This Mindvalley “Quest” Was Life-Changing For Me… And It Didn’t Cost Me a Cent!

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holding a phone open to Mindvalley App

All the things you really wish you learned in school are available on Mindvalley.

I love learning new things, but I shudder to think about how much money I spent in college taking classes that I have no use for now. I sure wish I could go back and swap some of those “filler courses” for knowledge that would actually improve my life today, like speed reading, public speaking, and positive parenting.

Mindvalley’s Masterclasses fill in the gaps left by traditional education.

Unfortunately, most schools aren’t teaching the life skills that will have the biggest impact on our lives, like the management of physical health, mindset, relationships, and overall wellbeing. Thankfully, learning is a lifelong process, so it’s still possible to learn the things we missed out on in school. Mindvalley is an online learning platform with courses that aim to help people do just that!

Launched in 2002 by Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley was designed to teach people the skills that matter most in life. These masterclasses have been used by over 10 million students along with governments, Fortune 500 companies, and educational institutions to help people make big changes in their lives.

Please note: Though we were paid to write this post, the opinions and statements regarding Mindvalley are our own.

A woman sleeping in bed

For me, that big change was finally learning how to sleep.

That statement seems a little embarrassing, now that I’m seeing it in writing. I mean, babies sleep, so how hard could it really be? But the truth is, I’ve been sleep-deprived since I was a teenager. I thought it was normal for my eyelids to feel like cement until about 10 AM. Becoming a mom has only led to more sleep deprivation, of course! For the longest time, I never felt rested, and it was starting to affect every aspect of my life.

holding tablet with Mindvalley courses

I was just 20 minutes a day from having a breakthrough.

I first heard about Mindvalley in 2020, when it started becoming popular with people eager to focus on self-improvement during the pandemic. When I heard they had a Master of Sleep Quest, I signed up with the hope that this course could help me find the root of my exhaustion and put me on the path toward better sleep.

One of the reasons I chose Mindvalley is because the course content is presented in the form of learning “Quests,” which only take about 20 minutes a day (or less!) to complete. Each Quest is designed to be as fun and addictive as a video game, combining “microlearning” and a sense of community to keep you motivated.

With this format, Mindvalley’s students are five times more likely to complete its courses compared with other online learning methods!

watching video on phone

More on my experience with Mindvalley…

I signed up for the Mindvalley Membership, which gave me instant access to Mindvalley’s entire course catalog. If you’re not sure where to start, you can start by taking a 20-minute Life Assessment (included with your Membership). This is totally optional, but it may help you to determine which areas of your life to focus on first.

For me, it was clear which Quest would have the biggest impact on my life right away – The Mastery of Sleep!

man in a sport jacket

Mindvalley’s Mastery of Sleep Quest is taught by Dr. Michael Breus, also known as America’s Sleep Doctor. It was a 4-week course that involved about five and a half hours of learning.

At the beginning of the Quest, I was assigned to a “tribe” of other students who shared the same start date. We all went through the same lessons on the same days and could communicate with each other in a private group.

I took one lesson every day, each one beginning with a brief video (usually 10 minutes or less). The videos were enjoyable and extremely high-quality, and I could access them on either my desktop computer or on my phone via the free Mindvalley app.

holding a chronotype assessment

I was totally blown away by how personalized the content of this Quest was. Early on, I took an assessment to determine my chronotype, or how my internal clock is pre-programmed. Having this information unlocked lessons that were customized for my individual sleep needs.

Throughout the Quest, I also collected data on my own sleeping habits. As the Quest went on, I was able to interpret that data and use it to determine exactly how much sleep I need per night, what my ideal bedtime is, and how to how to rewire myself for better sleep.

filling out sleep tracker worksheet

One of the objectives of this Quest is to teach people how to “wake up energized without ever needing an alarm clock.” That idea seemed so out of reach at first, but to my astonishment, I’ve been waking up before my alarm since completing the first 10 days or so of this Quest, which hasn’t happened since I was a child! 😱

Want to learn more about the science of better sleep? You can take a FREE Science of Sleep Masterclass with Dr. Breus and Vishen Lakhiani. You’ll learn strategies you can use to get better sleep starting tonight! Head on over here to find out how.

using Mindvalley app on phone

I was truly impressed with both the content and the teaching methods used by Mindvalley. The videos were excellent, the learning activities were meaningful, and I truly enjoyed having a “tribe” of classmates who were all working alongside me in a virtual learning community.

I really loved the microlearning aspect used by Mindvalley too. Taking in little bits of “bite-sized” information made the idea of learning something new seem very manageable. It was so easy to squeeze in a lesson on my phone during downtime that would have normally been spent mindlessly scrolling.

Mindvalley login screen on phone

Don’t sleep on your opportunity to take a FREE Mindvalley Masterclass!

If you’re you’re like me and ready to start getting a better night’s sleep, then I highly recommend taking Dr. Breus’ free Science of Sleep Masterclass. In just 60 minutes, you’ll learn how the quality of your sleep affects every aspect of your life including your physical health, weight management, mental performance, and emotions. You’ll also come away with a 5-step plan for getting better sleep starting tonight!

Dr. Breus’ free Masterclass is where I started on my own journey to better sleep, and I’m so glad that I took that first step. I always knew I was tired, but now that I’m sleeping better and feeling better, I wish I had done something about it years ago. I’m finally done wasting my mornings just staggering around and waiting for my coffee to kick in!

If you’d like to learn something new that could change your life, Mindvalley can help you make that transformation. Whether it’s your health, your happiness, or your career, imagine where you’d be in a year if you could overcome that one thing that’s been holding you back! Chances are, Mindvalley has a Quest to help you get over that hump, whatever it is. Head on over here to take a free Masterclass and learn more!

About the writer:

Jenna has a Bachelor's Degree from Lycoming College and her Master's from Penn State, holding 4 years of writing experience between a variety of publications and Hip2Save.

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  1. Mamamia

    What does this mean For $41.60 a month (billed annually) I get year-long access to all of the quests (a $12,000+ value) for just $100 more. A month-long Mindvalley Membership can also be purchased for $99.

    So what’s the cost break down per month? $41x 12 then add $100?

    And this really seems like a long drawn out advertisement post. I think, if it is, then you should put *sponsored * up top.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Mamamia! For the breakdown above, we went with the $41.60 per month – billed annually. ($41.60 x 12) That works out to $100 more than their top range of $399 but includes all of the quests. Hoping this helps!

    • RussellKatie Priest

      I agree. It does sound like a long drawn out advertisement. I’ve been around Hip2Save for YEARS. If this post is sponsored I agree it should be posted clearly at the top.

      • Kathleen

        Hip2Save has definitely changed over the years. It used to be the only coupon site I used and I’ve saved so much money. I appreciated all the hard work they did finding deals and sharing them. But lately it’s mostly Amazon posts where they earn a commission, with a sprinkling of store posts that feel like afterthoughts. We limit our Amazon buying and try to support stores with employees that live in our area, using store pickup. There are whole days where I don’t even check Hip2Save anymore because I have to wade through all the Amazon posts 😥 if there was a way to filter out the Amazon posts I could start using the app again, but there are so few store posts anymore I guess they aren’t interested in that option for us 🤷‍♀️

        • Sara

          Kathleen, I feel the exact same way about all of Hip2save’s Amazon posts. The more stores that go out of business, the more I hate Amazon. I’ve followed Hip2save for over a decade. I remember when it was truly about helping families save money during the recession, not about advertising and making money 🙁

          • dylanfan

            I too hate Amazon (and greedy Jeff Bezos) but also Walmart as they both pay their employees wages so low that they are often needing government assistance just to feed their families. However, I usually just skip over the posts. Hip2Save has grown and allowed them to add on a few more paid jobs which is fine with me as long as they aren’t as cheap as Amazon and walmart with wages.

        • chesca

          I am noticing the new big commission payer must be Walgreens lately. Just the other day it seemed as if every 3rd or 4th post was something different and not Walgreens, but a clear ¾ of the posts lately has been walgreens. I realize the site gets paid, but im looking for more than just one store shopping. Also the repeat posts are getting played out. How many times do we need to see the best selling dog beds and cat trees on Amazon. Id probably have lots of good things to say about a company too if they were paying me and giving me a whole ton of products to disburse to my friends (or their team)

          • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

            Hi there! I have been working side by side with Collin since 2009 and I cannot be more proud of this amazing site and the community of readers (some who have been with us for over a decade)! Hip2Save still has the same mission that we had when we started the site – “We are dedicated to helping you live an extraordinary life on an ordinary budget.”
            Because it is super important to us to keep Hip2Save 100% free to everyone, we sometimes publish sponsored posts that are in line with the mission of the site. These posts bring in extra revenue so that we can pay our amazing team of writers (Hip2Save employs so many mothers and enables them to work from home – we are so proud of this!), pay for the hosting that keeps this site up and running, pay to send out emails, pay for web development etc. And yes Collin and myself get paid as well as this is our full-time job. 🙂

            Thank you to everyone who helps to continue to support Hip2Save. We appreciate you!

    • chesca

      For the record i dont think it matters if they put sponsored or not. They get paid for every post. The difference with this entire site in relation to every other saving site ive ever used is that they put no disclaimer whatsoever about their commissions and paid to advertise. The other savings site/blogs are very transparent and have it right at the top when you click the site. We all know that all of them get paid though but??…

  2. dealzgurl

    I’ve been around Hip2Save a long time too and they normally put whether a post is sponsored or not. I don’t understand why it matters so much whether something is sponsored. Whether it is or it isn’t, I still make up my own mind about whatever is being offered.

    • Runninggirl

      Well, it changes things in terms of are they doing this because they get paid? Or do they really like/use what they are advertising?

      • Dee

        Exactly this. Every sponsored post should be have a label. It’s truth in advertising. If you want my trust, keep earning it.

        • dealzgurl

          I guess I just assume that they are making money off every post anyway so items will always be presented in the best possible way. And, for me, I make my own decision about whether something works for me. I do consider reviews but I just think everyone is different so what’s great to you may not be to me. So, whether it’s sponsored or not (which should be revealed), I still do my own thing.

          It seems to me that readers complain much more than they used to which I find interesting. I keep it moving when I see a post that I don’t like or find irrelevant to me.

          Also, companies have changed a lot over the years. I remember when freebies were the norm–the Target beauty box used to be free and came with an actual reusable pouch–but it seems that companies don’t offer deals the way they once did. Amazon has truly taken over so it seems normal to see those deals more often to me. Also, most of the other sites I frequent show a TON of Amazon and Walgreens deals too. And, in general, stores don’t seem to offer great sales like they once did. I don’t know how this impacts H2S but I know they’re trying to make money like everyone else. I’m sure it’s just as hard for them to find good deals too.

      • mrswagley

        Agreed. I trust their opinions and will try things based on that but only when they specifically say they really do use and like the product. Idk. To think they would recommend without letting people know they are posted to recommend something doesn’t seem right.

  3. Carrie O.

    The way the billing is explained in this post is confusing. Maybe there is a way it could be better clarified for the reader.

    I’m glad more online learning options like this are becoming available .

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for commenting! That wording has been updated.

  4. VW

    I agree that this sounds like a long advertisement. I also agree that the posts seem less & less about helping people save money. I’m also tired of all the reposts, and I’m tired of seeing so many Walgreens & Amazon posts. Like others, I no longer check the site several times a day or even once a day because of all of these changes. Now I’m just wondering if H2S will respond to any of our comments about this. So far, nothing.

  5. Amber (Hip Sidekick)

    Hi All! We truly value all feedback and I’ll be passing everything on to the team. We are picky about what we post and turn down lots of sponsorships and this was one Jenna personally loved and got value out of, so we thought it was worth posting about. Also, all posts do have an affiliate disclaimer at the top under the title of the post. This is how we earn revenue so that we are able to provide free content.

    • mdub

      Not sure if its the same for others but the affiliate disclaimer does NOT show up on the app when using my phone (android) however I do see it when viewing the full site on my PC. That may be causing some confusion. IDK

      • mrswagley

        Doesn’t show on my android either.

        • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

          There is a discloser at the top of posts on the desktop site. There is a discloser at the bottom of the posts on the mobile site. On my Android app, I can see a disclosure that covers the whole site when I hit the 3 dots on the bottom left. Hoping this helps!

  6. Jess

    I checked Mindvalley out after seeing this post. I love it and didn’t pay for a membership yet. I watched a free 80 minute webinar on meta learning and then a second one on Feng shui. Both were super interesting & I took notes. I will definitely continue checking this out for free webinars & maybe subscribing.

  7. Jenna R (Hip Sidekick)

    Hi everyone and thanks so much for commenting! I was truly excited to share this program with you because of how it helped me overcome an issue that affected me for years. I’ve never taken a class like this so I honestly wasn’t sure it would work for me (and I realize it won’t appeal to everyone), but I came away really excited about the results I got. I truly felt that this was something worth sharing with our readers because of the effect it had on me. If you have any questions at all about my experience, I’m happy to answer them! 🙂

  8. Tonya S

    Thanks Collin and team for all your great ideas and sharing the wonderful money saving tips. My family has been so blessed by the fantastic website. Keep up the great work!! ❤️

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You are welcome, Tonya S! We sure appreciate your comment!

  9. MBarnes

    Yes…THANKS so much for all you do! I have a family of 8 and love scrolling through your deals everyday! Some deals are a great fit for me and my family…others aren’t. I don’t think it’s necessary to show an affiliate banner at the top of every deal. To me…that’s a given! How do people think you get paid??? This is no different than the countless influencers telling us to swipe up. I’m happy to help continue to support your team of ladies/moms. I’m a SAHM…so I appreciate your hustle to help support your families. Confused on why others have a problem with it. I get a deal and you and your team get paid. It’s a win/win! Isn’t freedom of choice what so many people are fighting for now a days? Choose what’s best for you and yours. What’s the saying?…Don’t hate the player…hate the game! Just my opinion. Be blessed! 🙂

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      We love hearing that your family has saved on our site!

  10. MH

    Mind Valley has lots of free content on YouTube too.

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