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Coconut Oil Blended Coffee (+ Bulletproof Coffee)

Coconut Oil Blended Coffee


  • 1 cup of hot coffee
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon of natural sweetener, vanilla extract, or cinnamon
  • Optional: teaspoon of raw local honey



Using a blender, blend one cup of hot coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil for about 20 seconds.


You could also add a natural sweetener or vanilla extract, or cinnamon. I actually use a teaspoon of raw local honey to combat allergies.

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If you’re looking for a unique, healthy, and all natural way to jazz up your morning coffee, try blending your coffee with coconut oil! Although it may sound strange at first, the result is a frothy, rich, and smooth cup of coffee – perfect to start the day!


Coconut Oil Blended Coffee

Make this creamy blended coffee with many health benefits!


  • 1 cup of hot coffee
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon of natural sweetener, vanilla extract, or cinnamon
  • Optional: teaspoon of raw local honey



Using a blender, blend one cup of hot coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil for about 20 seconds.


You could also add a natural sweetener or vanilla extract, or cinnamon. I actually use a teaspoon of raw local honey to combat allergies.

Brought to you by Hip2Save.

Why coconut oil?

Coconut oil is a healthy saturated fat known to prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It improves digestion, energy, and increases the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Replacing processed creamer with high quality organic coconut oil can offer some amazing health benefits!

Hip Tip: I actually use a teaspoon of raw local honey to combat allergies.

NOTE FROM COLLIN: If you want to make it even creamier, you can also add in a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream (in addition to the coconut oil and butter!). Yes, I like a very creamy cup of coffee. πŸ™‚

I was recently intrigued by a family member who posted a photo of coconut oil in her coffee and I decided to try it for myself! I now love drinking my coffee this way and feel better about giving up processed creamer.

If you’re interested in trying an even creamier latte type coffee at home, try adding a tablespoon of grass fed butter. Collin is actually a big fan of this Bulletproof Coffee – read more about it and the health benefits here. To make this version you’ll need to blend one cup of coffee with 1 tablespoon coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of grass-fed butter. You can also customize it with a little Stevia, cinnamon, or vanilla. The result is an incredible creamy latte like cup of coffee.

Have you tried coconut oil and/or butter in your coffee?

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Comments 96

  1. T

    I have been making this since you posted last time! It is amazing!!! Better than the expensive latte’s at those expensive food chains. I did notice I had to add a dash of creamer or milk to keep the froth from disappearing quickly. But just a tiny bit… Nothing like the amount I used before trying the coconut oil! I also add a tiny bit of sugar, but it doesn’t need as much as before with the coconut oil added! Thank you for sharing it with us all!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh awesome… glad to hear you’re still enjoying this since our post last year! πŸ™‚

  2. Maria

    This may be a crazy question, but does coconut oil make things taste like coconut? I hate coconut taste and smell and am just wondering because it seems to be so much healthier.

    • T

      It does give it a coconut flavor.. But not as bad as you would think. It is a natural, mild coconut flavor. Not a strong, fake coconut flavor. But if you despise coconut flavors, it may be hard for you to get past it. I would give it a shot though!

      • Vicki

        Some coconut oils have no taste at all. I do not buy those brands anymore!

    • MommaNguyen

      If you hate coconut then you won’t like coconut oil. To get the benefits of coconut oil you have to use unrefined. It definitely has a slight coconut smell and taste.

    • Sarah

      I think you want refined coconut oil instead of unrefined to avoid a coconut taste.

      • Maria

        Thanks everyone. Coconut oil prob isn’t for me then! Lol. I might try it and just see. Appreciate all the responses.

        • Amy

          Honestly, I don’t like coconut and neither do my mom or sister but we’ve all used it for several different things and it doesn’t bother us. Though I do admit that the weird texture of coconut bothers me more than the taste so that could be why. Maybe hold out until you can find a free sample or really great deal and give it a try.

        • Ally

          The crisco brand coconut oil does not have a smell. It is refined though.

    • Cassandane

      Since you don’t like the coconut flavor, try adding cinnamon or peppermint syrup for the dominant flavor. I prefer the grass fed butter (Kerrygold is my favorite!) bit alternate w coconut oil

    • Cathy

      You just have to buy refined coconut oil has zero coconut smell or taste the virgin coconut oil smells and taste like coconut which is really good if you like coconut. By the way coconut
      oil makes the best stovetop popcorn you’ve ever had trust me you’ve got to try it!

    • molly

      I have used coconut oil for years and it doesn’t taste like coconut. It is awesome. I cook with it as well as using it as a moisturizer. And it does make great popcorn! Give it a try, I think you’ll like it!

  3. Lydia

    My husband uses either coconut oil or grass fed butter. He was doing this before it was popular!

    • Tara

      My brother uses the grass fed brother too. I thought he was crazy, but it actually tastes pretty good and it helps with metabolism too.

      • Moo

        Your brother uses his glass fed brother? That’s insane.
        Thank you for the laugh!

        • Moo

          My goodness! I also have typo πŸ™‚
          I’m too tired to type anything. Need to go to bed soon.

        • Biz


          • Tara

            Lol oops butter lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Rachel

    I LOVE coconut oil… I’m definitely trying this tomorrow…

  5. TS

    A few weeks ago my husband made coffee like we do every day and out of the corner of my eye I see him dump like 2 tablespoons of cinnamon over the coffee grounds and hit the brew button. At that point I’m like ok that’s new after 10 years lol but didn’t want to make him start over so I tried it and it is now the only way we do our coffee. It tastes like bistro coffee, plus added health benefits from the cinnamon. Paired with a dash of fat free vanilla creamer it tastes like Cinnabon coffee…yum!

    • Carrie

      Great idea!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh YUM! I love cinnamon! Definitely gonna have to try this! πŸ™‚

      • rwild1

        We also flavor the coffee with pumpkin pie spice before brewing but watch how much. You might have to adjust it to taste. It really adds a nice flavor.

        • TS

          Ooh I’m gonna have to try that too!

      • TS

        Oh yes you will be addicted then!! For a 12 cup pot we do 1-2 tablespoons of cinnamon right on the coffee grounds…we like strong cinnamon but of course you can adjust. Let me know how you like it πŸ™‚

    • J

      Yes!! Love this when I’m brewing a big pot not just using the Keurig!

    • Whitney

      Haha!! YUM! I’m trying this in the morning. I bought that giant jar of cinnamon from the Amazon deal Collin posted a while back so I have a lot to use up πŸ˜‰

  6. babymair

    Looks good .. and id like to start using coconut oil..but how do u store it ???fridge ?? In a glass containers.?? This will b the 1st time trying it ..& it is expensive, i dont want to waist it…TIA.

    • April

      It lasts a long time. You just keep it on the shelf, in a closed container. Check the expiration date.

    • AR

      Just store it in the container in your pantry. We use coconut frequently, that I leave it on the kitchen counter. Just note, Its normal for the oil to be liquidy in the summer and solid in winter.

      • Mal

        Or, live in Seattle where coconut oil stays solid yearround!

  7. kasi

    Would this taste good in tea as well?

    • Christine

      Wondering this as well!! I am not a coffee drinker.

      • Kelly A.

        Yes! I have done this with tea, and it’s really good, as well. One time, I didn’t want to mess with getting the ninja single serve out, so I just did it in a mason jar and shook it for a while. It came out great, as well

  8. Sarah

    Totally trying this tomorrow. I have a unused jar of coconut oil that I bought for pulling, but couldn’t bear it. I also have Amish grassfed butter…hmmm.

  9. rachael

    Costco has had a coconut coffee and we sampled it last week…is it similar to this bulletproof coffee?

    • Heather C

      NO! The very first ingredient is sugar. My mother-in-law, a diabetic was interested in this because my husband tasted it and loved it. Then I had him send me the ingredient list. Stay away!

  10. Kim

    I’m into instant coffee gratification when I wake up. How would a couple teaspoons of coconut oil taste added directly to coffee? I know it wouldn’t be frothy but may be a health benefit? I’m so confused about the coconut oil craze.

    • JoRN

      Not a good idea, the oil melts and sits on top. I use my nutri bullet, pour in the coffee and the butter and coconut oil. Blend for about 15-20 seconds.

    • April

      If you have a hand blender, you can whip it up in a tall cup. That’s how I do it. Much faster and less dishes to deal with:)

    • 1luv

      If you have a nutribullet just literally 3 seconds and it’s all blended and frothy. Literally 1….2…3….

    • Teri

      I use a handheld milk frother. I think it works great. Got one from amazon for under 10 bucks when it was a lightening deal.

    • Kelly A.

      The oil might just sit on top. If so, it gets really hot and, since it’s oil, it can burn your lips!

    • Jen D

      JoRN is right, it needs to be emulsified through the blending process to actually mix in. Although I have tried it in a regular cheapie oster blender and that works great, it doesn’t have to be a nutribullet or fancy blender. And it sounds like other commented above have gotten OK results shaking it up vigorously in a mason jar, but IMO a blender is just easier. Hope that helps.

  11. babymair

    Thx ladies.!!!! Hav a gr8 weekend.!!!

  12. Alyssa

    The cold pressed coconut oil which has the most benefits has the coconut taste but the expeller pressed which is 2nd best doesn’t have a coconut taste it’s still really good for you

  13. Kim

    Linda, Do you have a good copycat recipe for the bottled Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino? When I search for a recipe a bunch of them come up. They are all so different that they cannot all taste like the original. I can’t decide which one to try.

    • Glenna

      10 cups coffee
      1/2 cup sugar
      1/2 cup brown sugar
      1/2 cup vanilla creamer

      Taste just like it!!

  14. Ash

    Another alternative to dairy/cream for coffee, on the subject of coconut. I had to quit dairy 4 years ago and wanted a good replacement for coffee creamer with similar texture. I’ve been buying the full fat coconut milk in cans , the kind you find in the Asian cooking isle at the store. I shake it up really good or if is really separated I’ll nuke it quick stir it up so it’s fully mixed, and put it in a container and store it in the fridge and use it as my creamer for the week. After being in the fridge and chilled it’s the same consistency and thickness as cream. It doesn’t really even have a very strong coconut flavor at all.

  15. Katherine

    Can you use one of those small hand held milk frothers to mix the coconut oil and coffee together or does it have to be in a blender? I just bought my first jar of Coconut Oil and am anxious to try it!

    • JoRN

      I think that would work, if it is like a small immersion blender.

    • Annie

      Hi – that’s what I use for my coconut oil and it works great! Although I make it slightly differently – pour a couple tablespoons of heavy cream or half’n’half in a mug, top it with 1-2TB of coconut oil, then zap in the microwave until the oil melts into the cream. Then take out of microwave, add 1 tsp maple sugar or raw honey, then whip it all up with the frother for about 10 seconds. Then add hot coffee or espresso (I use double shot of espresso). Best coffee I’ve ever had!

      I have the “BonJour Automatic Battery-Powered Primo Latte Frother” from Amazon.

  16. JoRN

    I love bullet proof coffee! You can buy Kerrygold grass fed butter at Walmart. Use the unsalted only.

    • Heather C

      That stuff is amazing- look for it at Costco too. My husband bought it and we hit it from the kids – LOL. Not cheap, but very worth it

  17. Leslie

    I tried coconut oil on my coffee and really liked it. I love the lite coconut flavor. It does leave a little film on your lips but coconut oil is good for your lips so I didn’t mind.

  18. Jaime

    I love Bulletproof coffee! Works great with my Ninja every morning to make it quick! I use the spectrum organic unrefined coconut oil with the kerrygold unsalted butter, and a tsp of stevia. Delicious!

  19. Gretchen

    I’m sorry, there is nothing healthy about this. Coconut oil is about 92% saturated fat – and not the good kind. any oil that is solid at room temperature is going to raise your LDL and clog your arteries. Although I’m all for getting off the Creamer – compare the ingredients in Creamer to sun block – they are quite similar. If you are on a heart healthy diet and trying to lower your ldl stay away from the coconut oil.

    • Ken

      You saw it on the internet, so it must be true.

      • Erin

        The bulletproof diet is also on the Internet….

    • April

      Actually, coconut oil is a very healthy oil. It is 2/3 medium chain triglycerides which produce a host of health benefits (helps fight diabetes, heart disease, stimulates metabolism, promotes healthy skin, etc.). It’s the UNsaturated fats that primarily cause heart disease, not the naturally occuring saturated fats. 50% of the fat content in coconut oil is a fat rarely found in nature called lauric acid which has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-protozoa properties. Please feel free to further research this info.

      • Kasi


    • April

      I forgot to mention (regarding the solidifying) that coconut oil melts at 76 degrees. Room temp is considered to be approx. 70 degrees. A normal body temp is approx. 98.6 degrees. Coconut oil would remain a clear liquid and never solidify in our bodies.

  20. cespringer

    I add two organic eggs, grass fed butter and coconut oil. It is not BP but it adds protein. I also add a shot of Torani. If you aren’t necessarily looking to make it BP, Torani syrup in your fave flavor will offset some of the coconut flavor.

  21. Jo

    This makes for a 300 calorie cup of coffee if you add in the whipping cream😬😬. Yikes! Do you drink it in place of breakfast?

    • Roxy

      Calories don’t matter as long as you eat right and eat a low carb diet.

      • Mella

        This exactly ^^

  22. Whitney

    How is this healthy for you? I am not really understanding this…do you skip eating breakfast? That is a lot of fat!

    • jenn

      For real. Totally with you on this. I even went further and read into the intermitten fasting that this/the bulletproof version go with and i just dont get it.

    • Mandy

      There are literally dozens of health benefits to coconut oil. A google search will reveal more reasons why it is “good” fat and healthy. Also, I’ve found that many people who are willing to consume a lot of coconut oil, myself included, watch our carbohydrate and sugar intake way more than fats and calories. I’d much rather consume 300 calories from coconut oil than put any sugar in my coffee. I’m simplifying it, but that gives a little explanation on why we all love it. Hope it helps!

    • 1luv

      Bulletproof coffee was made for those who skip on breakfast. I eat an English muffing with tiny bit of NeufchΓ’tel cheese. I add a small spoon of coconut oil to 12-16 oz coffee in the morning, think those baby feeding spoons. Not sure the calorie count, but I’m afraid to add any more fat to it.

    • Mella

      Fat is not what makes you fat. It’s sugars and carbs.

      • 1luv

        Sugar and carbs (sugar essentially) turn to fat when not utilised in the body..
        Fat and calories make you put on pounds if not expelled through enough physical movement,
        Calories in > calories out = weight gain
        That’s all basic.

        The problem is that many ppl look into this coffee not realising you still need to exercise for it to be good for you

    • Kelly A.

      Weston A. Price foundation has a lot of good information about this topic. Nourishing Traditions book also seconds this. Very good information there.

  23. Cblayloc

    Why did it explode in my ninja? I thought maybe because it was hot? Or did I have too much in there? Thoughts. I love the taste.

    • Mandy

      Pressure from the heat would be my guess.

    • Sam

      I just read somewhere else that you’re suppose to “heat up” your blender by adding hot water to it, turn it on for a min while brewing your coffee, empty the water, then add your coffee. Maybe try that!

  24. Lavender Sorbet

    I take it a few steps beyond: Coconut oil (good fat), butter (good fat), cinnamon (for taste mostly but excellent for you also), molasses (for the iron), honey (allergen fighter–local anyway), pink salt (many health benefits), reishi mushroom powder (energizing, calming at the same time and counters the negative effects that caffeine often has) and usually unsweetened cocoa powder. I so look forward to that morning cup of coffee πŸ™‚

  25. Angie

    Fat is good for you. Actually really good for you!! You need it for all cell processes & your brain loves fat. In fact coconut oil is the healthy fat that is reversing Alzheimer’s & dementia.

  26. Chen

    We use coconut oil for a lot of things around our house including mine and the baby’s skin, great on pregnancy stretch marks. Also in cooking, hair….we should try it in our coffee too.

  27. Angie

    I meant to add healthy fats are really good for you πŸ™‚

  28. Teri

    Has anyone tried it by just stirring the oil in. I don’t need the froth. Is the oil just to make it frothy?

    • Maria M

      Yes, I always add a tablespoon of coconut oil in my coffee. I just stir it in my frappuccino mix. It gives it a little boost of flavor!

  29. Bianca

    Yes bulletproof coffee can be a weight loss tool as well. An integrative doctor (Dr. Gladd-fort Wayne,IN)once recommended this: organic coffee(less toxins), 1-2 tablespoons grass fed UNSALTED butter(such as kerrygold), 1 tablespoon MCT oil or coconut oil. BLENDED not stirred. It’s amazing and very beneficial to your health!!! So creamy and helps jumpstart your brain with the extra fats involved

  30. clare

    Even better- add a couple drops of Sweetleaf liquid stevia ( I love the vanilla creme flavor) when you blend it. I do this with the grassfed butter- Super delicious!

  31. crystal

    My dad does this and im trying to get my husband on board , my dad uses coconut oil and kerrygold butter.

  32. Sandra H

    I tried this this morning and used my little milk frother from IKEA. Worked great and tasted wonderful!

  33. Steph

    You could try MCT oil instead of coconut oil. Same benefits. It’s a liquid form and doesn’t taste/smell like coconut.

  34. WGN

    Recipe says to blend it. How do you do this? Do you use something like a Magic Bullet? Seems like the hot temperature of the coffee would be dangerous and maybe explode in the process. Any personal accounts or Suggestions?

    • mel

      you have to temper the blender first, buy pouring hot water and let it sit for a minute, then blend just the hot water for a minute. Pour it out, then put the hot coffee in with the other ingredients, start the blender on low (if you have that option), then kick it to high and you won’t have a disaster.

  35. Julie

    Thanks! I have been wanting to replace my processed creamer but have been lazy about researching,ha! Just tried the grass fed butter and not expecting a good result………it was amazing!!!!

  36. Tasha

    Does it have to be grass fed unsalted butter? What if it was just unsalted butter?

    • Julie

      No! You need the benefits of a grass fed cow! Naturally! How it should be!

  37. Juan Miguel @Bulletproof Coffee

    I tried this for breakfast today. I pulled a couple shots of espresso (Starbucks, of course). I tossed in about half a tablespoon of butter and half a tablespoon of coconut oil and blended it up until it looked and smelled delicious!

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