This Clean Product Line Takes the Guess Work Out of my Skincare Routine (+ Exclusive Promo Code!)

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hand holding dropper from ghost democracy hyaluronic acid

I won’t be ghosting these products anytime soon!

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten the chance to rave about skincare so when I got the opportunity to try out the offerings from Ghost Democracy, y’all know I had to jump at it. 🙌 I can be kind of picky with what gets added to my regular routine, so I tested out their complete collection to get the full scope of how well this brand works.

ghost democracy softglow facial oil

For starters, this stuff is clean!

One of my favorite practices from skincare brands is transparency in their ingredients, and Ghost Democracy doesn’t shy away from sharing that in information at all. In fact, it’s right on the front of most of the packaging!

hand hold ghost democracy skincare package

Aside from what’s in the products, a key thing to note is what’s NOT included, being no sulfates, parabens, silicones, essential oils, fragrance, drying alcohols, formaldehyde, phthalates, synthetic dyes, PEG compounds, MEA / DEA / TEA, or EDTA. They’ve even got a dedicated page to their restricted ingredients — yup, they care that much!

woman in mirror using skincare products

And Ghost Democracy helps you know what order you should apply!

To me, even someone pretty well seasoned in skincare, this is a game changer. I’m ALWAYS curious what order I should be applying serums, eye creams, lotion, sunscreen, etc. and it seems like different brands have different preferences.

bottle of ghost democracy serum with application instructions

Instead of having to consult a website or memorize the order, all of the Ghost Democracy products do you a solid by having it spelled out on the back of the bottle — so smart and helpful!

complete collection from ghost democracy

So, what are the stand out products, you ask?

I have to say, there wasn’t a single product I didn’t love in the complete collection. If you treat yourself and get it all, you’ll receive the following:

  • Softglow, Facial Oil: A must for bedtime, especially if you want your skin to be silky soft in the morning. And it’s not as heavy as many other facial oils (read: no tugging on your skin to spread it around…win!)

woman holding bottle of ghost democracy hyaluronic acid

And the honorable mention goes to Floodgate, Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

I know it’s not everyone’s intention to go out and buy a whole new set of skincare, but if you make any purchase from Ghost Democracy without going all out, make it their hyaluronic acid.

holding dropper above bottle of ghost democracy hyaluronic acid

Honestly, this is my favorite skincare product to try from any brand. It’s easy to apply, shows nearly instant results, and just makes your skin better over time. Floodgate does just that, and it’s a great product for ALL skin types, so I feel confident recommending it to anyone reading this post right now.

ghost democracy skincare samples in front of complete collection

And better yet, you’ll score 2 free samples on every order so you can test drive what you’re eyeing for your next Ghost Democracy order — Sweet!

Check out the awesome deals you can score with our exclusive promo code!

box full of ghost democracy products

Want just one product? Go with my favorite!

Ghost Democracy Floodgate Hyaluronic Acid $34
Use promo code HIP2SAVE at checkout
Score 2 free samples in your cart
Final cost just $26.52

Flat rate ground shipping is $5, or free on orders over $40.

Want free shipping? Check out the Starter Kit!

Ghost Democracy, The Starter Kit $66 (regularly $86)
Use promo code HIP2SAVE at checkout
Score 2 free samples in your cart
Final cost just $51.48 shipped!

Want it ALL?! You’ll score over $70 off!

Ghost Democracy, The Complete Collection $138 (regularly $180)
Use promo code HIP2SAVE at checkout
Score 2 free samples in your cart
Final cost just $107.64 shipped!

Check out the full line up of products over on!

About the writer:

Emily obtained her Bachelor's degrees from Clarkson University with 5 years of content writing experience specializing in health, beauty, fashion, home, & living frugally.

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Comments 32

  1. Mi

    Eczema is safe?

    • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Mi! You’ll want to look into this based on each item you’re interested in, but in their restricted ingredients list, they specifically point out benzalkonium chloride which is a common irritant for those with eczema. You can check out more of what the brand *doesn’t* use in their products here!

      • Mi

        Thank you 😊

    • Kathleen

      Not gluten free, so not Celiac safe 😥

  2. Aunt Mae

    Is it cruelty-free/ no animal testing?
    How does this compare to The Ordinary skincare line? Thoughts anyone?
    Thank you!

    • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Aunt Mae! So I have used plenty of products from The Ordinary and Deciem’s higher-tiered Hylamide, which I think would be the more comparable sub-brand. While The Ordinary products are cheaper, their concentrations tend to be lower so the potency of the active ingredients isn’t quite the same. I do also think the serums feel a touch thicker from Ghost Democracy, though they’re still easily spreadable! Ghost Democracy products are also all cruelty-free and vegan ☺️

    • Laura

      I e never tried this one, but I’ve been using the Ordinary products for several years now and I am SO happy with them. SO affordable and they work amazingly well! I just turned 40 a month ago and my skin has never been better.

  3. StaceyW

    Was this a paid product recommendation?

    • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there, StaceyW! Full transparency — yes, Ghost Democracy did send me these products for free to try out and share on the site. That said, anytime we’re approached by a brand, we put their products through a vetting process (hence why I tried these for a minimum of 2 weeks, and I’m still using them!) If they aren’t products our team would personally purchase, we won’t post… plain and simple. And believe me, this has happened plenty of times!

      So while I did end up getting these products for free, all the thoughts and opinions on this skincare line are truly my own. No talking points sheet, no post guidelines, just me happily raving. Oh, and trying to hook you all up with a sweet deal! 🙂

      I hope that clears up any confusion!

      • Miranda L

        This is why I love reviews by Hip2Save. Their opinions can never be bought.

        • Jenna Maioli

          Hahahaha yeah — ok

  4. Olivinelily

    And what makes this different about The Ordinary brand you raved so much about and recommended? Not that I’m complaining about The Ordinary company, I’m not. I just don’t trust someone who raves endlessly about one brand then goes and switches it up and raves about another like the first brand wasn’t as magical as they made it out to be. Makes you start to think your reviews are purely for personal profit.

    • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Olivinelily! While I have used a bunch of products from The Ordinary, that post you’re referencing was written by my Hip teammate Cass! Personally, I change up my skincare ALL the time — my beauty counter has had so many different products come and go, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. 😂 New innovations hit the market, new brands come to light, and new sales make it even more enticing for me to give some different products a shot.

      I definitely would not want to come off as not trustworthy in a recommendation, but even when I love a certain product, it doesn’t stop my curiosity in trying what else is out there. Additionally, it comes down to what works best for everyone. Different concentration levels in the active ingredients between the two brands can play a big role in the effectiveness for different people and skin types, or the speed at which results start to be shown.

      At the end of the day, we just want to have all the options for all product categories that our team has tried and loved available to our readers, especially when we’re able to secure a sweet promo code for y’all in the process! Hip2Save is made up of so many women who not only share the same love for certain brands, but also have individual preferences, which makes the team opinions in our product reviews so great! Hope that makes sense 🤗

    • tipaye

      I believe it’s fully possible to like more than one product line at a time (while feeling it does an amazing job), and to also use your own discretion when making personal choices—ya know, researching and adulting. There are a lot of skincare choices out there and these are just reviews based on the teams preferences. Feel free to zip your wallet, or even better your…Happy Holidays! 🙂

  5. chesca

    Sometimes I feel that these sponsored posts are no better than Amazon (one example) and the companies that pay for good reviews. Very rarely if ever does Hip2save post about items that are not worth the money. Everytime a sponsored post comes up here there’s always “conveniently” an exclusive code to get a discount that benefits hip2save. I feel that depending how lucrative the payout to Hip2save is, is how wonderful the product is and how its amazing we ever lived without it. I am sure someone will remind me that this is their business….to make money and sell products. I’m well aware, I understand business. Lately I’ve just been noticing many Amazon deals are followed up with “awesome reviews” or “thousands of 5 star reviews” but if you dig a little deeper into said reviews, they were rewarding the reviewer with the product free. I am appreciative beyond belief of many of the deals and scores I’ve found on this site, but I think it’s losing more of the mom and pop aspect of years ago. We see it on sites like Amazon…reviews can be and are bought with free products.

    • tipaye

      I semi-agree with the parts of this comment regarding Amazon products. It may be hard for the team to tell which companies pay for fake reviews, though. As far as sponsored posts, if a company approaches them and its *genuinely* a good product…share the wealth! We all have free-will and can decide if a product is great for us…or not. I feel the sponsored posts feed into the blog-like feel, who some enjoy and others don’t. The site has very much grown from the older days, and I think, as with all other companies and blogs, there are benefits and disadvantages of this. At the end of the day, it’s up to us all to conduct our own research 🙂

      • Dee

        They could easily use Fakespot to sort out the fake reviews, as another blog I follow does. Also, I read reviews like this, and there wasn’t one nitpick of any of the products tried. That’s a red flag for me. In the past, I have emailed my concerns to Hip2Save about a product which was a totally ineffective, sham of a product. I received an email back that there were people interested in buying it. It’s important to “consider the source” on reviews and make your own smart decisions. Get several opinions from multiple sources.

    • Miranda L

      If you’ve followed Hip2Savs for any length of time, you’ll know that they are always honest. That’s why Collin is the only coupon site I trust.

      • chesca

        Hi Miranda I did not at all say anyone was being dishonest. I didn’t even say the people giving reviews on Amazon were being dishonest. I simply pointed out that when you receive a product for free and then incentives on each one you sell thereafter the chance of an inflated review are high. Maybe the product was decent or so-so. If a company is making money on each one sold they surely are going to word the review on it to point out the best attributes of the product and downplay what wasn’t so great or they didn’t like. Amazon is a business..hip2save is a business. The people at hip2save are not doing this as a hobby. They try items and pick their best to advertise. They are not filling a sales blog with items not to buy. They are toting decent items with good enough and sometimes over the top reviews to get us to purchase them in order to make them money too. Like stated above.. this week it’s product A, next week B, followed up by C. Nearly identical products but it’s a new and different company throwing out incentives to different sites and blogs. I do my own research and don’t fall victim to overly exaggerated claims. Again remember these toted items were given to these blog sites for free and they make commission on every sale.

        • Dee

          Agreed. I would like to see the standard disclosure most bloggers use, which states that they received free product for review and a percentage of the sales. We need more transparency in this world.

          • Jenna Maioli

            Yes every other blog, slick deals, free stuff times, krazy coupon lady ALL have disclaimers. I always wonder why this site doesn’t? Many comments lean towards people seeming to think this site is someone’s hobby and not a lucrative business. Lots of people don’t realize this so I do think ethically it should be included in every deal and offering like other sites. Not just here and there.

        • Miranda L

          Have you ever read Collin’s story?

  6. Ann

    What size is the bottle in your photo? when I click on the link it is only one ounce/30mL but that bottle you are holding looks huge.

  7. Barbara Lashinsky

    Bottom line and something to think about. Hip2Save has been around for quite some time. I have been following the site since the very beginning. Has Hip2Save saved me money? You better believe it!!! This site does all the work and I reap the benefits. Have I ever been charged a single penny for this wisdom? Nope!!! All free for the taking. It breaks my heart when I see comments that dent the dignity of this site…I can’t begin to imagine how they feel. Everyone at Hip2Save….thank you for every penny you have helped me keep in my wallet!

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Aw, thanks so much, Barbara!!

    • Loudflower

      Well said.

    • Fraserboysmom

      Totally agree Barbara!

  8. Fraserboysmom

    I think we should remember the gift card giveaways yesterday as well as the giveaways the H2S girls are doing on the 5th. Personally, I have saved so much money and learned so many new things, and the fact that this team turns right around and gives back to their supporters is amazing. I don’t need a disclaimer on anything they review, this is one of the most honest, trustworthy and friendly site of this nature out there.

  9. Darla

    I wish Hip2save was as it was years ago. Showing us deals and sales Etc. Now there’s product and store endorsements. I don’t know when their telling me what a great thing something is without getting it for free or getting paid to promote it. I’m sad

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hey, Darla! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      While Hip2Save was born based on deals (and believe me, we still love them), our community has grown over the years which means so have the requests for content. Readers often ask for various “best-of” product round-ups, specific product reviews, and coverage of certain brands.

      However, we do thoroughly vet brands/products to make sure the quality meets the cost. We truly put you readers as our #1 priority when deciding to post anything.

      We’ll never stop posting the deals because we love them just as much as you, and we’re posting more than ever! If it helps, most of the deal posts will be categorized as deals so you can see them directly when you bookmark this page: Hope this helps! Thanks again for sharing your feedback!

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