These Prairie Dresses at Target Take Fashion Nostalgia to a Whole New Level

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prairie dresses at Target

Hey Target… are you OK? 🤔

Just kidding. You know we love ya Target, and we get it – 2020 has been a very confusing time for fashion. It was a sweatsuit/tie-dye/pants-optional/anything goes kind of year, so it would be completely understandable if you, upon hearing that 90s fashions are back, may have mistakenly gone for the 1890s instead. It could happen to anyone.

prairie dresses at Target

When we discovered these pioneer-inspired dresses on our most recent Target run, we couldn’t look away. They’re part prairie dress, part Grandma’s nightgown, and 100% Laura Ingalls-approved – a total showstopper for sure! But are we really supposed to like, purchase and wear these? Seriously – what is going on here?! 🤔

woman wearing prairie dress

It turns out, this look is part of a growing lifestyle trend called Cottagecore. You may have seen #cottagecore trending on social media over the past year along with throwback activities like sewing, knitting, crocheting, gardening, baking, and yes – prairie dressing. It’s totally a thing, and it’s easy to see how this trend gained popularity in 2020 when we were all tending our windowsill gardens, baking sourdough bread, and wishing for simpler times.

Woman taking selfie in prairie dress

If you want to carry these cozy Cottagecore vibes with you into 2021, now you can dress the part in one of these Universal Thread prairie dresses, priced at $29.99! Featuring calico prints, roomy balloon sleeves, and ruffles galore, this modest line of dresses is perfect for quilting by candlelight, milking the cows, or even boldly wearing in public if you’re feeling brave.

woman taking selfie in prairie dress

Actually, these #TargetStyle influencers are totally pulling off this look, and we are loving what a belt or a chic pair of boots can do for the whole pioneer aesthetic. Will you be grabbing one of these prairie dresses from Target, or leaving the Cottagecore trend behind in 2020?

This Peanut Butter bread recipe from 1932 is throwback baking at its best!

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Comments 105

  1. JeannieNY

    When I join a cult, I’ll buy one…..

    • Katelynno

      And it makes me look so pretty 🤮

      • Melissa K.

        This post has a rude undertone that stinks along with some of the comments

        • Anna

          God forbid we actually dress modest 😆

          • blu

            I know, right!?

      • Deanna

        Everyone has the choice to wear what they want.. If you don’t like it then don’t buy it. But don’t knock someone down for liking it. That is one of the things that makes the world such a great many different people!!

    • CW

      Looks just like the cult clothing from the TV series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! Lolol! Saw this in Target the other day and I thought NOPE, you’ve gotta be crazy to wear that!

      • Hope

        OMG, that is so true!!

    • Vivi


    • Jenny

      I bought one and did the #targetdprairiedresschallenge!
      Now I want to model for them and Target 🎯🥰

  2. Krissy

    I’ve seen a few posts poking fun at these dresses, maybe I’m a bit conservative or old-fashioned but I think they can be cute (the top picture especially) if you pop the first couple of buttons and wear a cute pair of booties with them. Call me crazy LOL! Just wondering if I’m the only one?

    • Kim

      Krissy — you are not alone! I think it’s cute!

    • Jennifer

      Krissy, I agree too! It is all about how they are worn…the one picture with the booties is really cute!

    • Pure_intentions

      I was afraid to post that I’m the only one liking these dresses, and then I found your comment. I felt better. I was starting to think I’m the only crazy one in the world. 🤣

      • bridgetelliottnelson

        I think they’re kind of cute!

    • elewis91

      Throw a Jean jacket on top and they would look adorable that way too!

      • peretz12

        That’s a great idea. I won’t buy one for $30, but if I find one on clearance I’ll try it with that and some booties.

    • Notforus

      I like them too. Booties and the belt, super cute and people are actually covered *gasp*!

    • MBarnes

      I agree! They look super cute with the belt and booties! I’d rock this on out! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! 😉

    • MBarnes

      I think cinching in the waist definitely helps!

    • peretz12

      No I think if you pair them with the right accessories some actually look pretty cute

  3. Kim

    This post is hilarious. But seriously — am I kind of crazy to be loving this look?

    • rocme2

      Same! If I just saw them on the rack, I wouldn’t buy, but some of these gals are really rocking this look and making me reconsider.

  4. lady

    My sister wives and I are super excited and await permission from our husband to purchase the crap out of these dresses.

    • slw57


    • Haseena

      Not funny at all! A lot of people from different backgrounds and religions dress modestly.

      • Ann

        Lighten up. The comment was funny. Most women are not Amish so have no reason to dress this way. It is so funny about those posting about modesty. Are men going to be dressing modestly as well? Of course not. But us ladies must be modest and wear dresses right out of Little House on the Prairie.

    • JD7149

      We recently left UT (only there temporarily for a job thank goodness). I just showed my husband and said wonder who designed these, ha!

      • bridgetelliottnelson

        Wow. I’m surprised this just turned into a hate post.

      • peachcraze

        Proud Utah here, with an attitude like that we are glad you left. Ha!

      • blu

        Wow, hasn’t 2020 taught you anything. #tolerance

      • Laura

        Wow. Would you say the same thing if Target started selling hajibs? Members of my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) adhere to standards of modest dress as a part of their religious beliefs. Nobody is asking you to dress this way, too, but please be respectful of those of us who do because of deep religious commitment.

        • lady

          Well then, you as a member of this church should know that said church no longer allows polygamy or even acknowledges those practicing. So calm down. My sister wives and I are all “Oh now y’all wanna claim us?? Don’t think so!”

        • Skyla17

          What ever happened to God accepts everyone? Based on your own “dress code” I guess I shouldn’t feel comfortable showing up in front of him with my exposed shoulders, tattoos, piercings, colored hair, etc… Yet, I would… blasphemy!

    • Hipgrandma

      😂Pardon me but I think it’s funny. No need to get your panties in a bunch over it.

    • Katie


    • tipaye

      Omgggg 😭😭😭

    • evangelic20

      Your comment for the win!

  5. GAmommyof4

    My daughter is totally into this! She is going to freak out when she finds out Target has these!!!

  6. Kruiz528


  7. Sara

    It’s funny how dressing half naked is perfectly fine and oh so fashionable but wearing these modest dresses is a no no, god forbid if someone wears them

    • Haseena

      My thoughts exactly! There is a big market for modest clothing and I for one was supper excited to see and purchase these. There was print that totally reminded me of grandma and I of course had to have it. I go for maxi dresses and these aren’t, but that still didn’t stop me from buying a few.

      • Uptightladies

        There’s a difference between modest and ridiculous, these are ridiculous. You can dress modestly without looking like you came from little house on the prairie.

    • Anna

      You said what I said above but I hadn’t seen your comment yet, but it’s sad to make fun of something that looks wholesome 😊
      Boy if they were super tight or revealing no one would say a word🤨

  8. nancypantcy

    I like the look on young and skinny. On everybody else it seem to make them look even older and wider, like a grandma look.

    • Haseena


    • sne3103


  9. Beth

    Nope. No way. I agree that dressing modestly is to be commended. I sure try to do so myself but you can dress modestly and still be fashionable. These look like potato sacks and a lot like the nightgown I gave my mom for Christmas. Nothing fashionable about them to me.

    • hipsaver2

      I agree. These look horrible to me.

  10. Haseena

    “this modest line of dresses is perfect for quilting by candlelight, milking the cows,” That above is a direct quote from the article. And WOW!! I’ve been a Hip2Save follower since 2010 and I have never felt more humiliated, disrespected, and let down by a post before this. Just because some choose to dress modestly doesn’t make them from another century. Sometimes it’s better to take the high road and not poke fun at something just because it’s not your personal taste. I am all for jokes and light hearted posts, but this was anything but Funny.

    • Mel

      I’ve been following H2S as long as you have, and I am not offended. Everyone has an opinion.

    • Becca

      I actually agree with you on this. Very disappointed in how Hip2Save promoted this and poked fun at this style. 👎🏻

      • Anna

        I think they forgot for a minute that there are women that dress like this.
        I guess we all need to cut each other a little slack, I don’t think they meant harm.

    • Gigi

      I didn’t take it as they were poking fun at modesty. There are lots of modest clothes that do not look as old fashioned as these. One can be modest without dressing like Holly Hobby. That being said, if Holly Hobby is your thing, then go for it!

      • Holly

        Exactly. Even modest dressers like myself would likely think this particular look is a little old-fashioned. I think the main thing we’ve learned from 2020 isn’t “#tolerance”, but that folks get offended/triggered waaay too easily.
        With that said, I think the young, skinny gals can pull off ANY style. I was mortified when super high, skin-tight jeans became the new look, but my nieces pull it off and it looks cute on them! I think these dresses would look really fun on them too (with a belt and jean jacket).

    • mela21

      I 100% agree with everything you said!! Lately Hip2Save has let me down too

    • Margaret

      Girl get a grip. It’s the style of the dress, not the modesty, that this writer is commenting on. Move along.

  11. MrsG

    Everyone is offended these days. Some think the dresses are cute/modest and some don’t. Who cares??

    • Lori


  12. Ginger

    I love this style!

  13. Amy

    The age of offense is here and even the most intelligent people I know are falling victim to the mentality that a difference of opinion means that we can’t be friends. This country was built on free speech, free thought, and the pursuit of a life we design. Unfortunately, many have been brainwashed into a belief that that is “okay for me, but not for thee”. If people want to wear any of the mentioned trends, it affects me not. I still have the ability to choose my clothing from any of thousands of retailers that are more up my alley, and so do you. Increasing government dependence and socialistic points of view will cause that ability to diminish or be completely annihilated, so I’m cherishing it now.

    • Lori

      Beautifully worded Amy!

  14. painteddreams13

    I love it. My style has always been a little hippie, a little boho, a little eccentric, and what I call a little prairie. It rolls around every so often. It’s the only feminine/floral look I’m drawn to.

  15. *Angela-Miles*

    I love sewing an gardening and do it yearly but I just can’t get into these 🙅‍♀️ lol.
    I don’t think they are the ugliest clothes ive ever seen or anything….an i’ve saw other people pull them off kinda stylishly. Just not for me as I sit here in my cat print leggings 🤪 haha.

  16. hipsaver2

    Not a fan. Looks way to 70s for my taste.

  17. PrincessMom

    OK, I’m seeing a lot of comments about people dressing “modestly” and I’m all about it. (In fact, I’m sometimes uncomfortable about a lower neckline, etc. and will cover up with a sweater or scarf.) But, seriously, these dresses are kind of ugly. It’s possible to be modest without being frumpy. It’s the frills that kill it for me. Like, I’m a grown woman not a toddler. I don’t want frills added to the shoulders of my clothes. Without them, I’d actually take one out for a spin with a couple of butons undone, a scarf added in there, tights, and some cute boots. IMHO the frilly things are the real issue here.

  18. melaz

    My 16 year old told me “cottagecore” was a thing a while ago. I’m sure if you ask most teen girls they will know. My daughter isn’t into this look but she loves a lot of the “grandmacore”!

    • MommySpendsLess

      Yup – my 11yo isn’t really into it but likes some aspects of it and has tried to describe it to me in the past. I was excited to see a post that explained it in a way I understood with an example.
      I sent my daughter a link to this post because I was excited to see “her” cottagecore on “my” blog 🙂

  19. j4garn

    Target used to have cute clothes… I miss THOSE good ol days!!

  20. catmom

    Does anyone watch Yellowstone? Beth Dutton(character on show) wears these type of dresses with a camisol underneath and cowboy boots. Lots of silver jewelry and she looks fabulous! IMO…it’s all in the accessories.

    • meli

      Ehhh, hers are rather different than these in neckline and pattern. To me, these dresses are completely different than the ones she’ll wear every now and then.

  21. Marie

    I think these are cute! And I have no issue with more revealing clothes either. Everyone has their own taste. Happy holidays, everyone!

  22. Chan

    So cute! 😍

  23. Anne

    I appreciate the humor in this post, and I think these dresses would actually be cute if they had short sleeves, or came in a sleeveless look. To me, it’s the full length sleeves that are really aging the look on these potentially cute dresses!

  24. beth-3

    In some ways I kinda like it! They look… Warm! Long sleeves, longer dresses-good for winter! Pair with some thick leggings & cute boots. I thought they were horribly frumpy hanging on the rack but the girls in the bottom pictures make them work. The frills at the shoulders will not work for me & my broad shoulders. Plus, I’m still not going anywhere so… I’ll save my money and applaud those who can rock the look.

  25. christen

    Cottagecore is in right now! Anyone confused about this look, just google it…it’s a whole aesthetic that is on trend, I love it… taking farmhouse a step further 😉

  26. Allison

    I like these…🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  27. msfrizzle

    I am SO EXCITED about this. We have a Civil War museum that has re-enactment days and now I don’t have to buy $200 dresses for my daughters and I specially made for it. I am crying tears of joy!! Check it out —-

  28. Melissa

    I’m into modest but classic looks. I really get the irony of it being acceptable by some to dress showing off all ones assets while dressing modestly is disdained. That said, I’m not a fan of these dresses. But to each her own! If you like them, fine! If you don’t like them, fine! Tolerance used to mean you could disagree without someone else getting offended. Now it unfortunately means you are a hater if you don’t agree with someone. Let’s nix the group think this coming year and cut others some slack!

    • Carrie M.


    • Yil

      Tolerance also means you don’t say things that can be considered offensive. Lot of good Americans worked hard on a farm. What if she’d said this dress is good for picking cotton.

      • Gigi

        But she didn’t say that. It is so bizarre how our society in some ways has gotten so “anything goes” with dress and behavior yet when it come to words everyone is so uptight and offended.

  29. Monique

    Finally mainstream dresses for the utah polygamist 😂😂😂

    • Monique

      And for the record I’m although I don’t participate I’m all for polygamy if all persons are over 18 🙂

  30. Diane

    I live in Utah. If I wore one people might think I’m a polygamist. I’ll pass.

    • Monique

      I’m from Ogden

  31. Csandst1

    Let’s learn to laugh at ourselves and lighten up 😊 just because an opinion that isn’t shaming someone is different doesn’t make it bad, just different.

    Use words to build up; not tear down; words should be sweet as honey and salve to your soul.

  32. Gia

    Brings back memories…Reminds me of my Holly Hobbie lunch box I had in the 70’s and the pretty Gunne Sax dresses from the 80’s.

  33. animity

    Apparently 2020 hasn’t taught people much #tolerance… So glad to live in a country wear I get to choose what I want to wear and where I want to shop.

    • holly

      For now. Enjoy it while you can. The irony is that the people who preach about “#tolerance” are the same people who vote socialist and squelch freedom of speech for anyone with a differing opinion.

  34. Galillio

    🍿Aunt Lydia approved

  35. aj

    Where I live, these dresses are actually very trendy with millennials and look great. They are very fashionable and are styled to look more bohemian.

  36. Lora

    I think if the patterns were different, they might be cute. I think denim color would be cute. I haven’t liked Target’s tiny floral patterns and color choices over the past few years.

  37. kelleywhite

    I like them(…& my 10 year old LOVES Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series. She reads and rereads & re-rereads them)❤️

  38. u

    everybody’s offended these years…rut ro… looks like holly hobbie’s been bunkered! thanks for the cultural trend insight.

  39. Sylvia


  40. victoriarose002

    These are cute dresses, and I think that vintage style, even dating back this far, is always going to be somewhat influential.

  41. karla-4

    I love these and want one for myself and my 21-year old daughter. We visit Williamsburg a few times a year, and this would be a great base piece to build upon instead of wearing our more formal dresses with hoops. This seems comfortable and cute. It may make it into our everyday wear, as well. Wearing what makes me happpy.


    I bought one on a whim thinking I wouldn’t like it but it is my favorite dress. It is so comfortable and looks great on.
    I say try it you might like it.

  43. Sallys

    I can imagine these will be available at Goodwill by next season. I will consider picking one up there. I love wearing dresses and some of these are cute.

  44. Angela Bougher

    A little disappointed in the making fun on this post. It’s definitely not my style, but I think it’s great that there is variety in the world! Encourage you to step it back up Hip – love that you always try to be including of all. This post didn’t really convey that.

  45. Kash

    HAAAAAAAIL NAH! UH UH! wtffffff is this garbage. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Why? Stahp.

  46. uptightladies

    It’s amazing how many get offended over others opinions. Y’all need help.

  47. christinar-natividad

    I’ll wear one and sing “shall we gather by the river”! I wouldn’t wear a dress like that because the collars are so high mixed with busy prints that aren’t my speed. I would consider a solid black one- sorta see through maybe with some open buttons for movement. If someone wears it, that’s fine by me. I just don’t want to feel “cute” at 39 haha.

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