BIG UPDATE – Cricut Listened to YOU & Will Not Be Limiting Uploads!

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Cricut Joy Machine

Important news for crafters and Cricut users everywhere! ⚠


We have great news for those of you who own a Cricut machine! After receiving feedback on their proposed Design Space changes, Cricut has made an update to the way they’ll manage image uploads.

They have reversed ALL plans to ever limit additional uploads regardless of when you purchase your machine.

Ashish Arora, the Cricut CEO, says…

On Friday, March 12, we announced an intention to limit the number of personal images and patterns that members can upload to Design Space without a Cricut Access subscription. We updated this plan on March 16 and shared that we intended to study the matter further. My team has spent the week listening, learning, and taking in a lot of feedback. Not every decision we make is perfect, but we take every opportunity to learn and get better.

So, we’ve made the decision to reverse our previously shared plans. Right now, every member can upload an unlimited number of images and patterns to Design Space for free, and we have no intention to change this policy. This is true whether you’re a current Cricut member or are thinking about joining the Cricut family before or after December 31, 2021.

hand holding bright colored paper products

We are impressed with Cricut’s quick response to their community! What are your thoughts?

Cricut Explore Air 2

FYI, this info we wrote about earlier today below is now expired. 

If you own a Cricut machine, you know that preparing a project requires using premade patterns or uploading original designs to the company’s Design Space application. Soon, the capabilities of your device may be limited by an impending update to Cricut’s Design Space software.

In the past, Cricut users have been able to upload an unlimited number of designs to the Design Space application for free. The upcoming software update (which is set to occur on an unspecified date) will limit Cricut users to just 20 free Design Space uploads per calendar month.

Since projects can often require multiple uploads to complete, even casual crafters will probably reach this limit rather quickly each month. Unused uploads will not roll over to the next month, and deleting an upload you changed your mind about will not free up more uploads for you to use.

If Cricut users find that they need more than 20 free uploads per month, they will have to subscribe to Cricut’s Access Standard plan for $9.99 per month (or $95.88 per year), or the Access Premium plan for $118.88 per year. Cricut users will still be able to access any of their designs that were previously uploaded to Design Space, but if you want to create anything new, there’s no getting around the use of the Design Space software.

Obviously, Cricut users are not happy about these changes. When they spent anywhere from $179 to $399 for their cutting machine (not to mention all of the additional tools and materials needed for different projects), it was with the understanding that they would have unlimited uploads to use with the Design Studio software. Now the company is planning to limit the capabilities of its machines after the fact, requiring users to pay a monthly or annual fee to restore the full functionality of a product they already own.

Cricut says that it will start prompting users to subscribe in Design Space between now and the time that the upload limit goes into effect. Although they haven’t revealed exactly when this change will take place, it’s expected to happen in the next few weeks. If you’d like to join your fellow Cricut users in protesting the company’s decision, you add your name to a petition here.

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Comments 52

  1. Patty22jaam

    This is horrible the machine itself is already very pricey, they are pretty much forcing everyone to subscribe.

    • Fe

      Right. That’s so wrong. I could even understand them deciding to do this for all future machine purchases. But to do that to people who bought machines thinking they would always be free to use is SO greedy and wrong. Very poor move.

  2. Amy

    This is annoying. So much greed. I probably don’t come close to hitting that ever but it’s more the point

  3. iamkris10

    very frustrating.

  4. Annna

    Thanks for the information, will stay clear of this company.

  5. Rachel Pearson

    This all my craft groups have been talking about in the past few days, and rightly so. It would be easier to stomach if the software was good software, but it isn’t. Just last week it had an update and so many people had so many different issues. It happens every time there’s an update. Also, I’ve paid for access and it’s not beneficial to me so I stopped my subscription. I already own thousands of images so paying to use my own images is just greedy on their part, especially since they advertised that it would be free software. I hope they will reconsider since I own 3 cricut machines. 20 uploads just isn’t enough.

  6. notforus

    Another one bites the dust…cooperate tax is about to raise how else are they going to offset that cost. Not even 60 days in office…..

    • ShellB

      Yes to this!

    • lexiloowho

      Yep. This will unfortunately be happening to many businesses. People do not care until it affects them.

    • Elle

      Lol yes everything is the new administration’s fault. *Eye roll* fwiw my income tax has never been higher than when the last one was in office, supposedly a low-tax Republican. But yes, taxing corporations rather than low income individuals is just cruel. *have another eye roll* This product is certainly not a necessity. Don’t buy it if you don’t like the price hike.

      • Notforus

        Who do you think is going to pay for this hike…ummm, the working class. The cost will trickle down. Hope you liked that stimulus money because it will go right back in inflation. Look at gas, once again we are dependent on foreign production and SHOCKER our price at the pump is $3/gallon. If Trump were in office we wouldn’t see those prices. We weren’t relying on some other country. Our economy under Trump was fantastic! Hope you all liked the good ole days because they are over!

        • Amy

          Yeah, sorry, the majority of americans don’t miss those days, hence why he didn’t win the election. he was introduced to a great economy by obama and actually started to crash it himself. do your research.

          • Gingerdance

            Don’t believe everything you hear on CNN.

            • Deb

              Don’t believe everything you here on Fox.

          • Jackie

            You made me laugh!!!🤣🤣🤣 I think it’s funny how a liberal mind thinks. Just look at unemployment. In 2019 it was the lowest it has EVER been since 1969!!! You do your research please. Unemployment helps the economy hence the lower taxes, lower interest rates when buying houses etc. the economy was booming and it was NOT because of Obama. Gas prices were also low because of the awesome Obama administration 🤣? We are all in this boat now and just get ready for everything to go up for the next 4 years.

            • jpalexva

              I agree with you 100% – this admin will destroy America! (Sorry for this post. Don’t normally post political categories)

        • Pebbles

          I see your point, but my family really needs this stimulas now and not later. Hopefully, we will be in a better position to pay for the higher taxes later. Also, I am Not into the politics of it all, but I DID have family pass away from Covid19 under Trump and Now, we have ALL been vaccinated in the past 60 days. Praying that these vaccines work, as I simply cannot bury ANOTHER family member due to Covid.

        • Deb

          The prices of gas were the same in March 2019. Guess who was President? Lol prices dropped because of the virus did you seriously think they would never go back?

      • taryn964

        Glad you shared every time you had to eye roll. Not annoying at all. 🙄 Can we all just agree to disagree on politics? None of you are going to change each other’s minds, so quit trying. 🤣

    • Raquel

      😀 Cricut corporation obviously had it planned months ago. They waited till now to avoid a wave of returns of Christmas presents …. btw when Obama the economy was good for me and my family, with clown Trump too, and now with Biden is going well… so I don’t get your point.

    • Denise

      Or they are trying to look more profitable for their stock filing…..

  7. Sandy

    I just got my Cricut a few weeks ago and I’m very unhappy with this change.

  8. Jen

    Was considering purchasing a machine based on the deals I see on here. With this new information, would I be better off getting a silhouette?

    • Analisa

      Yes! Silhouette’s software is overall pretty great, but can be a bit buggy when they release updates. I’ve been nothing but happy with my Silhouette machines over the years. I’ve never regretted going with Silhouette over Cricut. Cricut does put out some neat products like their infusible ink and heat presses that I like. I’ve been able to use them with my Silhouette to get the best of both worlds.

      • Family4savings

        I love my silhouette and always tell people when they ask pros and cons between them! Cricut is internet based where silhouette you need net to update and if you choose a silhouette subscription!! Being in the country internet is iffy connection sometimes!!! 🥴

    • Jessica

      My silhouette is still going strong 8 years later (and that is with running a craft business where I am probably cutting 5,000+ decals a year). I had a couple update issues but have been able to correct them fairly quickly.

  9. Angie

    Glad I decided not to get one after all. Corporate greed once they meet their sales quota.

    • lexiloowho

      It’s not always greed. They are going to have to start raising prices of things and cutting back to meet their rise in taxes that the corporations are going to be paying.

      • xoxos

        It absolutely *is* corporate greed. Corporations who make profits in the *millions* should not pass their increased costs onto the rest of the world just so they can continue to put the maximum amount of money into the pockets of those who need it the least smh. It just goes to show how backwards our world is where so many people think this is an okay thing to do.

        • lexiloowho

          xoxos I said it’s not ALWAYS greed. Chill out and actually read my post if you’re going to come at me.

      • Deb

        Assume much or do you have insider information? 🤣

        • lexiloowho

          Deb—It has nothing to do with assumptions. With proposed changes it will be difficult for businesses. Do you own a business? You should understand if you do.

  10. Fe

    Everyone will remember how companies have handled customers during Covid. Weather or not taxes are going up is moot. This was the wrong move and greedy. I was going to upgrade my cricut machine and I’m so glad I didn’t. Purchased a silhouette yesterday. I emailed cricut several days ago and got no response. Poor customer service also. Always liked my cricut machine but design space has always been garbage.

  11. franny5

    Wondering If I can purchase the subscription and share it with my sister if we use same log in info?

    • Amber

      I share with my mom using the same login info. I mainly create it and then use the machine at her house.

      • Amber

        I should mention it’s only for one machine though. I know some people have more than one.

    • Workaholic

      I share my subscription amongst two machines.. Haven’t run into an issue yet.

  12. Workaholic

    While I understand the anger ppl feel when a business raises their prices, I don’t think this makes a business greedy. A business trying to maximize profit isn’t greed. We can all agree that hip2savers are here to maximize savings. Most ppl purchased a cricut machine while it was at its cheapest, lowest price point. A subscription based plan is a marketing strategy that had been successfully for many companies. Just ask Amazon, Netflix, hulu, etc. Yes, maybe these businesses lost some customers, but the fact remains that most customers stayed. Good for Cricut for listening to their customers, but the truth is that cricut is a business. It needs to increase its profits in order to stay in business. If it doesn’t, the business will lose, and so will the customer.

  13. Sue

    You know Cricut is using the tax bill as a convenient excuse. I am sure they could well afford to keep offering this service for free & pay any additional taxes.
    They have come to realize, like most other companies already have, that the real money is in subscription services. Just like every other company, they offer a service for free or really low price. Then when people get hooked and depend on the service, they start charging or raise the price.
    There’s a good chance this had been in the works for awhile. But with the pandemic & the economy in a downturn, it wasn’t the best time to start charging. Now the economy is looking up & they can use a future tax bill as an excuse. It makes a better sound bite to blame the government than to be honest & say they want to make more money.

    • Jackie

      Totally agree with you!!!!

  14. Jane C.

    Has anyone noticed that the information regarding limiting uploads is crossed out on their site? Maybe that “update” is being reconsidered.

  15. Jackie

    Thank you for the update!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Jackie!

  16. Amy

    Was just coming to comment that I received an email about the change. Awesome they listened to their users!

  17. Gigi

    Unreal. I returned mine this morning based on the info i read on ere yesterday requiring the access subscription.

  18. ashaler

    I called Cricut yesterday and was curious about the change to limit uploads, because I use my Cricut in a classroom setting. They were the nicest people and gave me a few different ideas and options. I’m super happy to hear that they won’t be limiting it, but I also want to state that it was a GREAT phone call and they were super nice.

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing, ashaler!

  19. Fe

    I’m so glad they listened! I already ordered a new machine because this was a big deal to me. Glad for everyone else though!!! I find it interesting that they never sent me an email to tell me about this change or the update either and I have an open customer service ticket as well that hasn’t been responded to. Glad some people were at least notified!

  20. ilovescott

    I bought a Cricut explore air in December 2020. The only way I get unlimited designs per month is to pay $9.99 for Cricut design space…am I missing something???

    • hayley-1

      This is regarding uploading your own designs. The Cricut library is the $9.99 subscription.

      • ilovescott

        Thank you for helping me understand the difference:)

  21. hayley-1

    I’m so happy they changed this. I’ve had a cricut since 2011 and was about to upgrade my machine when the announcement was made. I may actually buy my machine now that they listened.

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