Coconut Oil Blended Coffee (+ Bulletproof Coffee)

Coconut Oil Bullet Proof Coffee

yield: 1 SERVINGS


  • 1 cup brewed coffee
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil



Using a blender coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil for about 20 seconds. Add sweetener of choice if desired.

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Start your morning with some bulletproof coffee!

If you’re looking for a unique, healthy, and all natural way to jazz up your coffee, try blending your coffee with coconut oil! Although it may sound strange at first, the result is a frothy, rich, and smooth cup of coffee – perfect to start the day!

Why coconut oil? Coconut oil is a healthy saturated fat known to prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It improves digestion, energy, and increases the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Replacing processed creamer with high quality organic coconut oil can offer some amazing health benefits!

Easy Blender Method!

Using a blender, blend one cup of hot coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil for about 20 seconds. You could also add a natural sweetener or vanilla extract, or cinnamon. I actually use a teaspoon of raw local honey to combat allergies.

I was recently intrigued by a family member who posted a photo of coconut oil in her coffee and I decided to try it for myself! I now love drinking my coffee this way and feel better about giving up processed creamer.


Coconut Oil Bullet Proof Coffee

yield: 1 SERVINGS


  • 1 cup brewed coffee
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil



Using a blender coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil for about 20 seconds. Add sweetener of choice if desired.

Brought to you by Hip2Save.

If you’re interested in trying an even creamier latte type coffee at home, try adding a tablespoon of grass fed butter. Collin is actually a big fan of this Bulletproof Coffee – read more about it and the health benefits here. To make this version you’ll need to blend one cup of coffee with 1 tablespoon coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of grass-fed butter. You can also customize it with a little Stevia, cinnamon, or vanilla. The result is an incredible creamy latte like cup of coffee.

NOTE FROM COLLIN:  If you want to make it even creamier, you can also add in a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream (in addition to the coconut oil and butter!). Yes, I like a very creamy cup of coffee. 🙂 I have been drinking this Bulletproof Coffee for a couple of weeks now and I’m lovin’ it. I feel very satisfied during the day having ingested lots of healthy fats in the morning and my energy level is rockin’.

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Written by Lina for Hip2Save. Lina is a proud mom of 2 small kids who loves photography, all holidays, cooking, thrift store makeovers, bargain shopping, and DIY makeovers. Her goal is to create a beautiful life and stylish home on a dime! To see all of Lina’s recipes created just for Hip2Save, click here.

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About the writer:

Lina has a Bachelor's Degree from Northern Arizona University with 11 years of blogging and photography experience having work featured in, Martha Stewart, Country Living, Fox News, Buzzfeed, and HGTV.

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Comments 64

  1. harlow

    gr8 idea i like challenge butter & i have just enough cocount oil left to try this 🙂

    • Lynnsy

      Unfortunately unless it is strictly grass fed butter, you won’t see the same benefits. Grass fed cows produce milk with different nutrients than your other grain fed cows.

      • Olga

        Good to know, happy cows eat grass, who knew? 🙂

        • vmm

          …and come from Wisconsin;)

  2. Debbie


  3. 1luv

    I do this daily with coconut oil… but instead of butter,I use the tiniest amount of heavy cream. It’s so yummy that we recently went on vacation and I wasnt feeling satisfied with any coffee I had while away from home.

  4. Not for me


  5. Catherine

    I have been adding coconut oil to my coffee for years now (along with almond mild and a little stevia). I have noticed a difference in my skin and I swear it is adding coconut oil to food. I have never tried “blending” it. Will have to give that a try — looks like latte.

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Yes- love it blended 🙂

    • Olga


  6. ashley

    I use a big spoon of ghee, mct oil, gelatin and a pinch of pumpkin spice. Yum.

  7. Whitney

    So do you drink this coffee and not eat anything until dinner? I was a little confused about the fasting part on their website…
    wouldn’t this be bad for cholesterol to have 2tbsp butter each morning in your coffee? I am very interested just not sold yet

    • mackyjane

      Same here. I am interested in the theory behind this, but the original post says that the guy fasts until 9pm! That’s a long time for just 2 cups of coffee and only 509 calories. I’m all about eating healthy, but I always feel better when I do multiple small meals a day instead of 3 large meals.

      • Whitney

        Thanks for the info…I know that grassfed everything is better for you. Almost 90% of my food (meats, dairy, produce..etc) all comes from a local CSA…it’s all grassfed, organic, and certified humanely treated which are major things I care about. My biggest concern are the in the nutritional value. Consuming over your daily recommended saturated fat in one cup of coffee really needs to have a strong argument and well supported research to make me decide to something like that every day. I love my coffee and my butter but I think I will keep them separate for now!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      No, I am still eating throughout the day. I have definitely been researching more regarding eating a high fat diet and all of the great benefits. I have found this site to be super informative for anyone interested –

      • Whitney

        Awesome. Thank you!

    • Julie T

      Recent studies have shown that dietary fats do not affect your cholesterol as previously thought. Plus natural butter is a much healthier fat for you than manufactured margarine. Google it and see for yourself.

  8. Michelle

    This is my go to breakfast when I take my kids to school. I also add a scoop of vanilla protein powder and it keeps me full till lunch.

    • smellyann

      Michelle, heating up proteins can denature them, so you may not be getting the full effectiveness that you’re hoping for with that. On the other hand, if all you want is to be full ’til lunch and that’s working for you, keep on truckin’! 😉

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Oh good idea on the protein powder!

  9. civyl

    How can adding butter to your coffee make it healthier?

    • Lollie

      I agree. It seems too good to be true. I tried this last month and it made me gain weight, my hair was super greasy, I was a little too regular if you know what I mean, and it tastes good but made me jittery and ravenous for food the rest of the day. I do not recommend it at all.

  10. Jamie

    I have been using the full fat canned coconut milk which looks the same after I blend it up. I am currently on the Whole30 and was having a hard time drinking black coffee in the morning & this isn’t half bad. I still miss my sugar though.

  11. Agata

    I always add butter and coconut oil to my coffee every morning. Recent studies show that saturated fat and cholesterol in food DOES NOT affect the cholesterol levels in blood. In fact, our liver makes cholesterol too and if there is a lot of inflammation in body ( from trans fats, vegetable oils, excess carbs) liver will produce extra cholesterol which will then float in your blood.

    I have been eating high fat, moderate protein and low carb for 2 years, went from 210 pounds to 155, my lab work is great and I have lots of energy!

    • Thach

      I am really interested in losing the weight with a low carb diet that is easy to follow. Please help. I’ve been through a horrible divorced and and I am raising my daughter all alone. I just need a simple plan. I am already moderately active.

      • Kristy

        Check out the I breathe I’m hungry website. There are tons of meal plans.

  12. td

    this is extremely confusing to me…how does oil taste creamy? i like my coffee to be creamy and sugary – – i gave up international french vanilla months ago, and have since been using So Delicious French Vanilla Coconut Milk Creamer. it really is So Delicious, but it is WAYYYY too expensive. would love to re-create that recipe cheaply and easily at home. does this oil coffee taste like french vanilla?

    • 1luv

      It emulsifies. Similar to adding olive oil to vinegar in a blender while making salad dressing.
      It really keeps the energy level up, is great for cholesterol and has helped with memory and hair for me 🙂 I’ve only been doing it for about 6 weeks…I also only 1/2 T not a full T of coconut oil, and just a touch of creAm to make it a shade lighter.

  13. kandi

    i only drink iced coffee… has anyone tried doing this then adding ice? i wonder if the butter/coconut oil would instantly get clumpy….?

    • Jessica VanMersbergen

      I was wondering the same thing! Thoughts for iced coffee drinkers?

      • Tasha

        I read on another post that instead of butter you need to use ghee so that when the coffee gets cold it doesn’t separate

  14. Tasa

    Does it taste like coconuts?

    • trace

      I just made it, and mine did! It was delicious!

    • mel

      Depends on the coconut oil. If you get refined coconut oil, that doesn’t have the coconutty taste. I’m using Vitacost “house” brand and it’s pretty good. I ordered the virgin coconut oil and that one has a very strong coconut flavor.

  15. me

    seriously people!!!!!?!?!?…. yuck

    • mel

      Like I tell my kids, don’t knock something until you try it!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Ha, I had to try it for myself to see! I know it sounds odd 🙂

  16. trace

    It is 430pm and I am too excited to wait until tomorrow to try this! Lol Here goes nothin! Thanks Lina and Collin!

    • trace

      I did a small amount of raw organic sugar and a tiny bit if my creamer (not nearly as much as I usually do) and only the coconut oil. It was seriously the CREAMIEST coffee I have ever had! Im not sure I can ever go back! Thank you!

  17. Karen

    Do you have to use a blender to mix the coffee and coconut oil? Or can just stir the coconut oil in? Seems like a lot of work to add a spoonful of coconut oil. Thanks in advance!

    • agata

      You have to use a blender that is not air tight. Stirring with spoon will do nothing, the oil will float on top of coffee. You need to use a blender to make it creamy

      • Patti

        would a handheld battery one work well for mixing do you know?

    • Jami

      I use my magic bullet to blend my coffee, coconut oil, cinnamon, and half & half. I don’t think stirring it in would give the same frothiness. It is sooo delicious! I’ve been drinking my coffee this way for almost two years.

      • Karen

        Great, thanks for the tip, Jami and Agata!

  18. sun

    is this another of those april fools day post??? but today is he 6th lol

  19. Joy

    Has anyone tried anything similar with tea???

  20. Christine

    I actually just heard about adding coconut oil to coffee a few weeks back when shopping at the health food store, I’ve been using coconut oil for a few years now, it started when I was on my low carb diet, I would make my freezer almond fudge (yummmm) and cook with it but now even though not on the low carb anymore I still enjoy using coconut oil. I add it to my oatmeal instead of margarine or butter but when I was told about adding it to coffee they did not say anything about blending it to make if frothy like your photo I just added it to my coffee while hot and drink it but it does look a lot better blending it and kind of makes you think you are having something special, I must try it this way, thanks for this info!!

  21. Jenn

    I love coconut oil in my coffee!!

  22. Anna

    I am a healthcare professional and recently attended an all day CE given by a Harvard doc. Anyway, I was shocked to see the same recipe provided by him as well. It was part of a presentation on ketogenic diet. It has been shown to actually lower body fat and cholesterol even though you ingest a lot more fat. That being said, I am not sold on drastic diets. I can’t imagine how long term high fat diet is good on the spleen or other GI organs. Personally, I think the best diet in the world is eating a balance of unprocessed foods, nothing that comes prepackages…..which we knows is easier said than done 🙂

  23. yum

    Yummy…I added my toast, egg and jelly. What a delicious breakfast in a mug! But seriously. …I was doing a lot of coconut oil medicinally last year and my blood work showed that my cholesterol went up but it was all HDL. The bad cholesterol LDL had gone down.

  24. MominMO

    I’ve been adding a TBSP of unrefined coconut oil to my coffee for the past year. My skin and hair have never been better. As a matter of fact, I didn’t have any during my 2 wk vacation last fall and went without it for another couple weeks afterward.There was a noticeable difference. My doctor was so impressed with all the result from my blood tests that she asked what I’ve done differently. And, while it keeps you full for a bit longer than just black coffee, it is by no means a meal replacement.

  25. Pharmchick

    I tried this today and it was pretty good! I might’ve added too much coconut oil though lol. I used my blender but next time I’ll add it to my bullet instead.

  26. Daphne

    I do this all the time with yummy extracts.

  27. Suzy

    I just made it and it is delicious !! Want to see how long it keeps my hunger at bay and if I see any results of any kind !!

  28. debbie

    The grass fed butter combined with a daily dose of fermented cod liver oil is what they recommend to remineralize your teeth. (aka heal cavities) I’m trying it with my kids.

  29. Michelle

    Nutiva Coconut Oil is the best!

  30. isabella

    Thanks Collin, I love this recipe! Have been doing it for a while now! I’ve been on a Low Carb High Fat diet for about 6 months now and I love it! I found an awesome support group on facebook, called “Low Carb and Losing it…”, it has over 53,000 members. If anyone is interested, check it out – this type of coffee is a staple for the low carber! You don’t get fat from fat! On the contrary, if you are doing low carb, you need to eat more fats to be losing more weight!

  31. Shirley

    I have tried this and absolutely loved it but it made my cough so badly for days that I had to stop. After getting it cleared up, months later, I tried again with no luck. Why would this happen?

  32. Kim

    Can I use an immersion blender?

  33. Gayleen

    Omg!!! I drink coffee all day-I’m one of those nuts who enjoys sipping in 100 degree weather. This is THE BEST I’ve ever had!!! Is it unhealthy to have more than one cup in the morning?

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