7 Cloud Couch Dupes That are Thousands LESS Than Restoration Hardware (+ Extra 10% OFF Top Pick!)

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You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a comfortable and stylish sofa – these cloud couch dupes are just as good as Restoration Hardware!

albany park kova sectional sofa that looks like a cloud couch dupe

Image credit: Albany Park

Cozy up with these cloud couch & sofa dupes! ☁️

Almost any homeowner would love to have a house decked out with Restoration Hardware goodies, but for most of us, their gorgeous and insanely expensive pieces are something we only dream of.

In fact, we’re currently in love with their stunning and oh-so-cozy cloud sofa collection but the whopping price tags on all their cloud couch configurations left us totally dumbfounded. In order to get the same amount of cozy and the same amount of impeccable style, we set out to find the very best dupes that will leave your wallet on cloud 9.

Here’s the RH Cloud couch everyone is obsessing over:

Restoration Hardware cloud couch with coffee table

While this cloud couch is sure to leave any of your guests envious, the price tag is not something to be jealous of. Just for a classic cloud sofa (that will total about 84″ in length), it will run you about $8,095 plus tax and a minimum shipping fee of $279 (or as much as $1,699 depending on your location). Whoa. 😯

However, the options for the cloud couch modular sofa are endless, and depending on the configuration you’re looking for, your bill could total tens of thousands of dollars. Just for example, if you wanted a larger sectional to lounge on such as two corner pieces, an extra seat in between, and an ottoman in their smallest “classic” seat depth and wrapped in Belgian Linen, you’d spend a whopping $14,480 on just this one couch. And if you wanted to add just one seat more for the ultimate lounge space, it’ll total an insane $17,975!

That’s more than most Americans are putting down on their new homes these days! 😱😱😱

All of that said, here are our top knockoff Cloud Couch & Cloud Sofa dupes that are just as chic:

1. Albany Park – Kova Modern Sofa

couple sitting on albany park kova sectional

Image credit: Albany Park

Kova Sofa + Ottoman $2,430 (regularly $3,630)
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Final cost of the above configuration just $2,187 SHIPPED! 

  • This couch configuration is over $12,293+ LESS than the same thing at RH!

Claiming to be the world’s most comfortable sofa, we can’t think of a better option to lounge on other than Albany Park’s gorgeous luxe Kova sectional! They deliver in just a few weeks (for FREE), are a cinch to assemble in 15 minutes or less since they require no tools, and even come with a Lifetime Warranty! 👏🏻

albany park green kova sectional

Image credit: Kitty Cotten

Plus, you’re sure to find the perfect style to fit your home perfectly with their curated colors. Choose between neutral fabrics or eye-popping velvets, there’s something for everyone.

Got big dreams for a small space?

Let your dreams come true, my friend! What really sets Albany Park apart from other companies is that each and every piece of furniture comes packaged in apartment-friendly, space-conscious boxes that can easily be maneuvered in stairwells, tight hallways, and essentially any home. Amazing!

albany park kova pit sectional

Image credit: Albany Park

Albany Park Kova Pit $3,520 (regularly $4,700) 
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Final cost of the above configuration just $3,170 SHIPPED!

  • This couch configuration is over $18,300+ LESS than the same thing at RH!

Each cushion on your new Albany Park Kova couch is filled with a feather-fiber blend and is even removable making it easier than ever to keep your sofa looking clean & ready for lounging.

Speaking of lounging, with a standard size of 84″ (just $1,390) going all the way up to an entire Kova Cozy Pit Sectional (shown above) the configurations and options are totally endless!

2. Walmart – Rivas Contemporary Feather Fill Modular Sectional

dark gray modular sectional sitting in stock living room

Walmart – Rivas Contemporary Feather Fill Modular Sectional – $4,249.95 (regularly $4,799.99)

  • This couch size is $14,725.05+ LESS than the cloud sofa at RH!

Completely new to Walmart, these modular sectional couches couldn’t look more identical to the cloud couch! Plus, they ship incredibly fast and arrive in just 3 days since they’re all shipped and sold by Walmart. 😱

The performance fabric is stain-resistant and comes in graphite or white and we also love that the collection has a matching ottoman that provides extra storage which none of our other cloud couch dupes offer. Just keep in mind this dupe is new to Walmart, so there currently aren’t any reviews. However, considering they offer 90-day FREE returns they’re certainly still worth scooping up if you’re in the market.

Shop the entire Walmart Rivas Collection to find your perfect color and configuration.

3. Valyōu Furniture – Mario Capasa Feathers Sectional

dog sitting on white sectional in living room white coffee table

Valyōu Furniture – Mario Capasa Feathers Sectional $1,799.95 (regularly $4,900) 

  • This couch configuration is over $12,580.05+ LESS than the same thing at RH! 

With four different sizes and incredibly fast shipping on this Feathers sectional, you’ll be lounging on cloud 9 in no time! Even if this L-shaped cloud couch dupe sectional is over your budget, they even offer a smaller option, yet still an impressive 88 inches of pure coziness! Each couch comes with stain-proof, removable covers and best of all they’re all machine washable so you won’t have to fret over spills ever again.

4. Crate & Barrel – Lotus Modular Sectional

Crate & barrel sectional in living room

Crate & Barrel – Lotus Modular Sectional $2,299+
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Final cost of the above configuration just $2,069.10 + shipping

  • This couch size is $6,025.90+ LESS than the cloud sofa at RH!

Sure, the Lotus Modular Sectional is still a pricey piece of furniture, but if you’re a fan of Crate and Barrel’s quality home furnishings, you can still get the same RH look for even less. Not only do we think you’ll love this cheaper name-brand sofa even more, but you will even get free delivery and shipping.

family and dog sitting on cream colored sectional

Shopping for something bigger? Their entire line of Lotus furniture will allow you to customize your sofa or sectional into any configuration and color your home needs.

5. World Market – Feather Filled Brynn Sofa

white sofa couch on living room floor

World Market – Feather Filled Brynn Sofa – $1,199.99

  • This couch size is $6,895.01+ LESS than the cloud sofa at RH!

Just need a simple couch to fill your living room space, but want all the cloud couch vibes you can handle? At World Market, you can score this feather-filled cloud couch dupe that measures in at a traditional size of 86″. Plus, just as the name says, it features feather-filled removable AND reversible cushions, so they’ll stay on cloud nine for years to come. While it does feature skinnier side arms, we love the more elegant, coastal style this sofa gives off even more!

Hip Tip: Members score 10% OFF with store pick-up and no shipping fee.

6. Homethreads – Commix Down Filled 4-Piece Sectional

white sectional couch in staged living room

Homethreads – Commix Down Filled 4-Piece Sectional – $2,273.47 (regularly $6,211.35)

  • This couch size is $12,206.53+ LESS than the cloud sofa at RH!

The overall style and clean lines of this sectional couldn’t be more identical to the Restoration Hardware cloud couch! 😍 Plus, it comes in 4 other colors if you were looking for something darker. The generously padded cushions and down-filled seats will have you thinking you’re sinking into an actual cloud couch every time you lounge and it features a solid wood frame so you know you’re not compromising on quality either.

beige colored sectional in living room showroom

Best of all, there’s an endless selection of Commix sectional configurations so you can choose exactly the perfect setup for your new space and the perfect color too.

7. Ashley Homestore – Savesto 5-Piece Sectional

Ashley sectional clouch couch dupe in the living room

Ashley Homestore – Savesto 5-Piece Sectional $3,269.97

  • This couch configuration is over $15,705.03+ LESS than the same thing at RH!

It’s obvious if you’re on the hunt for the best cloud couch dupe, you’re not just looking for a great price but also something incredibly cozy too. That’s why we think this Savesto Sectional from Ashley Furniture is everything you’re looking for!

Plus, it comes in two neutral colors and you’ll actually save more than you’ll spend to get this cloud couch lookalike.

While it’s currently out of stock, we’ve seen this come back plenty of times making it a staple on our cloud couch dupe list.

If designer dupes are your thing, we’ve got you covered with more.

Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 5 years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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Comments 23

  1. MomRph

    Love these! Our home is not magazine ready, being comfortsble together is what our family enjoys ❤.

  2. Vicky

    I thought the same things when I saw this couch in RH. Then my husband said to just sit it in for a minute. I couldn’t believe what an amazing feeling of comfort. I felt like I was being cradled by fluffy clouds. I’d never buy such an expensive couch, but this couch was hands down the comfiest thing I’ve ever sat in. We have a motion sectional. It looks much cleaner and less frumpy, but it doesn’t even come close to the level of cushy comfort of RH’s. I wonder how these dupes compare?

  3. Lisa

    We keep a blanket over ours when we’re not using it to help with the animal hair. (We have 2 dogs and 2 cats.) I think they are easy to keep clean. Ours has all separate pieces, so it’s easy to pull apart and clean thoroughly.

  4. cooper929

    I don’t live in a world where a white linen couch is a realistic option.
    That’s just an accident waiting to happen.
    No thanks….at ANY price

  5. Stephanie

    This couch is SO unconfortable. A friend has one and when we stay over her house for our kids to have a sleep over, its always the worst night sleep. By the time your laying on it the back pillows squish down almost flat, it has no form and there’s no way to keep it supportive. Id hate to watch tv on it a whole weekend or something. And the material is super scratchy! She told me she got a great deal too… Like “5000 instead of 6800” or something.

  6. ARM

    Boo!! None of these besides the expensive sites ship to my area.

  7. kelli-6

    Can confirm they look terrible once sat on for a while. But when you fluff it back up it is the most comfortable ever!! We have the Ashley’s one.

    • K8tyx

      How long have you had the Ashley’s sofa? I bought a couch from Ashley’s years ago and within the first 2 years, it sagged sooo badly, I swore I would never buy another. But my budget is limited and I really like their styles the best. I’m reconsidering and wondering if I just got a bad one.

      • animity

        Ashley furniture is just horrible. Great prices but like you said it always looks so bad after just a couple of years and is just not worth the price or effort. JCPenney is the same too. Great deals but not worth the effort or price. Do you live next to an RC Wiley? They have great warranties and have never had a problem with them.

        • ahipster

          I had very good luck with 2 of the same size Ashley sofas I purchased (instead of a sofa and loveseat) and they were $295 each. They had zippered covers on the cushions so they could be cleaned and they didn’t sag after years of use.

    • Jennifer

      What Ashley one?

  8. Thriftypuppy

    These prices are insane. We have auction sites selling overstock\”fall off the truck” items for Amazon, Wayfair and other major retailers and they often have these and other brand new furniture for pennies on the dollar. Try searching your city and the word “auction” to find one near you.

  9. star11374

    If you call Valyou furniture, they will give you a $100 discount 🙂

  10. original1qb

    I actually have the Kova sofa from Albany Park. It is comfortable and I love the dark color that we got. I especially like that they have a lifetime warranty on the couch and ottoman that we bought.

  11. Jlee

    We bought the Albany Park Kova sofa with the Ottoman (pictured) and are very pleased. It’s big, wide & comfy. I added a few more pillows to really up the comfort level, and my only complaint is I wish the furniture makers would start making all the furniture to allow clearance for the roomba to get underneath. Had to order 4 inch replacement legs. Of course I knew that going in and am still very happy with the recommendation and purchase. Fabric is nice too!

    • Natalie

      Do you still love your kiva sofa and ottoman? I want to order but after reading the horrible reviews on Reddit, I’m worried about the quality.

  12. Carrie

    We love ours from Living Spaces. Shipped free too

  13. LauraG

    I’m actually looking for the opposite sofa. I’m a tall woman (5’11”), I’m getting older, and one of my knees is starting to give me problems. All the sofas I’ve looked at lately seem so low to the ground; I don’t want to have to crawl out of one. I need one that’s taller, yet deep enough to accommodate my long legs. Any suggestions???

  14. laurie

    IMHO I have never bought any couch or sectional that is not higher end leather. I need my furniture to support me well. I love that everyting is electric for legs up and down, back support that adjusts. It is kid and dog friendly and cleans well. The pieces that I have I will last me forever and I am glad I put the money into the quality.

    • Tammy

      Do you recommend a brand or model…I’ve been looking a long time!

  15. Karen

    Any thoughts on the best fabric to get for cat claws? My cats don’t scratch, but they dig in when they jump up to help keep their balance. Especially when they are running around chasing each other. We have pulls all over our couch.

  16. michelleroman

    I ordered the Kova on 6/25 and it was estimated to ship on 6/28. As I checked the website the next day they had the 4th of July code posted and wouldn’t honor it even though the order was still processing. Huge bummer. 15% is $$$. I had to reach out to customer service on 7/5 to see why it has yet to ship. They told me that it’s been processed and waiting for the transport company to pickup. I finally have a delivery date of 7/14. I’m also very close to the warehouse in Houston so surprised it will take that long but I’m hoping to love it as much as the reviewers have. Fingers crossed.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Glad you could finally get a delivery date! 🙌 Hope you love your new couch! 💕

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