Over 30 Free Online Games to Play With Friends or By Yourself

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Looking for free games to play? Pass the time with one of the best free online games. Here are our top picks!

3 phones showing the best free online games to play with friends

Level up your leisure time! 🕹️

Looking for a way to pass the time? Try free online games! You’d be surprised how many fun and high-quality games allow you to play without purchasing additional content or memberships! 🙌 We’re not talking 1989’s Minesweeper either. Today’s free online games include superior graphics, excellent mental stimulation, and sometimes even a robust social component.

There are a plethora of free games to play whether you want to play solo, play with your friends, or challenge strangers across the globe. We rounded up a list of some of the most highly-rated and best free online games for 2023. The next time you’re looking to occupy your time, try a few from our list!

The best free online games of 2023:

Best online games to play with friends or other online players:

Fortnite Free Online Game

1. Fortnite

When it comes to Fortnite, no two games are ever the same! It’s been one of the top online games to play with friends since it came out in 2017 and it’s recommended by Hip2Save’s Shane.

There are three different modes of play and two of them are completely free. The first free version is Fornite Battle Royale which is a player-versus-player version where up to 100 different people can battle it out to be the last person standing (or group of friends standing). You’ll scavenge for weapons and resources as you fight to stay alive during encounters with other players.

The other free mode is called Fortnite Creative. In this mode, you’ll be given you own private island where you can construct buildings and build your own race courses or battle arenas for you and your friends to play.

A screenshot of Octropoker, one of the best free online games to play with friends or alone

2. Octro Poker

Are you a fan of Texas Hold’Em? If so, Hip2Save’s Madison recommends you download the free Octro Poker app on your Android or iOS devices. It’s one of the best online mobile games and your friends can join in too! Play at a private table or in a tournament. The makers of Octro Poker promise an authentic and fair poker playing experience. You won’t win real money, but you might just sharpen your skills!

A screenshot of Mario Kart Tour, one of the best free online mobile games

3. Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart has been one of the most beloved games ever since it first hit the scene in 1992. This latest version allows you to challenge up 7 friends or opponents worldwide! The courses you’ll play are either popular classic tracks from the series or they are courses inspired by locations across the globe. Collect and upgrade drivers, gliders, and karts as you make your way around the different tracks! This iconic game is definitely one of the best free online mobile games of 2023! We know you’ll have a blast trying to come in first!

Woman holding a phone and downloading the free Out of the Loop game

4. Out of the Loop

Grab your mobile device and download Out of the Loop for Android or iPhone. It’s one of the best free online games to play with friends in 2023. All but one of you will be given a clue on your individual devices. By answering questions, can you find out which one of you is out of the loop?

The Seasons Board Game on Board Game Arena is one of the best free online games of 2023

5. Seasons

If you’re a fan of tabletop games, head on over to Board Game Arena and create a free account. This platform is free to join and allows you to play online versions of your favorite board games. You can play with friends or online competitors and best of all, you’ll have access to some of the best free games online without downloading anything!

One of the top games to play is Seasons. This fantasy-based game combines card playing with dice rolling and strategy. Each card has different magical abilities that go into effect when you play it. Use strategy to play your cards at the most opportune times. To use a card you must pay crystals or specific elements like air, fire, water, and earth. You collect these by obtaining a die with the corresponding symbols. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins!

Hip Tip:  Board Game Arena is a platform that is free to join and it has online versions of some of the most popular tabletop games. It’s one of the best places to play online free games with other board game enthusiasts.Once you’ve proven your skillset in a game, you can even join tournaments.

Some games you’ll see on the platform include Hearts, Chess, Targi, Cubirds, Spot-It, Hive, Lost Cities, Jaipur, 13 Clues, Bang!, Race for the Galaxy, 7 Wonders, Azul, Splendor, Lost Ruins of Arnak, Ticket to Ride, and more!

Hearthstone Card Game is one of the best free online games to play

6. Hearthstone

This strategy card game is super fun to play. Each card can change the game with their dramatic effects and interactions. You play as one of the ten heroes. Each has a special ability so choose wisely. This game is easy to learn and fun to play because no game is exactly the same! There are several expansion packs ensuring you get a variety of different cards. Play in various modes including Arena, Solo, and Ranked.

person downloading Words With Friends 2, one of the best free online games to play with friends

7. Words With Friends 2

The classic Words With Friends game just got better! Download Words With Friends 2 to play with even more game modes! Words With Friends 2 has additional themed challenges and new personalized daily goals. Do a lightning duel against a friend or even play solo!

Codenames characters from the free online game to play with friends

8. Codenames Online

Play one of the best free games online without downloading anything! That’s right, one of the most popular party games, Codenames, can now be played online with your friends! This game can be played with as little as 2 players.

To play, your partner will be shown several words.  You need to get your partner to guess a select few of them. You only have so many chances to give a clue. Can your partner guess the right words in time? If they guess the word where the assassin is hiding, the game is over!

A screenshot of the free hockey game Slapshot which is on Steam

9. Slapshot: Rebound

Sports fans will love Slapshot, the free arcade-style hockey game available on Steam. Customize your player and build up their skills. Work on passing, shooting, controlling the puck, and crushing your opponent. You can play with your friends or other online Slapshot players.

Characters from the free game APEX Legends

10. APEX Legends

One of the best online free games is APEX Legends. The Legends are a group of characters that include misfits, soldiers, and outlaws all with their unique abilities. Pick you character and get ready for fun! The landscape is immersive and ever-changing. You can join with other players or play in several different game modes – from Battle Royale to Team Deathmatch.

Team Fortress 2 is one of the best free online games to play with friends

11. Team Fortress Two

Tons of customers think this free multi-player shooter game is better than the infamous Overwatch 2. That’s because there are tons of game modes to play including Capture the Flag, Control Point, Payload, Arena, King of the Hill and more. Join team RED or BLU and let the excitement begin!

Characters come from different distinct classes that all have their own special abilities. You’l be able to customize your character by gathering different weapons, hats, and more. Download it today and find out why so many people think it’s “one of the greatest video games ever created.”

A screenshot of a dragon from Wizard101

12. Wizard101

Explore the fictional world of Spiral. You’ll start off in Wizard City at the Ravenswood School of Magical Arts. You’ll collect items like shields and spells as you explore the world and combat enemies. You can find other players in the game and you’ll also have a special friend code you can give to your “in real life” friends so they can join you on your journey.

If you love fantasy and magic, this is a great massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) to try out! Just keep in mind that only part of this game is free to play and other sections require a premium upgrade.

A screenshot of the Halo Infinite online game

12. Halo Infinite

Season 4: Infection is the latest update in the Halo universe. The story follows Master Chief as he battles the Banished on Zeta Halo (an open world that players can explore). This multiplayer update is free to play, has an all-new 100 tier Battle Pass and also has fun modes like Infection mode and Capture the Flag. You’ll explore new maps and collect new items while enjoying advanced features of the latest upgrade.

The phantom assassin character in Dota 2

13. Dota 2

Join this multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) where two teams of five will compete against one another. One team must defend a structure called “The Ancient” while the opposing team attempts to destroy it. You’ll have your pick of unusual heroes to play like Batrider, Earthshaker, Crystal Maiden, and Chaos Knight. The game is celebrating its 10th anniversary and if you win a game between August 17, 2023 and September 7, 2023, you’ll receive a commemorative treasure containing one of thirteen special items!

Promo image of Call of Duty: Warzone the free-to-play multiplayer shooter game.

14. Call of Duty: Warzone

This free-to-play battle royale game was nominated for “Best Multiplayer” at The Game Awards 2020. If you’re a fan of shooter games and the Call of Duty series, give it a try while you can! This version of the game is shutting down on September 21, 2023 so the developers can focus on Warzone 2.0.

Caitlyn from League of Legends, the free online game

15. League of Legends

In this fan-favorite team-based strategy game, two teams of five players attempt to take down each other’s bases. You’ll have to clear a path to get there and you can expect to face obstacles along the way.

To play, you’ll first choose your Champion. You have over 160 options and each one has their own special abilities! You’ll also be able to level up your character by gaining experience points. With so many characters and special abilities to use, no game is ever quite the same!

A screenshot from the free-to-play game Rocket League

16. Rocket League

This innovative and addicting game puts a whole new twist on soccer. You’ll play the sport while driving rocket-powered race cars. Use your car to launch the soccer ball into the other team’s net. You can customize your vehicle and explore different tracks. This free-to-play online game has both a multiplayer and a single-player mode. If you love soccer and going to the demolition derby, this game is right up your alley!

Characters from SMITE, one of the best free online games to play with friends


Have you ever dreamed of being a mythological god or goddess? Now you can be! SMITE is fun multiplayer online battle arena where you can wield Thor’s hammer or Poseidon’s trident. You can use the changeling power of The Morrigan or turn your enemies to stone like Medusa. There are currently 40 million players enjoying the bold graphics and action-packed gameplay of SMITE. Will you be the next to join them?

A screenshot from the free online game Runescape

18. RuneScape

Are you a fan of medieval fantasy? Try playing the massively multiplayer role playing game, RuneScape. It’s one of the best free games to play and it has a huge following. You’ll explore different kingdoms in the fictional land of Gielinor where you’ll battle unique monsters and gather various resources.

One unique aspect of RuneScape is that players get to choose their own goals and objectives. Have fun trying different quests or engaging in combat – your experience is truly personal to you! You can use the Friends Chat feature to talk to your buddies along the way!

A screenshot from Lost Ark

19. Lost Ark

This free-to-play role-playing game is another one for fantasy lovers. As dark forces threaten to take over, you’ll explore the world of Arkesia looking for the Lost Ark, the one tool that can restore light to the land. The realm is massive and you can explore different continents, seas, and islands. You’ll meet various beasts and characters from different cultures and classes. This engaging game can be played with friends, or if you prefer, solo.

A screenshot of Fall Guys one of the best free games to play online

20. Fall Guys

Pass the time playing Fall Guys, a multiplayer “party royale” game. Play in competitive or cooperative mode with your friends. Up to 40 players at a time can battle it out! You’ll play chaotic obstacle courses and other fun mini games like soccer. See how long you can last in the game! It features bright and colorful imagery that makes this free game all the more fun!

MARVEL Snap promo picture

21. Marvel Snap

This fast-paced game takes only about 3 minutes and no match is exactly the same! Your job is to build a 12 card deck. Each card has special abilities and depicts a Marvel superhero or villain. Outsmart your opponent by playing your cards at the just the right times! This game has both won and been nominated for several awards. Play today to find out what the buzz is all about!

CATAN Universe is one of the best free games to play

22. Catan Universe

Fans of this classic board game can take the fun online! Catan Universe is free to join and can be accessed through your PC browser or on your mobile device. Create settlements and trade goods. You’ll have to have a good strategy to outsmart your opponents!

Sky: Children of Light is a free mobile game to play

23. Sky: Children of Light  

Have some cozy and wholesome fun in the world of Sky. Try to restore light to the constellations as you make your way through the kingdom solving mysteries, helping others, and making friends. This award-winning and beautifully animated game is one of the top mobile games to play for free in 2023, and the PC version is coming soon!

Hip Tip: Download the mobile app Plato on iOS or Android and you’ll get access to over 45 FREE games that you can play with others.

Best online FREE games to play solo:

The SIMS 4 is one of the best free games to play

24. The Sims 4

One of the best free games to play is The Sims 4. This latest version of the popular game has been FREE to play since December 2022! In The Sims, you can create characters, build your dream house, travel the world, throw parties, and enjoy interesting experiences. If you’re looking for an escape from real life, jump into the world of The Sims!

Genshin Impact characters from the free online game

25. Genshin Impact

Join one of the hottest Free-to-Play Role Playing Games (RPGs), Genshin Impact. This anime action game allows you to control various characters as you explore the fantasy world of Teyvat in search of your lost sibling. Each character has special abilities that can be enhanced in some way. Collect armor and resources as you explore the 7 nations of Teyvat, each with their own special element that you can use to create various effects. Genshin Impact can be downloaded onto a PC, app, or Playstation.

The Third Age RPG promo picture depicting elfs with weapons

26. The Third Age

Fans of Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings trilogy can enjoy this role-playing-game that takes place in Middle Earth. Change up your character, skills, and weapons as you make your way through Middle Earth to conquer Sauron.

Hand holding a phone with Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells game shown on the screen

27. Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

You don’t need to know anyone else to play this fun Harry Potter game! This is one of the free online mobile games where you can play solo, with friends, or with strangers across the globe. Play levels by yourself and move through the series chapter by chapter. Or, join an open club and engage in club challenges and special club puzzles. Collect special creatures to help you blast your way through the puzzles that feature story villains like trolls, acromantulas, and pixies. If you were a fan of Bedazzled or Candy Crush, you’ll enjoy these Potter-themed puzzles too!

Best Fiends, the free mobile game, shown on iphone

28. Best Fiends and Fiend Stars

These addicting puzzle games are rated a whopping 4.8 stars! You can play both of these free mobile games by yourself, though you may make some in-game “friends” along the way. With cute creatures and bold visuals, this is a fun and relaxing game.

You and your “best fiends” must clear each board to beat the slugs that have taken over the world of Minutia. Match the similar icons to clear the board and save the land!

Vampire Survivors shown on a mobile phone

29. Vampire Survivors

One of the free online games you can download to your iPhone or Android is Vampire Survivors. Though there is a new co-op mode of this game, it can also be played solo and even be played offline too. Your mission is to defeat the evil Biscounte Draculó who has summoned monsters and demons to ravage the land. On your way to defeat him, you’ll explore spooky places in rural Italy like a cursed forest and an abandoned dairy plant. Be prepared to fight the dangers along the way!

One of the free online mobile game, Cats and Soup, shown on an iphone

30. Cats and Soup

Calling all cat lovers! This cute and unique mobile game is filled with all the adorable kitties you could want! Your mission is to collect an army of cats who can cook soup out in the woods. You and your crew of cats will develop new recipes, upgrade your facilities, and sell the soup in an effort to accrue as many coins as possible. Download it for iOS or Android.

Soul Knight shown on an iphone

31. Soul Knight

In this free-to-play mobile shooter game, aliens have stolen the magical stone that keeps the earth in balance. Can you defeat them? You’ll have to collect different weapons and conquer various bosses. There are several modes of play. This game is a good one for playing solo, though the creators recently made a multiplayer mode if you’d like your friends to join in the fun! Download this online mobile game for iOS or Android.

Do you have a favorite free game that you love to play? Tell us about it!

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