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DIRECTV Win: I Saved $700+ w/ ONE 5-Minute Phone Call (AGAIN!)

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directv saved phone call – remote control on money bills

This is a MUST-READ if you’re a DIRECTV customer!

Hi everyone! It’s Bryn, Collin’s sister and sidekick. Last year around this same time, I wrote a very popular post all about how I was able to call DIRECTV and save myself $50 per month for an ENTIRE year! 😱 And the best part, this phone call literally took me less than five minutes!

Fast forward to today, and Collin has bugged me almost daily to pick up the phone and call DIRECTV once again to see if I can secure a similarly insane offer yet AGAIN. Truth be told, I was putting off this phone call as I just kept thinking there was no way this company was going to give me a huge discount again that would be worth writing about. Well, boy, was I wrong…

My 5-minute call today just saved me $720! YES, OVER SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!

If you’ve been considering downgrading or canceling your DIRECTV service or you just want to discuss options to reduce costs on your account, follow these simple steps:

  1. First, dial DIRECTV customer service at 1-800-531-5000.
  2. State “cancel service” when you get to the menu options.
  3. When asked, be sure to state that you’re not moving (unless, of course, you’re in the middle of a move!). Your call will then be routed directly to the customer retention/loyalty department.
  4. Share with the customer service representative that you want to reduce your monthly bill and are looking for any special offers that may be available for your account.
  5. Within a few minutes, the representative will let you know if your account qualifies for additional savings!

I was offered a savings of $60 per month for the next 12 months! That’s a total savings of $720!

Have you tried this recently, either with DIRECTV or another provider?

If so, please let us know what you did and how it worked!

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Comments 84

  1. Mandy

    That’s great. I wonder what makes accounts qualify? I did this in the summer and they told me that I did not qualify for ANY discounts. I was astounded. I canceled early, paid the early termination fee so irritated that they couldn’t even offer my anything after I spent an hour on the phone being transferred around ‘because they couldn’t stand to lose me as a loyal customer’ only to then be told there was nothing they could do. Within 2 months, I received a ‘come back letter’ offering me the same darn deal I wanted back when I called in the summer! Ugh it’s frustrating. Hopefully our rural area’s internet improves soon so we can just go the way of Hulu or Netflix!

    • Jamie

      Same for us. I was so fed up with them I paid early termination fees 4 years ago and never looked back. I had horrible experience with customer service and have just been without cable for over 4 years and haven’t missed it. That’s turkey saving money!

      • Jamie

        And by turkey I mean truly🤣

        • Lindsey

          That made me laugh! 😂 You must be texting about turkeys a lot lately!

      • autumncox

        Same here, I also paid an early termination fee just to be rid of them. All you need is a smart tv or a fire stick, amazon prime or if you don’t already have that then you can pay $10 for just the prime movie option. Netflix is around $10, Pluto is free, Crackle is free, Tubi is free, an antenna for local channels is around $30 on amazon. I like it so much better, I pay less and can watch what I want, when I want it. Some months I will pay for HBO or Showtime and sometimes I will pay for a movies on amazon and I still pay much less than DTV.

    • Garfield

      It worked for me for years to save money until ATT came on board and suddenly I couldn’t qualify anymore. I told them that this was the exact time they lost me and after I waited a few months for the ETF to get more reasonable, I canceled. 2 years later they still send me come back offers non-stop which include $300 gift card on top of everything else. No way! I got an antenna and an OTA TiVo and I couldn’t be happier. Never looked back. The antenna paired with free Netflix through T-Mobile works fine for us.

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      Oh so frustrating! I have been a DIRECTV customer for over 10 years so I am sure this is factored into what sort of discounts I am offered versus a customer that has not been around as long.

    • Nicole

      Same! I was a customer for over 7 years and wasn’t qualified for any of the good discounts. I cancelled and bought fire sticks.

    • Andrea Melton

      It won’t work if you’re in contract. But I’ve been with them like 10 years.

    • Ashley

      Get a hotspot for your internet! It’s actually cheaper than most internet providers and we have unlimited data!

      • Karie

        Where do you get a hotspot from? Or what is a good place to get a hotspot through?

      • Kelly

        can you tell me more about this hotspot – where did you get it, how much and does it cover your whole house or just one room since I have kids that play playstation in the basement?

      • Dee Lynn

        Ashley, Would to hear more about who and how to get the same great games on internet.TIA!!!

      • Angel

        More info please 🤓

      • Ashley

        Any phone provider has them! We use sprint and it’s $50 for unlimited data!

  2. Melissa

    I just did this today, before I saw this post, because I actually intended to cancel. I was also given the $60/month savings for a year

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      Woo Hoo! So awesome, Melissa!

  3. Jade

    my boyfriend did this! His bill was going to go up to like $60 a month after his first inital year and when he called to cancel he qualified for another year for only $15 a month so we kept direct tv!! i have a fmaily member that works for AT&T and said they will do anything to keep a customer because losing 1 customer could cost THOUSANDS for them in the long run!!

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      YAY! Glad it worked for your boyfriend! AWESOME!

  4. Brandy

    I just tried this and was told nothing they could do. Never have had good experience with their customer service but living in the country……they are really the only option.

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      Darn! Sorry to hear that it did not work for you, Brandy.

    • LindaLee

      If you are not under contract, cancel and call back next day as new customer. Sadly, they treat new customers better than those who have been loyal.

  5. Elizabeth

    I was able to get this last year BUT at first they said I didn’t qualify for anymore discounts currently. So I set up a disconnect date to end my service and called DISH. 2 days later someone from retention dept. in Texas called me and offered me a 1 year fixed price of $35 if I returned and stayed. My original bill was $100 with taxes and fees. Now its a fixed $35 and I saved $780 in 1 year. Im up for renewal in January so I hope they offer a similar price. I’ve been with directv for 15 years now.

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      WOW! What a great deal, Elizabeth! So awesome to be locked in at this super low rate!

  6. Steph

    Glad it has worked for you but it doesn’t for everyone. Several years ago we made the decision to do away with Directv and we are so glad we did. We had terrible customer service and they just kept raising prices every year. Don’t even miss it at all now.

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      Thanks for the feedback, Steph but so sorry to hear that your experience was so bad.

  7. Christine

    I canceled today before I saw this and was offered $30. I had $30 off currently and still thought the $110/mo paid was a waste of money. When I got the first $30 about 10 months ago, I asked if it changed my contract and was told no. I wanted to stay out of contract incase we wanted to cancel. Today when I called I was told that there was still 2 months left on my contract. After a long convo with the supervisor, that early cancellation was waived. So buyer beware of the $60/month savings….you are under contract likely for at least another year for that promotion! Even if they tell you that you’re not!

  8. pam

    I recently done the same thing with Comcast and I saved 40 a month. You must call and say you want to cancel service

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      Glad to hear it worked with Comcast as well, Pam!

    • Anonymous

      You don’t have to say you want to cancel I work for comcast loyalty and even when I get customers who want to save money I tell them about hip2save and they appreciate it. Just call and let us know you want to reduce your bill it’s just that easy we are always glad to help.

  9. Holly

    Bryn, what plan are you on and how much are you paying per month?

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      Hey Holly! I have been with DIRECTV for over 10 years and have the Entertainment Package.

  10. Debbie

    me too.. ABOUT A MONTH AGO.. BUT FIRST person i spoke to offered me $10 off a month and had to sign a 2 year contract.. i said No thank you can you please transfer me to a supervisor. ( retention’s dept) I spoke a very nice young man who said let me see what i can do for you.. made friendly idle chit chat.. He offers me $60 off a month for a year- immediately i accepted.. we continued talking and he said anyone in your family like sports.. before i knew it he added the NFL PACKAGE FOR FREE!
    So my advice keep trying until u get the right person…

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      WOW! So awesome, Debbie!

  11. crystal

    I tried this with the cable company (Cox) and ended up with a bill that was nearly as much because she failed to mention the total quoted was before tax!!! So I called back after I got the first bill and cancelled the $60 of movie packages she had added?!!? I was almost stuck in a 2 year contract with a bunch of unnecessary junk.

  12. julebay

    I did this several months ago before my contract was up. They were able to add my new savings on top of my old savings until my first contract was up. I get 4 months of Directtv for less than $8 each month. After the 4 mo thths my rate will go up to $40ish per month.

  13. Denise

    Last year prior to our contract up, I was able to get a discount by just calling. This year, I called 30 days prior to our YEAR and was told there was nothing they could offer…. I called 3 more times, was told the same thing. Was told MAYBE something would come up after our contract ended since I told them to go ahead and put us in to disconnect on 11/2. So on 11/2 at 2am (because I got the email when I woke up), our Direct TV service disconnected and was officially canceled. I called them and said – now are there any offers… and lo an behold… I rec’d $60 off per month for the next year to have them reconnect our service which happened immediately, so we were without TV from 2am to about 7am and all our DVR saved shows were still there.. and they are sending me a $300 Visa card (which should be here in a few weeks). I did tell the guy – it is very frustrating as a consumer to play this game. Why can’t you just give us the deal instead of the back and forth, do you not want to retain customers? We were ready to go to DISH NETWORK because they provided us with a pretty good deal.. it would have been a little more than what Direct TV ended up offering after all that back and forth, but it was cheaper than the NEW rate if Direct hadn’t given me the $60 off. I would have been fine if they just gave me the $60 off but I will take the $300 prepaid Visa card for Christmas shopping…

  14. Gretchen

    I did this a few months ago bc we were going to switch to directv now!

  15. Leane

    You can also do this with sirrus radio I have done it almost every year now for the last four. They increase it every year and every year I call and say I am going to cancel and they give me a deal!

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      Great tip! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Chat

    I just did this with, of all things, my trash service! There’s a company in town that is offering a much lower price and I was prepared to switch services but called my current service to give them a chance. Almost instantly they told me they could match that deal and would take care of it right away, effective immediately. Yay for not having to go through the hassle of changing services!

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      Wow! I never thought to call and negotiate the trash service fee. So smart!

  17. Katherine

    I did this with my AT&T internet service in October. My rate was going to be higher because it was about to be a year. When I called CS, representarive from another country told me there was nothing they could do so I asked to speak to someone else to see if I could qualify if not I was going to switch services. They sent me over to someone here in the US and he immediately found me a deal. I was able to keep my price of $40 a month and he was able to get me a faster internet speed for the same price.

  18. Janet

    My husband does something similar for XM radio every year.

    • Malinda

      Me too. I usually get it for 79 to 99 a year.

  19. v

    I’ve tried this w/Optimum/Altice and they refuse to lower rates. It is ridiculous how expensive cable packages are.

  20. Lupe

    I haven’t tried this, but my dad used to do it all the time! It really works… Good Luck!

  21. Andrea Melton

    I saved $70 a month for every month for a year. Getting ready to all again and ask for the same deal.

  22. Christy

    How many people have to pay for equipment? I got annoyed with them a few years ago because new customers didn’t have to pay for the boxes but because I am a “valued” customer I do. Right now I pay $150 a month for 4 televisions. And other than sports, there is little we need directv for.

    • Bev84

      I went through Costco for their service and only pay $68 a month for five rooms. One is a DVR. That’s the flat rate every month. It also came with a $300 visa check card.

    • j

      We were keeping direct tv for mainly sports too. Last year we finally cancelled direct tv after horrible customer service.
      We decided to try sling tv to see if we liked it and we have had it ever since. Its about half what we were paying for direct and we get a ton of sports channels (golf, football, baseball) I definitely recommend checking it out!!!

  23. Peaches

    For all ofyou that are being denied those wonderful discounts on DirecTV check out DirecTV NOW. It could possibly be a better option as it is contract free with no hidden charges.

  24. Tammy

    The problem I see with this is that they will give you a discount for 12 months but you have to sign a 2 year contract.

    • melissa

      Not always. One time they had me do a year contract

  25. melissa

    I do this everytime my bill goes back up. I usually have a hard time but I fight for it. The last time they insisted they didnt have any deals for me until I got serious about acually cancelling and they forwarded me to a “new department” that may be able to help me. Got my bill lowered from around 100 dollar to somewhere in the $50 range! I have had directv for 6 years and they consider me a valued customer

  26. Jennifer S

    Did the $50 credit already run out on your accounts? They told me that I have one month left and there was nothing available right now but, I am not positive I was sent to the cancel service option. I will try again tomorrow.

  27. Adam

    I called and they reduced our monthly bill by $45.

    Saving $540 annually and it only a few minutes.

    Thank you so much!!!

  28. Darlene

    It’s even easier to “chat” with them via the DirectTV app. You can play Candy Crush and check FB while they are responding to you. It’s too easy!

  29. cristal

    I did this last month, got a $70. discount per month and free HBO for a year! Yeah!! My bill is under $25./ month. I write myself a note to remember to call each year.

  30. Sarah

    Called there tonight and all they could offer me was lowering my package to select and would only be able to take off $10 a month. However if I was to call back in about 2-3 weeks there might be a better offer they could give me. I told them so much for you looking to keep your customers, told them I was going to change to dish

  31. Bryan

    Slightly off topic here, but because we were already Xfinity Comcast internet customers, we recently left ATT and switched to XfinityMobile and we are saving a TON of cizzash! $$

  32. Cammie

    Is there any way of getting out of the rental fees for equipment? My bill this month was $132.93 ($24 of pay per view movies). And there was this “regional sports fee” ??
    Any of you have the same?

    • Anonymous

      Who is your provider?

    • Sara

      The only way I know of to get out of rental fees is to buy the equipment. That’s assuming your provider will let you buy the equipment. If you are talking about modem/router rental fees, buy one from anywhere other than your provider.

      Before I cut the cord, I had Cox for cable tv. They had a regional sports fee too. I didn’t have the sports & info pack or any premium sports channels. If you had ESPN, you got the regional sports fee. ESPN is in almost every channel package they have.

      • Sara

        Please fix your site’s filters. Whenever I type the word that starts with an ‘a’ that means guessing, my comment gets sent to moderation. Your filters only see the first three letters.

  33. Joe

    If this doesn’t work for you, email me and I will give you details about DISH! I can even refer you and get you great deal that’s a locked in price for 2 years. Rusticallycreated@gmail.com

  34. Nikki

    We just called them yesterday since they suck lately and we have multiple issues with them. They said no more discounts as we already have 3.

  35. Amy

    I do this with all the companies we have services through…our local garbage company, t-mobile, Century link (internet). I have been doing this for the last ten years and always get the companies to reduce our rates or I cancel service and find a better deal. It is slightly time consuming because some deals offered only last for 6 months. But, I mark it all down on a calendar and call again when my latest promotion is over. My husband is always is awe that our bills keep going down even though our family keeps growing.

  36. Shelly

    I just sent my husband a text and told him to give this a try today. Fingers crossed it works!

  37. Denise

    Let it cancel if you have to.. and then call the day they shut off – that is what we did – they would not give us a deal.. and we are long term customers… they turned off our service at 2am on 11/2 and I called in the am around 6am when I woke and by 7am everything was turned back on, all our DVR saved shows were still there, I was given the $60 per month discount that was magically NOW available and a $300 prepaid Visa gift card. Good luck!

    • LindaLee

      Exact same thing happened with me. I should have cancelled sooner!

    • Jen

      But now you are in a new 2 year contract. No thank you.

  38. lina

    My first year of “lower rate” on Direct TV is up, and I’m entering the 2nd year of “rate hike” next month, or pay the $20/month cancelling fee x 12. Do you know if they’d lower the price for me if I call? or it’s only works with people that already completed their 2 years contract? Thanks.

  39. Kelly

    I just tried this and I am going to be saving @$65 per mth for the next year. My husband has to have DirectTV because of the NFL package no matter what. I could care less about cable, it is a constant fight. I had a great CS rep, however I just mentioned this to my sister and she said they are always horrible when she calls. We have had DirectTV for years and I have been meaning to call to see about other deals, specials, etc. Thanks much for the heads up!! You guys are awesome!

  40. Stephanie

    Thank you for posting this again! I just got $40 off a month for the next 12 months and $12.25 off a month for the next 6 months because I have NFL Sunday ticket. It’s about an $18 less discount then what I received last year, but I’ll take $52.25 off my bill a month!!

  41. Sara

    Thank you so much for posting about this. I was actually considering canceling my DirecTV as it is such a high bill. I went ahead and called today and was very lucky to receive the $60 off a month option for 12 months (they said to call in again at the end of the 12 months and they can offer another deal). Plus, they also offered to save me money by having me take my protection plan ($8.99 a month off of there) as they said anytime I have an issue, need a tech, equipment isn’t working right, I can call in and ask for the protection plan to be initialized on my account for the same price of $8.99, and it will become effective before I tell them my issue or problem I am having so it will be covered. Another bonus, they gave me is 4 months free of Showtime, which they will automatically cancel for me at the end of the 4 months (no need for me to call in and cancel, but of course, I still will just to be on the safe side. 😉 So again, thank you so much for posting this, it truly is a wonderful savings and I am so grateful and thankful!

  42. Danistigs

    Thanks for sharing your tip. Unfortunately my bill just went up from $75.00 to over $130.00. When I called I was told they can only lower it $10.00. When I said I will have to cancel it, I was told ok. Don’t understand how these companies would rather loose a customer but.. oh well

  43. Sara

    I cut the cord in May because my Cox bill for Preferred 100 internet(mid-level), Contour TV with the Variety Pak, DVR, DVR service, government fees, and bogus Cox fees was $173.71. That was only for one TV. I wasn’t watching cable anyway. My mom was the only one watching it, and that was only when she came to my apartment. I was watching Netflix and Hulu.

    I dropped down to just Cox Preferred 100 internet service. I was paying $67.99 per month for internet when it was bundled with tv. My internet price went up to $79.99 for 12 months with no contract. That was after a $5 discount.

    I got Sling TV Blue with the Lifestyle Extra and DVR for $34.99. I also got CBS All Access with no ads for $9.99. My new TV package is $44.98 per month instead of $105.72. I saved $60.74 per month.
    I don’t count $13.99 Netflix and $11.99 Hulu as a part of my TV package because I already had them when I had cable. My mom can’t afford cable, so she is just using my accounts. I only got Sling TV and CBS All Access for her. I don’t watch them.

    I call the local number which then redirects to the call center. I select the option for questions about my bill. I ask the representative to transfer me to the loyalty department.

    My mom and I were still using old DOCSIS 2.0 modems. We weren’t eligible for any discounts because we were on grandfathered plans.
    Our modems weren’t capable of the new version of our plans. When I upgraded my mom’s modem to a 3.0 in December 2017 and changed her plan to the new version, the loyalty department got her bill from $79.99 to $64.99 for 12 months with no contract. I upgraded to a 3.0 modem and new version of my plan in April 2018 while I still had cable. My internet price didn’t change.

    After cutting the cord, I called a couple times to see if there was a better offer but had no luck. I gave up. I called again on 10/18/18 on a whim. The loyalty department got my bill down to $54.99 for 12 months with no contract. I saved $25 per month. I am authorized to do things on my mother’s Cox account. While still on the phone, I asked if they could do anything for her. They also got her bill down to $54.99 for 12 months with no contract. She saved $10 per month. Now our promotion years are the same. I only have to make one call now.

  44. lisa smith

    Thanks so much for this tip!! I called for my mother today after reading this last night . They are reducing her bill by $70.00 a month for 12 months and she gets to keep her same programming and does not have to extend or renew her contract to do so!!! That is a big score of $840.00 saving in a year for my 72 year old mother!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  45. Nancy

    I called a few months ago and threatened to cancel and they said there were no discounts available, called back 2 weeks later and again 2 weeks later. They then sent me to a special dept. In the end I got $70 off my bill per month and HBO free for 12 months and Cinamax free for 6 months.

  46. Christie

    I just called and told them I was having several issues with my receiver so I was thinking of canceling. They offered me a $40/mo. discount for the next year. Thank you so much for this post!

  47. Marc

    Just did this yesterday because my initial 2yr “discount” ended and my billed more than doubled. Called, said i wanted to cancel, tech said he could discount $5 here or $10 here, but that’s all he could do. So, I called his bluff and scheduled my disconnect date. Then magically I was offered to speak with the VIP account section. Once with the VIP support I got offered $55 off a month for a year. I ho hummed around and acted like that that might be okay and she quickly offered a $100 visa gift card to boot.

  48. Kathy Snyder

    I just called DirecTV to try to get another discount. My $60 a month savings, for 1 year, expired in Oct 2018. My bill went from $87.56 back to $142 (Ultimate Pkg). I just got ANOTHER DEAL! Got a credit for current month’s bill so I only pay $78.32 of the $142. And then for next 12 months, my bill is $71.99!! Only gave up Encore channels, which we don’t watch anyway. Savings of $70 per month = $840 year

  49. Chris

    No luck here, they acted like they didn’t need my business. I will probably be cancelling once I find an alternative service.

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