Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure & Volcano Bay ALL Reopening June 5th

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Universal Studios Hollywood sign

Universal Studios are planning to re-open some of their parks!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has approved Universal’s plan to reopen Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and Universal’s Volcano Bay – all of which have been temporarily closed since mid-March.

These parks will start welcoming guests on June 5th with new health, safety, and hygiene procedures in place.

Universal has stated that everyone will need to follow CDC guidelines and the recommendations of health officials along with Orlando’s policies.

Some of the new health and safety practices include visitors having their temperature checked upon arrival. If it’s 100.4 degrees or higher, they won’t be allowed to enter the park. Facemasks will also be required and can be purchased at the park. Workers will also be required to have their temperatures checked and wear face masks

There will be a limit on the number of visitors allowed in the park and staggered parking to adhere to social distancing guidelines. To limit contact, cashless payment options will be available.

Interactive play areas as well as water and mist elements on attractions will be eliminated as well as valet operations and single rider lines. All chairs and tables will be cleaned and disinfected after each seating, and high-touch areas also will be frequently cleaned.

Get the latest news of re-openings and more Coronavirus news HERE!

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Comments 49

  1. Susan

    Legoland Florida will also be reopening.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks, Susan!

  2. Mrswright

    How do you wear a mask at the water park?

    • Natasha-ai

      Maybe the elimination of water elements extends to all water attractions? (So no water park areas maybe.)

  3. Rebecca

    Will be hot as crap with face masks(and fun tan lines too lol). Legoland is recommending them but not requiring, last I read. We live in Tampa & have Legoland passes but still not braving anyplace this summer.

    • Lisa

      I think they put masks optional for Legoland because many places are saying kids 3 and under or 5 and under don’t need masks.

    • MommySpendsLess

      Different counties. Orange and Osceola have face covering orders in place. Lake and Polk do not. I haven’t checked county boundaries but I’m pretty sure Universal is in Orange County and Legoland is in Polk County.

  4. Stevmill8809

    How do you social distance lol? Seems like a breeding ground for an increase in Covid cases. I’ll gladly avoid this.

  5. Michelle

    Oh this is gonna be a hot mess, no reservations? People are going to throng to the parks and then be upset when they cant get in because they’ve hit capacity. It will be interesting to see what happens. I do hope people follow the rules and the parks don’t become a cautionary tale for any reason, though.

  6. Jodi

    We had a reservation for the first week in July that we sadly canceled. With all the money we were going to be paying and all the restrictions that would be in place it certainly is not the first trip to Universal Studios Harry Potter we will want to remember. Hopefully there will be next year.

    • Amy

      As a passholder, I would recommend not going in July ever. You won’t get the experience you want even with covid. The parks are super crowded and it’s hard to move in the harry potter area with large lines. If possible try the off months and get an amazing experience 🙂

      • jodi

        Thanks for the tip. We really only have the summer months when school is out. We knew it would have been packed, I hate to have the kids miss school although I know that is the best time.

        • MommySpendsLess

          Another Floridian here… Winter and Spring break are also usually crowded but the temperatures are usually bearable and less chance of afternoon thunderstorms shutting down rides.

        • Tracey

          We have a timeshare in Orlando and our week is the first full week in January. Our kids missed school that week for many years and they did fine – one has a Master’s Degree now! We just told the teachers ahead of time and they were given alternative “homework” such as keeping a journal that week, etc or they caught up when they got back. No, they didn’t get perfect attendance, but it was worth the family time together to miss a few days of school and we got to take them to the theme parks, etc when there were less people. We go to Florida a lot (we live in NC) & will say our favorite times to go are October and February. But August, not so much! I do hope you get to go there eventually and that it will be safe!

          • MommySpendsLess

            Lucky you! We live in Orlando but our last vacation we rented a cabin near Chimney Rock/Lake Lure through Airbnb. It’s now my mental happy place and I can’t wait to go back to NC. Have a great holiday weekend!

  7. Tricia

    Ugh…too soon.

  8. Wren

    Awesome! Now just need no masks!

    • LeeF

      Agreed! No masks!!!!

      • Amy

        It’s their business, their rules. your personal beliefs on what work and what don’t and you’re ideas of your freedom being taken don’t apply here. One less person in line.

        • Kate

          Are you the owner? You seem to be taking this very personally.

    • Amber

      Agree! Its an easy choice to make to not spend money at a place that makes wearing masks mandatory.

      • MommySpendsLess

        Small correction, masks are an Orange County requirement, not a company decision. Their Order to start reopening included a provision that patrons and employees need to wear face coverings unless a face covering prevents the patron from receiving the service, in which case employees still have to wear them.
        (I live near the edges of a few different counties and as someone for whom masks cause mild anxiety I have been trying to stay informed about which counties have orders so I can be selective about where I shop.)

        • Amy

          Masks cause you mild anxiety so you won’t shop somewhere, but a virus doesn’t? As someone who suffers from massive anxiety and finds it hard to push through some days, but still does, I don’t take this comment lightly.

          • MommySpendsLess

            I didn’t make it lightly. I only gave a tiny sliver of my thoughts/emotions to explain why I’d researched which local counties have mask orders. Everyone has their own unique combinations of thoughts, emotions, fears, etc. I’m sorry this virus is extra difficult for you.

  9. Danielle

    I don’t even know anymore… 35%+ people are asymptomatic and can spread it simply talking to someone in a normal voice in 8 minutes.. couple that with loud talking because of crowded areas…ugh…I hope everyone stays safe and noone gets sick at these parks. This virus blows. OH is letting 300 person wedding receptions…I don’t even know what to think..it spreads singing, laughing, talking…mainly through air than hand to mouth…I hope that this doesn’t lead to nationwide outbreaks… Travel between states will make contact tracing very difficult.

    • Tricia

      It will happen because people don’t have patience. It is way to soon for all these things to open and it makes me mad because it will put healthcare workers at more when another spike occurs. My husband is high risk working everyday with covid patients. It makes me mad when people protest wearing masks. I wish people would consider other people and just stay home especially, if they do not want to comply with rules and recommendations.

      • Amber

        People have been lysoling their mail because the “experts” said the virus lived on surfaces up to 5 days. Now they’re saying the virus doesn’t spread via objects and surfaces. Masks shouldn’t be worn by the public for a variety of reasons. Medical personnel wear masks because their chosen profession puts them at higher risk. That’s always been the case.

        • Tricia

          Masks still slow the spread and lowers the chance of getting it and giving it to others. Six feet is wrong, you can catch it up to 10 feet away. If you’re walking in a crowd and someone coughs 8 feets from you most likely you will get it. With a mask you cut the chances of that happening at least in half. I didn’t want to wear one I still would out of respect to others.

          • Amber

            The recommendation to wear masks in public is approximately a month old. There is absolutely zero scientific research regarding mask wearing, its protection against this virus, and the percentage of reduction in contracting the disease if wearing one. There’s also zero science on the long-term effects of a population wearing masks long-term. The only reason its been recommended is because it makes people feel better because they have control over something when things have been out of control. Obviously some people need that more than others.

            • Tricia

              I responded to you a few posts down but it went to the wrong spot…

      • Mae

        People who are at risk should definitely be staying home. Though should everyone spend the next 15 years locked up in their homes? Really wondering what is best for the human race. Stay a safe distance and stay clean!

        • Tricia

          Well what about the high risk on the front lines that don’t have choice? I’m just kind enough to think of others. Won’t apologize for that. And no not 15 yrs but people are throwing a fit when it has only been less than 8 weeks 🤦‍♀️

  10. Tricia

    Lol ok well I’m assuming you don’t work in the medical field. My husband is a first responder….how do you explain an ambulance company with over 80 employees working with covid daily for months wearing masks all day long and not one of those emts or medics have contacted the virus yet (thank god)….pure luck?? He has had many patients who didn’t make it and some of the patients spouses got sick too but not the ones who wore masks around their spouses at the start of symptoms. I am a medical assistant and I can tell you masks have saved us all from contracting many things over the years, especially now. I’m not sure where you are finding your facts but there is alot of research stating that masks help prevent the spread of viruses. One being from the university of Maryland. And no, it is not that obviously some people need that more than others, it is that people vary in common sense and caring about others. Good luck to you though, it is your choice but seeing it first hand, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

  11. Irina

    I work on covid floor and people who dont see it every day have no idea. I will gladly skip all the parks and events this year. I dont wish anyone to be my patient. People bag to be intubated so they can breath. The recovery is very long and painful. What about those who died? We even had couples hospitalized and one of them died. It’s very sad

  12. Laura

    I find it more troubling that so many adults can’t think and reason for themselves. I will not wear mask because it makes you feel safe. This virus is no worse than the flu. The facts are clear but many refuse to accept them because they would rather buy into the propaganda spewed by the media. I am ashamed when I hear people willing to cower in fear and take other people’s money to “stay safe” while our basic liberties are stripped away. I don’t understand how they can blindly follow the new “rules” and then shame those of us willing to fight for freedom. Hopefully, they learn before it’s too late.

    • Jess

      LOL have you considered applying for a job on FOX?? That would be a more ideal outlet for your nonsense.

    • My2cents

      I understand everyone is entitled to their opinions when it comes to COVID. What I’ve noticed is that the majority of those who are opposed to wearing a mask don’t realize it does make a difference. I’m a healthcare worker who works in an Urgent Care Clinic (and we were seeing EVERYONE because Primary care providers wouldn’t even see their own patients because of fear of them bringing in COVID) and I’m required to wear a surgical mask my entire shift. When I go to any establishment (grocery store, restaurant to pick up order, etc) I also wear my mask. I don’t do it for myself but for YOU. I was grocery shopping yesterday and I sneezed so quickly that I didn’t have had time to cover my mouth. Thankfully I was wearing a mask and it contained those particles considering I’ve been in contact with patients who have tested positive for COVID. When it was mandatory months ago that we wear them at work I initially struggled because I’m claustrophobic and didn’t like a portion of my face being confined. I had to learn to deal with it because I didn’t want to get COVID. I live in Florida and it’s extremely hot, so having on a mask while outside at a theme park is dangerous because your body will get overheated and you’re also restricting your oxygen intake since your mouth and nose are covered. I checked my O2 saturation with my mask on while inside and it was 98% and then without my mask and it was 100%. I understand that people want to go to Universal, Disney, etc but doing so with a mask on is going to be tough for hours at a time. I think it’s safer to wait until a mask isn’t mandatory and COVID is more manageable, and if that means 2021 so be it. COVID is nothing like the FLU it’s a completely different beast that has impacted millions. Just my 2 cents from someone who’s putting her life at risk every time I got to work (I love what I do, but I love my kids too). Be safe everyone!!!

    • Anne

      Amen…well said.

    • Danielle

      The death rate on the low end is estimated (I believe) at 2x as deadly as the flu, the problem is that it is 4x contagious with a long incubation period and a population with zero immunity. The virus can ravage a person for 6-7 wks. This isn’t a “7-10 recovery.” Couple that with people who get very sick and don’t die,and long term organ damage. It spreads like wildfire and noone knows who is going to be asymptomatic and who is going to be on a vent. Too many unknowns. I do agree we can’t stay locked down forever and they need to find ways for us to engage owth the economy, but I am not sure an amusement park with a bunch of simulation rides and indoor lines is the best start.

  13. Csandst1

    More people will die from the effects of quarantine.

    • Steve

      Read an article this morning and that’s what is happening in LA.

      • Amy

        And I am sure it wasn’t from an alt right news site…

    • M

      I agree… And young healthy people with their whole life a head of them gone because of the effects of the quarantine.

  14. Rebecca

    Boy. If the last 4 years didn’t already bring out some people’s true nature, this virus has really highlighted it huh.

    • MJ

      Sometimes I think this speaks more to the state of education in our country. This is what we get for not investing the same as other wealthy nations. Ignorance is bliss. Wear a mask people and get over it, it’s not that big of deal, is it so hard to understand no shirt, no shoes, no service? No, we’ve done that for years, Hopefully this won’t be forever but just do it and show that you can respect the hard work the medical field is doing and not say “it’s their chosen profession” so they should just suck it up and deal with a pandemic with no sweat off your back. Wearing a mask doesn’t show fear, it shows basic human decency.

  15. Amy

    I love how judgmental you mask wearers are. How can you be the only intelligent, enlightened people in the world?? It’s amazing how that mask makes you superior to others.

  16. Beverly

    I had Covid-19. It is nothing like the flu. Except for a trip to the hospital to be tested and another to the ER to be evaluated for Covid-19 induced chest pains (I am very athletic, eat healthy, no heart disease or cholesterol issues what so ever) I recovered at home. Be afraid. Be very afraid. My husband would come and check on me every 2 hours at night to make sure I was still breathing. I was acutely sick for 3 weeks. I needed a month afterwards to regain my strength. Chest pains diminished but never went away. I still have a lingering cough. Nearly 100,000 people have died in the USA from Covid-19. Do u want your children or your parents to be next? How about your friends or business associates? Do you want to be responsible for their deaths? Wash your hands, wear a mask, stay away from other people.

    • Tricia

      I’m sorry you went through that and I am glad you are ok. Sadly, there are way too many impatient, selfish people who don’t care about others and will not take your advice 🙁

  17. Jean

    This is too soon. As someone who has been suffering from Covid since the beginning of March, let tell you, this virus is very real. I was one of the mild cases. This crap is relentless, it literally takes your breath away. The doctors couldn’t be bothered at first because they were too busy with people dying, but now they are seeing the patients that had what was considered mild symptoms, (which there is nothing mild about this virus) and they don’t know what to do with us. The virus has very long lasting effects for a number of people. Some are lucky and they recover quickly, some die and then you have the people like myself caught in between trying to recover and get their life back. You don’t want to wear a mask, that’s your choice, but if you get sick, hope you do well because it’s no joke.

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