Bye Bye Bra-blems, Hello Aerie Wireless Bra

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aerie wireless bra review – bras on store racks

Hey all, it’s Hip2Save Sidekick Chelsey!

I’m about to get real honest with all of you. (Gentleman, this post is not for you.) Ladies, I’m pretty sure most (if not all) of you will understand this – I have bra-blems.

You all know what I’m talking about. The too-tight bands, the not-tight-enough straps – and don’t even get me started on the underwire poking through. I have the worst time finding a great bra. Does that even exist? Until recently, the answer, at least for me, was no.

First, let’s talk about buying a new bra. Ordering a new bra online for me is never a good experience. I think, “Oh, those are so cute!” and then it arrives, and it’s something my grandma would wear or the cup sizes are completely wrong. Which brings me to going in-store. I don’t like getting partially naked in a freezing cold dressing room with bad lighting to try on a bra that someone else may have also tried on only to discover that it (and the 42 other ones I’ve tried on) don’t fit.

aerie wireless bra review – the American Eagle Aerie bra

So what am I to do? I started looking for comments on H2S posts… which led me to Aerie by American Eagle bras.

This is the part where the heavens open up and the angels sing because I’m seriously in love with these bras. I wear the wireless ones, and they are so comfortable! Some days I don’t even remember I have one on, and they come in a wide range of sizes and styles, making them easy to recommend to others as well.

I love that some of them have the convertible straps so you can wear them with tank tops without seeing your straps. And, even the wireless ones provide support, just like a best friend. I know that some people love bralettes, and I would probably compare the wireless Aerie bras to a more padded bralette; however, they do now offer padded wireless bras as well. See? They solve all bra-plems!

Aerie By American Eagle Bras

Plus, and this is probably the best part – they’re affordable! I can generally score one for $10-$15 if I wait for a good sale or even clearance. And, did you know that Aerie offers a rewards program that includes a special just for their bras? If you purchase five, you’ll get one free! This is a great way to try out a more expensive style because you’ll be able to use it on any of the bras they sell!

Affordable + comfortable = bye bye bra-blems!

And, oh, by the way, I’m not being paid for this review. I just wanted to pay it forward! Thanks again for the recommendation, friends! I LOVE these bras! 🙌

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About the writer:

Chelsey has a degree from American Military University with over 6 years of content writing experience specializing in saving money and living frugally.

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Comments 67

  1. Heather

    I appreciate and love that you found a bra that works for you. I would be more appreciative if these companies would make these bras in more than a DDD at the outside for cup size. I’m height/weight proportionate, but wear a 36G bra. I can’t find that size for $10-$15; I don’t expect to for the difference in the amount of material. I _do_ expect to see options for my size for comparable price, but instead I’m often stuck paying $40-$60.

    It’s really frustrating. 🙂

    • Laura

      Girl me too! I’m a 34G and have to spend minimum 70$!

      • Kit

        Fredricks has bras that are 36G and 34G and they are super cute. On veterans day they were on sale for $11 usual sell price is around $15 but current price is $35. They also offer student discounts on top of all sales. I think the majority are sold out now because they just had a huge sale but at least one bra in each size is available and they do make them!

        • Chrissy

          I’m a 34J (the struggle is real!) and I’ve gotten great brands from zulily for $11! I have bought a few that don’t fit and they usually refund my money and tell me to donate it if it doesn’t fit. I stand by that company every time!

    • Chelsey (Hip Sidekick)

      My best friend is in your boat and she swears by Lane Bryant/Cacique bras, if you sign up for their emails you can sometimes catch a really good sale, like today they have a BOGO on clearance bras! Hope that helps!

      • Heather

        Lane Bryant/Cacique/Soma bras just don’t hold up in my experience. My go-to brands are Curvy Kate and Goddess, but they’re UK brands so they command a premium here. Well worth it, just another ‘price’ for being more than the perceived ‘average’ consumer. 🙂

    • Blue

      YES! 34F here and buying bras in unique sizes is a totally depressing experience lol. I usually get mine from Nordstrom, but the brands sold there are super expensive. I don’t buy any bras without trying them on first and I have to be able to return them to a store if needed, so Frederick’s etc. isn’t an option for me. 🙁

      • Amy

        Ladies! Nordstrom Rack is a treasure trove for hard-to-find sizes at good prices! They have cup sizes up to i, and band sizes as low as 28! Typically, shipping is free on $100 and bras are returnable!

    • Sue

      Try wearing a 32A. Those are impossible to find. I hate tiny breasts. I wish my large friends would share. It’s embarrassing to ask for help. They get smaller everytime I have a child before you know it there will not be anything left. I can’t wear a bikini there is nothing to hold up. I can’t wear low cut tops, no cleavage to show. Half the time you feel like a boy. So don’t complain about your small breasts. Enjoy them.

      • Laura

        I was exactly like you. Having kids made the problem so much worse. Finally got the surgery a few years ago to fix it. Best money I ever spent. I finally feel like a normal woman again.

        • dbld amb

          Ive thought of surgery as well. After breastfeeding 3 kids i went from a good c to a barely b and a saggy one at that. I have hubbys full support lol just dont know if I want to spend all that money.

      • BrBa

        Our frustration at having difficulty in finding larger-sized bras is just as valid as your frustration in having small breasts…so comparing your situation to someone else’s is neither helpful nor supportive. Also, I may have big breasts that you envy- but try having chronic back pain from them, being unable to wear fitted/v-neck tops without getting unwanted attention, or being unable to exercise without doubling up on sports bras. We all wish we had something else, but we’re all fortunate in ways that other people aren’t too. Just some perspective.

        • Sue

          I don’t envy BIG breasts my best friend obese has been since 4th grade. She HATES her super large breasts. She also tells me several times a week how she would love to get rid of them. She then follows with why don’t I loose weight breasts are after all mostly fat. I encourage her to eat healthy and exercise which she declines, she would rather eat, sit, read and watch movies. So, I think if you hate your overly large breasts then you can probably fix that on your own without risky surgery. People with small breasts can’t change that on their own unless they choose to have an unhealthy diet.

          • Catherine

            Sue, please note that not all large breasted women are obese and need to lose weight. That’s just like saying all small breasted women have anorexia. Neither assumption can be considered correct or valid.

            • B

              Agree… I am 5’3” and 116, I’m 34 DDD… loosing weight doesn’t automatically make your boobs smaller

          • Alli

            I had your back after your first comment, but now you seem just utterly clueless. What an ignorant remark..because everyone gains and loses weight proportionately, right? Some people will always be top heavy, no matter what they lose. Some will always be bottom heavy… it is completely and totally ridiculous to tell women with large breasts and back problems to eat healthier to fix their problem…because you have one “friend” that has this problem. Every person is built differently and If she knew the way you talk about her behind her back I highly doubt she’d continue to be your friend. Your jealousy shows and it’s not pretty.

            • tarahfreestone

              Amen I can’t believe the remark about losing weight will lose breasts mine kept growing with each of my three kids topping at a 36 H and I’m a size 8-10, a marathon runner and triathlete so consider myself pretty fit and those fat bags we speak of don’t just disappear by losing weight doesn’t quite work like that for the non doctors in the room. Just saying.

            • Kristi

              Agree. I’m only 5’ but 34DDD as well. Super hard to find and stupidly priced! And I am fit and work out regularly and eat well. No amount of exercise is going to shrink them.

          • BrBa

            The literal definition of envy: when you say that you hate what you have and wish you had what someone else does. You clearly don’t know what a 34F actually looks like but my breasts aren’t “overly large” for my body, so I have no interest in “fixing” them by losing an unnecessary amount of weight. Sorry, but not everyone w/ curves is lazy, overweight, or unaware of healthy eating- some of us are just naturally ample-chested. You’d probably be a lot happier if you focused more on accepting your small breasts as they are, and less on other people’s bodies 🙂

      • cheapcheapgoesthemommy

        Amen Sue! Dreading swimsuit season…will I find a bikini that evens out my curvy hips with my -A boobs. My swimsuits NEVER dry there is so much padding up top. 🙂

      • Laura

        I agree. I need new bras SO badly, but it is impossible to find a comfortable one in a 32A! The “regular” womens section doesn’t have much in that size, if any, and the “training bras” in the girls section aren’t what I need either. I also seem to be losing cup size with each baby- currently nursing my 3rd- but unfortunately they’re not wearing evenly,
        either 😔
        I find I need to do some sewing with my bras. Sometimes I need to sew the straps closer together where they connect to the band in back, but usually (always) have to sew the cups closer together. And I HATE sewing.
        I will be trying these bras, if they come small enough. Thanks!

      • shop4mybabies

        my daughter is a 32 A, she’s got a lovely rear and no top 🙂 her sister has a lovely top and no rear:) we have no trouble finding them, she loves some we get at fred meyer and kohls and we never pay more than 12$ for her bras

    • shop4mybabies

      I have huge breasts and bras are expensive, usually ugly, and do not last. I pay 70$ and the underwears poke out within 6 weeks. You cannot go without an underwire when you’re breasts are this size. I’m sure small breasted women have worn uncomfortable bras but the reality is there are hundreds and hundreds of inexpensive choices for you to try. #bigtittieproblems

  2. Janie

    You can find aerie bras at TJmaxx and Marshall’s. They are usually $5 but can be on clearance for even less.

    • Rebekah Brown

      Good tip! I’ll be checking that out!

    • Chelsey (Hip Sidekick)

      Woah that’s awesome! I’ve never thought to look there – I will now though! Thank you!

  3. Melissa

    Thanks for the review. You didn’t say whether you need support or not. How are these bras for women are “gifted” and need a lot of support?

    • Chelsey (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey Melissa! I would say they provide almost as much support as bras with underwires, just make sure you choose the wireless bras and not the bralettes, I’ve found that those don’t offer enough support.

  4. Janine

    I can’t wait to try them! I just cleaned my closet and now need new wireless but padded bras! I also love their panties. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Chelsey (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome! I’m a huge fan of their panties too!

  5. mommymomma

    Thanks my girl is growing up and is not a fan of wired bras which i am. I have loaded her up with a drawer full of sports bras but ofcourse that limits her wardrobe. Hopefully i can find time soon to make a trip to the mall so she can try them on

  6. Sue

    Does anyone know how the sizes compare to the VS bras? I just bought a wireless push up bra there and really dislike it.

    • Heather

      I had my daughter fitted there and she was a smaller size than she wears at VS

    • Amy

      I think it depends on the style. I’m a 32C at VS and ordered a 32C in a push-up style from AE/Aerie and it was just a tad too small, however I wear a Small in their bralettes just like I do at VS.

  7. lJ

    OT, please can you advise on the best gift card wallet apps? I have too many cards I need to store them somewhere so I don’t lose them.

  8. Laurie

    My daughters and I love Aerie wireless bras! I just found them this fall and love going wireless, but still gives me shape. Thanks for the tip on looking at TJMaxx. I am waiting for a half off sale at Aerie to buy more!

  9. Karen

    I love that bra you have pictured in navy blue or black. Which one is it on their site. I can’t seem to find it.

    Thank you 🙂

    • Chelsey (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey Karen! It’s the Starts With You Wireless Bra in Navy, you can find it here! The back has a clip so that you can use it as a racerback or as a regular bra!

      • Jenna

        Helpful hint: Starts With You was renamed to Real Happy Wireless Lightly Lined so any named that will be the same style/fit!

        • Chelsey (Hip Sidekick)

          Oh Jenna, you’re the best! I was sooo sad when I saw them in the clearance section (I bought three because I thought I’d never find them again), now I don’t have to worry! Thank you so much!

  10. Suzanne H

    This is not a site I would normally consider purchasing from because I thought everything there was for teens/young ladies. While browsing their site looking at bras, I see women of different shapes, colors, one with a chest scar, one with vitiligo, etc. So happy to see so many different woman represented!!! Hats off to Aerie and yes, I will be making a purchase!

    • Karis

      Apparently this is something they leaned into really heavily last year after deciding to no longer retouch their models back in 2014. Hats freaking off them them man, I had no idea either and this absolutely will make me purchase! Representation all day <3

  11. Laura

    Does anyone use these, that has nursed before? I need lots of support 😂

    • April

      Yes I tried some on last week and ended up buying VS wired bras. I needed something more than what the aerie ones gave me unfortunately. It was very much like wearing a Bralette.

  12. Laura

    Author of this story: What size bra do you wear? I wear 38dd so need the underwire

    • Chelsey (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey Laura! I can fit either a 34C or D depending on the time of month and find that these offer about the same amount of support as bras with underwires. The first time I tried one I bought the cheapest one they offered and tried it out for a few days just to make sure I liked them and they offered both support and coverage. Then I went back and bought more, if it’s in your budget maybe you could try that?

      • Laura

        34c is a far cry from 38dd. I love Bali bras…I would have to see these in person 1st.

  13. GAmommyof4

    I’m SO glad that you posted this!!! I finally found a push-up bra with no underwire for my very petite chest! I need all the padding I can get 😉 I’m so excited I can hardly contain it!

    • Chelsey (Hip Sidekick)

      Woohoo! I hope you love it!

  14. Lexy

    Nothing better than finding a good bra

    • Mima

      Amen sister!! 😉

  15. Sara

    Are they front adjustable? I need to be able to adjust the straps without having to take the bra off.

  16. Sam

    I love aerie bras. I’m 36dd, and don’t like padded bras because they make me look huge! I wear the unlined, wired aerie bras everyday. They have great support and are super comfortable!

  17. Kelley

    I LOVE these Aerie bras! Tried them while they were on sale during the holidays and they are super super comfortable! I am a 36D and think they have plenty of support. I love aerie brand in general as well. Their undies have been my favorites for years and their leggings are fantastic!!

    • Amber M

      I’m about the same size (38D). Do you think the straps are thick enough for support? They look really thin in the pictures.

  18. Jes

    Any suggestions out there for maternity/nursing bras for a 36Ddd gal…thanks!

    • Linds

      The only one that worked comfortably for me was the Medela one at Target. But I wasn’t able to fork out more than $30 for one either!

    • Jessica

      I love Soma Bras for nursing. They are VERY expensive, but last for years and years.

    • Bonnie

      I was used to spending $70 on bras (34DDD) before getting pregnant, but then refused to spend that kind of money for bras that I just needed for a few months of pregnancy and then later nursing bras. I was shocked by how much I loved the Gilligan O’Malley padded nursing bras at Target! They obviously aren’t the highest quality…after a while a few wires have started to poke out, but they are inexpensive enough that I’ve been able to replace them and still save money compared to buying the more expensive bras!

  19. just me

    Also just an FYI check out Walmart because I’ve been buying bras just like this for my teens and they love them. Can’t think of the brand but they look just like this, no wires, and are really affordable.

  20. dbld amb

    Cant qait for summer where i can just go with a quality tight tank and no need for a bra.

  21. Patty d

    Well going to try one. I figured free shipping and returns what do I have to lose.
    Thanks for posting

  22. abenda

    For those of us that have to look for larger sizes (34F). Try looking in department stores for Wacoal or LeMystere. Both are awesome brands. Once you find what you like, I totally snag them on ebay and occasionally at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. Also have had great luck on lord & Taylor’s clearance racks! But the brands are HIGH quality and once you have you won’t want to ever buy cheaper bras again!

  23. Wendy

    Do these bras help hold in the armpit fat? That’s what I need. I wear something with “no side effects”-extra fabric to hold it in.

    • abenda

      I haven’t had to struggle with that too much, but look on wacoal website, u might find recommendations.

  24. Json

    Wondering how the “no strap adjustments” on this bra is working out and no hook in the back…any comments?!

    • Chelsey (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey there! The bras in this post have adjustable bands and hooks in the back, however there are wireless Aerie bras that are more like a sports bra with no adjustments if that’s what you prefer!

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