How I Solved My Peeing Problems & Saved Myself Over $200 Per Year!

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holding Maxi pads and Speax

Ladies, do you struggle with leaking? 

Hey Hip2Savers! It’s Bryn, Collin’s sister, and Hip sidekick! I’m excited to share a little secret with all you ladies which I’ve been using for over a year!

But men, let’s be real, this post doesn’t directly pertain to you so if you found your way here, let me help you get back to all our latest deals for men! For the rest of you ladies who are sticking around, I’m getting super personal and hope to help you deal with the leaking so many of us deal with on a daily basis.

woman running on Orange Theory Treadmill

Let’s get right to the point… do you pee or leak when you run, jump, exercise, laugh, or even cough?

If so, I can totally relate as I’ve had these same issues for many years and my peeing problem became even more of an issue after kids and several years after that when I started doing more high-intensity workouts.

Although I’m aware there are surgeries to solve urinary incontinence (which I’m not personally interested in) and I know I can practice regular Kegels to strengthen my bladder, my immediate & short-term solution was to stock up on pads. I’ve purchased so many Always Pads in the last few years, I should own stock in Procter & Gamble. 😉

Beige & black Speax by Thinx Underwear

However, one day it dawned on me that there had to be a better solution than pads – which led to my discovery of Speax Underwear by Thinx (formerly called Icon Undies)!

Nearly 3 years later, I’m here to report I’m still wearing these undies every day when I exercise as they really do work! 🙌

Speak underwear tag

The Speax pee-proof underwear completely replaces pantyliners and pads for light bladder leaks – talk about way more comfortable than a pad too!

Choose from bikini style, thong, hip-hugger, French cut, or high-waist. They can be worn for just a workout or all day long as they hold between 3 and 8 teaspoons depending on the style you choose.

Black Speax Thong Underwear with care instructions

Speax also promises that the lining is anti-microbial and anti-odor so you can stay dry and smell fresh for the entire day.

To clean, just machine wash them in cold water and tumble dry on low or hang them to dry. Just be sure to never iron and avoid bleach or fabric softener.

Here’s why I LOVE my Speax Underwear by Thinx:

  • I can ditch pads. This means less waste and lots of savings. I save about $280 per year (hence, the title of this blog post)! Sweet!
  • They stay in place. Pads can often shift when running & working out but the lining in these panties does not move since it is anchored within the panties.
  • They’re easy to clean. Simply throw them in the washing machine.
  • They really do work. I have never experienced any leaking when sporting a pair of these panties! They’re truly game-changing.
  • They’re guaranteed. You can try them out for 60 days – if you don’t love them or find you need a different size or style, they’ll process an exchange or complimentary return within 60 days of your first order.

Beige & black Speax by Thinx Underwear

Here are a few things I don’t love about Speax:

  • They’re spendy. This underwear is quite a splurge with prices ranging from $28-$39. That said, they far outweigh the costs spent on pads, hence the title of this post!
  • They can feel a bit bulky. I own several pairs and when wearing the bikini style for moderate support, it does feel similar to wearing a maxi pad. For this reason, I really prefer the thong style and still get just as much support.
  • They’re not super sexy. They would not be my first choice when spending a romantic evening with my hubby. 😊

Check out these raving reviews on Speax Underwear if you’re still not totally sold:

women wearing colorful underwear and holding hands

“Since buying my Speax underwear, I’ve been able to work out and not worry about leakage or odor. I’ve been able to laugh with friends without the embarrassment of having to excuse myself to ‘clean’ up. But most importantly, I don’t panic when I have a cough or sneezing attack. Thank you for the regained confidence!” – Sira ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“These are the best undies ever and I find the French cut Speax underwear to actually be pretty sexy! I recently wore them skiing all day and experienced no odor, wetness, or wondering if my ski pants were wet. I already can’t wait to hike, bike, & fish in them too! I’m totally purchasing more!” – Sandra ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I love the look and feel of the Speax thong undies. I wear them with my yoga pants, dress pants, under dresses you name it. I love the look as well as the fit. They’re so feminine and so functional for their purpose. I’ve bought 2 more pairs since my 1st and I’m planning on buying more soon!” – Lisa ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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About the writer:

Bryn has spent the last 10 years writing about coupons, freebies, and Amazon deals. She is mortgage-free and holds a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and Education. Connect with Bryn on LinkedIn

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Comments 72

  1. onieka

    Great post and very informative. I’ll def try this product.

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      Thank you! I am glad you found it helpful. Please let me know what you think of this underwear if you do end up ordering them.

  2. K

    Thinking of getting the surgery. Is there a reason you don’t want to? Has anyone had the surgery to comment on it?

    • J.H.509

      During my hysterectomy my doctor fixed my prolapsed bladder as well. However if I didn’t have a hysterectomy I wouldn’t have had my bladder fixed. I didn’t even know it had prolapsed. I didn’t have any incontinence at all. I do kegals regularly and my doc said that helped me not have any accident. But to answer your question…I am VERY happy with my bladder now. My bladder holds much longer before I feel the sensation to urinate. Before I had to go every hour. ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯

    • 1withthelord

      My aunt had the surgery about 10 years ago (I think) and she said it took 6 weeks to fully recover. She has run an at home day care for about 30 years and had to get additional help for about 3 weeks as she couldn’t lift much but she said she’s so glad she had it. She can work out and cough and just live without leakage! I have even considered it because I have had 6 kiddos and things just aren’t the same. Good luck!

    • MS

      I had a hysterectomy 8 months ago and they fixed my prolapse as well. I still have issues. It’s a muscle thing . The prolapse caused my muscles to weaken over time thus now it will take time to do kegals and build that muscle back up. They also said in Phyiscal Therapy about strengthening my other muscles (stomach etc) so there is not as much strain on my body. Hopefully I get to a point of normalcy but I don’t see that yet. The recovery time was minimal for me 6 weeks or so but couldn’t lift anything heavy for like 6 months. (over 20 lbs i think).

      • J.H.509

        That’s the same with me. It will be a year in March. I’ve started to do do very light workouts and I am feeling the difference… slowly but surely. I take care of my 8month 25 pound grandson so I lift him up all the time. I ALWAYS have to tell myself lift with my legs… LOL. It’s been a slow road to recovery. My mom had to move in with us to help me recover and to take care of our three children. She was an angel. Good luck to everyone with this issue.

    • pxl091000

      I am also planning to have surgery to fix my bladder issue. Mean while my urologist suggested poise tampons to lift bladder. It feels so good not to leak during workout or running errands. Give it a try. They are hard to find but worth it

    • CeeJay

      I had the bladder sling surgery years ago and it has worked just as I would have wanted it to. I have no regrets.

    • Evie

      There are a lot of risks to surgeries and many do not work after all of the $s spent and time recuperating!

  3. Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

    Although I agree that surgery could definitely be an option down the road if my peeing issue becomes worse, I was looking for a non-invasive option so this underwear was the perfect solution for me!

    • J.H.509

      I LOVE you honesty with such a sensitive issue. I give you kudos for being so open with the hip2save community with this. Keep up the awesomeness.

      • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

        Awww – thank you! That means a lot! This is definitely a topic that seems to effect a lot of women so I am happy to start the conversation here.

  4. Lori

    Bryn thank you so much for this post. This is a common problem but most women don’t seem to want to talk about it. I appreciate your honesty. I definitely need to give these panties a try.

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      You are so welcome, Lori. I totally agree about this being such a common problem for women and I hope that these panties will be a great solution for other women like myself.

  5. JillW

    I had the outpatient surgery – done on Friday – was back at work on Monday-I understand it’s a personal decision but it was a game changer for me having this procedure.

    • rochellemcgee

      I’m doing it as soon as I can afford it. I figure it can’t make things worse and I’m sick of not being able to chase my kids or exercise without leaking. I’ve had some humiliating experiences since I had my first kid.

    • Stef81

      What type of surgery is that? That sounds like something I might be interested in.


      what do you call the surgery? I need to speak to my doctor.

  6. nldaadmin

    Had 5 surgeries total. Last one was a Sling procedure in about 1999. Each has worked differently, but not permanently and/or totally. Now I take 1 medication for spastic bladder that helps a lot.

    • Angibaby77

      Can I ask what medication they have you on? That sounds like a really good option

      • nldaadmin

        There are several out there. I have been on Sanctura XR for many years now. The generic is Trospium Chloride. At one stage I tried Myrbetriq, which wasn’t so effective.
        Interestingly, my elderly mom (when she was over 100!) finally got up the gumption to ask her doctor about HER incontinence, and he put her on Detrol. The very next day she called me and was so happy that the Detrol had already started helping her leakage problems.
        I’m sure that part of my incontinence issue is in the genes. In high school (—way before babies) I had to make sure I went to the bathroom before using the trampoline, and my PE instructor said this problem often happens to women after childbirth. Then I had a 9lb14oz baby, and a 10lb3oz one, and those big babies really exacerbated everything. For a long time I had ‘just’ stress incontinence, but eventually it became ‘mixed’ incontinence, with aspects of both stress and urge.
        These days the urologist is definitely my friend….

    • Brenda Jones

      I am in the same situation as you. I had a bladder sling and it worked for about 5 years now now I take a spasm medicine everyday. Not going to have anymore surgery because it does not last.

  7. Jackie

    This is awesome. I definitely need to try it. After having my kids, I definitely have to go more often, and also
    have leaking issues all the time, that I never used to have before kids.

  8. Jennifer

    I want some of these but I would need to wear them most days so it would be over $200 for a weeks worth. I may go ahead and get them because I’m sick of pads. Has anyone tried any of the less pricy ones that are on Amazon with any luck🤷‍♀️?

    • Mel_Punk

      Interested as well. I posted my issues below for which daily, and multiple pads a day, is required for me.

    • Karen B

      Yes! I have I just got them. I got the thong style because I don’t like a panty line under workout pants.
      They are called Shero and I would say hold as much as a thin “carefree” liner.
      I got the two pack and will probably buy more. They are more bulky than a regular thong so I would not wear them for anything other than the hour or so I am at the gym. Also, size up. I am a size 8-10, wear a large in underwear and bought large and they fit fine but I think I will try XL next time.

      • A

        Thank you for posting the link for the more affordable brand from Amazon. I purchased them and am going to give them a try. And thank you to Hip2Save for posting this article. We all live insecure about our “issues” and it’s so great when we talk as a community and realize we are t the only ones struggling.

  9. Amber

    I just put pads on my list for working out. Genius, girl. Thanks for the tip!

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      You are so welcome, Amber!

  10. sarah

    Look into pelvic health physical therapy! It can help these issues and your insurance may cover it!! It can help even years after birth.

    • sarah

      This! Pelvic Floor physical therapy should be an option for all women post birth. I also love the workout program Mommastrong- she gears all the workouts to strengthening the pelvic floor and it’s been a game changer for me with my diastasis recti too.

      • Kal00724

        As a women’s health (pelvic/pregnancy/postpartum) physical therapist. All women have an option for pelvic PT. Just ask you doctor for a referral or some states have direct access where you can go to PT without a referral. While these might help for list women they need the education from a PT. A lot of people avoid surgery or if they have surgery still need PT for best results.

    • Stacy R

      Yes, this! I learned here that just kegels without other exercise can actually weaken the wall and cause more issues.

  11. CaseyRusso

    I went to pelvic floor therapy and solved my bladder issues!

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      Wow – that’s awesome! So glad this therapy solved all your issues!

  12. Kim

    I love how informative the post is and how well you explained Stress Uniary Incontinence and it was kind of long so maybe I missed it but I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware this wouldn’t work for Urge Urinary Incontinence. They are two very different things one you described well the other is when you have a sudden urge and a gush the undies are kind of pricy so I would hate for someone to do as I did and spend money one something that doesn’t work well for UUI due to the capacity. I didnt even know there were differences until recently when I saw Impressa and went to the website to find them because I am so tired of thick pads (and not the one in the photo lol those leak like the dickens for UUI) 😅 and it said nope your problem is completely different you have UUI and this product wont work for you.

  13. Elastamom

    Love the H2S community talking about real issues to help others! I started taking Myrbetriq recently, it seems to be helping me, it has to build up in your system. Definitely recommend going to their website for the savings card, as it expensive even with our good insurance.

  14. Kat9919

    I am laughing (almost peed lol) because I experience leakage jump on the trampoline with my kids! I will Definitely give these a try!

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      I have the same jumping issue – hope these undies end up working for you too!

  15. Mel_Punk

    I appreciate this post. Even amongst our girfriends, I don’t think we’re completely honest about these issues. My doctors say that my bladder feels well supported, but I have issues every day, even after just going to the bathroom. I’ve had 2 children but I’ve also had bladder cancer, having tumors removed about 4 times now. I went through a physical therapy that consisted of exercises and internal massages. I also have a hip replacement, from a congenital issue which has caused my pelvis to be malformed. Anyway, surgery has never been suggested to me, the PT was the most my doc ever offered. It helped but it’s something that would have to be ongoing, forever. I am only 46 and wearing pads all the time, and feeling like you smell like urine, sure doesn’t do anything for your sense of … feeling sexy.

  16. LaLa

    I did try the less expensive pair from Amazon. They work well and were comfortable, but they did not last. The lace fell apart and the elastic was poor quality. I was hesitant to buy them again. I am hoping that these undies will hold up better. Even though Amazon was less, I still paid 25.00 per pair. I felt for that price the product should of lasted for more than 6 months. My regular underwear are 12 to 15 dollars per pair and they last forever.

  17. shop4mybabies

    i pee myself on the daily, i use poise liners. i hope to try these undies but am in the process of losing weight and don’t want to buy clothing. I have had 4 kids and never had a strong bladder but after the kiddos it’s just done. My OB wanted to do the surgery, it’s not something I want done. If i have a hysterectomy which I am probably going to have to do sooner than later, I’ll try to have bladder done at same time

    • marybuffalo3

      my doc has an open dialogue about this – if i would loose weight it would help – i enjoyed reading these posts – very informative. surgery is an option – gosh darn it sneezing is my worse enemy – or a very hard cough – all bets are off 🙁

  18. Conswalla

    This post is just what I needed. Thank you.

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      You are so welcome. 🙂

  19. JenB

    On The Doctors they discussed an outpatient procedure where a filler would be injected which would stop the leakage and also cause stronger O’s……. I would recommend researching before doing of course.

  20. Laura

    Honestly, while this is “common” that does not make it “normal.” Please see a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction. These materials are helpful, but treatment is necessary.

  21. Christina

    Just curious, has anyone ever had any experiences with the botox injection for their bladder? I’m currently looking into that or the sling unfortunately it’s a big decision between the two. Any help would be awesome, thanks..

  22. Holly

    Have you explored pelvic floor therapy? Kegels may not actually be the answer.

  23. Melissa White

    I love my Knix brand panties. Not bulky at all but very absorbent. I wear these all the time. Tampon back up, bladder leakage, light days. They are price, but have sales pretty often and are well made. I’ve had some about a year and no visible wear or problems. I’ve also tried a brand called Ruby Love. They are a lot bulkier, and don’t feel as good on. Hope that helps with options for you ladies!

  24. Wendy

    I just ordered a set of three. At the end of the process, there was a checklist of options indicating how I learned about Speax, but there was no “Hip2Save” option. The closest I could think to check was: “A Friend.” I certainly would like to have given credit where it was due.

  25. heidi

    I would just like to tell you about my 90 year old aunt. She never had the surgery and should have because now she cannot have it as they believe it would make her totally incontinent. So, now her bladder hangs outside her body and causes her a lot of discomfort. Her daughter needed the surgery and had it done and she is very happy. I am sorry I do not know the exact type or how long her recovery was. My aunt had 5 children.

  26. E

    When I get pregnant again I will need these, thanks for the review. I had such issues in pregnancy with my youngest and leaked so much. I had issues fairly early on, too, probably by the start of second trimester, it wasn’t just that he was almost 9 lbs at birth.

  27. K

    Please, for the love of all that is holy, go to a pelvic floor physical therapist. As mentioned above, this is a common problem but that does not make it normal. Most doctors and o.b.s are sadly uninformed how much a pelvic floor specialist can help. Their success rates are higher than surgeries!! Look up a pelvic floor specialist in your area and go. In two sessions they helped me dramatically. Pelvic floor therapy should be the standard in postpartum care!

    • jennifer

      I agree with you K. I did a feature for the newspaper I work for about pelvic floor physical therapists. They said that the majority of obstetricians and gynos don’t know these specialists exist. It was amazing what these PTs can do for people with leaky bladders without invasive procedures.

  28. rachellyn

    All the kegels in the world won’t help if you are doing kegels incorrectly. Pelvic floor therapy (physical therapy) is the way to go, especially before considering surgery. Most people are not doing levels correctly. 3 months of pelvic floor therapy fixed my issues! I had to change the place I received the therapy because the first place wasn’t doing great. They SHOULD be doing internal checks every appointment. If they aren’t you have no idea if you are progressing or using proper technique.

  29. Jane Crawford

    Is this the same product that had toxic chemicals in the product? Thinx period panties? Not sure, might want to research.

  30. Linda

    Has anyone had any experience with the Pelvic Wave chair (or something similar like the Wave Brillance chair)? I had dinner with a friend that works for a major PT company and he was saying that his PTs are reporting great results with it. It is non invasive and you can remain fully clothed which appeals to me.

    • Kal00724

      Pelvic PT here. Would never recommend to any if my patients.

  31. Carrie

    Since we’re all being open and sharing, I’m going to try these because I tend to sweat a lot “down there.” I always worry about what pants I can wear, so I just end up wearing leggings or jeans. Definitely no khakis! Even underarms and underboob are a nuisance. Anybody else?

    • V

      There’s some type of fabric that the dermatologist at the hospital prescribed for my aunt a few years ago. The nurse would cut it in strips & put it in skin areas were moisture was building up: under breast, sides of waist, top of inner thigh. The fabric is used in skin folds to keep the area dry so you don’t get skin infections. I can’t remember what it’s called. I sometimes have a problem under my breasts, but I just use a rolled up paper towel! It absorbs the moisture so I don’t get a heat rash when I exercise.

      • Patti

        Pambras bra liners. They have been life changing for me. I used the rolled up paper towels but these are more complete with a higher center area for between your breasts. I got a 3 pack in white, nude and black. I really need a second pack for when they get sweaty. Really helped with heat rash and I discontinued having to use Lamisil.

  32. ginamccutchanseaton

    Ok Bryn…..I SEE you! Thank you for your post about UNDERWEAR that worked for you and also not bringing up surgery, lol! Excellent post.

  33. julie

    Bryn, thanks for sharing and posting something so personal. I agree with the others suggesting PT. My doc said many women can benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy. (PT). I’m doing PT now for an issue where my bladder starts acting up when I lay down to sleep at night. What have I learned? There is a certain way to do kegals AND there are other exercises to do besides kegals that can help improve the situation. Also, I learned that alcohol, caffeine, as well as carbonation can cause the super sensitive sensation / over reactive bladder.

  34. kt

    hi ladies, senior here, have the same problem but had prolapsed uterus. never thought it would give me problems, but here I am….bladder leakage. ok, just tried pair of these panties – love them for size, fit, comfort. had a problem one day..seemed they leaked out the side!! feeling was embarrasing – luckily I had black slacks on so nothing showed. but I felt the wetness, chafed my inner thighs and was uncomfortable. so to prevent that again, if I know I’ll be out awhile, active, cleaning, etc, I will tuck a light pad or liner on top. makes me feel more secure. otherwise I am going to order a few more pairs, just wish they werent so expensive, hard on set income, but guess its a better alternative, cause I go thru pads/liners frequently. I tried a pair of Wearever, liked the material, but couldnt find the size I need, one closest to it was way too tight around the legs! dont want to go for surgery at my age. dont know if I’d recover….haha.

  35. Julie F.

    I went to urologist last year for my leaking. I had a few options with surgery being one but elective surgeries were not allowed at the time. The other option was a pessary which is what I decided on. It’s just a plastic ring you insert and it “shuts your valve” when you have stress lol. I do not feel it and my husband doesn’t feel it most of the time. Take it in and out as you please. Super easy.

  36. Beth J

    Yes to pelvic floor physical therapy! There are SO many ways your muscles can be causing problems — too weak OR not fully relaxing — and PTs can help figure it out and give exercises and lifestyle tips to manage. The underwear sounds like a good day to day option, but pelvic floor PT might be an actual route to improvement. (And I’m proof that there’s more to it than just kegeling your bits off. After a very bad birth then a second pregnancy, I ended up going through 3 separate rounds of PT… and I figured out that as long as I’m doing enough core work to keep my diastasis recti fixed, I don’t need to do ANY kegels. So obviously everyone is different but I’m an example that PT isn’t one size fits all.)

    • Beth J

      I realize my experience is not reflective of anyone who already has a diagnosis (and I’m a random internet stranger!) and obviously PT isn’t going to work out well for everyone. But just a note to anyone experiencing postpartum issues: you’re not the only one, it might not be just weak muscles, and there may be options that aren’t invasive. So get it checked even if your jerk former OB tells you it happens to everyone and you have to live with it. 🙂

  37. Lisa

    I have heard of success with the Trim Healthy Mama Workins program. 👍

  38. Nohemi Brantingham

    Good day! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this site? I’m getting sick and tired of WordPress because I’ve had problems with hackers and I’m looking at alternatives for another platform. I would be fantastic if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

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