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Crunchy Roasted Chickpea Snack Recipe


Crunchy Chickpea Snack

Looking for a delicious and healthy snack that satisfies that crunch craving? These easy roasted chickpeas are fantastic. Who knew something out of a can could taste this great roasted?! Just combine these with a little oil and your favorite mix of seasonings for an easy and tasty fiber-filled snack!

Crunchy Roasted Chick Peas


2 (15-ounce) cans chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans
1 and a half tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon of your favorite spice blend (I used a Creole mix)
Salt to taste

How to roast chickpeas Hip2Save


Heat the oven to 400°F and arrange a rack in the middle. Drain, rinse, and pat dry chickpeas thoroughly. (Make sure to dry really well or they won’t crisp up as well.) Place the chickpeas in a large bowl and toss with the remaining ingredients until evenly coated.Spread the chickpeas in an even layer on a rimmed baking sheet and bake until crisp, about 30 to 40 minutes. Turn halfway through and check to make sure not to burn towards the end.

Roasted Chickpea Snack Hip2Save
Let them cool for a bit and they come out crunchy and super delicious! The texture is almost like Corn Nuts. My whole family loved them and they were gone way too quickly!

Roasted Crucnchy Chickpea Snacks Hip2Save

We love this creole Cajun flavor, and can’t wait to try out a different one next time. Some additional seasoning combos to try are cinnamon/sugar, paprika/garlic, and rosemary/thyme.

[h2s_box]Written by Lina for Hip2Save. Lina is a proud mom of 2 small kids who loves photography, all holidays, cooking, thrift store makeovers, bargain shopping, and DIY makeovers. Her goal is to create a beautiful life and stylish home on a dime! To see all of Lina’s recipes created just for Hip2Save, click here.[/h2s_box]

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Comments 55

  1. A

    Sounds yummy 🙂 They look a lot like corn nuts

  2. Bunny

    These look delish Lina. Certainly love all your clever additions to the Hip2Save site. Keep up the good work 😉

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)


    • Beverly

      I’ll second that.

  3. Serena

    I can’t wait to try this. I currently have a chickpea surplus.

    • Laura

      Haha Me too!!!

  4. HP

    must be a louisiana mom with Tony’s 🙂

  5. Carrie

    Gwyneth Paltrow has a similar recipe in her new cookbook that I love- because of the crispy chickpeas! She roasts cauliflower and chickpeas then tosses them with a delicious mustard vinaigrette at the end.

  6. JA

    Oh man! I have a bag of Wasabi peas that I have been rationing because the store I got them at closed. I think I found a replacement! Thanks!

    • Dawn

      You can buy the wasabi peas on Amazon

      • Dianne

        My Dollar Tree sells them in the snack section…

  7. Shanna

    I make these all the time! Try throwing them in you salad or soups instead of croutons, yummy!!!!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Oh I love that idea!! Thanks 🙂

    • Ann Dee

      Yum. Thanks!

  8. Hannah

    I have made these before, but they didn’t turn out crispy at all, which was a disappointment. But they were still DELICIOUS! I would seriously emphasize the drying part. Next time i make them, i may leave them to sit out overnight to dry.

    • Dayna

      I was going to emphasize this point as well. I made them one time but didn’t really let them dry that long and they turned out to be a soggy mess and never crisped up. I haven’t attempted to make them again because I was too impatient to let them dry!

    • Betsy

      I made them once and they were crispy immediately from the oven, but then got soft. Not sure how to keep them crispy. If anyone has a suggestion that works I would like to know since they were good, but just when crispy.

      • Betsy

        btw – I make my own beans,peas, etc. It’s super easy and much less expensive than canned (and better for you)

  9. ihearthip

    You’ve done it again, Lina! 🙂 I crave corn nuts regularly but this is cheaper and probably healthier?! Thanks

  10. Jessica

    And I have everything already at home in the pantry! Thanks for the idea.

  11. PAN

    We make these a lot with a little cumin, cayenne, salt, pepper and (sometimes) garlic salt mixture. They are so good. I make them a little less crunchy for the kids but they love them. I will have to try the Cajun spice next time.

  12. Jessica

    I bookmarked this page immediately! This sounds soooo good. Already sent it to two friends, too. Making it this weekend. I LOVE chick peas. YUM! Can’t wait. Thank you!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      fantastic! Thanks 🙂

      • Jessica

        Just made! Waiting for them to cool down. I’m dying with anticipation. I even have the boyfriend excited to try them. Plus, they smell fantastic! Hoping they turn out okay. I drained and dried them last night, left them out overnight on a pan to dry with paper towel and then whipped up today. Thank you again for posting!!

  13. Ann Dee

    Thanks, Lina. I love your additions to this site as well. Keep em coming!

  14. Jodi

    My daughter (age 11) is a vegetarian and she has peanut and soy allergies. We’re always looking for protein sources. She doesn’t like soft Chickpeas. If we let her choose the seasoning, she might have a crunchy new protein source!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Awesome! My kids loved these 🙂 they are super picky! Ha

  15. April

    Do you have a creole spice recipe from scratch to do this with? We are unable to eat many different things in our house. One of the biggies being corn which is usually added to dry shelf ingredients to keep them from clumping even if it is not listed on the ingredient list. Thanks

  16. Kristen

    Would love to hear other seasoning ideas from people who’ve tried them! 🙂 I like the ranch flavored Corn Nuts … wonder how I could re-create those without using packaged Ranch dressings … hmmmm … 😉

    • brittany

      Heavenlyhomemakers.com has a great recipe for homemade dry ranch mix. It is listed under the condiments section.

    • April P

      I make them all the time for my almost 5yo and his favorite spice combo is garlic powder (the more granular california style) and cayenne pepper. So good! I’ve also made them with cinnamon sugar before.

    • Jenn

      I got a homemade dry ranch mix recipe off a website and I love it. I think its better tasting then the packaged ones, it doesn’t have MSG in it and its way cheaper then buying them. I will use it to make my own ranch dip. My friends always ask me where I bought my dip, when I tell them I made it and how easy it is, a lot of them now make their own too.

      • Khera

        Jenn, Can you share the link to your recipe?

  17. Donna

    These look delicious! I look forward to your posts every week! Thank you for all your great ideas!!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Oh how nice 🙂 Thank You!!

  18. cg

    I just made these moments before this was posted. I used cumin, paprika, chili seasoning, salt, and cayenne pepper. Very delicious!

  19. jeanette

    thank you for posting this! we were needing something healthy!!!! 🙂 I am trying them with black-eyed peas. . .(didn’t have enough garbanzo)

    • Lolita

      Let me know how that goes! I was wondering if to try it out with beans, but I decided against it since I thought it wouldn’t work. I am curious to see how it goes with black-eyed peas!

  20. Roxy

    Oh I would really love to try these, but if they are as hard as corn nuts, I don’t know if I can do it. My teeth are not strong enough to handle it :(( Oh and I am only 33…

    • April P

      I take mine out while they are still chewy, but have crisped up a bit. I don’t like them too crunchy! In my oven, I put them in for about 40 minutes at 350 degrees and they come out perfect.

  21. Jean

    Could these be stored for a few days after you make them? Maybe in a container on the counter?

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Yes. 🙂 I store mine in a sealed Tupperware.

      • Irene

        Could they be stored in the fridge. I kept mine on the counter and they ended up with mold after only a couple of days.

  22. Christine

    Made these before after seeing it on pintrest and thought they were replusive.

  23. Ashley

    I make these all the time! Pinterest has all these recipes.

  24. Jennine

    Would these be considered a vegetable? They are placed next to them at target! And you can get them for 40 some cents at target this week check collins match up 😉

    • Khera

      Chick Peas (a.k.a Garbanzo Beans) are technically categorized as a Legume. It is listed in both the vegetable and protein categories on the USDA’s website http://www.choosemyplate.gov. (1/4 cup is equivalent to 1 ounce of protein if using it as a substitute for meat.)

  25. Jennine

    If these are considered a vegetable which i think they are since they are right next to them at the store target has these for 40 some odd cents this week check collins match ups 😉

  26. cheapcheap goes the mommy

    my kids will eat chickpeas right out of the can..I started them young though..when they were toddlers I’d rinse them and put them in a bowl and told them they were boiled peanuts…now, we enjoy them all the time..Thanks I might try this way too :)Thanks..We loved the Chicken Chili Recipe I serve beans at least twice a week to my family ..we are gassy but healthy! 🙂 Ps I add shredded cheese to my Chicken Chili

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Great! Thanks coming back to tell us 🙂

  27. Aimee

    I made them as soon as I saw the recipe! They were delicious!! Thank you!

  28. Andrea

    Just put mine in the oven…………. 🙂

  29. CarolW

    YUM, can’t wait to try this. Maybe need to try them chex mix style.

  30. Jamie

    After that white chili recipe . . . I’m pretty sure this is going to be awesome! Loving these recipes!! They make me feel like a gourmet!!!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Awe thanks Jamie!

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