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Homemade Fruit Snacks Recipe


Homemade Fruit Snacks Recipe Hip2Save

If your kids love fruit snacks like mine do, this is one recipe you’ll definitely want to try! This easy homemade Fruit Snacks recipe offers a healthier alternative to the store-bought version by using 100% real fruit and only ingredients you can pronounce!

I’ve experimented with several different recipes using juice, pureed fruit, and powdered gelatin. The ratio of fruit, liquid, and gelatin below yielded the best results for me resulting in a sweet, fruity, and chewy snack. I used berries but you can use your own desired variety of fruit (note that I’ve read that pineapple does not set as well!).

Ingredients for fruit snacks

Homemade Fruit Snacks


1 and 1/2 cups pureed fruit (I used 1/2 lb strawberries, 6oz. blueberries, and 6oz. raspberries)
5 packets or 1/4 cup of unflavored gelatin powder
2 Tablespoons honey
3 Tablespoons fruit juice (I used orange juice)

How to make homemade fruit snacks hip2save


Puree fruit in a food processor or blender. Pour it into a medium sized saucepan on medium heat. Whisk in juice and honey. Heat until it starts to bubble and slowly add the gelatin powder whisking continually until combined. Pour into an 8×8 baking dish, or small silicone candy molds if you desire specific shapes like stars, dinosaurs, hearts, Lego men, etc. Place in the fridge for 2-3 hours.

After the mixture sets, cut around the sides of the pan with a knife and slide a spatula underneath and place on a cutting board. Cut snacks into small pieces to serve. Store fruit snacks in the fridge for up to a week.

fruit snacks homemade Hip2Save
These fruit snacks were popular in my house – my kids loved them and I hope yours do too! 🙂

[h2s_box]Written by Lina for Hip2Save. Lina is a proud mom of 2 small kids who loves photography, all holidays, cooking, thrift store makeovers, bargain shopping, and DIY makeovers. Her goal is to create a beautiful life and stylish home on a dime! To see all of Lina’s recipes created just for Hip2Save, click here.[/h2s_box]

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Comments 47

  1. Marybeth

    These look yummy! Is there such thing as an organic gelatin?

    • Ester

      Yes , amazon sell grassfed gelatin , buy the orange one .. U have to melt in hot water and then add to the recipe and will jell like reg gelatin

      • Jody

        Thanks for asking Marybeth. I saved this recipe weeks ago when it was posted and I really want to learn to make good (but healthy) fruit snacks for my kids but I don’t want to use gelatin at all 🙁 **sigh…I don’t think there are any other options? I deleted it and never made them. Now it’s here again and I feel like it’s calling me LOL

        • Theresa

          There is vegan and kosher gelatin. While I don’t always exclude foods that have gelatin in them, I do try to avoid it. I am going to my local co-op to get some vegan gelatin to try this though! (I am not a vegan, but gelatin is gross)

        • Sarah

          An alternative is to use agar agar flakes. It works just like gelatin. I know they sell it at Whole Foods and I’m sure you can get it online too. It’s made from some type of seaweed.

    • Nikki


      • meg

        Seriously what?

  2. Jane

    seriously sounds so yummy! will try for sure 🙂

  3. Tasa

    Could we add any extras to this to get added health benefits? Like chia seeds or something similar?

    • Keri

      No. You are allowed to add nothing.

      • meg


      • Jody


  4. Laura

    If anyone was able to print the crayola ultra clean marker coupon and the 64+ crayon coupon yesterday and doesn’t need them, I would be happy to trade a $5 domino gift card for them!

    • Mindy

      Can you tell me where to go to print these coupons? If I can print them, I’d love to trade with you!

      • Heather C

        Coupon no longer available. I missed it yesterday too.

  5. Sue

    Is there a substitute for gelatin? And I’m mean no animal parts involved like hoofs.

    • Dawn

      Search for vegan gelatin and you should be able to find a substitute.

    • meg

      Pectin and sugar….Google it

    • irene

      Agar is a seaweed-based gelatin.

  6. CW

    I made these last time you posted this. They are great! When I bought similar simply balanced fruit snacks at target they were super sticky and gross! These are not sticky at all- fantastic!

    • Jennifer

      thanks for posting the link to vegan alternatives, I would love to make these also without the gelatin. Does anyone know which one of these alternatives works the best and which one is easiest and cheapest to find in a regular store?

      • V

        Agar is probably easiest to find. If you go to an Asian store you can often find agar for a dollar a pack. Look for a brand called telephone. Pectin, agar and vegetarian jel substitutes are also sold at health foods shops including whole foods.

        • Jennifer

          Thank you! I will look for the agar 🙂 I wish we had some asian food stores here but when I go to a bigger city this next week I will look and stock up!

    • adri


    • Jody

      THANK YOU!!!!

  7. Heather C

    YAY! Finally, a fruit snack I will let my kids eat 😋

  8. Tamara H.

    I’ll have to try. My little one is heading to Kindergarten this year and this would be a great healthy treat for her lunches and/or snack time.

    • CW

      Tamara, check with others – these are refrigerated and I didn’t feel they “held up” when out of the refrigerator a few hours. Unless your child has her lunch put in a refrigerator, this might not work.

  9. Jennifer

    Oh I forgot about this and I just got a new jar of honey! Lots of fresh fruit in season too.Thanks so much Lina!

  10. liz

    I tried this recipe last time it was posted and they came out slimy/spongy and with not much flavor. My boys would not eat them. Did I do something wrong? I used strawberries. Anyone else have to try it a few times to get it right? Any suggestions? TIA

    • Daniela

      I thought it tasted pretty good when it was in the stove top, but after it was ready the gummies were tasteless. I was so bummed!

    • Lisa

      Sounds exactly like mine, 🙁 ick

    • Sarah

      I’m glad you said that because mine turned out the same way. They were flavorless and had hard balls in it. So strange.

    • MommySpendsLess

      I haven’t tried this yet so I’m just guessing but maybe it was using just strawberries? I think the raspberries, being a bit tart, would add a lot of flavor. Also how ripe were your strawberries? Sometimes mine are soft and sweet but other times they’re firm, almost crunchy, with a bit of tartness. It seems like the less ripe ones would be a better texture for this recipe especially since you’re adding sweetness with honey.

      • Jody

        Great thoughts on the strawberries lol! Thanks for bringing that point up because I probably would have used just strawberries too but now I would definitely be adding raspberries! 😉

  11. Meg

    is this super chewy? or a bit soft? i’m thinkin finger food for my 1 year old? but if it’s too hard/sticky/chewy, i may have to wait another year or so…

    • Jody

      I meg, my daughter is 15 months and I plan on making them for her. With a vegan type of gelatin. I read in the comments above that they need to stay in the fridge or they start to melt-like so I assume they would be good for our babies 🙂

  12. adri

    LOOK UP WHAT GELATIN IS MADE OF!!!!!!!! We dont eat it . Otherwise I would be all over this recipe

    • meg

      There are substitutes for gelatin. Google it!

  13. Tilla ham

    I too would make these with a gelatin substitute. There is nothing healthy about gelatin

    • Jody

      I agree with you and Adri, above a nice person posted a link for alternative gelatin 😉 Vegan & seaweed gelatin! I am going on the hunt for those!

  14. V

    Quick tip for anyone trying out agar…
    I find it best to put the agar into the cold mix then heat until it boils. Cook for a few minutes then it should be done.
    Different gels have different characters and agar is seen as less wobbly (thinking of it like jello).
    You can change the texture by playing around with the amount of jel added.

  15. Amanda

    Could u put them in a dehydrator after u refrigerate? I mean would they still be chewy fruit snacks? Or would u need to make the mixture different and not refrigerate but just dehydrate instead? Like fruit strips?

  16. Jacque

    Do you think you could freeze them for future use? If so, how long do you think they would keep frozen? I like to make things in bulk for when I’m working and don’t have time to cook-

    • stephanie

      I was wondering the same thing! I really like to make things ahead and freeze. I would love for that info to be added to recipes in the future, if possible.

  17. Mary

    Are these chewed like Gummi especially or more soft like jello bites?

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