TJ Maxx Stores Requiring Face Masks Starting July 30th | HomeGoods, Sierra, Marshalls & Home Sense

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TJ Maxx and Homegoods store front

Going shopping? Grab your mask!

Starting July 30th, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Sierra and Home Sense will require customers to wear face masks.

This requirement excludes young children, those with health conditions which prevents them from wearing a face-covering or if a state/local exemption applies.

TJ Maxx shopping cart

In addition, dressing rooms will be closed and social distancing is encouraged. They have also enhanced cleaning both in-stores and other buildings such as distribution centers, cash registers will have protective shields and carts will be wiped down.

Note that select stores will also be offering Senior Hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays for shoppers over 60 to shop from 9am-10am. This varies by store so please be sure to check with your local store before heading out.

(Thanks, baaaarev!)

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Comments 49

  1. shey59

    In my email it said they do allow exempt people to shop as myself.

    • Amy

      this comment is not going to end well.

      • Heather

        Why because pro mask people are the rudest people right now? Do you know what it is like to have health issues & be FORCED to wear something every other day they claim is “effective”? Do you know what it is like to be in a physically abusive relationship & get extremely claustrophobic when you put a mask on? If NO, then shup about your opinion. I think masks are a new way for businesses to bring in revenue. If people can abort babies because it is their body their choice, it should be our choice to wear a mask because that is less serious than murder.

        • weml

          Look Heather… bring up unborn babies all you want but that is a private decision that does not involve you or anyone else. Masks are a public health issue that affects everyone.

          • 5pink1blue

            Hardly! Half the people I see wearing don’t wear them properly at all.

          • Heather

            Right.. that’s why every other day they are affective then they aren’t. Now Fauci is saying we need face shields or goggles.. 🤣🙄

        • Tina

          Your absolutely right. Pro mask people wish those who do not wear a mask to catch Covid and die. How absolutely cruel is that?? smh…. They are the first to spout passive aggressive comments all the time.

        • edwards6

          Heather go to and you can get a free lanyard tag that says you have health problems. I also am claustrophobic and can’t handle wearing a mask. Because of your HIPAA rights no one can question your health problem.

          • Patrick

            That’s not true. Even if you have medical reasons not to wear one a business can still turn you away without any issues from the ADA. HIPAA doesn’t apply to a store that you are trying to go shop in or to other people. HIPAA applies to “health plans, health care clearinghouses, and those health care providers that conduct certain health care transactions electronically.” Not TJ Maxx.

            • sherri edwards

              In reply to Patrick I didn’t say a store couldn’t turn you away. Because of HIPAA you are not required to disclose any medical conditions. The Americans with Disabilities Act provides that organizations ad businesses can be fined up to $75,000 for the first violation and $150,000 for any subsequent violation. We have had no problems in stores wearing our tag. A store person that sees us without a mask and tells us masks are required we show our tag and they’ve actually said, “Oh, sorry.”

            • edwards6

              In reply to Patrick I didn’t say a store couldn’t turn you away. I said because of HIPAA you are not required to disclose your medical conditions. The card states I’m exempt from any local or state regulations mandating face mask usage in public. The Americans with Disabilities Act provides that organizations and businesses can be fined $75,000 to $150,000 for any subsequent violation. I’ve not had any problem in stores not having a mask on with this card. One manager reminded me that masks were needed but once he saw my card he apologized.

          • Patrick

            This is not true. HIPAA does not apply to someone trying to go in TJ Maxx trying to shop. TJ Maxx has the right as a business to turn people away at the door without a mask without breaking the ADA.

    • beachmamma5

      Thank you for letting me know that. I have been able to go into several stores without one. I did try one time, but did not end well.

      • beachmamma5

        I should clarify, I tried wearing a mask and it didn’t end well.

    • Zara

      With majority wearing masks now and numbers going up it it obvious MASKS ARE NOT HELPING! All you have to do people is wash your hand and take off shoes in you living space!!!!

      • alexandrawhite

        We live in NY. Masks and social distancing are letting us stay open because we have fewer cases now. Antimask and non-socially distant areas are getting hit hard. I have asthma and the mask is fine. You get used to it. Masks aren’t a belief system like santa claus. They are proven to work.

  2. Sally

    Yawn…does nothing but make people feel good. What deals have we got today H2S?

  3. Fightsheeplefight

    Stop being sheeple! Wake up and see what our government has done to us. Finally doctors are stepping up and telling us that this is all wrong! The Frontline doctors even did a DC appearance telling us to stand up and tell our politicians and Fauci himself to stop fearmongering us. Hydroxcloriquine is EFFECTIVE! There are many, many studies proving it but yet our government has taken it from our shelves. This stuff is over the counter medicine in most countries but you can’t find it here. Think people, think! Use your God given brain and think why would they do this. TO CONTROL US! They are destroying our civil liberties, destroying our children’s education, making sheeple out of people. What happens when people are fearful, they want to be told what to do because they can’t think for themselves. Start thinking that 2+2 doesn’t equal 5 like they all want us to believe. Please sheeple wake up and start fighting. We have the drug to stop this we don’t need a vaccine we need the American society to come together and fight this. They have divided us for too long, come together and say enough is enough!

    • Skip

      This. Covid deaths are at the lowest point (with accurate reporting). Sure people will still catch it, but it’s not a death sentence by any means. 16 y/o we know got it, had a slight headache for one day and was back to normal the next. We’ve lived with the flu for years and have never been this paranoid (flu killed 160 kids in 2020, covid 30). I get the panic…It’s all the media is focusing on. But please people, do some research other than what you get on the news. Look at Sweden and other countries. I’ve never been an anti gov’t or conspiracy type person, but this thing is being milked for all it’s worth. To remove Trump from office and see how willingly people give up their civil liberties. Very sad to watch

      • Aimee

        150,000 Americans would disagree with you if they could.

      • Patrick

        I felt the same way until I had to watch someone I know lose their grandfather to Covid yesterday.

      • JenB

        My great aunt died from it 2 days ago. My friend’s brother in law died from it recently. It is a death sentence for some.

    • LauraG

      That’s a group formed by ultra conservative Breitbart News, not any official group. There’s an ophthalmologist, couple of sports meds guys, er doc, nobody who has experience with infectious diseases. And the star, the pediatrician who says impotence, cysts, endometriosis, infertility, miscarriages, etc. are caused by having sex with witches and demons while you sleep. She also claimed in videos that DNA from space aliens is being used in medicine.

      • weml

        Thank you laura

  4. Skip

    Ha, why wait this long? Let’s be honest, these stores don’t care about their customers. If they did and they thought masks did something, they would have done this long ago. Instead their PR departments woke up and decided to jump on the bandwagon.

  5. MaryA

    We wear masks and safe lives. I applause all intellegent people who follow scientific way of thinking.

  6. queen62

    Take your anger and frustration somewhere else. Those same people that don’t believe in mask are the one’s spreading their Covid virus around. Think with your brains and not be brainwashed by the people that don’t believe in science all of a sudden. Science has been around forever and it’s here to stay

    • weml

      These anti-science conspiracy theorists are why numbers keep going up. Do your part if you care about protecting your fellow citizens.

    • Sabrina

      People WITH masks are still testing positive for Covid19. Masks worn by everyday healthy people are nothing more than an idea to make YOU feel safe. Period.

      • queen62

        If mask were not affective then the Drs. Nurses and all people in the medical field would have the virus.

      • Patrick

        That’s not how masks work. Masks are to prevent people who are carrying covid from spreading it to others. They didn’t test positive because they wore a mask, they tested positive because someone with covid didn’t wear a mask.

    • fightthis

      Umm this is based on SCIENCE!! Go read the medical journals. You are basing your information on Fake News outlets, CNN, NBC, ABC etc.. those are not real science seekers. Search for the real science not just pass on fake news.

  7. queen62

    The Texas Gov. Louie Gohmert got the virus now he says he will wear a mask. So nice of him to decide now is the time to put one on

  8. Mollie

    We all need to quit arguing. There are many stores that offer certain days for people with medical issues that they can shop an hour before the stores open. Also, we have stores that require you to wear a mask while shopping. But now they have to let you in no matter what. Employees are getting beaten because of the requirements they have to enter.

  9. Mel

    Whatever your stance on wearing a mask, this is not your platform to express it. This is a shopping site/app that is simply relaying information that pertains to shoppers. It is not the opportunity to call people sheep or proclaim you’re saving lives by wearing a mask. There are plenty of social media sites available for that.

    • Lauren

      THIS. It’s amazing how many people manage to just spout their opinions all over an informational post. Your opinion ain’t got nothing to do with this information. 🙄

    • juma

      Thank you. Good grief every single day… and I mean every single day it’s arguments, name calling, belittling others for whatever side of health they stand for. It’s ridiculous how some people get on this site and just flip a fool and talk mad crazy to others. Geeze why be so nasty/cruel? Sometimes I like to read replies to post because some people leave very helpful suggestions/tips but lately it’s just a bunch of bashing others on their lifestyles. I don’t always agree with some people’s lifestyles/choices but I’m not going to beat them down with ugly words because regardless at the end of the day… this person is human and has feelings like I do. I really wish that Hip2Save would start deleting all of this ugly messy messages because it does nothing for this platform. Hip2Save does a great job of keeping us posted on current events and sales and they do a lot of work to make this happen to assist us all who don’t have the time/luxury to research. Which I’m very grateful and my family/friends are to because I’m sharing posts with them daily. I wear my mask daily not just for my benefit but for others around me that I may encounter on my adventures when it’s absolutely necessary for me to be out. Thanks Hip2Save and all the team members for doing a good job of keeping us informed. To everyone here stay safe/positive and be a little kinder… you never know how much kind words and encouragement can lift a person’s spirit/day.

      • Mel

        Very well said.

  10. Debbie H.

    Science is all over the place. Masks help; they don’t help. Hydroxychloroquine works; it doesn’t work. Stay home; go out and get fresh air. We’re either being outright lied to, or at the very least, not being told the truth by the “experts” who probably haven’t examined an actual patient in years. If you don’t want to wear a mask, go for it. If you do want to wear a mask, do so, but don’t denigrate those with a different view. You don’t know their circumstance, and it doesn’t persuade anyone when you bully. Just MYOB and take care of yourself.

    • Patrick

      We are watching the scientific method unfold on this. It’s not that they’re lying or withholding the truth. Part of the process of figuring out how this works is being wrong. Until they are able to actually figure this out they are going to be all over the place.

    • weml

      It’s not about lying to you about info. This is a new virus and they are learning new things about it in real time. That’s why new info is updated.

    • alexandrawhite

      Gravity is not an opinion. The fact that masks prevent droplets from spraying from your mouth and nose is not an opinion. It’s physics. This virus is also new. And we are all learning. Masks are not 100% effective, but do serious damage control.

  11. Evie

    I live in a state where we have to. When will these stores get something I want to buy? Trying to finish up my Christmas shopping.

  12. Sharon

    As a nurse I have been wearing not 1 but 2 masks( a surgical mask over my N95 mask) 5 days a week since March . Healthcare workers would give anything to only wear a mask when we shop. If you are medically able, please wear a mask so we do not have to keep having funerals for coworkers , family members and friends

    • Debbie H.

      Although I can’t visit my mother at the nursing home, I am there almost every day to look at her through a window on the second floor and drop off items to cheer her up. And the facility is attached to an urgent care and medical arts building, so I see a lot of staff, nurses and PA’s and medical techs. No one is wearing two masks, and they are among our most vulnerable population. They have only had four infections among residents. All recovered. Eight staff tested positive. All recovered.

  13. alexandrawhite

    We live in NY. Masks and social distancing are letting us stay open because we have fewer cases now. Antimask and non-socially distant areas are getting hit hard. I have asthma and the mask is fine. You get used to it. Masks aren’t a belief system like santa claus. They are proven to work.

  14. alexandrawhite

    Gravity is not an opinion. The fact that masks prevent droplets from spraying from your mouth and nose is not an opinion. It’s physics. This virus is also new. And we are all learning. Masks are not 100% effective, but do serious damage control.

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