Walmart & Sam’s Club Will Require Customers to Wear Face Masks Starting July 20th

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man in red shirt and black hat pointing at walmart sign while wearing black face mask

Planning a Walmart run? Don’t forget your mask!

Starting July 20th, Walmart will implement a new store policy that requires all customers to wear a face-covering when shopping inside any Walmart or Sam’s Club location.

Walmart reports that 65% of its stores are already located in states where the government is requiring face masks to be worn. This new store policy is to keep consistent guidelines across all of its stores.

Currently, Starbucks, Costco, and Apple are implementing the same rules for their customers.

customer and cashier at sam's club wearing face masks at checkstand

In addition to requiring face masks, Walmart stores will be limited to a single entrance and will have a health ambassador stationed near the entrance to remind those without a mask of the new requirements. The health ambassador will also work with customers who show up at a store without a face covering to try and find a solution.

Sam’s Club locations will also have a health ambassador at their doors and will offer a complimentary mask if the member doesn’t have one.

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  1. Jo Ann

    How was this not a requirement before??? In responsible states such as PA we have been required to wear masks EVERYWHERE for months.

    • Tina

      I was at Sam’s in Dickson City Pa. last week and a family was inside without masks. I was told by the store manager that they are not allowed to make any customer wear a mask. I clarified what she said several times. I was told that since I was wearing a mask I was protected and not to worry about the family not wearing masks.

      • Holly@25

        That’s terrible! It should be required for EVERYONE to wear masks because a mask does NOT protect the person who is wearing it but rather those around them. So to stay safe everyone needs to wear a mask

        • Roland Gunn

          According to the cdc, masks will not protect anyone and should not be worn for extended periods of time.

          • Denise

            That is NOT true the cdc is calling for all Americans to wear masks.

            • tinamidkiff

              You need to read the box your mask comes in!!!! It states right on every box that it does not protect you from COVID-19!!!

          • Evie

            Why do health care workers wear the kind with the oxygen tubes going in and out.
            I believe the CDC said this in the beginning when other countries bought up the masks and there were 0 available!
            It seems protection is becoming more high tech!

            • Aquaej

              Sooo, CDC lied to people before and we are supposed to believe they are only now telling the truth.

              • car men

                There is a lot of misinformation and conflicting information, so I go with common sense–If someone with Covid-19 talks, coughs or sneezes while wearing a mask, it will DEFINITELY LESSEN the chance they will infect others. I was very hesitant to wear a mask at first, but when I saw others wear them, I appreciated it so much. I don’t think anyone has disputed the fact that you can be contagious without symptoms, so it makes sense to me that we should wear a mask in stores as long as infection rates are high. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO MAKES THE SACRIFICE TO WEAR A FACE COVERING IN STORES!!! 💗Especially those with glasses 🙂 and in hot weather.

              • PNW

                They didn’t lie.

          • Dj

            Roland knows the truth we are NOT being told. Cloth masks do more harm than good. Stop listening to the liberal media.

            Up next…what’s up with the cashless society?

            • Mommyx6

              I wore a mask religiously and still ended up with COVID.

              • Liz

                You got covid because of ppl like DJ and Roland…ur mask protects others like them and when they dnt wear them you get infected…thats why if everyone wears them we are protecting each other.

            • hip2trade

              Even if mask didn’t do any good how would it hurt you?

              • C

                hip2trade- if you wear N95 (or similar) you can actually get carbon monoxide poisoning (there was even someone who passed out from it while driving and crashed)- “experts” have said N95 or similar shouldn’t be worn for more than 2 hours straight due to carbon monoxide issues… additionally if you don’t clean and sterilize a “reusable” mask properly, you can get sick from that (the built up germs and bacteria you are breathing in)- this is also demonstrated on people’s faces who are getting “mask-ne” (mask acne)… and say you touch something that has covid on it, you’re more likely to touch your face to adjust the mask or take it on or off (meaning if you weren’t wearing the mask and never touched your face, you would be more likely to not get the virus and the virus would be eliminated from your skin after hand sanitizing or washing)… furthermore for ppl like me who have breathing issues (pregnant women, anemics, hemophiliacs, etc), it makes it SO hard to breathe with a mask on as it’s already hard for us to breathe/get oxygen (also many of us in this category have weak immune systems, so if we got the virus, we would be sick right away- we’re not the asymptotic or long incubation ppl)…. I’m sure there are many more reasons but I think what I’ve put is sufficient … bottom line is ppl who are sick or have symptoms should be in isolation and social distancing is what is most effective and is what ultimately eliminated the Spanish flu (not face masks)… on top of that I see many ppl who think of they have a mask on they don’t have to social distance which is so far from the truth… they published a study that said masks do nothing to reduce exposure then they decided that wasn’t a good look, so then they were like well home made cloth masks basically do nothing, but the medical grade ones *might* reduce the distance the virus will go… the big problem is how long the virus sticks around a long time (over 2 weeks) outside the host unless killed by sanitizion/heat and all the idiots out there who think masks prevent the virus and ignore social distancing bc they are wearing a mask 🤦‍♀️🙄 and all the large gatherings/protests with no social distancing (that’s why we’re seeing the spikes again)

                • Dawn

                  I saw a doctor address this- she said they have been wearing masks for years- sometimes 10-12 hours a day and none of them got carbon monoxide poisoning or passed out. They are safe for most people- and if not then stay home or order things to be delivered or picked up curbside- curbside is free. Like someone else said what will it hurt if we all wear them? Nothing and it could help us get our country back to normal and most importantly- save a lot of lives!!

            • PNW

              You are the one not telling the truth

            • tinamidkiff

              Cashless society has already started and if your total is $1.10 your screwed because you do not get back your 90 cents

        • Denise

          Exactly! When someone is not wearing a mask it simply implies they just don’t care about others!!

          • Kristi

            That is not always the case. A lot of people have health issues and are unable to wear masks. Please do not judge others for their decisions..

            • Leah

              People with this severe of health conditions should stay home and utilize delivery services.

              • Shelby

                Delivery services are expensive! Having a severe health condition is also expense! Finding delivery times available & finding the products you need in stock is not as easy as you would think. Please show compassion for each other! Please stop judging and condemning each other. You never know how your life will change & one day you may be the one with the severe health condition. Please show grace to your fellow human!

                • PNW

                  Curbside then.

            • C

              There are also face shields for people that might have a medical condition that makes it difficult to wear masks.

            • Morticia

              I agree. People need to worry about themselves more and stop worrying about what others are doing. Too much intrusion…mind your business.

          • AOS

            Wow, what an ignorant statement. Some people with breathing problems, anxienty, etc cannot wear a mask.

          • Morticia

            You are 100% wrong. Read up the American with Disabilities Act…you cannot force someone to do something if they have a medical reason. Also, read up on Patriot Act 802…it is a violation of civil rights and companies can face fines. Know the law before you embarrass yourself and attempt to shame others.

            • Denise

              My husband works critical care for Covid patients as well as sits on the hospital board of infection control. I get an ear full everyday about CDC regulation and proper guidelines! Embarrassed NO! Just educated!!! Have a nice day

              • AOS

                Don’t care if your hubby is the President, your comment was ignorant and rude.

                • Jo Ann

                  Well, few people are ruder or more ignorant than our so-called president, so I guess we’re all just used to it.

            • Denise

              My husband works critical care for Covid patients as well as sits on the hospital board of infection control. I get an ear full everyday about CDC regulation and proper guidelines! Embarrassed NO! Just educated!!! Have a nice day

              • ME2016

                Your statement was right on the money. I know plenty of very sick people who WILL wear a mask b/c it protects others and they hope that others will be as respectful of their lives. Far too many people are acting like selfish and ignorant brats and in the process getting people sick and tanking our economy. This isn’t brain surgery.

            • meganph

              They can refuse entrance and service even with ADA if your accommodation poses a risk to others (which not wearing a mask does) so if you try it and don’t leave when asked you can then be arrested for trespassing.

              • IB

                Actually that’s incorrect and stores can be sued big time for violating ADA. Only time a store can legally refuse entry is disabled person is not wearing a mask is if the person is exhibiting signs of the corona virus. So safe to assume they would check the person’s temp, etc.

            • Kathleen

              Maybe you should read up on the ADA? If the store offers alternatives to in store shopping, such as curbside pickup or delivery, stores can MOST DEFINITELY not allow someone in that refuses to wear a mask.

            • Angie

              What are you going on about? What memes are you reading? Patriot Act 802 has nothing to do with masks and civil rights? LMAO @ know the law.

            • Deb

              You should read those also. How does the Patriot Terriot act cover people should wear mask during a national pandemic???? It’s a privacy law. And the ADA covers employers and employees.

              The ADA does not provide a blanket exemption to people with disabilities from complying with legitimate safety requirements necessary for safe operations..

              No one is forcing anyone. Just stay home then you don’t have to wear one. Don’t go to a store that is requiring one. Their store their choice not yours. Sorry they are trying to hopefully protect their customers and employees. If you don’t like it please shop somewhere else. I am happy for it because I have a child who works there and yes I worry about him because of people who just refuse to.

            • Qvcnut

              ADA only requires reasonable accommodation which pick up and delivery accomplish so stores can legally require masks.

            • Qvcnut

              Not true. ADA requires a reasonable accommodation which delivery and pick up are. A store does not have to make an unreasonable accommodation which endangering staff and other customers is. They also do not have to accommodated if it is burdensome.

            • PNW


              • PNW

                That didn’t go to where I thought it would.

          • Beth

            Denise ~ Your righteousness of a statement is what is so disgusting to read anymore. How dare you make such a statement about others not caring for people because they choose to not wear a mask? REALLY?? Take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror!!!

            • jess

              Because they very, very, very clearly don’t. If you choose not to do the absolute BARE MINIMUM for your fellow citizens, you don’t care. Speaking about righteousness in this situation is hilarious.

          • M

            Seriously. I realized I forgot my mask because it’s not normal for me. I stated my problem and staff offered a mask. Really I care about everyone just the new normal is a lot to take on if you are already overwhelmed. Please do not be so judgemental. Offer your new friend a mask.

        • Zink

          I disagree!!! This is only suggested by the CDC, not a requirement! I don’t have any faith in them as they have been wrong way to many times. I suggest maybe u should stay home and maybe wear your mask

      • Zink

        I agree with the manager! If your worried about people wearing masks stay home… do u wear a mask when your sick?

      • Kathleen

        They can definitely refuse to allow anyone without a mask to come in, as long as they offer alternatives such as curbside pickup or delivery!!! ADA does not come into this, as far as allowing people in without masks because of ‘medical’ conditions that would prevent wearing the mask when there are alternatives

        • Robert

          They don’t even have to offer that it if significantly alters the business. The example in the ADA guidelines was that you can’t expect a library to open just for you. If a small business can’t support pickup or any other alternative they don’t have to. I’m SO glad people are becoming aware of this. I keep seeing posts on social media about how you can just say that you have a medical condition and they have to let you in. They say that they can’t ask you what it is, just if they don’t let you in you can sue. Nope, not at all how HIPAA or ADA works. Just something they read and it sounded like it was true so they went with it without actually reading any of the policies.

    • Roland Gunn

      Wrong, it’s not required and cannot be enforced.

      • Heather

        It can’t be enforced but they can refuse service.

        • Morticia

          You are wrong . Read the Patriot Act 802.

          • Heather

            I am not wrong. Companies can NOT enforce it, but can refuse service. Public Health Depts can enforce it and implement fines. Our police dept in our state advised all citizens of this & asked not to be called to report, to call the Public Health Dept & they will take actions as deemed necessary.

          • JMonte509

            Why is it that nobody has a problem with…no shoes no shirt no service…but everyone is complaining about wearing a mask. We ALL need to be considerate of others. This is about common decency and the well being of human beings. It’s irrelevant to bringing up Patriot Act and Disabilities Act. Instead of arguing with each other we as a society should just be helping one another. Right now other countries are laughing at us and instead of coming together to prove them that we are United our country is falling apart. It’s sad.

            • liv


            • Kathleen


            • MommySpendsLess

              We breath through our noses and mouths. We do not breath through our chests, backs, rear ends or feet. It’s not a valid comparison.

          • Skip

            Patriot Act actually expired earlier this year when Congress reauthorize it.

      • Jo Ann

        Wrong. It IS required, and IS enforced here. Report people you see without masks; I have done so. Also, any business can refuse entry and/or service to customers who refuse to wear a mask.

        • AOS

          You reported without masks? Nothing better to do with your time, Karen?

          • jess

            AOS, you are the Karen here, girl.

          • Lindsey

            Wow. You have NO IDEA why someone isn’t wearing a mask. It’s not just those with respiratory conditions, but those who have anxiety and panic disorders or have experienced trauma or maybe they’re hearing impaired. The self-righteousness of people is astounding nowadays. This is what’s wrong with our world 🤦‍♀️

          • PNW

            Lives in a state where it is required.

        • Beth

          Jo Ann ~ So do you feel better about yourself for tattle telling on an adult? Mind your business, wear your mask, social distance yourself from others and you should not give to flips about people around you! Mind your business!! So let me ask you this, during the flu season every year, during the SARS pandemic in 2009, did you wear your mask and feel superior to others? What time this year did YOU start wearing your mask?? People say to care for others, while the same time shaming and acting holier than thou against others. smh

      • hip2trade

        Here you will get a $500 fine for not wearing a mask.

      • Ib

        Bingo….it’s a suggestion. They can refuse service, but would be foolish to do so. Funny how mask usage has increased, by so have positive test results (dramatically). Masks provide a false sense of security and cause people to let their guard down, forget about social distancing, etc. We would be better off staying home

        • queen62

          Cases are increasing for all that went to the bar and pools. No mask no social distance. Florida at the beach in the bars. Now they wish they would have stayed home

    • JanaEM

      The article states 65% of stores already had this policy (so the majority). There are several cities/towns/counties that have 0 cases, and several more that have less than 100 in the whole county. This isn’t a one size fits all issue. While I am still doing grocery pick up, Amazon, and not going into stores, I do wear a mask when I have to get out. However, if I lived in a county that has had 0 cases since the very beginning, I may make different choices. I think we can safely say all adults are trying to make the best decision for them and their family with the info we have.

      • Lindsey

        Finally a logical and respectful comment! Thank you. Not everyone can or should be wearing one. The righteousness and fear levels in people these days are astounding!

  2. bunns

    New Jersey too!!!

    • CJ

      same thing I was thinking. NJ was the first state to require them. I am guessing not all states have done it. Which could be why our state is recovering so well while the others continue to get the virus. I hate the masks (and my fogging glasses) but I am willing to do what it takes to reduce the exposure to others! Hopefully when this goes into effect, the number of cases will go down. (To which I am also thinking, why wait, do it today! 🙂 )

  3. Alice

    Seriously, why the delay? And people wonder why we can’t get a handle on this virus!

  4. hip2trade

    It’s a mandate here for the entire county. I was wearing one before the mandate as I feel it’s a responsible thing to do. I don’t love a mask personally but have no problem being a responsible citizen.

    • hip2trade

      As of tomorrow it will be a state mandate here. As the governor said it shouldn’t have to be mandated for a person should really take personal responsibility for their own well being and families and wear a mask.

    • C

      Actually it’s not a countrywide mandate (we have no mandate here) and our hospitals aren’t overwhelmed like states with the mandate.. the most recent cases appear to be ppl who have gone to protests or bars (which should’ve never reopened at full capacity- or really reopened at all-they are now talking about cutting back the percentage allowed in bars)

  5. lynsiks

    Finally! From what I’ve seen Walmart is the worst place when it comes to people not wearing masks.

    • hip2trade

      A Walmart near me was like a Black Friday crowd and few wearing mask. I think it’s the attitude of “it won’t happen to me” type mentality. I will wear my mask to at least try to prevent it.

    • Sw

      Boycott walmart. Let them lose their precious money. If people have asthma and cant breathe with a mask then they should be allowed in to shop. It’s not a health risk for other shoppers. Plus people use the same nasty mask day in and day out, from store to store ect. If a mask is going to be effective then it should be changed between customers in the store, it should be changed every time you come in contact with another person and it should be thrown out before you get in your car. People get sicker using same mask with same germs they have breathed in and out and from the others they came in contact with. Would you want a nurse or dr taking care of someone in another room to come in with same mask and take care of you? No because its cross contamination. That’s why they change between patients. All of you wearing the same nasty mask are doing the same thing. CROSS CONTAMINATING EACH OTHER. So people wont ever get rid of any sickness or covid 19 doing it the way they are. Masks are useless unless used properly and no one I e come across is using them properly.

      • Sw

        And last I knew you were to wear masks when social distancing wasn’t possible. Well last time I was in walmart or any store they have them marked with 6 ft apart signs on the floor. So why then are masks required when social distancing is being done in the stores already? They already count how many go in and go out to prevent overcrowding. Lol.

      • Carrie

        If you have the virus but haven’t began showing symptoms you can still spread it. if you talk, breathe, cough, etc you are spraying tiny aerosol droplets of saliva whether you realize it or not. If you have a mask on then that is going to block a lot of the aerosol droplets when you talk,breathe, cough, etc and those that get through the mask will not travel as far. If everyone is wearing masks then this should drastically reduce the chances if someone catching it. I feel like you are looking at it from the mask being a source of protection for the mask wearer angle, and that is why you think they don’t work. The mask stops the wearer from spreading it if they are infected and do not realize it. If everyone is wearing masks then the spread will go way down.

      • darleen00

        SW – Exactly wearing a mask does not work if people are constantly touching their masks and then touching items. It would be no different then if they spit on everything. That is basically what everyone is doing, touching their masks that has all of their germs on it and then spreading it everywhere. No one is washing their hands or using hand sanitizer after touching their germ infested mask. This is one of the reason why people are getting COVID – no one is practicing good hygiene habits.

  6. Barbara

    I thought this was already mandatory.

  7. Meljnda

    Why can’t people just wear the mask? We all want this to go away! 😡

    • Doug

      No it won’t. It’s like the flu…will always be with us.

      • PNW

        We don’t know that, yet.

  8. Emily

    Our state requires it but the county sheriff went on air the same day saying he wouldn’t enforce it. It’s ridiculous that this has become a political issue rather than a love your neighbor issue. It’s sad that we are so selfish that we can’t do this to help stop this virus. I work with people with special needs so I’m well aware some cannot tolerate masks but most people are not wearing them because they are uncomfortable or because they don’t want someone telling them what to do. Yes we have freedom but I would hope that we also had the moral conviction to do no harm. I’m not a liberal by a long shot so this is not about my political views. The crazy thing is I see tons of people in scrubs walking around stores without them so those most exposed not even willing to protect the public.

  9. tewsj

    I just won’t be going to Sam’s club or Walmart.

    • hip2trade

      If it’s a state mandate where will you shop? . I guess anyone could grow a garden and milk some cows. Etc.

    • Heather

      Me either!! Our county has a mandate and I just go to a different county!

      • Elsie

        I’ll bet you’re proud to be a spreader!

        • Morticia

          Elise – How can you assume everyone is a spreader and proud of it? If that is the case, you are a spreader too. Is this how we are going to treat people from now on? Because people will do not what you want? That is pretty childish.

    • Sw

      And last I knew you were to wear masks when social distancing wasn’t possible. Well last time I was in walmart or any store they have them marked with 6 ft apart signs on the floor. So why then are masks required when social distancing is being done in the stores already? They already count how many go in and go out to prevent overcrowding. Lol. I wont be going to walmart either. Boycott until it’s all over and maybe after that too.

      • Joy

        They have discovered that droplets and aerosols can travel farther and stay infectious longer in the air than they originally thought. Social distancing is no longer enough. We now have to mask up and socially distance to protect others. They are finding out more and more as time goes on.

      • PNW

        People aren’t staying six feet apart in the rest of the store.

    • Carrie

      That still keeps people safe from you potentially spreading the virus just the same as you wearing a mask so it is still a win!!

  10. Skip

    “Health ambassador”…sorry but that’s funny considering it’s WM.

  11. queen62

    Anyone not willing to wear a mask can stay home. When you are affected by this deadly virus it will be too late.

    • Dj

      Queen62 look at the statistics, deadly? Look at tthe numbers. Less than 1% of the U.S. population has died. We are being controlled. Check the internet!

      • hip2trade

        Stores/restaurants require clothing & shoes to enter. You’re being controlled. That didn’t bother you I guess.

        • Morticia

          Hip2Trade Get real. You don’t agree with someone so you bully them. You do you and let others handle themselves.

      • Kathleen

        Is not just about the death count, you’re completely ignoring the people having long term, sometimes permanent damage from the virus. Maybe wake up and think of it as more than the flu? Ever heard of polio?

      • Carrie

        But more importantly check reputable sources on the internet and not conspiracy sites like what DJ gets their news from.

      • Joy

        Less than 1% is still too much. When ICU beds are being filled with just COVID patients, there is a serious problem.

        • Nancy

          The refrigerated trailers convinced me. We don’t use those for the flu. Actually, seeing the video of the military convoy transporting the dead out of a city in Italy made me realize that were the virus to come here, it would be serious. This isn’t some worldwide conspiracy to influence the US election. It’s a shame this public health issue became political.

    • AOS

      Deadly? You realize the flu is deadlier, right? Covid is getting all the attention because of the number of positives (not deaths). If we tested as many people for the flu, we would all wear masks and freak out every flu season.

      • v

        I did not come here to “fight or argue”, but the flu is not deadlier.

      • Carrie

        care to show a source for where you heard that flu is deadlier? I have read nothing but articles that contradict what you say. There are many that survive covid and are left with permanent lung damage as well as other problems. We also don’t know what lingering health effects this could have for those who have had it.

      • Meg

        Google John Hopkins. The flu kills roughly 60,000 people a year, and Covid has killed 130,000+.

    • Breanna

      My husband, myself, my two toddlers (3 and 4) and my 8 month old all had Covid. We are all fine. No one was hospitalized and no one required medical care. It was a rough two weeks but I wouldn’t say it’s a “DEADLY” virus. We all had different symptoms. Personally, I’ve had H1N1 and that was worse for me.

      • Carrie

        It wasn’t deadly for you guys but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a deadly virus.

      • Evie

        They are finding out, you can have future neurological, circulatory, heart and scared lungs. You can get it again and again. Each time is usually worse.

  12. Anne

    Walmart needs to educate their employees on how to properly wear a mask. Most at my store have it pulled down under their nose, or even worse, pulled under their chin.

  13. huertac1

    Now it’s mandated here in Michigan. So I guess everyone crying about having to wear a mask can stay home 😂😂

    • ccmama

      🎉 I live in Michigan. I so sick of people whining about having to wear a mask. Why is it that the U.S. has a huge problem? Selfish people not wearing a mask and an idiot for a president not knowing what is right.

  14. Skippy5050

    Amazon here I come. I hate wearing those masks they irritate my face. Whatever chemicals they put into them bother me, don’t know if it’s the dyes or the mask itself causing irritation. Walmart knows people will stop shopping in their store once they do this that’s why they’re creating Walmart plus. If you want to wear one wear it. But don’t tell me what I should be wearing. If you’re compromised then you stay home because all the masks in the world aren’t going to help you. Eat right, get fresh air and exersise. I am responsible for the health of my body not yours. And about the love they neighbor thing I don’t tell my neighbors what to do. To each their own and minding your business is a blessing.

    • runnergirl838

      How quickly your opinion would change if you or your loved ones got covid and it was deadly. Just terrible. 🙁

      • Skippy5050

        No actually it would not. I’m no responsible for others and they aren’t responsible for me, And you don’t know what habits people have like disinfecting. Too many factors in play to say fora fact they got it because someone wasn’t wearing a mask versus if they are obese, diabetic or have a known or unknown underlying health condition.

      • Morticia

        runnergirl838 – I think people like you actually get some sort of satisfaction out of wishing people ill and hoping they and their family die…what a shame. Karma is a B…

    • AV

      Preach Skippy! Spot on.

    • Liz

      Thank you Skippy for staying at home…we would prefer all you anti maskers to do exactly that !!!
      Finally being responsible….i hope all states fine people not wearing masks…its only then we can get a hold of these numbers and perhaps reopen the schools…i havent stepped into a Walmart in over 4 months because of the sheer number of ppl acting irresponsible…im glad walmart/sam’s has finally stepped up.

      • beachmamma5

        Costco will still allow you in without a mask if you have a health issue. Sam’s will probably do the same.

      • Skippy5050

        Actually it would be great to stay home and collect a check unfortunately that’s not the case. So when these stores start laying people off because people are using curbside pickup or delivery (which even if they don’t the push for robotics and digital in business is inevitable) we were just helping them hold on longer. Guess people better learn how to repair the AI that will replace them.

    • shey59


    • Qvcnut

      Use a cloth mask.

  15. BB

    There is always curbside pick-up, which many grocery stores are offering free of charge right now.
    I just wish people would be more diligent about washing their hands and being aware of contact transmission. You know once this abates people will go right back to their old ways; I think that’s why states that were easing restrictions started seeing an increase in cases again. And Anne is right, many employees don’t wear the masks properly (nor customers, for that matter).

    • hip2trade

      True. There are a lot of options for those not wearing mask including online shopping/delivery & curbside. It would be nice if those against mask would take advantage of these options. Stores might be less crowded and better for everyone.

  16. 77_purity

    Masks are mandated here in St Louis and St Louis county. I know some people can’t wear masks due to health issue, but for those that can, it is the loving thing to do. No one likes wearing masks, but during this time we can help each other and the most vulnerable in our population by doing it (since no one can know for sure they are an unknown vector of the virus). I don’t feel that people are intentionally wanting to harm others and that in general they believe themselves to be perfectly healthy when they go without… but no one can know that with 100% certainty. I read that if everyone masked for two months we could beat this. So sad it’s not uniform and undermines the sacrifice and efforts of those that try to quarantine, wear masks, etc

  17. hip2trade

    I think it goes without saying those who CANT wear mask shouldn’t and don’t have to. (Medical, etc). Next….

    • tracey

      Correct. But the shamers on here are the same ones that see someone without a mask at a store and will be giving dirty looks and making judgements…not knowing the whole story. Please just be nice to each other. No one knows all the facts about each other. We have to quit being so divided on every subject. This is the time we need to stick together to get through all of this. Please pray for each other, for this country, and for the world.

    • Ash

      Correct but it’s not that simple. All of a sudden everyone thinks that they have a right to know what your medical conditions are which they don’t. It’s extremely hard to be on the other end. Most people scream about non mask wearers not having compassion but it seems to me that those people could use a little compassion their own.

    • Morticia

      Thank goodness you are not the one in charge. This is your opinion. Last I checked, my freedom doesn’t end where your feelings begin.

      • hip2trade

        Last I checked I have freedom to express my opinion. I prefer those who can’t wear mask to stay home, if possible. If I had a condition that was hard for me to wear a mask I would try to use all the options available to prevent me from being around others.

        • dj

          I do have a condition and from March 16 to May 24 I went no where. My husband took me for occasional drives and some walks. You people don’t understand. I needed to get out. Wonder why depression and suicide are on the rise. Don’t shame maskless people.

        • Morticia

          Your opinion does not dictate what others can do. I have the freedom to do as I please when I please…no permission from you needed.

  18. Zink

    Maybe I should go out and protest like and idiot…. Then I won’t have to social distance or wear mask?!? That’s ok though.
    Guess I won’t be shopping at Apple, Costco, Walmart and whoever else!!!
    Who cares!!! Get rid of these poisonous masks!!!!

    • Deb

      I won’t be shopping at any of these stores.

  19. Vicky

    Oh the mask police are out again. Less shopping at Walmart will save me money!

    • hip2trade

      Actually it’s the state and government mandates. You’re required to do a lot of things as a citizen but a mask just seems to break people & put them over the edge.

      • Skip

        Mandates are not laws, more like recommendations. Governors can’t make laws…that’s up to state legislatures. This is one reason local law enforcement aren’t enforcing mask mandates. Just FYI

        • hip2trade

          You will be fined though, in states with mandates.

          • Lindsey

            They say that but it’s just a threat. In my state they’re not fining people and they shouldn’t because there are many who can’t wear masks and it’s not just medical. My husband works in mental health and there are a lot of disorders/trauma in which people can’t wear them. They shouldn’t be denied access to shopping or going out because of these tyrannical policies. In fact, them being distanced from loved ones and staying home is one of the worst things for some people.

          • C

            Then I guess they’ll have to go back and fine all the protesters who were not social distancing or the New Yorkers who crowded for the navy ship to come in at the peak of the pandemic for New York (when there were supposed to be fines for not social distancing)

        • Qvcnut

          You are wrong. Executive orders have the force of law which most legislatures have already provided for by statute. Especially during a declared emergency.

  20. Bon

    It will save everyone if we all wear diapers, force everyone to wear diapers.

    • Amy

      You sound amazingly intelligent.

  21. camille9138

    Guys, for real. Let’s put aside politics here. Private businesses can make whatever rules they want to because they are private. They do not owe you constitutional rights, it is theirs to make their own rules. But more than that, our parents, grandparents have literally fought wars to protect Americans. The least we can do is stay at home binge watching Netflix. If we have to go out, wearing a mask to protect each other doesn’t seem like much of a sacrifice compared to d-day… we can do this!!!

    • Maggie

      Very well said

  22. Tiffany

    Not even the Hip2Save community is safe from the drama!!

    I feel so sorry for the people here whining about having to wear a mask at Walmart while they go shopping. Can’t wear a mask for 30 minutes while you buy what you need?

    And it’s funny the people bringing up how some can’t wear a mask due to health conditions as if they are the ones with health conditions. There’s not a single thing wrong with you. And for those that truly can’t wear a mask? Walmart has Grocery Pickup! So no matter how many excuses you want to come up with for not wanting to wear a mask at Walmart, you’ve got none.

    • AV

      This is probably the most ignorant comment yet. Saying that “there is not a single thing wrong with you” is quite an assertion to a bunch of people you don’t even know. Compassion goes both ways ya know.

      • kellyluvsdealz

        Exactly. Some people are rape survivors and PTSD survivors and masks create anxiety and issues. We don’t know everyone’s situation.

        • Tiffany

          Walmart Grocery Pickup

          • kellyluvsdealz

            That is an available to everyone. Nor is it a financial option for some. If someone doesn’t wanna wear a mask then dont go out. That isn’t the point about wearing the mask. It’s the attitude that people have behind those that simply cannot.

          • MommySpendsLess

            Mask/no-mask discussion aside…
            Is curbside pick-up available for everything? I tried to complete a grocery order for my local Super Target and MANY of things I wanted were unavailable. I’ve tried to order a couple basic, non-grocery necessities from Walmart and they were only available in-store. And does it work for frozen items, especially ones that defrost/melt quickly like ice cream?
            Short of paying extra fees/tips for a shopping service, I haven’t seen a way to get everything on my weekly/monthly lists without going into a store at least occasionally. If you have a secret I’d love to hear it because I don’t enjoy going to the store even when things are normal.

            • car men

              I don’t have a secret :), but I hear you, I’d rather not go in myself if I can avoid it. I haven’t tried Walmart pick-up, but have you tried ?
              If that doesn’t work, you can try a different grocery store. I know Raleys/Bel Air has one of their employees pick your things out and keep the cold things cold until you’re ready to pick up, I assume most big grocery stores do that (usually the first one’s free?). You can also try Instacart or another delivery system–I was able to get a referral from someone to get $10 off my first delivery. If all else fails, and you have any friendly neighbors or family nearby, you can ask them to pick up a couple of things for you.
              It’s an imperfect system, for sure, so what I did was order as much as I could with pick-up, so that it would limit my time in the store, and I try to go late at night or early in the morning to avoid crowds.

              There’s a video here about the Walmart grocery pick up service if it helps:

              Stay safe and GOOD LUCK!!!

      • Tiffany

        Walmart Grocery Pickup

        • Becky

          Not every town has walmart grocery pickup

      • Sherry

        In response to AV, I think Tiffany said what she had to say intelligently and articulately. No need to bash people even if they dont share your opinion.

    • Kathleen


    • C

      Tiffany have half your blood drained and then wear a mask and get back to me on how you feel about breathing with and without a mask (those of us, including myself, with anemia, hemophilia, etc already have a hard enough time breathing)… so there are things wrong with people and I really wish you knew how we feel (which again drain half your blood and let me know how you feel). You are so ignorant. Also many pickup services have about a week waiting time or some areas don’t offer it (not to mention I don’t like when I get defective products or bad produce by a careless employee… which means I have to waste more time to go in to customer service and fix it)

      • M

        Sounds like you need to stay home with your condition. Mask is the least you of your problems.

  23. luckymeyay

    Here in New York, we were hit so hard by COVID that Walmart/Sam’s Club have required masks since March. As long as our numbers keep going down, I’ll wear a mask and a face shield if needed.

    • Jen S

      Exactly. That’s the only way to keep numbers down. Wear a friggin mask. I’m in CT where masks are required at all places and our state is currently doing great.

  24. shop4mybabies

    For all the people saying there are health issues which make it so you can’t wear a mask. please name health conditions that make mask wearing impossible.
    my grandma has copd wears a mask
    my grandma has a trach wears a mask
    i have asthma and panic attacks wear a mask
    son has claustrophobia wears a mask
    daughter has aspergers panic attacks and severe anxiety wears a mask
    daughter has asthma wears a mask 9 hours a day at her grocery store job
    daughter has asthma and panic attacks wears a mask

    • BuffaloGal

      There are none. Excuses,maybe but no health issues. If you feel you can’t wear a mask, then maybe you should stay home.

    • jen2020

      Thank you to you and your family for using masks to keep others safe!

  25. Lynne

    Costco has been doing it why should they not do it….later, but better than never.
    Everyone just wants to argue why they don’t want to wear one. Fine, then stay home.

  26. Roxx

    This is getting old. Is simple you either decide to wear the mask or you don’t! If you wear one good for you and if you do not then be responsible for the consequences.

    • Carrie

      Yeah but the sad thing is for those who choose not to wear the mask and they are infected but not showing symptoms yet, those consequences are felt by others who catch it from that person. I wear a mask fully knowing that it is to help reduce the spread in case I am infected and not aware yet. It just stinks that someone else might be infected and unaware but because they cant be bothered to slide a mask on for their 30 minute walmart trip they might pass it on to multiple others.

  27. SuperDawn

    These comments are exhausting.

    • JerzeeGal

      🤦🏽‍♀️ amen

    • Mblade


  28. JerzeeGal

    Walmart been requiring masks in IL since March

    • Itsis

      Requiring them to walk in, yes. Enforcing it when people remove them as soon as they walk in, no. Fellow Illinoian here

  29. Mblade

    This whole thread is entertaining but not for the right reasons. Whether we wear masks or not let’s all get along. The number one thing regardless of our political leanings, is that we are all human. The true danger I see is our country being divided. Lets all take a deep breath and Let’s all be good neighbors and respect each other’s opinions and sense of safety. Regardless of whether we agree with it or not.

    • shop4mybabies

      the problem is that a global pandemic and wearing masks to protect your neighbors from a global pandemic isn’t and should never have been a political issue. the reason why it became one is because our “leader” made it one. but he has endless money, endless access to test, everyone around him is tested constantly, he has other ways to protect himself. this country is divided on an issue that is about health and life, not about republican and democrat

    • car men

      Yeah, Mblade, I also would like to see more kindness, understanding and facts instead of name calling, excuses and defensiveness. When we generalize or make accusations, it’s just not helpful. Some people are understandably tired and frustrated, and may have no other way to vent, so it’s bound to come out in internet comments, but I like to think that the majority of people here are sensible and kind and don’t take the time comment/read comments unless it’s productive. Hopefully, those of us that do like the drama of reading through hundreds of comments 😉 are learning that words matter, and we will choose to be “part of the solution” and to be good examples in our real lives.

  30. Jen

    TY for posting info like this. Maybe your team can create BINGO cards with all the words you expect to find in the comments so you can at least be entertained by the drama! 🙂 Hugs to all.

    • Val

      I’d play. Jen you made me laugh out loud. Hugs back.

  31. Paul Fields

    No one has the right to tell someone to wear a mask. Come on folks if you can get it in the air everyone would die

    • Elsie

      Do you wear a seat belt? Buy auto insurance? Wear clothes when you go out to eat?

    • Qvcnut

      Wrong. During a declared emergency government can make any mandates deemed necessary to protect the public.

    • dylanfan

      It’s private property, they can make you do anything they want. Don’t like it? Don’t shop there. I wish they’d trespass those that throw a fit in the fire store.

  32. Lisa

    Masks are worn to help reduce the spread of the virus. It is not worn to protect the wearer. Our freedom & rights come with responsibility. We should WANT to protect our nations most vulnerable population! If you opt not to wear a mask because it’s uncomfortable, then stay home and order online. Our healthcare men and women are being crushed by COVID-19 (over worked, overwhelmed, and mentally drained). While some may not know anyone first hand that’s been diagnosed, or experienced the tragedy of someone passing from the virus, please have some empathy for those folks who have or are going thru it right now. The virus is NOT a hoax. The virus is not right or left… and to those of you who think the media is lying to you, please believe that this virus has hit every corner of this planet and has caused deaths in great numbers. Masks are the only weapon we have right now to help reduce the spread of this ferocious virus. We don’t have a vaccine or a cure. If you opt not to wear a mask, order online. We’ll all be fine with that and won’t think any less of you for doing so. I hate wearing a mask, but I won’t go out in public without one. Period.

    • jen2020

      Well said!

    • Tricia

      Very well said!! I know two people who have died from covid. My husband is a first responder, it is the non mask wearers causing the spikes and affecting these poor healthcare workers who can not simply just stay home.

  33. The Silent Majority

    Does anyone read the RCT studies over the last decade (plenty out there) for masks or do they just listen to whatever “Officials” say? Do folks know the difference of RCTs over observational studies? You want to be safe? You sure the masks work for me and you? I bet you didn’t read the studies…keep watching Teevee.

  34. PandemicPony

    Some people should be thankful for mask ordinances. Covers up a lot of problems.

    • shop4mybabies

      haha this cracked me up. my daughter had a GIANT chin zit and was super happy for her cute watermelon mask

  35. jen2020

    I am glad Walmart is mandating use of face masks. It’s about time we do the right thing to handle the pandemic. It’s ridiculous how people complain about using masks. It’s not about you all the time, it’s about keeping others safe by using a mask. People who have health issues using face masks should not visit public places during this time. Order online, via Instacart or send a family member. Also, it’s about time we stop comparing COVID -19 to the flu. The flu does not give you heart attacks, permanent lung damage or diabetes. The comments on this site is a direct proof why the pandemic is out of control in the US….we have too many ignorant, obstinate and selfish people.

    • Beth P

      Entiitled people. This started back in school when every kid got a pizza party every friday for remembering to sign their name on the test.

      • PNW

        Oh, please.

    • Vironika


  36. jess

    Hip2Save has become a conservative cluster since COVID. I used to love this site, but it’s really sad how full it is of bored housewives who are being indoctrinated to believe that caring for your fellow American by wearing a mask is a conspiracy.

    • Morticia

      Yawn…another name caller.

    • Vironika

      Well-said, Jess! God forbid we care about this and CHOOSE to do what we can to stay healthy, protecting ourselves and others… Such a joke, these people. They call us the sheep. One person throws a fit and refuses to mask up, they all get excited and follow that dumba** 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

  37. BikingBev

    Now if we can just get everyone who wears a mask to use it to cover their nose and mouth perhaps they would be effective! Wearing it on your chin is useless. Wearing it below your nose is useless.

    If COVID-19 hospital personnel can wear N95 masks and respirators for their long, long shifts, then you can certainly wear a cloth or disposable paper mask for the short time it takes you to grocery shop. No excuses! If you have irritation from disposable masks, use cloth masks and wash them in free and clear detergent. Put politics aside, stop waving guns and having temper tantrums in front of minimum wage clerks and wear a mask. Save our country, save your neighbor, save yourself.

    • Vironika

      OMG that drives me nuts 🤣🤣 They are the same people that complain about kids sagging their pants …not that I’m a fan.. but, uh… Duh! Lol

  38. Liz

    Im really surprised by the sheer number of crazies on H2S…Let be debunk a few of your arguments
    1. Walmart is a private institution…they can definately make their rules and if you want to shop there, then you need to follow their rules
    2. If you have health issues then stay at home and do online delivery or grocery pickup..dont come there and create a ruckess yelling about your ‘freedoms’..quite a few of you nutjobs have been videotaped and you and your movement have become a joke.
    3. Masks are worn to protect the other we all need to wear it to be pls dnt tell us ‘you do you’..thats not how it works
    4. Suddenly conservatives have become ‘Pro choice’???

    • MeRiv

      Since you went there…Conservatives are pro freedom. Too bad some American fetuses (in NY especially) aren’t given a choice to exercise their American right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

      • Liz

        So you agree that conservatives should not stand in the way of women’s rights to abortion?

        • MeRiv

          I can’t even fathom why the Government should have anything to do with it. If it were medically necessary a doctor should be well within their rights to perform the procedure.

          • Liz

            Its all a scam…politicians promise the religious right that in exchange for their vote they will repeal Roe vs Wade….by appointing right wing judges…these ppl get fooled . Then what happens is that these politians get elected and do appont these judges..unfortunately for them what happens is that these judges are only vote right wing for big corporations..they dont really care about the common man….

      • Jess

        Standing for those who can’t stand for themselves, well done! Killing a person, born or unborn, is murder. No one should get to make that choice.

        • Liz

          Not wearing a face mask is also the same …. so ur freedom ends where my nose begins.

          • Jess

            Liz, I’m all for wearing masks, I’m not ok with killing babies.

            • Liz

              And you can make that choice for your body…no one can tell another person how to live their lives.

      • luckymeyay

        American fetuses (in NY especially)?? 🙄Thanks for the laugh! 😂🤣 …. As a lifelong New Yorker, I can tell you NOBODY is keeping me from exercising my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I’m choosing to wear a mask and to stay home as much as possible. My parents are in their late seventies and I choose to do anything to protect them. …. Perhaps you should start memorizing the following quote “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

      • Nancy

        Pro freedom? I recall the “protect the vulnerable, open the country” campaign earlier. They had no problem dismissing the elderly or those with pre-existing conditions. Now, it’s I’m medically unable to wear a mask, but I should have the right to enter wherever I want. For those not causing a scene and choosing not to shop at stores requiring masks, I respect that. However, you will be hurting the economy. Something conservatives claimed was important to them. I can’t reconcile these inconsistencies.

      • PNW

        That has nothing to do with Black Friday shopping.

    • Tricia

      Nope not me…Conservative Trump voter here 🙋‍♀️ I am NOT pro freedom I am pro compassion. I proudly wear a mask to protect others.

      • MeRiv

        I wear a mask or stay home. I realize Walmart is a private institution and it’s not that much different than requiring shirts and shoes, but I am concerned about government “mandates”. I know that’s not what this post is about, but it’s related to this mask issue. The way “we the people” keep our control is to require Congress to pass laws. If mask wearing is that important than that is what should be done.

    • Vironika

      I love that you said this Liz! 🙌🏼

  39. Csandst1

    Speak with the mouth of Jesus.
    Look at others through the eyes of Jesus.
    Treat each other with the heart of Jesus.

    Proverbs 18:21 “The tongue has the power of life and death.” The stakes are high. Your words can either speak life, or your words can speak death. Our tongues can build others up, or they can tear them down. An unchecked fire doubles in size every minute. Gossip and false teaching are no different. It’s been said that great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people.

    Words can break our hearts. Words can break our spirits. Broken bones can heal with time, but a broken spirit caused by words isn’t easily repaired. How many people have you broken with your words? Is your tongue too quick to criticize? Do your words build up…or do they tear down?

  40. Verline A Ferris

    Our Gov.Gretch in Michigan says “mask up Michigan” and if you don’t you have to pay a $500 fine. This is inside stores/buildings and in large crowds. Bars are only open outside and if you go inside to the restroom or enter you must have a mask…Someone mention they are only 70% effective. Gov. also mentions to wear cloth on face or mask.

  41. Sunflower

    Thanks for sharing. Although I find Sam’s to be slightly cheaper on certain items that I purchase, I will stick with Costco. I have a better sense of security there. There’s always someone spraying down the carts and the payment keypads are wiped down after every use. They even have people at self checkout scanning your items and everyone wears their masks correctly. They have room for improvement, but it’s better than nothing….Costco staff is a lot more pleasant. Costco is more likely to have essential items like Lysol and Disinfectant Wipes. Just last week I scored 2 boxes (304 count) of disinfectant wipes, Lysol (4 pack), and hand sanitizer….I mailed some to my mom.

    • PNW

      Lines are faster at Costco than Wal-Mart.

  42. Hope

    Why are some Americans so selfish, arrogant, stubborn, and whiny? If it doesn’t affect you or someone you know, forget everyone else right?

    It’s a MASK, not a torture device. If for some reason you can’t wear one, there are other ways to get groceries. If you just don’t want to, you can use alternate means as well or just stay home.

    The entitlement is mind boggling.

  43. Tina9222

    Wear the darn mask! I know 6 people who died. I live 10 minutes from the soldiers home in Holyoke Massachusetts that had close to one hundred or more by now Vets that died of covid19. I’m a small business owner of a hair salon and get plenty of pushback crap because people think I infringe on their rights”WEAR THE DARN MASK” or choose another salon, imagine wearing it all day? I cannot take more than one client at a time, and have to sanitize chairs, dryers, sinks, desks and door handles “three doors”after EVERY client. Hopefully this virus goes away soon or a large amount of businesses in our very small town will.PLEASE JUST COOPERATE!❤️

    • Liz

      Tina im so sorry that ur business is affected by this horrible virus….i hope all business owners were as responsible as you…and if u were in my town i would def come to u for a haircut…with a mask of course !!

  44. Meg

    I work in healthcare, and for those of you who think wearing a mask is so horrible, come on down to a Covid unit and listen to the patients try to breathe. Actually, you can google recordings of it. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. So please, have some common decency and wear a mask.

    • Tricia

      Exactly! My husband is an EMT. He has to wear a mask for every 12 hour shift in 96 degree Florida heat and these people are complaining having to wear one for 30 minutes to shop…smh

  45. Joe

    Posts like that should not even appear on hip2save, wow people will argue about everything.

    • Sparrowfly


  46. pjane

    Great – one more reason to shop elsewhere.

    • PNW

      Lines are faster at Costco than Wal-Mart.

    • PNW

      I hope where you live makes masks required to enter any busines very soon..

      • 5pink1blue


  47. Tara

    I don’t think I’ve ever felt so sad and hopeless for our country. The division ……I’ve never seen our nation so divided. Entitlement, selfishness, not caring for the greater good……….I don’t understand it. I don’t understand any of this. I can think of many medical excuses not to wear shoes or a shirt but no one is screaming about rights being taken away/ADA etc. Why has this become such a ridiculous issue. Why can’t everyone work together? Why are there democrats and republicans? I’m afraid for my daughter —and I don’t even want to know what this nation is going to look like if my daughter has kids.

    • car men

      Tara: This nation will be fine. I don’t know about you, but my neighborhood and extended family is a mixture of political parties, and we don’t feel “divided.” Despite what I hear/see in the media, I still know most people are good and want to do the right thing. Sure, things are a little crazy right now, but it’s to be expected because things are being publicly addressed that haven’t been before–let’s look at it with hope, as growing pains. Everything starts with the self–when you’ve got yourself right, work on your family, when your family’s right, work on your neighborhood, and so on. With the right attitude, we can get through anything. I hope you find a way to focus on the positive, and find small ways to INFECT others with your positivity and light :). We may not be “in power,” but each one of us is powerful–even showing kindness to a stranger can make a HUGE impact…not just on that person, but as an example to those around us. Keep hope alive!! :).


    One knows how to properly wear a mask anyhow so it a joke half the people’s have their nose up, other are pulling it down over and over in the front near their mouth and then touching their nose mouth or eyes

    Walmart should be concerned with Carr sanitation , heading more ares a
    To sanitize your hands sorry if i choose time not wear a mask and you choose to that’s one me !!! And shouldn’t shouldn’t concern you because you protected. CORRECT ?

    Then theirs this little thing callees passive immunity it helps your body build antibodies

    • megknopffarmer

      You should probably do been yourself with forming a coherent sentence. PS- that’s not how masks work.

  49. Dee

    Surprising how I’ll-informed so many hip-to-save readers are. Apparently they like to save money but not lives.

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