50% Off Amazon Prime Membership w/ EBT or Medicaid Card

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Amazon Prime box

Snag a discount on an Amazon Prime Membership!

If you’ve been wanting to score a discount on an Amazon Prime membership, you’ve come to the right place and shopping from your couch can be easier than you think!

If you currently have a valid EBT or Medicaid card, you can score 50% off an Amazon Prime membership! This offer is valid for anyone that is currently enrolled in any of these assistance programs…

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Coronavirus Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) – NEW
  • Other programs by state

If you qualify, that means you can score an Amazon Prime membership for just $5.99 per month (regularly $12.99/month or $119 per year)! 😱

Don’t qualify for the above? You can still score a FREE Amazon Prime 30-day trial!

Amazon prime doormat

Follow these steps to find out if you qualify…

To see if you are eligible for this special discounted Amazon Prime Membership, simply follow these directions…

  • Head on over here,
  • Click the ‘Get Started’ button,
  • Confirm your eligibility with a valid EBT number (note you will be asked to upload an image of your EBT card)
  • Then, you’ll be shopping in no time! Easy Peasy!

Amazon Prime boxes

Don’t have an EBT or Medicaid card?

If you don’t qualify for any of the offers mentioned above, you may still be able to score one of these freebie trials on a new Amazon Prime Membership

Remember, with any of these membership options, you’ll enjoy FREE 2-day shipping on millions of items, unlimited movie and TV streaming with Prime Video, free unlimited photo storage, 30-minute early access to Lightning Deals, exclusive discounts, and so much MORE!

Check out even more of the awesome benefits that Amazon Prime offers!

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Comments 64

  1. Casey

    You might as well lock the comments now– I can only imagine the responses.

    I’m grateful that people that need extra help will have this opportunity!

    • Hillary

      It looks like only you had a negative judgeful comment!

      • Angie

        Yes, Casey was not only predicting the future, she was making it come true with her comment alone. Why post something so dismissive like that? Sad and not at all in the H2S spirit.

      • K

        No she doesn’t. Don’t judge. I have seen the awful judgmental comments in past years. I too expected to see negative comments. The times have changed and now more ppl need help so now it’s acceptable.

    • Kathleen

      Exactly, so many people need extra help right now, but people will continue putting so much negativity out there 😥

    • chesca

      NOPE NOPE NOPE. Casey is 100%correct sadly. As i am she must be a long time follower of H2S. Everytime this post comes up there is nothing but negativity. Ao while y think ahe may be jump starting rude comments thats so far from thw truth. There is always at least one but always a ton more, negative comments. What generally happens is an EBT recipient comes on to say ‘Thank you, i never knew this, what a giant help for my family’ and that opens the flood gates from people who say everything from, Get a job…to why should i pay full price while some people get it half price. Its unfortunate that Casey is a correct as she is. And if you want to see some of the outrageous comments directed towards EBT users just type in key words into the search bar. You maybe surprised and sickened at some of the inhumane comments our fellow hipsters have the nerve to toss around. I so also think that people like to make rude comments just to start an argument in thw comments, which i think we have all seen and just rolled our wyes about. But the actual point of this is that most EBT recipients (the legit ones) dont drive. Ive seen just from coworkers how helpful it has been to them. Trying to lug giant things on a city bus is near impossibe and im glad the people who need thia help get it. No legitimate EBT recipient is high fiving another person because they are poor enough to receive an amazon discount

      • Megan

        What are you talking about? This post has been up for 6 hours and there is not one negative here but you and Casey. Please don’t add anything negative where it does not exist. H2S is too positive for this negative energy.

        • Lisha

          She’s talking about comments from previously. As a long tome hipster ire all an initial post a few years back, proceeded by some negative comments. As the pandemic hit I hope those who’s views perceived ALL EBT recipients as being at the bottom of the totem pole, have re-evaluated this belief.

          • Lisha

            Also, I don’t think they’re sending negative energy.
            I’m not, it’s all positive vibes. Let’s teach each other, reach each other, share our talents to make life a bit less stressful. Sending out positive vibes.

      • Casey

        Yes, I was speaking from experience of previous comments from years past. I will gladly eat my words that that has not been the case this year… perhaps the world is becoming a kinder place!

      • SavingsMama

        I think calling an EBT recipient “poor enough” towards the end of your comment may just be an underhand, catty way of displaying YOUR true feelings.

    • K

      I stand with you. I have seen the negative comments in previous years and anticipated seeing them now.

    • Crystal

      Medicaid recipients do not qualify for Amazon Prime. If you choose other on Amazon qualify page, Medicaid is not listed, in spite of Amazon’s page, saying it accepts Medicaid. Just thought I’d let you know they may have once offered this to Medicaid recipients; however it no longer seems to be an option.

  2. Gege1804

    Looks like a great chance for people that wouldn’t be able to otherwise afford this.

  3. Jessica

    I agree the comments should be turned off, we don’t need any more negativity.

  4. Ncy

    T-Mobile and sprint can get it for free

    • Kathleen

      I haven’t heard about t mobile or sprint customers getting free Prime!? I’m going to try to find that info now

    • C.Ocegueda


      • hip2trade

        I read that you have to be a new amazon prime customer to get Prime for free with T-Mobile/Sprint. Also reading that it isn’t necessarily “free” after having to pay some $10 a month fee. (Not sure if that’s part of a plan required to get “free” Amazon Prime. My advice though is to talk to someone who actually has this deal with T-Mobile/Sprint for all the details.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for commenting! We’ll look for details on that!

  5. Liz

    Im glad that people have some extra help during this difficult time.

    • Lisha

      I am too

  6. Ann

    I don’t like this add at all. What happened to the old Hip2save?

    • PeachPie

      Why…. what do you hate about it?

    • shop4mybabies

      you don’t like that low income people can save half off a service and are informed of such discounts on a coupon website? odd.

  7. Crystal

    I have the card and I am grateful I worked in aviation after Covid hit our flights got cut in half then came the call . So yes 🙌 I am thankful to have this added treat where I can order something from my UI have it delivered fairly quickly with two 2 kiddos in virtual school and one high risk I don’t have to be up and about in stores.

  8. mnemosyne786

    I have been a Prime member for probably 15 years and during a very difficult stretch of life last year was able to qualify for this. It was easy to start and customer service was amazing about figuring out how to transition from a yearly plan I’d already paid for and the lower monthly cost.

    • Katie

      How did it work transitioning from the yearly plan to this monthly one? Did they refund you the difference or did you just lose the remaining amount left on your plan?

      • K

        I would also like to know this. I’m a current amazon prime yearly subscriber and recently renewed my plan just last month, I would be super grateful to get this discount though if it works still for current subscribers

      • mnemosyne786

        They issued me a refund.

      • Donia

        They refund the difference on your yearly and convert you to the monthly the day you switch or add the card. Its a pro rated refund.

  9. Drue

    I’m not sure why anyone would be ugly- my son gets Medicaid through a state waiver and we are so thankful for that- he has a lot of therapies and we are so blessed to have that support- also many families received EBT cards during the pandemic so why not take advantage of the discount!

  10. carter-0

    You mean ad? And if you hate it you always have the option to keep scrolling. You hating an ad doesn’t have an effect on what gets posted.

  11. dalma

    The ”ugly people” usually the ”jealous people”. They think if they cannot have it, then nobody can. I am just saying.

    • K

      IDK why anyone would be jealous of people going through a hard time. I lost my job because of the pandemic like a lot of other people did and it’s nothing to be jealous of. I was a preschool teacher and my center permanently closed. I’m heartbroken I don’t get to work with those kids anymore and especially so for the kids that I know really needed the stability that preschool provided them

  12. Kbrown101709

    I am happy that anyone who qualifies can receive the discount. If you don’t qualify for this discount that fine. There is no need for any negativity. As with anything there will be people who will get a discount or a reduced rate. This program has been around before the pandemic and will be around after the pandemic. Happy shopping to all.

  13. Joy

    Thanks for posting this. 36 million Americans are on food assistance. This will help people that can’t leave their homes due to quarantine, illness, or not having transportation to stores.

    • Lisha

      Exactly and I’m glad some are able to take advantage of this offer. I’m not eligible but things can shift at any time. I stay thankful.

  14. Ana

    I think it’s awesome that Amazon even offered this opportunity. Especially during these times. I’m sure this is will be and has been a blessing to many people!

  15. TheQueenBee

    Is it weird that you have to give them your card number?

    • Crystal

      No . They can’t do anything without pin .

    • K

      They want to make sure your card is still active.

  16. JMonte509

    I’ve been with hip2save since the beginning and I feel that the comments have become more like Facebook and not a community of people who love to snag deals and savings…

  17. Donia

    We got a p-ebt card unexpectedly because of my child’s school being closed and virtual only. We did nothing and got it in the mail unexpectedly and only qualify because of the school district receiving all free meals for several counties in my region. This is due to living in a rural area perhaps but all kids at the public schools received free lunch regardless of income so they got mailed the ebt-p cards without any application done. I saw that this card is also eligible for the discount with prime.

    • Donia

      Honestly all of us need any help we can get so I appreciate this information. We all use the tips we can and skip on the ones we cant already.

    • Tricia

      It is. We got the p-ebt also in the mail for the same reason and I was able to get 50% off our prime for a year.

  18. K

    I also have seen the ugly comments before in previous years. They think anyone on EBT is a lazy person, etc. You would be surprised who has EBT. Some of us who have worked all our lives and then the economy turns. I am grateful for any company/organization that is willing to help.

    • SavingsMama

      I’d also like to point out that sometimes, a person’s health turns. They may have always worked and not had enough to establish savings or the job didn’t have robust benefits. Illness takes a lot of time to recover from in some cases and they may not have a spouse to support them. So exactly, sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we sure don’t need to judge each other for it. Thanks for your comment 🙂 Also,we can ask: how can I help?

  19. smiesfamily

    It’s actually not 12.99 A month as that wouldn’t add up to 120$ a year and the discount here is 72$ for year?

    • Kate

      There are different prices if you pay for Amazon monthly versus for a full year. If you pay monthly (without the EBT or Medicaid discount) it’s $12.99/month. If you pay for a full year it’s $120.

  20. Cecilia

    Here we go. It’s already happening. Amazon is radical left. Don’t give prime members that have been around for years a discount. Give it to low income. Let them go into greater debt. Very smart. We’ve been prime members for yeeeeeaaaars. Do we get a discount for renewing. HELL NO

    • MommySpendsLess

      As a business decision/marketing ploy it makes a lot of sense for Amazon. If you, like me, have been paying full price for Prime for years, we’ve already proven that we’re willing/capable of paying for it. Would a discount be nice? Absolutely! But I’m not going to cancel my account if they don’t give me one because I’ve gotten accustomed to the convenience. I read something a week or so ago that Prime members, on average, spend several hundred dollars/year more at Amazon than non-prime members (who would presumably buy a larger percentage of their necessities from Target, Walmart or other grocery/hardware/clothing stores). By offering a special promotion for lower income individuals who may not be able/willing to pay the regular monthly fee they can lock in a bunch of new customers who will arguably buy a larger percentage of their goods from Amazon in lieu of other retailers than they normally would have. And if the financial circumstances of those new, probably loyal, customers improves then there’s a decent chance they’ll start paying regular price for Prime (having gotten hooked on the convenience as I have) and keep buying a lot of stuff from Amazon. It’s like an elaborate/longer version of the free 30 day to 6 month Prime trials that Amazon once regularly offered.

    • Fed Up Momma

      Exactly! We’ve been members for years and I’m about over it. No incentives for staying, won’t allow us to keep the account and receive a discount for a student membership. People with EBT cards really could make the benefits go further at a grocery store like Aldi or Lidl, not Amazon. Common sense and it will only encourage more spending on other products, as you noted…right into debt.

    • cooper929

      Or maybe some people don’t want to go into stores because there is a global PANDEMIC.
      People need groceries (even low income people!) This is just another way for them to get what they NEED. Not to go ‘into debt”. If you don’t qualify for the discount–consider yourself lucky. You don’t want to trade places with most of these families. Trust me.

    • Donna

      I’m a widow with a limited income, do I get one, nope!

  21. SavingsMama

    I think some people get frustrated because their state’s regulations on the EBT programs etc. So many struggle to pay bills, but make $15 more per month than is allowed so they get denied coverage. The low to middle income gets overlooked and it’s easy to become spiteful towards those who qualify. But, those who qualify may be praying for a job raise, hoping they can afford things like a running vehicle or safer neighborhood. Hopefully, more states can fill these gaps and help more somehow. Covid maybe has shined a light on just how precarious living paycheck to paycheck is.

  22. Fed Up Momma

    Notice for anyone with college kids or college student themselves and wanted to do the 6 month membership free offer. You will have to completely cancel your current Amazon account, lose Kindle books you’ve paid for and all purchase history. Then, signup with school email and verify for the temporary amount of 6 months paid for. This is all per customer service, we have just spoken to. Why can’t students receive the 6 months with their current account and not lose information and books? I am getting so fed up with Amazon’s crap these days and I hope enough customers sound off. While Jeff Bezos is sitting on the most wealthy list, Americans NEED help. I don’t think it would make a dent for his company to make this easier for students and their parents as well.

  23. Cindy

    Is there a discount for people on Social Security?

    • Crystal

      Medicaid recipients do not qualify for Amazon Prime. If you choose other on Amazon qualify page, Medicaid is not listed, in spite of Amazon’s page, saying it accepts Medicaid. Just thought I’d let you know they may have once offered this to Medicaid recipients; however it no longer seems to be an option.

  24. Bernadette Jones

    The prime i just learned when I called customer support to turn of a phone. I paid for the family plan unlimited. Mine is 3 or more phones for 120. I guess 10 dollars pays for prime. You call customer service to get a code to sign into.
    As far as making the comment about using the EBT or snap(food stamps). Your comment says you feel like that to me. I was forced to go on disability because my body is to damaged to work. I get food stamps and my disability. I don’t have a choice to not be on assistance. I can’t help for the 20% I have to pay every time I see doctor. My health makes me pay 200 or more monthly. I get 1,184. So after rent i pay 400 to 600 in my bills. People complain and put down all people on assistance. Think about it would you want to be in my financial situation? I will trade places. Now I also have my daughter with me. She was in college for vet tech. Sh had 10 month to finish. She was hit with Multiple Sclerosis. She can’t barely walk now. She was forced to stop collage and learn how to walk again. You feel she is in your same category? We don’t want to be in our position and I don’t think anyone wants to be in our place in life. We hve to live with my son because we can’t get enough money to survive on our own. You are stereo typing everyone. Thank you for the vote of confidence.

    Unhappy government assistant.

    • Crystal

      It should not be 10 dollars with your EBT card… Your discount should be half-price. I think you may have gotten the wrong customer service rep. I’m very sorry for your current circumstances. God bless you, precious lady.

  25. Sandra staples

    I’m on disability and I’m 57 but I was told this year my Medicaid ended and I had to apply for Medicare and also $148.00 would automatically be taken out of my check. Is there any possible help I can apply fora discount? Thanks and any input would help.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I’m not seeing any discounts for Medicare right now.

  26. Margaret Guerra

    The shoes that I am sending back are too short and too wide

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