Looking for Cheap Concert Tickets? Here Are 11 Tips!

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Wondering how to get cheap concert tickets?

woman holding concert tickets

Love to go to concerts like we do? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Here at Hip, we’re huge fans of a good experience, especially when it comes to travel and concerts! Because a bunch of team members love a good concert, we’re willing to splurge but at the right price. We know you’ve probably asked yourself how to get cheap concert tickets. We’re sharing our tried-and-true tips so you can enjoy your favorite shows and artists at the best rate!

Do concert tickets get cheaper closer to the date? 

woman at jonas brothers concert

Sometimes waiting last minute pays off! If you have the patience to wait and you’re willing to take the risk, you can always try buying your concert tickets the week of the show, or sometimes even the day of the show!

Venues often hold back tickets for the artists, promoters, and for their use. Many artists will also have tickets that are held as a part of a VIP package; if there are packages that didn’t sell, those tickets typically will go back up for sale.

elton john

People have mixed feelings about StubHub; however, since it’s powered by real sellers, I’ve first-hand experienced sellers dropping the price dramatically day-of because they want those tickets sold, especially if there are quite a few tickets still available!

Even better, StubHub protects your purchase with its 100% guarantee. If your tickets purchased from StubHub end up being invalid, you’ll get your money back, and they will try and get you replacement tickets. You’ll also receive a full refund if your event is canceled and not rescheduled. A bunch of us on the team have never had an issue with StubHub; I’ve been both a seller and buyer!

Check out these resources for where to buy cheap concert tickets!

Sign up for emails from Live Nation and/or Ticketmaster.

man crowd surfing at concert

While they’re owned by the same company, when creating an account, sign up for emails from both Live Nation and Ticketmaster! I recently received an email from Ticketmaster that Big Time Rush was having a two-tickets-for-$44 sale, which I wouldn’t have known unless I saw the email.

Since Ticketmaster keeps track of all your prior events, they’ll also know what sorts of artists you’re interested in, and you’ll be the first to know about tours and presales.

Many readers were also mentioning Live Nation’s infamous $25 All-In Tickets, where you can score tickets to thousands of summer shows just for $25 (formerly $20)! Similar to last week, the participating shows will likely be announced in late April, so keep your eyes peeled!

Groupon tends to have unbeatable local concert deals. 

groupon website searching for concert tickets on macbook air

Keep your eyes peeled for Groupon offering tickets to see your favorite artists for up to 75% off original ticket prices. While these won’t be front row or super close seats, they are priced much lower and will often have no additional handling fees tacked on so they are often a great value!

Ticket resellers can be your best friend (or worst nightmare).

justin timberlake

While you can often find tickets on sale from individual sellers on social media, Craigslist and other apps, you have to be careful that you’re not buying counterfeit tickets.

If you’re buying from a Ticket Broker you can check to see if they are a NATB Member (National Association of Ticket Brokers) by going here. When you buy a ticket from a NATB Member, they will deliver your tickets or will refund you 200% of the price of your tickets.

Buy tickets in person at the venue.

live performance

The box office also receives a certain amount of tickets. While it may seem like there aren’t as many seating options, you’ll avoid the Ticketmaster service fee, which is sometimes a hefty saving.

Sign up for Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan PreSale or a fan club for exclusive access.

ticketmaster veified fan on iphone

While Ticketmaster has had its fair share of controversy (aka bots scoring tickets versus actual fans), many artists will have Verified Presales. This usually first becomes available through an artist’s website/fan club. They will link to the registration, and you sign in with your Ticketmaster account.

Ticketmaster then vets the requests; the day before the presale you’ll either get a code or be waitlisted. If you have the code, you’ll receive instructions and a link to the ticket page. You’ll then put the code in and be put in a virtual queue. From there, you will hopefully be able to score tickets.

While there are only a handful of tickets available during the presale, the best tickets tend to be sold during this time. Plus, you’ll get first access before the general public! I always sign up for these presales and have almost always gotten success!

Check your phone carrier and credit card for special rates. 

person opening wallet

Did you know you can score the best rates just by having a certain phone carrier or credit card? One of the many incentives these companies use is their perks! Entertainment is a big one, and they’ll usually partner with ticket websites to get their users first access or discounts. Below, you’ll find just a few of the perks!

  • American Express – Select AMEX users have exclusive access to concerts and sporting events.
  • Capital One – On top of exclusive tickets and perks, Capital One users can also use rewards to redeem tickets!
  • Citi – Citi users get preferred seating and presale access to exclusive events.
  • Chase – Chase experiences include perks for a variety of events and venues across the country.
  • T-Mobile – T-Mobile customers get reserved tickets for music festivals and concerts using an exclusive code.
  • Verizon – Verizon Up offers and upgrades tickets to a variety of experiences.

Be the Lone Ranger at a concert!

concert photo

I know this isn’t everyone’s bag, but I often go to concerts alone! It doesn’t bother me being there without a squad and I’m often able to grab awesome single seats that people are trying to sell on eBay, Stub Hub, etc. at a reduced price. Sometimes random single seats that are close to the stage will pop up on Ticketmaster, you just have to keep checking, and checking, and checking again – trust me, it’s worth it!

Students and faculty, sometimes your campus offers exclusive rates!


Readers have shared that sometimes universities and colleges will offer discounted tickets to their students and faculty! I benefited from this in college, and it allows you to see a variety of different artists.

Many campuses will also host concerts annually exclusively for students! This varies, but make sure to check out your school’s event calendar so you don’t miss out on any experiences.

Press your luck and try to win tickets!

big time rush

If tickets aren’t in your budget, then don’t give up on seeing your favorite groups. You just have to be resourceful and have luck on your side. Many groups will give out tickets via their social media accounts, online contests, and radio promotions. My Hip sidekick Angela has won tickets to see Madonna, Dave Matthews Band, Van Halen, and Big Time Rush!

She won Madonna tickets just by sending tweets on Twitter to her tour manager during a contest he was running! Her daughter scored the Big Time Rush tickets just by tagging the group on social media during a contest along with a selfie. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Check out these sites for discounted tickets.

person recording a concert on their phone

These sites have been recommended by our readers! While you may not find every event you’re looking for, it’s a great resource to check before you splurge on any event.

  • Vet Tix – Provides discounted tickets for troops.
  • Songkick – Sign up, and you’ll be notified about discounted tickets.
  • TickPick – Sells event tickets with zero hidden fees.
  • Gold Star – Offers discounted tickets for a variety of events.

Looking for a part-time gig? Become an usher at a concert venue!

crowd at concert

Whether you want to volunteer or score a part-time job, venue ushers tend to be in demand! Check with your local venue’s career page to look at all open positions. While you’ll be working, you’ll still be able to enjoy the shows for free.

Have any tips or tricks to saving money on concert tickets? Let us know in the comments!

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About the writer:

Kaitlyn has a Bachelor's Degree from St. John's University with 2 years of writing experience for LinkedIn, Celeb Magazine, and other various publications.

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Comments 49

  1. Deb

    I teach at a community college in a major city in the midwest. We regularly get offers for both faculty and students to attend concerts and the theater for free or greatly reduced prices. Also, our award-winning regional theater frequently sends out email blasts with ticket deals for concerts and plays.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      How cool! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

    • kerryhaney@gmail.com

      We use Vettix also. We saw Peppa Pig just last week and it was awesome. Tickets were in the 7th row and they were fantastic. If anyone would like to use my referral code here it is. https://www.vettix.org/ref/569183

      • Angela (Hip Sidekick)

        A friend of mine uses Vet Tix as well! He loves it!

    • Casey

      Being a member of a fan club can get you presale tickets even the chance for a meet and great. Paid $15 for Lady Antebellum’s online fan club and won meet and great tickets.

  2. thomas

    I love going to concerts also. Ticket prices can vary depending on which site you buy your tickets from. I found that using this app called Songkick can save you a little money. Also if you sign up with them they will notify you when discounted tickets are available. I’ve scored concert tickets for 10 dollars on more than one occasion. The last concert I attended which was about two weeks ago the tickets were going for 70-150 on several sites and I got them for 36 dollars. A couple of days later they sent me an email stating that they were having a sale and the tickets had gone down to 25 dollars. Its definitely worth checking out.

  3. pokz

    Volunteer as usher or whatever…. best free concert!

  4. frecklelily

    I just scored tickets to see Billie Eilish in Orlando in March. I signed up to be a “verified fan” in Ticketmaster’s website. Two days before general public release, I got a code so I could buy tickets the day BEFORE the public release. I scored 2 FLOOR tickets for $300 total. Best and easiest purchase ever.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Wow! SO cool! Hope you have an awesome time!

    • shop4mybabies

      i’m taking my 15 and 20 year old to billie in tacoma wa in april…i had to get a seat directly behind them because I couldn’t get 3 together..and they are not floor seats but the girls are EXCITED…my 21 year old was totally ok not going because they like country and hate loud noises. Billie isn’t my favorite but their is no denying her beautiful voice and talent…and she is my kiddos favorite

  5. CW

    Avoid Vivid Seats. Just this past week, my friend, a mayor of a town, sold 3 tickets to a concert. Vivid refused to pay her for the sale because one person bought two tickets and claimed they were fraudulent (they were not!). They also didn’t pay her for the third ticket with no reported issue. She provided Vivid Seats with the actual original Ticketmaster purchase/receipt and they said that wasn’t enough proof. She lost out on the money on 3 tickets! Avoid….

  6. hrosana

    Listen to your local radio stations and easiest way to win. This year I have won many concert tickets One of them was the JLo and they were great tickets really enjoyed the show. Last year I won for Shakira which she was amazing. And many many more every year.

  7. serenity he

    any one know how to get cheap tickets for disney on ice? I live near the Honda center in anaheim, ca

    • Bbrown

      We always go on opening night. The tickets are $12.50 that night, but $40 the next night for the same seats.

  8. MKfromMN

    If you like discounted travel, then you need to check out the Thrifty Traveler on any social media platform. They find the lowest tickets fares out there. It’s based out of Minneapolis but they send daily emails and give up to 32 cities you can catch that cheap airfare. I highly recommend them!

  9. kevinruffenach

    TickPick is a great app because there are no hidden fees!

    • Amber

      Thanks for sharing this. Was able to get tickets for $30 to a show I wanted to go to. On Ticketmaster they are $35 plus fees

  10. Dezi

    I am a crazy concert person lol! I always win tickets or I wait for Live Nation’s $20 all-in sale. They do it once a year and they have concert tickets for $20….taxes and fees included! It’s the best deal ever.

  11. Kiki

    I just won Twenty One Pilots tickets on the radio about an hour ago! So excited!!

    • Cassandra (Hip Sidekick)

      Nice, Kiki!

    • MamaBear

      Yay! Good for you girl! It’s going to be a great day!

    • me

      I went last minute to the Tampa show (first of this tour leg). Crazy amazing production!

  12. Jeni Budinger

    Veterans and military families can register for vettix. Tickets are donated by organizations etc. and veterans can attend all sorts of events for free (small service charge). We have seen the Jonas Brothers and Bryan Adams/Billy Idol for a fee of 14.97 total! Great organization!

    • Lisa JP

      Just posted about vettix, should have read the responses first. We’ve seen countless great concerts using them!

  13. LJfromNJ

    I volunteer at a local theater, as someone said above, that’s the best way to see concerts, plays, etc free! Besides that, if a show doesn’t sell like they expected sometimes on the day of the show they offer free tickets to whoever is walking by. Usually word gets out pretty fast, but that is another possibility.
    ….and as a season ticket holder for the local NFL team I can attest that I lower our ticket prices (when we aren’t going) up to the last hour. (I use the NFL team’s ticketmaster, they sell directly, I don’t have to upload the tickets or anything). I would rather get anything than nothing! There are MANY others selling also, we have to keep lowering prices to make sure our tickets sell.

  14. MinnesotaMeghan

    LOVE Groupon for concert tickets. What you see is what you pay, no hidden or ridiculous fees! The seats are usually not the most desirable, but if you just want to be in the building and enjoy a night of live music, you can get some great deals. This year I have seen Kelly Clarkson, Backstreet Boys and most recently Chainsmokers/ 5SoS using Groupon and I never paid more than $30 for my seat. I also was able to see Jennifer Lopez for $20 during LiveNation’s concert week promo last April. Something to watch for again next April.

  15. Jessica Mcguire

    Goldstar.com is another great website for discount tickets to concerts & events!

    • Beverly

      Thanks! I’d never of heard of them before.

  16. Lisa JP

    Vet Tix provides tickets to all branches of currently-serving Military and Veterans, including immediate family of troops KIA.


  17. erika

    Nope. Can’t risk any of these. I ONLY buy front row tickets to my favorite artists.

  18. Casey

    Signed up for emails from my local civic center. They sometimes email me with a code to get presale tickets. Was able to get great seats to Cirque du Soleil.

  19. Casey

    Being a member of a fan club can get you presale tickets even the chance for a meet and great. Paid $15 for Lady Antebellum’s online fan club and won meet and great tickets.

  20. MamaBear

    Whoever the ticket stubs belong to, I’m coming with you next time!!

    • Angela (Hip Sidekick)

      Ha! Those are mine! I’m a concert junkie!

  21. Dawn

    I used StubHub for the first time recently. I bought 2 tickets for my 2 daughters to see a concert. Paid $125 total. They get there, one of the first ones in line because you gotta get in early for standing room only. They couldn’t get the tickets to scan. After 20 minutes of trying, and MANY people going in the doors before them, they were told that the tickets were cancelled and the money was refunded to the original purchaser. Thank goodness my daughter had enough cash on her to pay for 2 new tickets. Price of 2 tickets: $74. We paid nearly double that with the original tickets! I contacted StubHub, and they did refund the money and apologize for the inconvenience. The whole thing was a disaster. I will never use them again.

    • heather

      This was a reseller who did that to scam – not Stubhub. They guarantee the tickets they sell regardless if they’re reseller.. and they gave you your money back as promised. Wasn’t on them, but can understand why you would be so discouraged. I hate that happened to your daughter!

  22. *Angela-Miles*

    Im the same way Angela, not into material things much but I do love to travel and do events! I’ve also went to sporting events by myself a few times, havent done a concert alone yet Lol. I can see it in the future tho 😉 . It was weird at first to be solo but now it doesnt bother me if I cant find anyone else that can go with me. Stubhub is my go to, never had a problem and I almost always wait til the last minute. In the past year Ive bought tickets to:
    Ncaa tournament, Grand OleOpry, Pink concert, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and my local college football team home games. You can definitely get great seats on Stubhub waiting up until the last day or two. 🙂 🙂

  23. kassylovesconcerts

    Does anyone know where I can get cheap big-time rush tickets? I live in Chicago and I really want to go see them!

  24. Heather

    I highly 2nd using the Verified Presale signup on TicketMaster or use your credit card access codes (I use CitiEntertainment.com to check what’s available, and my AMEX). We only gift experiences and that’s how I often get the concert tickets I want without paying the insane price-gouged resellers tickets. This year I was able to score Taylor Swift to go with my older kiddos, Beyonce for my nephew’s sweet 16, Shania Twain & Sam Smith for me and friends.. all at venue cost price. And often Citi or Amex has their own designated seating areas reserved you can choose from too.

  25. fworl949

    Live nation has lawn season passes at several venues each year. They’re only for sale once a year (my venue was on sale just before Christmas) and they sell out quickly, but for the ‘23 season it was $199 each, plus Ticketmaster fees so about $500 for 2 and it provides lawn seats for like 40+ shows. Also, once inside, you’re often able to find an upgrade booth and trade up for better seats at a very discounted price, which is what we do with our lawn seats many times.

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      WOW! Such a great tip to save on tickets for the same venue for the year! Thanks so much for sharing all the details and upgrade options you’ve been able to snag! 🙌❤️

  26. thomastribeof5

    Be very careful with other sites that aren’t Ticketmaster. I know Ticketmaster has its flaws, but as someone who works for a concert venue, we’ve seen many people get scammed by stubhub and places like that. Make sure to read what you are buying as well. Once someone bought a ticket to get into the T-Mobile early admission line for $100 and thought it was a concert ticket too

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the warning, thomastribeof5! 💕

  27. Casey

    My dad used to work for a car dealership. Radio host are always out there. One year he was able to get 4 Disney on ice and 4 Taylor Swift tickets. This was her first tour.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      That’s awesome, Casey! ❤️🙌 What a great memory! Thanks for taking a moment to share that with us!

  28. Theresa

    My sister and I used to win from radio stations all the time before the pandemic. We would follow a couple different radio stations and set alarms when they gave away good prizes. We would also enter online if the radio station did an online sweepstakes. I was working part time back then so I had a lot of spare time to listen for tickets. One year we went to a dozen concerts by winning tickets between the two of us.

    • Trish (Hip Sidekick)

      WOW! That’s great that you and your sister were able to attend so many concerts by winning tickets! Thanks for sharing, Theresa! 🙌 🤗

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