Big Change for Walgreens Shoppers! Register Rewards Now Only Available for In-Store Purchases

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Walgreens Register Rewards

Walgreens is changing things up! 

Along with totally reformatting their digital weekly ads this week, Walgreens has laid another huge change on us! It appears that Walgreens shoppers will no longer be able to earn Register Rewards when in-store pick up is selected. We’re seeing this new change listed in the fine print on their weekly deals.

In the past, most of us have been able to score our printed Register Rewards when we placed an online order and chose in-store or curbside pick-up making it a super convenient way to shop from home and still get the best deals. This new change will allow you to only earn Register Rewards in-store.

Walgreens screenshot

When looking at the new mobile-friendly digital ads, you will notice that sale items have tabs underneath that show available coupons and store offers. Register Rewards deals now have a tab labeled ‘In-store rewards’ and the fine print now reads “Only available on in-store purchases, excludes Pickup orders.” 😫

While this will not affect Walgreens Cash deals, it will change the way many Walgreens shoppers purchase their items as many of us prefer to order from the comfort of our home, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Due to this change, it look like we’ll be required to head into our local stores to earn those Register Rewards.

What do you think about this change and the new digital ad format? 

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  1. Zgirldeanna

    I’m not very happy with this change since my stores price is always way higher than the online price …sometimes by a few dollars 😳. Very disappointing change ☹️

    • BlueWaterGirl

      Agreed! One item I went to purchase a couple months ago was $3.49 in store. Online? $1.49! Hair dye in store $10.99. Online…. $8.99!

  2. queen62

    Totally agree prices online are always lower than the store. Most of them will not price match the online price. Not happy with these changes. What’s next??🤔🤔

  3. Nldaadmin

    I have had success asking for a price match in store, when I have the online price saved in a photo. They want to know if the price was recent. The answer is yes, and they give me the price break. You will likely have to ask manager for price match.

    • SueJo

      My stores won’t do this, but that’s great that your store will!

      • JD827

        Here is the actual policy on price matching from Walgreens online help center. I hadn’t checked on it in awhile. It used to be straight up no. You might want to let your store manager know what the written corporate policy is.
        Are product prices online the same as prices in my Walgreens store?
        No. Pricing may differ online and in-store. Upon request, Walgreens stores will price match to Regular price. Online sale/promotional offers, pricing resulting from a typographical error, previous days pricing, contact lenses, photo, pharmacy, and health services are excluded. Item must be identical in brand name, description, size, weight, color, quantity and model number. If item is out of stock at the store, no rain checks will to be issued for a price match. Walgreens team member will validate price. Screen shots or printouts will not be accepted as proof of price. Price match is limited to one transaction per customer per day. Stores reserve the right to limit the amount of price adjustments made in a single transaction. Price Match requirements are subject to change.

        • Cheryl

          my Walgreens has bad, bad close to zero wifi so if I can’t show a screenshot- goodbye Walgreens


    I question what the company’s motive is behind this change. Are they losing money? Do they have a staffing shortage to fill the online orders to be picked up at the store? I believe this change will decrease their sales with so many folks needing to OR preferring to order on-line and pick-up at the store. Not only does ordering online save time and offer convenience, but many shoppers are still being cautious to limit exposure to illness as well. A purchase is a purchase, and customers should receive rewards regardless of “how” the sale is transacted. It sends an odd message “we only want to reward customers that physically come into our store locations” ?? I don’t get it.

    • Lo

      Guess they’re gambling on impulse buys. I think they are struggling but all these hoops make me want to stop shopping there. I’m annoyed Pepsi is on sale but not Pepsi zero

    • JD827

      I am curious as to the motivation as well but keep in mind that Catalina Marketing administers RRs on behalf of the manufacturers not Walgreens. It is a different system.

    • Heather

      I used to work at Walgreens and I can attest to the inconvenience of the employees having to do the shopping for online orders because they don’t staff accordingly. Usually the managers end up having to do the shopping, or the front end duties are neglected because the 1-2 people who are up front simply can’t do everything that’s required of them. On top of all of that, the register rewards print when the transaction is completed, regardless of whether it’s an in-store or online purchase, so I’m not quite sure what their deal is. If they don’t go to the customer, they’re supposed to be thrown in the trash, but why not staple them to the receipts like the other Catalinas? Best guess is they want the foot traffic for more impulse purchases. Not a good company to work for, in my opinion, but I always liked most of my couponers, and I like being one of them now!

  5. Diane

    What’s up with the new ad—-only a handful of items listed, “deals of the week”, not happy with these changes

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      It’s definitely much shorter. Hopefully, it will get better.

      Also, make sure you’re utilizing that drop-down menu. They don’t have them all in one handy page now. You have to click to each category to see the week’s deals for beauty, personal care, etc. They only put a handful of the best deals on that front page and you’ve got to work a little for the rest.

      • Al

        I noticed that too. Just a small amount of items; thanks, for the tip. It used to be so easy to look at all the sale items Walgreen had on sale- NOW, IT’S A PAIN IN THE ASS..!!
        I’m just about finished with Walgreens..!!

  6. Monique

    I’m beginning to severely dislike Walgreens!

    • TML

      Lol. These were my thoughts when I was employed by the company several years ago.

      • Monique

        I’m sure working there is extremely difficult!

  7. Stella

    This change is not smart business wise. Many shoppers, myself included, have found the safety and convenience of store pick up vastly superior to shopping inside a retail establishment due to Covid-19. Since we, as a nation, are still no where close to achieving “herd immunity’,” this decision seems very short sighted.

    • Lo

      Mine never does substitutions. Maybe if they did, it would cut down on the cancellations.

  8. Lillie

    The photo cashier told me they have to cancel a lot of online orders because their inventory is not accurate. She said it is very time consuming for them to spend time trying to fill the order and have to turn around and cancel it. It probably is because of that ( and reduced staffing issues), maybe

  9. Rebecca

    Boo! This is such a bad change! It was so nice to buy things online and also get the Register Rewards

  10. vegalegarreta

    I’m not happy.

  11. JD827

    I think Walgreens has misread the customer again. It won’t go over well. I hate the new ads.

    • Robert Hindman

      I detest the new ad format. Goodbye Walgreens, hello Walmart!

    • Suzanne

      I agree, i hate the new ad format. They just lost me as a customer.

  12. tia in boise

    Cannot stand the new “ad”; looks like a butchered up version of the online coupons. NOT easy to find what I’m looking for. SMH.

  13. acgold

    They are trying to drive customers into the store. Between the minimum $10. on line purchase to pick up in store and this new policy. They need the foot traffic and the impulse purchases. The problem in our NY stores is that they have been looted out and there is so little inventory that you can’t get anything. I order on line and most times my orders are cancelled. Honestly, why would I go to the stores knowing there is little stock or I have to find someone to unlock deodorant. Really bad corporate policies.

    • Jennifer

      I completely agree, My store also has these refrigerators that have ads on the doors, which are supposed to show you what is in stock (they don’t work) so you literally have to open each door to see what is in stock, such a hassle, just bring back the clear glass doors.

  14. Beth

    I agree with all the comments. I have been really disappointed with Walgreens. Several years ago enjoyed shopping experience. But now rapid changes that doesn’t benefit consumers.

  15. Amanda C

    I am not a fan of their new ad layout at all. Makes me want to skip shopping there because I can’t easily tell what’s on sale and not.

  16. SW

    Mixed feelings…. I agree with almost everything already stated by the others. However, online orders with in store pick ups got out of hand, no matter which store. As with so many things, some people start taking advantage of something that was started to make life easier for people in need….
    I guess this is the result of it.

  17. SAF

    I experienced this first hand, unknowingly, even though the estimate said i would be getting rewards, I did not. Not cool, Walgreens, not cool.

  18. Janell Poulette

    I’m not going to be shopping with them anymore. I was unhappy when they changed some rule to lower your W cash when you used W cash. I just used $20 W cash and bought all the deals to get $15 back – it even said it on checkout. But after I picked up my order I never got the W cash. I’ll shop in-store at CVS and keep rolling over their ECBs. Plus I love the CarePass st CVS.

  19. Jean Hockers

    The last couple of times I didn’t receive my registers rewards. When I contacted Walgreens they said my receipt says pending and estimate which means not guaranteed to get it. Also, since I paid with register rewards most likely the reason I didn’t get them. Also, the price in store and online are always different. They will not price match. I’m done with Walgreens.

  20. Mk

    In store pricing is MUCH higher, so their “deals” are no longer worth it. I slowed my Walgreens shopping a few years ago, and recently it was seldom- maybe 4-5 times a year. With more changes against anyone wanting to save money, I won’t be doing any shopping there

    • Deb E

      Same here and my local store is always out of stock and not maintained well. If I drive to another, sometimes I can find more stock, but not worth it to shop there anymore.

  21. Jessica King

    Ruined it for me with the minimum pickup order. Before that I was going often. Now I really only go for the free photo deals.

  22. cgalsop

    Does the line “Limit one register reward coupon per customer per order” mean that you can only get a register reward once for that deal? You can’t do the deep multiple times in a week and get a register reward each time? Or, does it mean that you can’t get multiple register rewards in one order if you try the deal more than once in the same order?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      That is limited to one RR coupon per customer per offer. Hope that helps!

      • cgalsop

        So, you can only expect a register reward once on an deal/offer. If you do the same deal again during the week, you will not get the RR? Is that correct?

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          Yes. It appears so.

        • JD827

          The language used on RRs is the same language that Walgreens has used for years. It signifies that the customer will only receive one register reward in a single transaction for the same deal. Now it is very possible that Walgreens and the manufacturers have gotten together to make it so that you can’t do the deal again later in the week but my Walgreens intuition says they would have had a big change in that language and have made a very expensive change in software to make that happen. The only way to know for sure and certain is to try on something small.

  23. shey59

    But you can still get the cash rewards…correct?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yes! That’s correct. It will not affect Walgreens Cash deals.

  24. Deb

    Register Rewards? Or Walgreens Cash? RR are like coupons. WC can’t be used and earned in the same transaction.
    All the company is doing is eliminating that RR coupon from online orders.
    Many companies have conditions on online orders.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      This information is about the Register Rewards. It does not affect Walgreens Cash deals. Hope this helps!

  25. Judy Trac

    Walgreens never gives us RR on our purchases anyway bc the employees steal them so this change doesn’t affect me or the people who shops at the stores in my area. I guess Walgreens know the employees steal the RR so they making this change a nation change to be fair to everyone lol

  26. Becki

    I placed an online order last night (around midnight) for a few items and included the Airhead Rope candy (free after $.99 RR). I figured I’d try it to see what happened with the RR.

    I checked in curbside and she told me all of the receipts were in the bag (once she brought out the order). Sure enough, the $.99 RR was printed and in there as well.

    Can’t guarantee that will continue to happen…but it was still working for online orders (with curbside pickup) today.

    • Tracey

      It seems like they would still print out on online orders that are picked up since they “ring” them up when we pick them up. Seems like the computer would automatically print them like it does now. Guess they are tired of all our pickup orders… It’s a shame they keep making all these changes that make folks not want to even shop with them anymore.

      • Cyndy

        I’m confused. We place orders online and pay for them to submit order. However they don’t ring them up until we pick them up. Say I placed online order tonight, Saturday but won’t pick up until Sunday morning, will those deals like cash rewards still be given to me although a new weekly ad the will be in effect by then? 🤔

  27. JangoFett

    First the minimum amount to use store pick-up and now this. How disappointing. Does Walgreens not like online shoppers? If anything this will make stores more congested and lines longer if I now have to purchase and deal hunt in the store

  28. Tia

    I would encourage everyone commenting here to share your thoughts with Walgreens.

  29. Ana

    I found myself buying more in CVS than Walgreen’s due to the fact that the stores are way understaffed. My local 24 hour store will have 1 person on the floor and register during the morning hours if I try the pick up option the online inventory always shows that the store is out of stock. You can never get help since there’s not enough people to on staff. The prescription drive thru can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes going inside the store even worse. I’m switching my prescriptions to CVS and shopping there as well.

  30. Heidi Rictor

    This change won’t cause me to shop in store. It will only cause me not to buy the Register Reward items.

  31. Jen

    Another change that I learned tonight is the use of digital coupons. You can only use one like coupon per day. For example, if you buy 2 tubes of toothpaste and have a digital $1.00 off one tube and a printed coupon of $1.00 off one tube, it will only allow you to use one coupon even though you are buying 2 tube. The legal print is now attached to most of the digital coupons. There is a link that says “info” on the top right corner of the screen. I understand them not wanting extreme couponers earing them out and reselling items, but many coupons use to allow 4 like coupons per transaction per day.

    • JD827

      No. Here is what Walgreens says about that. I have copied and pasted from Walgreens coupon policy which you will find in their help center.
      There is a limit of four identical coupons per household, per day that will be accepted.
      Now that being said the manufacturer not Walgreens sets the terms and conditions for a manufacturer coupon since the manufacturer is the one paying. Everyone should read the fine print on the coupons since a lot of misunderstandings are solved by reading them. The “info” link for the digitals has always been there and mirrors for the most part what the corresponding fine print on the newspaper print version is. P&G is well-known for limiting to 1. Colgate is more generous. Check the Colgate digital toothpaste coupons “info” out. Walgreens must follow all manufacturers legal requirements; anything else is coupon fraud but there is no corporate incentive to keep you from using manufacturers coupons since those coupons are reimbursed back to them. Now individual store employees may know little to nothing about coupons or Walgreens policy. Bookmark the coupon policy or print it out to show employees. Best wishes.

  32. Lisa

    I ABSOLUTELY HATE this change! My Sunday morning ritual was to grab a cup of Jo and flip thru the flyer online and do my shopping. Since I am disabled and do not drive, I relied on the sales flyer. Instead of having pages of deals, we’ve got a few basic choices. They closed around 17 stores in California because of the insane wipe out of products due to liberal policies and allowing thugs to ravage the stores without being arrested. Now we are all paying for it.

  33. Mary Donnelly

    Asking that the online ad revert back to the original format.

  34. Jeff

    Doesn’t everybody look thru a printed ad and circle/check the items on sale of interest to them and bring the ad with you to the store? No longer possible at walgreens. I definitely shop there less often now.

  35. Melissa Garland

    Not to be a bratty ‘Karen’, buuttt…
    Especially before the holiday/BlackFriday/CyberMonday sales, it was just rather frustrating, and sudden, too. I enjoyed virtually ‘circling’ the ad items, taking screenshots (as the format was grouped categorically). Oh, well 🤗

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