Owala Is Giving Away 10,000 Free-Sip Water Bottles at 12:16 EST Today ($25 Value!)

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hand holding a water bottle

Save the date for an awesome freebie!

UPDATE: BUMMER! All of the Free Water Bottles have been claimed.

Get ready because today, March 16th at 12:16 EST, Owala will be celebrating their birthday by giving away up to 10,000 Free-Sip 19oz Water Bottles (a $24.99 value)! They aren’t even charging a shipping fee either. 🙌

Don’t worry if you miss out on the freebies because Owala is making everyone a winner! Immediately after the giveaway, they will be offering a Buy One, Get One Free Sale until midnight or while supplies last.

woman drinking from an Owala Water Bottle

The game is simple!

Once the game has started, simply head to Owalalife.com where their website will be turned into a giant game of Hide & Seek.

Gift icons 🎁 will be hidden all over the site for you to find. If you win a water bottle, a form will pop up for you to complete with your information and to select your freebie.

Note that there is a limit of 1 free water bottle per customer. To increase your odds of winning, it’s recommended that you use a desktop computer to search the site for the freebies when the giveaway is live. Good Luck!

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Comments 72

  1. Dani

    Hope they’re ready this year, because it was a MESS last tine!

    • kalynn

      This was listed as a Q&A on the rules page lol What if your site crashes? It probably will. Last year, we were assured by our hosting provider that our site wouldn’t crash. Aaaaaaand…it still did. We’ve beefed up our resources in a big way this year and made many changes to help things go smoother, but let’s be honest—it’ll probably still crash. If it does, hold tight! It should come back up within a few minutes. Free Owala bottles are worth it.

  2. radrzr

    They got you jumping through a few hoops for this one. Not sure if it’s worth the time and trouble…. 🙂

  3. Chris Lavenz

    It will make a great stocking stuffer. I wouldn’t know what to do with it. We don’t use water bottles or bottled water but I hear a lot of the younger generation do. The only time we drink in the car is when we go on road trips. LOL

  4. Mommy2Bear

    Giveaway time has been announced. Good Luck everyone!!!

  5. mani

    They announced 10:16 am MDT , so 12:16 pm EDT !Good luck everyone !

    • atank

      Thank you for letting us know!

  6. CJ

    When it runs out they have the BOGO offer. Last year I couldn’t get in for the freebie (constant site crashing) but I did get the bogo offer and I love it. I’ve never had a bottle with that type of lid (and I have MANY water bottles!!!). I have bought more since, so it was a good advertising scheme for sure 👍

    • pam

      Which lid did you buy that you loved? Would these water bottles be good for 9 year old and 4 year old? Looking to get new water bottles for my little one, these seem like a good choice. How have the held up to falls?

      • Sarah

        We love the flip style. Perfect for kids and keeps the spout germ free!

      • Sarah

        Oops I mean the free sip! And yes they’re good after falls.

  7. Natalie

    Where is the best place to find the gift? Is on product pages?

    I’m kind of lost.


    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Be sure to click back through the links above real soon! It is almost time! 🙌

  8. AmyFL5

    well those went ridiculously fast… loo

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      They sure did!

      • AmyFL5

        I didn’t even get a chance to figure out how to play the game…I always wonder how people get to stuff like this so quickly. They must have super-fast computers or use some sort of bot.

        • Stephani

          If you followed their fb, Instagram or email club it have a hint of meet me at the water cooler. Once the page went live, the top icon said water cooler, then after clicking one of the articles on that page the gift icon was there

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          You had to look for a gift icon to grab one. I’m guessing they popped up randomly throughout the site for those that could score one.

  9. Samantha


    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)


  10. memeof5

    What a scam! Waited and waited. Couldn’t get access anywhere.

  11. vicki

    all gone. always disappointing

  12. Megan T.

    Where was it?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      There were gift icons placed randomly throughout the site that you could search for. Hope that helps!

  13. atank

    Bottles are gone I never saw a thing to click

    • Sangita Divvela

      same here 🙁

  14. Bella Tang

    Did anyone get a free bottle?

  15. Laurie

    I actually got one! I entered all my info, so hoping it really comes

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Woohoo! Congrats, Laurie! SO exciting!

    • Cat

      Same here!

  16. Kathy M.

    Thank you! I was able to grab one the first place I looked.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SWEET! Happy to hear how easily you were able to snag one!

  17. Iowagirl63

    Good grief that was stressful. For nothing. lol

  18. Ursolina

    10,000 bottle claimed in 4 minutes. Wow!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      They sure went fast!

  19. Beth

    Got one! That was fast and furious! So much fun!

    Thanks for the remider.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Woohoo! You’re welcome, Beth! 🎉🥰

    • Jess

      Did it come up free in the cart after you put your info in? They said I won one but.. it doesn’t say free. I’m confused.

  20. rachyb

    Gone already! I sat there and watched that timer and didn’t even get one. I only saw two boxes and they were already gone. Oh well!

  21. Amanda

    I did not get a bottle but it says on all the gifts that I did.

    • Raina

      Same for me!

  22. Tobie

    What a joke almost impossible to find icon and of cause all gone I have to stop trying giveaways you have to be really lucky

  23. Dawn

    Thanks for the heads up! I got one right away!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I’m so glad to hear that, Dawn! You’re most welcome!

  24. Jane

    Got a one! I choose a black bottle!!! 🙂 Thanks!!!

    • Hunterwoody


    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Nice score! You’re welcome, Jane!

  25. Princess’Mom

    All gone! 😂

  26. Stephani

    I got one right away, mainly due to the Facebook hint of water color. Super excited to get it!

  27. Deb

    I have a hard time believing this was legitimate. So many were gone in the first second.

  28. rachyb

    It keeps telling me I already won. I didn’t!

  29. loretta

    Well that was anticlimactic. I never even saw a dang gift box to click. Got my heart racing for nothing 🤣🤣

  30. Macheal

    I was able to snag one! No issues with site crashing.

  31. Cass

    Don’t buy from this company! Scam artists!

    • Amy

      I have to agree. Since I participated yesterday, I’ve gotten many, many scam emails, especially from a company called Sweet Co. I wish I never sent in my email. I’m not sure if I should unsubscribe from the unknown senders or if unsubscribing will do absolutely nothing…except maybe encourage more spam.
      Anyone else experience this?? Obviously our emails were sold immediately to scammers.😡

  32. pam

    was able to grab one, as soon as it opened I went to the
    About Us’ section.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome! Thanks for letting us know how you scored yours!

    • Terri

      That is the first place I clicked also but I didn’t see any icons.

  33. Terri

    I got in at the very start and never found one gift icon. Does anyone know where they were located?

  34. rachyb

    Did anyone actually get one?

    • tnn

      I got one, went to the blog section.

    • CJ

      I found the gift, clicked on it, entered my name and my email and it didn’t have a submit button…i finally had to shut down that window and it said “are you sure, you will lose your bottle” but I couldn’t get my bottle anyway…so it was a bust for me. However, if you want an awesome bottle w/ a cool top, take advantage of the BOGO offer, that is how i got mine last 3/16 and they are my all time favorite bottles!

    • Dawn

      I got one right away. Immediately went to the stickers section. Just received a confirmation email a few minutes ago.

  35. Vikky

    when i went through the link it says you already got a free bottle. I see the logo. And no, I was not able to fill in my information, and for some reason even if i re open link says same thing

  36. kiera

    I clicked on at least 10 pages (no lie) and only 2 of them had boxes that were already grayed out. Nice gesture for making people search the site, but I think it was kind of silly…

  37. BobbyAnn34

    Does anyone know if they send confirmation emails? It says I got one, but an email confirming it would be super awesome, LOL!

    • KCha

      I received a confirmation email. I hope yours came through!

      • BobbyAnn34

        I did finally get the email, congrats on getting one too!!

  38. Ashley

    LOL they’re deleting all of the reviews on the bottles! They’re having to do some serious damage control. This was really chaotic; not well prepared.
    I didn’t get a freebie, but I did order with the BOGO.

  39. Katie

    Yay! I got one

  40. FedUp

    Wow, what’s wrong with people? They had a giveaway that was advertised very well and thousands of people were trying to win a free bottle. I tried, too. I found several gift icons on various pages but they all said the bottles from them had already been won. Oh well. I tried, I didn’t win one. That doesn’t make it a scam. That doesn’t make them an awful company. It just means that thousands of people were all trying at once and not everybody can win! This is what happened because of “everyone gets a trophy” and it’s ridiculous. Not everyone can win the contest or it wouldn’t be a contest.

    • Amy

      I agree with you completele that never everyone can win. What I don’t appreciate is having junk emails start coming as soon as I submitted my info and they’re showing no signs of stopping. What I’m angry about is having my email in the hands of many that I never consented too. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth that my space is being invaded. If I didn’t receive the spam (or the free bottle) I wouldn’t be angry.

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