The 10 Best Cooling Bed Sheets of 2022

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Cooling bed sheets will get you through those hot summer nights!

woman laying in bed sleeping with the best cooling bed sheets

Things are getting hot up in here! 🔥

These 5 best cooling bed sheets can save you from suffering night sweats, menopause, or just because it’s so dang hot. As your body changes temperature through the night, these sheet sets keep you cool by using moisture-wicking fabric that absorbs heat and we’re sharing the best ones to buy!

These are the 10 best cooling bed sheets of 2022:

1. Stay cool in these brushed microfiber sheets by CGK Unlimited.

bedroom with dark wood furniture and best cooling bed sheets

CGK Unlimited Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets$27.99+ (regularly $37.99+) 

These highly rated sheets have over 135K 5-star Amazon reviews! 😱 Along with having the cooling feature that you’re looking for, they also claim to be wrinkle-free. Win, win! They are made of high-quality brushed microfiber that is made to be softer and lighter to the touch.

Love having white sheets? Keep them crisp and white with our tips on how to wash white sheets without bleach!

“We are very pleased with these sheets! They are lightweight and not hot at all (big factor and one microfiber sheets usually fail at). They come out of the dryer wrinkle-free and look so nice on the bed. They’re made for a very deep mattress – I purchased this set to fit a hospital bed covered with a deep memory foam topper.

As far as durability we’ve been alternating between using these and a cotton set since October and these are his favorite and still look brand new. I recommend these without reservation…and it’s August in Florida so enough said!” – Leah

2. Sleep comfortably on soft bamboo sheets from Hotel Sheets Direct.

man laying on the best cooling bed sheets

We all know that hotels have some of the most luxe beds that we’ve ever slumbered in so when we find a great set of sheets that comes straight from the source, we’re all over it. These sheets from Hotel Sheets Direct are 100% bamboo sheets and are exceptionally cooling.

As one reviewer said, you need at least 76 sets of these cooling bed sheets because they’re just that amazing!

“Buy these sheets. Matter of fact, I might even buy another set tonight because that’s how much I love these sheets – they’re like golden spun angel hair fibers straight from God himself.

Let me explain something to you about bamboo fabric…my wife LOVES bamboo, when we had our kids she got bamboo onesies and little blankies. As soon as I felt them I realized the hype. Bamboo feels like French fries taste right out of the fryer. Bamboo feels like rayon, jersey, microfiber, and silk had a child and it was perfect. Buy the sheets. Trust me.

Was I paid for this review? No! I’m a 30-year-old man, laying in my bed writing this from the everlasting comfort of these sheets – half the time I wonder where the hanging grapes are above my head as I lay in these sheets. When I wait to enter the gates of Heaven I’m bringing these sheets because I’ll need a backup if their sheets aren’t this boujie.” – Todd

3. Choose Cuddledown and you’ll sleep on sheets worthy of the spa.

woman with arms spread out sitting on her bed

Speaking of hotel sheets, our very own Collin literally bought the sheets her hotel had because they were just that good. These sheets from Cuddledown are sateen, which is lightweight and breathable. Plus, it’s the closest thing you can get to satin without the expensive cost and fragile nature. It’s truly a win, win. You can also opt to buy the full sheet set to save a bit more (which is what Collin did), set includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases.

“I took my sister to a spa in Arizona for a girl’s getaway trip in January and the place we stayed at had the most amazing cooling bed sheets ever!!! We were both so obsessed because they were so cozy and soft, and we literally felt like we were sleeping in a crisp, yet luxurious cloud.

We asked the hotel where we could buy them and the brand, then I immediately hopped online to grab some. The prices were actually pretty reasonable compared to what I thought they’d be and they’re so worth it!” – Collin

4. These percale sheets from Parachute get better with age.

wood canopy bed with tons of green plants

Want sheets that just get better and better over time? These sheets are rated as some of the best cooling bed sheets from Good Housekeeping, and although they’re on the pricier side, they’re something you’ll snuggle up with for years to come!

The percale fabric is pill-resistant, strong, and has very minimal shrink, making them some of the top performers for sheets overall! Just keep in mind that flat sheets are sold separately since most Parachute lovers opt to just use their lush duvets.

“I bought these as a splurge and I’m so glad I did! These sheets are warm but don’t make you feel hot or feel at all over-heated. They’re crisp and stay on my mattress better than any sheets I’ve ever had.

With other sheets, I usually always have to pull the corners down and my top sheet always comes untucked but that hasn’t happened once with these sheets! I definitely recommend these to anyone!” – Caroline  

Hip Tip: Want to grab these sheets on sale? Twice a year (around Memorial Day and Cyber Monday) Parachute will host big sales where you can score your new bedding at discount. We promise you won’t be disappointed, but even then, they still have a 60-day trial. 🤗

5. Spoil yourself with linen sheets from Casaluna.

linen sheet set

If you’re wanting something truly cooling, linen bed sheets are the way to go. Oftentimes, linen can be super expensive, especially when it comes to sheets! However, Target’s line of Casaluna sheets provides 100% linen fabric at a much more affordable price so you can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter!

While they’re still on the spendier side, they’re not even close to the cost you’ll find at other trendy retailers. They’re also offered in many different colors, so you can go for subtle or as rich as you want! Treat yo’ self! 

“These are honestly the best 100% linen sheets I’ve found and they’re about $100 cheaper than other brands I considered! Gorgeous, feel a bit rough, but soften perfectly after the first wash and tumble dry. The clay color with my olive color jersey quilt looks so rich! I think these sheets will be a year-round win in the D.C. area even in winter.” — Casey

6. Enjoy the elegance of SLEEP ZONE cooling sheets.

sleep zone cooling sheets

SLEEP ZONE Microfiber Striped Cooling Sheets – $27.99+ (regularly $31.99+)

Get luxury for a low price! These elegant cooling bed sheets by SLEEP ZONE are fabric treated with NANOTEX Coolest Comfort Technology. The moisture-wicking fabric balances body temperature and pulls moisture away from the skin. You’ll love the microfiber that is fade-resistant and breathable. Plus, it dries WAY faster than plain cotton. Prepare for a cozy night’s sleep when you use these ultra-soft sheets.

“These sheets are smooth and cool. The colors are vibrant! I purchased the dark teal for my king-size bed. They were so nice that I decided to buy the gray for my full-size, guest bed. Can hardly wait for my family to try them out!” – Janece

7. These breathable 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets will keep you cool.

Jefferson Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Sleep in luxury when you use this upscale 650-thread-count cotton sheet set from Wayfair. This soft and breathable bedding stays cool to the touch and is perfect for use year-round. Not only are these sheets machine washable, but they won’t pill after washing. They even have a slight shimmer due to their sateen weave and are available in 19 different colors.

This luxury sheet set does come with a higher price tag, so we recommend you buy this product when on sale. Currently, you can scoop up this set for almost 63% off. Get it while you can, because this price won’t last long!

“These have to be the best sheets I’ve ever purchased. They are extremely soft, but unlike other soft sheets I have had before, they do not absorb all your body heat. They actually keep you cool.” – Brett

These sheets are fabulous. They are more structured than any sateen sheets I’ve purchased before, but they still feel silky. I have washed them a few times now and they have remained the same feel which is hard to come by. They also remain cool and crisp all night which helps keep us comfortable. I will be recommending these to all my friends and family.” – Caitlyn

8. Beat the heat with Bamboo Bay cooling bed sheets.

bamboo bay cooling bed sheets

Bamboo Bay Luxury Cooling Bed Sheets 6pc Set $89.98
Clip the coupon to save 5% at checkout
Final price just $85.48 shipped!

Made of 100% viscose from bamboo, this 300-thread-count sheet set is so soft you’ll never want to get out of bed! The moisture-wicking fabric is ideal for hot sleepers and those with night sweats. These cooling sheets are made from Bamboo Bay, a small, veteran-owned business that is based in the USA. They use organic and sustainable materials that are hypoallergenic. If you aren’t in love with your new sheets, you’ll get your money back due to Bamboo Bay’s 180-night guarantee!

“We live in Southern Texas where it gets HOT! These sheets are comfortable and keep us cool all night. We are considering purchasing another set.” – April

9. Sleep comfortably in a soft and cool sheet set.

Columbia Soft and Cool bed sheets

Columbia Soft & Cool Performance Sheet Set – $139.99+

Stock up and save! Buy a second set for 1/2 off!

Many customers report being repeat buyers of Columbia’s Soft and Cool Performance Bed Sheets. These soft and silky sheets will stay put as you sleep. They are large enough to fit a deeper mattress or one with a mattress top. Most importantly, the cooling action actually works!

“I am so impressed with these sheets, with other sheets I usually wake up sweating and I never do with these sheets. They stay on the bed and are super comfy. I ordered another set because they are the best I’ve ever found.” – Karen

10. These Bella Coterie bamboo sheets are splurge-worthy.

Bella Coterie Luxury Bed Sheets - cooling action

Bella Coterie Luxury Bamboo Sheet Set – $119.99+ (regularly 129.99+)

Want cooling bed sheets so soft that you’ll be in a state of bliss? Look no further than these 400-thread-count bamboo viscose sheets by Bella Coterie. They get softer with every wash! You’ll love the silky feel of these lightweight and breathable sheets made from organic bamboo. They are also hypoallergenic, so those with sensitive skin can enjoy them too! Choose between seven dreamy colors like champagne and sea glass.

“Softness, coolness (for me), and a good fit on our mattress we’re of primary importance. This set of sheets and pillowcases exceeds any other sheets we have ever experienced. Very, very soft with a luxury feeling of ‘heft’ about them while keeping me cool at night. And they are no problem even after repeated washings to fit on our mattress. Highly recommended!” – Robert

Upgrading more than your sheets? Check out these great blankets!

About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 8+ years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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Comments 40

  1. Eva

    Thanks for this! I get so hot in the summer and it’s hard to sleep. I just didn’t know where to look to find cooling sheets.

    • Sara

      You’re so welcome, Eva!

  2. Mary

    I live in FL and it’s hot here year round. I would appreciate it if anyone that has any of these listed above could comment on how cooling AND soft they really are. I’m desperate to find that combination. I’ve spent so much money on sheets to find that it may be one OR the other but the combination has been hard to find. I am normally hot as is and living in FL is unbearable sometimes. Thank you in advance for your honest feedback.

    • Jess

      Hey Mary, I recently upgraded to a Purple Mattress and it is a much cooler sleep situation. Look up their videos on YouTube, the mattress is created differently and allows airflow. It doesn’t hold in the heat. That would be much more expensive than new sheets, but it is the most luxurious mattress I’ve ever slept on.

      • mary

        Thank you, Jess! I will check it out. Appreciate you taking the time to let me know. Have a great day! 🙂

    • CW

      Hi Mary
      I live in South FL so I know exactly what you are saying. We use Sheex. Look at Sheex .com. We originally bought them at Bed Bath and Beyond 15 years ago. They are pricey but cool and soft. We bought 2 sets and rotate them every week. Wash and dry on delicate, again we have had those 2 sets for 15 years and they show zero wear and tear and are cool and soft. I have fibromyalgia so comfort is a big thing for me. Hope this helps. See if Bed Bath and Beyond still has them and use a 20% coupon or when you visit the Sheex site they offer to email you a 10% off coupon. 🙂

      • Mary

        Thanks CW! I’m from Douth Florida as well. Cooper City to be exact. Will check out Sheex. My daughter has eczema and I’m hoping this helps her too.

    • rebecca

      hi, we lived in AZ for years, and i did all the same money-wasting that you are talking about. i OBSESSIVELY researched sheets and bedding, and i cannot recommend highly enough — 100% bamboo sheets from Cariloha.
      i always describe them to people as, “it’s like the cold side of your pillow and a cloud had a baby.”
      yes, they are spendy, nearly $200, but they are a true luxury that is worth it to me. AND, they have a lifetime guarantee that the company cheerfully complied with when i had an issue once, no hassle at all, so you can buy them once, and have them forever.
      i HAVE also tried the exact same bamboo sheets that are listed in this post, and i did not think they are as soft as Cariloha, and i don’t know if their customer service could be as stellar.
      sorry to talk so long, but i truly felt like they were life-changing, as getting a better night’s sleep consistently WILL improve your life. i had put off the purchase of expensive sheets for a long time, and i sadly realized that buying 5 other kinds that the internet recommended that ended up being letdowns was not a better option.
      i think around some shopping holidays about twice a year, you can get 25% off on their website. watch for a sale if you need to. i know AZ doesn’t have the same humidity problem as FL, but they sell these all over the Caribbean where it is HUMID like FL, so i imagine the results would be similar.
      i wash on gentle with no fabric softener.
      good luck.

      • Taryn S.

        Totally agree with you on 100% bamboo! Southern Arizonan here too and I’ll never go back! The only thing people have to watch for is bamboo derivatives…those are synthetic (less than half natural fibers) and usually not cool AT ALL!

    • rebecca

      we lived in AZ for years, and i obsessively researched online, and tried multiple kinds that people liked. now we only use 100% bamboo sheets from Cariloha, and i cannot recommend them highly enough.
      i always describe these like if ‘the cold side of your pillow and a cloud had a baby.’
      AZ and FL humidity are so different, but this brand is sold all over the Caribbean, too, and that weather is similar to yours, so i hope you’d find your results the same.
      they are almost $200 per set for a queen, BUT they have a lifetime guarantee. one set i bought got a small snag in the sheet, and the company replaced the full set with no hassle. so you only have to invest once. it’s a bargain compared to buying multiple other kinds that are uncomfortable.
      honestly, i felt like they were life-changing, because getting a better night’s sleep consistently WILL improve your life. sorry if that seems dramatic.
      i wash on gentle, no fabric softener.
      i’ve also tried the bamboo ones listed in this post, from Amazon, and i didn’t find them as soft. Cariloha are the softest and smoothest i have tried anywhere.
      sorry to go on so long, but i truly love this one luxury item in my life. they have online sales about twice a year where they offer 25% off everything on their website. or you may have a store location in your area where you could go feel them. good luck.

      • Mary

        Thanks Rebecca! I will look into it.

  3. Katibell

    We love sheex

  4. avantika

    Thank you for posting the cooling sheets. I feel so hot in summer that I can sleep peacefully. Can anyone suggest cooling mattress and mattress pad as mine is just very hot. Time to replace it. Just thought to give a chance by adding cooling topper.

  5. Yvonne

    I love peach skin sheets. They feel great and stay very cool. They are also really reasonably priced especially since I have a CA king. They run a sheet of the month and you can get sheets as low as $65.00.
    I also love sheex. These are a much different feeling, but also stay very cool. A little more pricey, but worth it.

    • Sara

      Those sounds wonderful, thanks for sharing, Yvonne!

    • CW

      Yup we use Sheex too, feel the same way you do, have a waterbed and Sheex come in a CA King size and fit king size waterbeds.

  6. Josie

    The coolest sheets are 100% cotton percale with a LOW thread count. Sateen weaves and high thread counts only hold in the heat. I never go higher than 300 thread count – but the last ones I bought for a twin bed were 100% cotton percale with 200 thread count. SO cool and get softer with every wash. This aid with coolness is essential due to hot flashes combined with the oppressive heat and humidity of the Gulf Coast.

    • David

      I love percale sheets as well. They remind me of the sheets we had when I was growing up. So nice and crisp & cool. Would never go back to sateen.

    • Rose

      Is there a specific brand you recommend ?

      • Josie

        Hi, Rose – It’s hard to find percale these days. The most recent ones I bought (about 5 years ago) were at Target. Threshold brand. They were 300 thread count but were a brushed, “ultra-soft” finish — not my favorite finish but they have held up very well with no pilling. The 200 thread count ones were also from Target – Room Essentials, I think. Percale seems to last forever so my favorite ones are those I’ve had for many years…a couple with the extinct Cannon brand, older Wamsutta (new ones not so much). The best, softest, and coolest I ever had were from Walmart but they wore out years ago. I don’t know what quality is in the stores now. Just look for the percale label, thread count and 100% cotton.

        • Rose

          Thank you Josie!

      • Hipgrandma

        I believe Penney’s has percale sheets. I love their basic Home brand

  7. Rose

    Anyone has tips for a cooling blanket and/ or pillows?

  8. Kimberly Michelle

    I just bought Percale sheets from Quince and they’re absolutely wonderful!

  9. zuni

    Walmart has 100 % cotton sheets too. And they r pretty nice too. Much cheaper then these above

  10. obler

    Living the AZ, hottest summer ever recorded, life this summer. I purchased linen sheets from Target’s Threshold brand. They’re 55% linen and 45% cotton. I find them cooler than others. I’m interested in bamboo now. Thanks for all the great comments everyone.

  11. Harvest

    We found some Serta Cooling Sheets at Burlington for 19.99 a set for Queen size!! They are fantastic!! They fit deep mattresses and the pillowcases are a nice big size!

  12. Loretta

    I don’t know how they do it, but somehow my Sheex keep me cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold out. Love them, well made and sturdy too. Wash them over and over, nothing coming apart or thinning. 💘

  13. Jennifer Robertson-Hill

    Where did Collin get the comforter?

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hers is from Down to Basics, but forewarning – it’s a splurge purchase:

  14. Brenda

    Can you tell me what duvet and comforter Colin uses in her cuddle cloud video

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Brenda! They are from Down to Basics. You can find them over here.

  15. Kat

    Where did you get the down comforter when you advertised the sheets on fb? It is so fluffy. I love it.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks, Kat! They are not cheap. The brand is Down to Basics.

  16. Liz

    I splurged on the Cozy Earth bamboo sheets and a chilisleep system. I’m in FL and they were worth every penny!

  17. Katibell


  18. Joey

    FYI, Costco has special events for Sheex sheets (ends 7/3) and Cariloha sheets (ends 7/17).

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing with us, Joey! 💕

  19. Melissa J

    I have chronic illness that is an immune inflammatory disease, along with living in the deep south and going thru menopause. I’m bedridden most of the time, and was constantly drenched in sweat. So over the past couple years I’ve done loads of research and have tried -and returned- so many cooling sheets, along with many assorted cooling products, seeking any relief. I’ve tried most of the ones listed, along with ones from other comments and a bunch more. So I wanted to share what finally brought relief and really made a difference.
    Sheets and pillowcases from two brands:
    (1) Sheets and Giggles eucalyptus sheets. Sooo soft and always cool. They’ve just come out with a mattress too that looks very enticing.
    (2) Sheex sheet set, mattress pad, and cooling eye mask. Slippery icy Wonderfulness!
    The Sheex mattress pad I also use under the Sheets and Giggles sheets.
    I can’t recommend these two brands enough, if you truly need cooling relief!

    • Nicole (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you for offering so much helpful information, Melissa J! No doubt that other readers will find this information useful.

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