How to Score Beautiful Bouquets of Flowers for Cheap

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flowers wrapped in plastic sitting in brown cardboard boxes

Flowers are always a good idea! 💐

Whether you’re already planning to buy the perfect bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day, spoiling a new mom, Grandma on her birthday, or your honey is just looking extra beautiful on a Tuesday, there’s always a good reason to gift a special someone fresh flowers.

woman holding a vase of colorful flowers

No matter the occasion or if there’s none at all, you can never go wrong with flowers, but even better when they didn’t cost you a total fortune either! That said, we’re sharing the very best and cheapest flower delivery companies that are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Here are the BEST places to buy flowers:

1. The Bouqs Co. offers live succulents that can be planted long after your flowers die.

colorful bouquet of flowers on table

Prepare to totally wow your loved one with a bouquet from Bouqs Co.! From world-class ranunculus to bouquets dazzling with live succulents. There’s something for everyone at The Bouqs Co. Plus, they even offer a monthly subscription plan (starting at just $36/mo) so you can cover all your birthdays, anniversaries, and “just because” surprises.

In fact, they even offer more curated options complete with candles, candies, puzzles, and even entire date night boxes. Your flower delivery from The Bouqs Co. is going to be truly spectacular and we’re sure the pictures won’t even do them justice so just take my Hip sidekick’s word on it:

woman holding a bright colorful bouquet of flowers

“Loved these gorgeous bouquets from The Bouqs Co.! They were delivered beautifully packaged and were easy to place in their vases. They really have such a high-end, boutique florist feel and made my home feel so inviting and fancy. I especially loved having succulents in my bouquet and they are still alive today in pots outside!” – Lina

How to score the cheapest flower delivery deal:

Make sure to sign up for emails upon visiting their site so you can receive an immediate discount! Right now you can score 30% OFF your first order with promo code BOUQTHEREITIS at checkout.

2. If you’re looking to impress big time, Farmgirl Flowers is what flower goals are made of.

hand holding a bouquet of red and white flowers with greens wrapped in burlap

If you’re on any form of social media, it’s likely you’ve already heard of Farmgirl Flowers with their almost half a million followers on Instagram and the incredible amount of lifestyle bloggers raving about these unique flowers and their all-new line of colorful preserved florals that will last a lifetime.

Bottom line, if your recipient is obsessed with perfect details such as a burlap-wrapped bouquet, a modern vase, and/or has an appreciation for the most exquisite flowers EVER, then Farmgirl Flowers is the perfect answer. 🙌

How to score the cheapest flower delivery deal:

If you’re looking to splurge on some Farmgirl Flowers, make sure to sign up for their emails as they’re currently offering 10% OFF your first purchase with promo code BUDDYSYSTEM at checkout.

3. Trader Joe’s offers fresh & affordable flower bouquets starting at just a few bucks (like $3.99!).

rows of bouquets of flowers in trader joes store buckets

As if walking into Trader Joe’s could get any more pleasant, you’re instantly greeted with a huge assortment of flower bouquets. And they’re a total STEAL! They may not be ideal if you were hoping for delivery, but they’re so affordable that readers even swear by them when choosing flowers for weddings or special events.

No matter the time of year, they offer an abundance of variety and freshness. In fact, they stand by it, and if you’re not happy they’ll likely replace them or refund your order (or have even been known to do both!). Regardless, they offer gorgeous flowers with entire bouquets starting at just a couple of bucks – from $3.99! You don’t even need a hot deal with low prices like that!

4. At Costco you can do next day delivery & even score 50 stemmed roses for under $40.

woman holding colorful bouquet of flowers

If you need some last-minute affordable bouquets, want to pick something up on your way home from work, or simply just want to pick them out for yourself, your local Costco is another fantastic option to get the perfect flowers.

Of course, if you’re shopping for someone across the country, they also even offer next day delivery! They even have 50-stemmed roses for under $40! WOW!

bouquet of flowers on table

“I was SO impressed with the selection at Costco. I wanted to order some flowers for a co-worker who recently lost a family member and I found Costco’s to have the best price per quality around!” – Angie, Hip sidekick

“Wow! Talk about beautiful flowers – these are IT! They came packaged beautifully, they stayed beautiful for 2+ weeks (still going strong) and they smell amazing! As I get older, I appreciate fresh flowers even more – they are such a thoughtful and beautiful surprise. They bring such life to your home.” – Amber, Hip sidekick

Hip Tip: Not a Costco member yet? Sign up HERE!

5. Score over 60% off your flowers order by using Groupon.

colorful bouquet of florals

Apart from all the deals and steals you can score on experiences, beauty services, and even consumer goods, deal websites like Groupon often feature promotion for well-known flower delivery sites like Blooms Today, 1-800-Flowers, FTD, and more!

With sites like Groupon, giving the gift of flowers just got a whole lot more fun, because not only can you score deals on discounted flowers, but you can even shop some unique experiences to go with them to make your thoughtful gift even more amazing.

How to score the cheapest flower delivery deal:

Search for coupons and promo codes via Groupon. Sites like Blooms Today, 1-800-Flowers, and FTD have dedicated pages to list out their current promotions where you can score awesome deals such as free shipping and up to 50% OFF. Plus, you can even check to see if there’s a sitewide promotion that adds additional savings to your order. You could easily end up saving around 60% on your flower purchase! 😱

6. Floom is the perfect way to support your local community.  

bright red bouquet of flowers in white floom box

Love to shop small & locally? Floom is a flower delivery company that supports your local and independent florists. In fact, they hand-pick the very best and most unique artisans so you can easily shop by your zip code and browse all the gorgeous bouquets available with total confidence! While it’s easy to find many spendier options, I also found many in my zip code for under $50 so you can still shop small and stay within a budget that’s comfortable for you.

hands holding modern planter with white and light pink florals inside

The best part about this website? Since every single bouquet is thoughtfully curated by one of your local florists, each and every single one will be totally unique! Plus, every purchase you make will not only put a smile on your loved one’s face but also a small business owner’s, so cheers to good deeds!

How to score the cheapest flower delivery deal:

If you’re planning to go all out on your Floom order, you can score free delivery (about $15 value depending on your location) when you spend $100 or more on USA orders or $75 on Canadian orders. Just use promo code SENDONUS at checkout!

7. Urban Stems offers gift boxes so good, even Vogue wants to be apart of it.

woman holding red and orange bouquet of flowers holding glass of champagne

This place has everything from unique flowers in gorgeous modern vases, to trendy curated gift boxes, and even an entire collection by Vogue! Plus, with each bouquet of flowers, you can easily add your own treats like a box of Sugarfina champagne bears, chocolate-covered bacon, some lovely smelling hand lotion or a candle, or even customize your vase!

Not only that but they also even offer subscription plans so you can gift luxury goodness to all your loved ones without much thought at all!

succulent in unicorn planter with colorful candle burning next to it

Your friends will truly be wowed by Urban Stems. Imagine their response when you gift them a curated box filled with a charming unicorn planter, rainbow-hued Apotheke Candy Store Candle, and a bottle of edible glitter amethyst Prism Powder to add a little extra sparkle to their drink. They will think you spent months thinking about them!

How to score the cheapest flower delivery deal:

Make sure to sign-up for the Urban Stem’s emails – you’ll likely get an immediate pop-up upon visiting their site and after entering your email, they’ll instantly give you a personalized promo code for free shipping on your first order!

8. Buying live houseplants on Amazon is a quick, last-minute idea that’ll feel even more thoughtful.

succulent in square valentine's day planter

We all know Amazon has everything, but if you didn’t already know, you can also order some gorgeous and healthy houseplants for your loved one on there too! Chances are, you’re already a Prime Member so if you’re looking for a quick gift idea that’ll ship right to their door, consider some affordable options on Amazon to let them know they’re loved! Besides, who doesn’t love some fresh greenery to liven their home?!

There are many places we love purchasing houseplants on Amazon and these places are perfect for gifting:

  • Fat Plants – they have every succulent under the sun and great prices! 
  • Hirt’s Gardens – they have trendy houseplants starting at just $3! 
  • Costa Farmsthey even have a Valentine’s Day shop, just in time for the holiday around the corner. 

Shopping around?

Here are 9 other places to buy houseplants online that are sure to wow anyone with a green thumb!

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Comments 50

  1. jill

    Farm Girl supports Planned Parenthood.

    • Kim

      Thank you!

    • wendyann

      Great, will definitely order from there now! Gorgeous flowers, too! Thanks so much💛🌻💛

    • Elaine


    • Sbhallinan

      Awesome!! They have beautiful flowers, so very with supporting!!

    • Dee

      Good to know! I won’t be ordering from them.

      • Arizona Abbey

        Agreed! I won’t be ordering either!

    • Emily

      I love that! I have been ordering from the bouqs (and even have a subscription), but knowing this and I think I’m going to switch over to farmgirl! I love a socially conscious company!

    • Darcilew

      Wonderful! I will try them this week!

    • **Lisa**

      Thank you for letting us know that! They even have a “Planned Parenthood” bouquet. It’s absolutely beautiful! Love those fall colors!!! Happy Valentine’s Day to me! 🥰

    • amy

      Thanks for the info…will not be purchasing from there.

    • aggiejen

      Thanks for the heads up!

    • Dee

      Oh, good. My mother-in-law got help from Planned Parenthood 55 years ago when she had no other options. She got jeered by ugly people as she went in for help. Going to order a bouquet in her honor and in honor of that baby, the wonderful son I married. 🙂

      • Mom2boys

        This brought tears of joy to my eyes…thanks for sharing. I glad it worked out for all of you! I wish you all much love and happiness!!💕

    • yess

      Wonderful reason to support them thank you.

    • Tracey

      Good to know-will definitely support a business that supports Planned Parenthood-what a great organization!

    • Heather

      Great I will make a purchase!

    • k

      Thank you Jill. I appreciate your love for life and the unborn and this info. is very helpful.

    • Tara

      Thank you so very much Jill for commenting about PP, I will definitely spend my money elsewhere. 🙏🏼

      • Sylwia AF

        Lol I’ll pay twice then, once for you 🤲

      • Tina


  2. Casey

    Flowers are so expensive and only last one week maybe two if lucky. Instead give someone flowers for there garden or a plant.

    • PrincessMom

      We give my MIL a plant for Mother’s Day but then we send a bouquet for her birthday because it’s too cold out to plant anything and they have limited space for indoor plants. It works out well that she gets something to brighten up the house when the gardens outside are winter drab. 🙂

    • MommySpendsLess

      Casey – that’s a good idea if the person has the right spot for them and a green thumb. I love plants but under my care the potted ones won’t live much longer than the cut bouquets. I agree with your premise that, while beautiful and thoughtful, flowers are expensive for what you get out of them. I almost feel guilty whenever my mom sends me flowers. I’d rather have a cuddly blanket, kitchen gadget, faux plant, etc. because they’ll last for years and I can think of the giver every time I see/use them.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you for sharing, Patti! I love fiddle leaf plants!

      • KKStanley

        I thought I’d check out the Amazon site for plants so I clicked on the link that Patti posted above. I was so excited to check them out until I was reading the reviews.
        They were pretty bad reviews, except for a few. Mostly, complaints about receiving plants that were rotting, small in size and damaged. That may not be a great choice for plants from what could see.

  3. susan-5

    Aldis usually has some great deals on Valentine’s flowers.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you!

  4. acgold

    Thank you H2S, after seeing a post here we used Costco to send roses. They were beautiful. We have ordered a few times for various occasions, due to the affordability. They come perfect and last about 2 weeks with changing the water. There are many colors available. The people and places we sent them to do not have local florists to support.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      We sure appreciate your comment, acgold! I’ve had so much luck with the Costco roses, too! I love that they last several weeks, but even more the all the beautiful colors!

  5. Sbhallinan

    I love having flowers weekly in my house, but it can get pricey. I just picked up some cheap flowers at Trader Joe’s yesterday and a really cute plant. All for under $15. Whole Foods often has really pretty affordable flowers and plants too, just FYI. Oh and plants from Ikea! My husband thinks I’m crazy, you should see my plant collection🤣. My new thing is clipping my own succulents to make mixed pots, it’s so fun and they are really pretty.

    • K. Nazario

      Ive been wanting to try! Do you use a rooting compound or just stick them in soil?

      • Sbhallinan

        You clip them, let the stems dry for a day and then just stick them in soil and water them a little. Put them in a spot that gets good sun and within 1-2 weeks or so they start to get roots. Water a little every week and until established. Then 1-2x a month after that. I have never had it not work!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You sound really talented! Making your own mixed pots is a really affordable way to add to your plant collection. I am like you and love having fresh flowers weekly! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Lattemommy

    Just wanted to add that Wegmans has amazingly affordable flowers that last for weeks!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you!

  7. Brit

    Also voting Whole Foods… have not tried Wegmans but believe that would be a likely place… affordability try Sam’s for roses or Costco. Does BJs carry anything? I suprised no one mentioned Lidl..while I generally in prefer Aldi for other items, Lidl has some $3 bouquets. I think this is the perfect time to mention that you can buy yourself flowers! You can share that with your daughters…and of course mention to your sons that a reasonably priced flower gift is a kind gesture 🙂 I am sure we have all dated someone at sometime in our lives that just didn’t get what the big deal was about flowers bc “they die anyway.” Lol! You don’t have to spend $80 on an arrangement. Thanks H2S for the informative post 🙂

  8. Jane

    I’d also be interested in a great place for paper whites or tulips that will open on arrival.

  9. Betsy

    We swear by Trader Joes for flowers. Always a great selection and the best prices. Of course, now we have to wait in line to get in so there’s that- but still worth it!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I agree! They have such a nice selection to brighten up a home and they last a long time!

  10. Jennifer

    Thank you so much. Just used Costco to send my Grandma Valentines flowers. I haven’t gotten to hug her in over a year due to Covid. She lives in a nursing home in Queens, NY. I’m sure these will bring a smile to her face.

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Aw, love this! I’m so glad we were able to help you send a smile.

      • Jennifer


  11. Ms

    Did enyone tried instacart for flower delivery?

  12. ienotaryservices

    In reply to Ms I used instacart to order flower from Costco to send to my sister I asked the shopper on my notes to message me a picture of the color selection available so I could let them know my preference, it worked great ! My sister was happy with the roses and she’s even growing her own out of the same bouquet!!

    • Ms

      Thank you ! I would give it a try too

  13. Sarah

    I have an amazing bargain grocery store locally that sells huge beautiful bouquets of flowers for $.99 or $1.99… seriously they are leftovers from walmart or other stores that were usually $10- $20. I literally tell my husband not to bother buying me any flowers because I get better bouquets through that store. They last like 1 1/2 weeks ❤️ The money goes back locally to the community too

  14. JanaGad

    Has anyone tried using a Groupon and go through Rakuten to buy flowers?

  15. JanaGad

    Has anyone tried purchasing a Groupon for one of the flower delivery companies (like 1800Flowers) and then went through Rakuten and used the Groupon? Did you have success? TIA

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