Ticketmaster Offering Refunds for ALL Postponed Events

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Good news for those of you who purchased tickets via Ticketmaster for live events that have been canceled due to the coronavirus.

Ticketmaster is now reassuring customers that it will issue refunds for all events affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Billboard, Ticketmaster is finalizing its plan and starting May 1st, once a postponed show sets a new date, fans will get an email from Ticketmaster giving them the option to initiate a full refund. If no action is taken within 30 days of the email, the ticket will be good for the rescheduled date.

To check the status of your event, you can find the complete list of Ticketmaster’s affected U.S. shows here.

bright lights at concert

Both Live Nation Entertainment and AEG Live, two of Ticketmaster’s largest event organizers, announced that they will also begin to provide refunds on a rolling basis for all events impacted by COVID-19.

Billboard is reporting that Live Nation will also offer its ticketholders a 150% credit to be used for a future show through its new Rock When You Are Ready program. Live Nation venues will reportedly give ticketholders an additional option to donate their refunds to Live Nation’s Hero Nation charity program, which will give concert tickets to healthcare workers.

Check our list of coronavirus closures and cancellations for all the latest updates.

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  1. Matt

    Not exactly related, but if I paid for a year of swim lessons for my kids before their pool closed, do you think I get a refund?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You could always try contacting your pool to be sure! Hope this helps!

    • todd

      Sorry, but how the **** are people here supposed to know if your swim lessons will be refunded?? I mean….seriously!!

      • DebJ

        I can’t stop laughing!! 😂😂

        • todd

          Didn’t mean to sound rude in my post, but i think its hilarious when people think that Colin and H2S know the answers to every question instead of actually problem solving or researching for themselves.

          • agree

            I agree Todd the questions about the stimulus checks were hilarious. Hip2 save isn’t the IRS 🤣

        • Tanyon

          I can’t stop……

      • Observant mom


    • bargins

      Matt, I called your swim school and no, it will not be refunded but can be used when the pool reopens. Glad I could help!

      • Observant mom


  2. hollyp1234

    Thanks! I sent this to my boss. He buys a bunch of tickets in December for gifts for friends & clients. Hopefully he can get some money back and we will just have to send them something else. 🙂

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome! Glad you could pass this along to him!

  3. TJ

    So happy to hear! My husband and I had concert tickets last week across the country that just happened to line up with a vacation. Postponed tickets weren’t necessarily going to work for us. lol

    • Hortego

      Same here! We were going to a show in Vegas that lined up with our vacation. We wouldn’t be able to make the reschedule, so glad they finally decided to do this.

  4. Amber C

    This is good news! My event was rescheduled from May 1 to July 11 and I don’t feel comfortable going to a crowded arena that soon. My state hasn’t even lifted the stay at home order yet. It’s the right thing do to because I wasn’t going to risk going to that concert.

  5. Rn404

    As they should be giving folks their money back…many times when it’s moved to another date folks can’t make it
    I got my money back from Monday night raw that was to happen at the end of March here in Atlanta

  6. John Rocke

    It still feels like Ticketmaster is stringing us along. I have almost $1000 of tickets for 3 events that are all postponed with no new date being set. It is unreasonable to expect everyone to wait UNTIL a new date has been set to request a refund. If new dates are not set when an event has been postponed (or within perhaps 30 days) then the event is really CANCELLED and should be immediately refunded.

    • Lisa Honickel

      Same! $1200 in Cubs vs Padres tickets 🙈 I really Hope I get my money back!

  7. Holly

    I paid $500 a piece for three tickets to a certain show that was postponed. I don’t care when it is I just really really hope it gets rescheduled. I’ve been waiting 7 years to see this band in concert so pray for me everyone! I know I’m being dramatic – I can admit that, I’m a dramatic person. Lol.

    • shop4mybabies

      dramatic in this house too. lol my 16 year old hopes our Billie Eilish concert gets rescheduled. she’s desperate to see her

      • Holly

        I’m going to see BTS -yes, I’m a 38 year old woman – don’t judge me. They’re going to the military in December so it’s literally the last chance to see them together. Good luck seeing Billie!

        • jennienguyen

          I’m 30 years old…and I hope BTS reschedules too!!! Lol. Jin has to be there. They can’t have a stage set up as a 7..with only 6 members. That would be so sad.

          • Holly

            Yay fellow Army! I didn’t want to go into the whole explanation about 1 going and 6 being here and what not. Glad someone knows what I meant! Are you going? I’ve got tickets for Dallas day 2. Hopefully

            • jennienguyen

              I have tickets for the Orlando show! 🙂

            • V

              I have tickets to Dallas Day 1 and 2! 💗 It was perfect because I’m going back to school in Mid-May. My classes have been moved online for now, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to make the shows once they are rescheduled. Then there is the dilemma of their enlistment! And they may have a whole new album by the time they can tour again!

        • JC

          BTS Army mom here! my daughter & I totally agree with you 🙂 will patiently wait until the new dates arrive *finger heart*

        • Marcy

          I had tickets for MetLife with a friend and ones to take my kids to see them at soldier field. My 6 year old mini army cried for days when she found out. I may of joined her. 😅

    • Becks

      As a huge music fan & an avid concert goer, I HOPE YOU GET TO GO!!!!

      • Holly

        Thanks so much!

    • IG SEEMYBIAS.Official

      LOL sounds like BTS to me. Am I wrong?

      • IG SEEMYBIAS.official

        That’s weird the comments came after mine. See I knew it was BTS!!! Wings and LY was the bomb.

  8. jen13289

    I have tickets for Bethel Woods for 3 upcoming concerts, in July/August, no update on them yet, I hope I receive a refund or see the concerts…I don’t care which. I won’t be very happy losing over $500!☹️

  9. lezers05

    Great news. Now I just hope other “places” do this. I bought my husband opening day Giants tickets (baseball) right behind home plate; spent way more than I should have but he deserves it after the year we’ve had. Anyway, they are refusing to refund us our money even though its been announced baseball won’t be happening this year and IF players actually play it will be to a crowd less stadium. Yet the refuse to give us our money back. I’m SO frustrated. If anyone has any advice on what we can do id gladly listen.

    • celticmommie

      Contact your local media. I’m sure you’re not the only ones mad about that. Social media complaints help too. 😉

    • Lisa HonickeL

      I’m going to wait until May 1st and see what they are doing for MLB tickets. Same boat, $1200 in Cubs vs Padres for my husbands 40th birthday. I was on twitter some people are contacting their credit card companies and disputing the charges. Once I figure it out I’ll come back here to update you!

  10. Darren

    Got tickets to Green Day show in July but didn’t see it on the refund list. Hopefully they will update.

  11. Mamaleah

    Hey Lezers05, try contacting your credit card company and disputing the claim if you paid by credit card. My credit card company refunded my flights after I disputed the purchase because a flight voucher for future use was not gong to work for me. Considering your circumstances I would bet that they would side with you. Good luck!

    • AmyA

      This is interesting. We have $$$ tickets for vacation in July that we are not going to use (even if we are allowed to fly). Did you ask the airline for a refund first? Did your CC company just give you the refund with no questions asked? Ours is not an American based airlines, so I’m not sure if we would have that same luck with asking our CC company for a refund.

      • AmyA

        I should add, a voucher for future travel won’t work for us either because of my husband’s work.

  12. Dee

    Awesome! Thanks for the update. I am definitely one of those effected by this. Our event was rescheduled but for a similar time next year — in another state! And our airline credits from our cancelled flight expire long before then. So, it’s definitely nice Ticketmaster changed course for their customers.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome, Dee!

  13. Lauren

    I had tickets to see Elton John in NY earlier this month. The concert has been rescheduled for 2021 but no specific date yet. Hopefully, we’ll be able to go next year but good to know we can get a refund.

    • Sarah

      I also have tix to see EJJ I bought through StubHub. They are not doing refunds yet. It is holding up a lot of money for a year. Especially in these times, you would think they would give the option of a refund or save your tix. I have seen him on this tour already, but had such a great time, I wanted to go again. I am not sure if I want to go now. big crowds scare me. 🙁

  14. LK

    Thank goodness. I have $800 of Stones tickets and I’d like a refund. Can always re-book or not depending on the time of year in the open air Cotton Bowl.

  15. acgold

    Ticketmaster was finally forced into doing this because of so much backlash. The NY Attorney General is investigating them. I also have Bethel Woods tickets. The venue is seasonal and outdoors in NY State, so concerts are hard to reschedule. James Taylor is rescheduled for next month, but no new date. They never even sent us a notice. The other two concerts are July and August with no word yet.

  16. Ashley Monroe

    My event has a postponed date but they’re not issuing a refund at this time. Sounds like May 1st is when you can finally get your refund, right?

  17. Marie

    Also not al together true we ha e been trying to get a refund for 2 months since a vegas show cancelled …The Who and Beatles and after 2 months we are still waiting….really bad PR for Vegas. We are waiting on about $1400! Buyer beware!!!

  18. Nikki

    I had to open a cc dispute because our event was cancelled and they didn’t refund our entire amount. It was around $15 less than we paid for the tickets.

  19. Emily Rinke

    I just got off the phone with one of their “managers.” They have no knowledge of the blog post guaranteeing refunds for postponed events. They refuse to give me my money back. I will go to my credit card company and get my money back if they don’t make this right.

  20. Maria G

    I’m not sure it’s Ticketmasters doing. I think it’s the venue, maybe?? We had a week in NYC a couple of weeks ago. When Broadway shut down, Ticket master and TeleCharge refunded our shows tickets within 2-3 weeks. We had about $4,000 tied up in tickets . Very grateful. Now, we also have about another large amout of $ tied up in Royal Caribbean European cruise we were to take for our anniversary in July. Cancelled 30 days ago, still no word from Royal. IT’s all pretty unprecidented, what is going on. I feel for these companies.

  21. Debra

    I had tickets to Hamilton. I could move them to a later show or get a refund. I chose to move it out 5 months (late fall). Although time consuming to change, their instructions were well detailed.

  22. Heather

    I heard that is why Bon Jovi cancelled their tour. If the event is cancelled then you automatically get a refund. He wasn’t as worried about his cut of the money, but knew his fans may need the money for food and rent!! What a great guy 💗

  23. jenna-0

    Stub hub needs to do the same. Its ridiculous we have to fight for our money back. Stub hub will never get my money again.

  24. Connie

    We will see if this happens.I received an email just today from customer support that stated they refuse to refund my money because the event was rescheduled in September. they are stating now that their new policy does not allow for a refund for a rescheduled event. Unless the person was unaware that the policy would change May 1st I won’t believe anything they say until I do receive my refund. They are despicable to make people beg and wait when refunding money that people could use right now. Elton John just cancelled all his tour dates until sometime next year and they refuse to refund it.just an FYI because I never knew that Ticketmaster is owned by live Nation. The customer service person told me it’s up to the organizer to refund the money. turns out live Nation is the organizer and they own Ticketmaster!!

    • Lissy

      I received an email, earlier this week from Ticketmaster, informing me that a concert I have tickets to has now been postponed. It stated the following: If your event organizer is offering refunds, this option (a refund link) will be visible under the order in your Ticketmaster account. If the refund link is not appearing, the event organizer is not offering refunds at this time. Please note that given the unprecedented circumstances, event organizers are constantly assessing the situation and making determinations regarding refunds. If your event is not currently enabled for refunds, check back later, as this status may change.

  25. Mamaleah

    Hey AmyA, I tried to contact the airline but they have been overwhelmingly busy with other calls that it was impossible to get through to them. I put in minimal effort trying to place additional calls and then went straight to my credit card. I explained the situation and there was about a two-week grace period until they sided in my favor, Refunded my charges, and the associated interest. I don’t think the airline company matters as much as the customer service from your credit card does. I’ve also had a colleague do the same with good success. Good luck!

    • AmyA

      Thank you!!

  26. justgiver

    I’m not clear on the Ticketmaster rules starting May 1. Does it mean that anything that has been postponed before May 1 is “too bad, so sad”? I had Elton John tix for Toronto in March that are postponed but were due to COVID. I’d prefer my money back. I guess I don’t understand why they wouldn’t backdate anything from mid March. It doesn’t seem fair.

  27. Debra

    I received a email that the all Hamilton shows in Los Angeles were cancelled thru end of May, and I could rebook (instructions given), or do nothing and a refund would be given.

  28. ME

    So, we have to wait until they set a new date for the concert? That could be forever! I have $500 in tickets outstanding for a June Concert that I just wanted a refund on now. Ugh.

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