and go in and make a complaint. I have several friends who have are done this.

  30. In the know

    Just a FYI if calling to cancel…phone wait times are currently long as of 5/1/20 10:30 eastern. On hold for about an hour but $60 bucks will be refunded without question.

  31. Emily

    I don’t like shopping at costco, because it’s always chaotic there… I haven’t had a membership for about 2 years, but I might renew it and start shopping there again based on this policy. Good for them for putting people’s safety first.

  32. Charlene

    I am so tired of censorship! When will Americans grow up and act like adults? I simply responded by sending links so you people could fact check the truth, and looks like HIP2SAVE censored me!! Well all I can say is your not very interested in hearing both sides and evaluate the data and decide after that what is the truth! Maybe when your sitting at an empty table due to the coming famine, you’ll wish you had listened to professional people who knew what they were talking about!!! Rev. Charlene

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