These 18 Stores Offer FREE Smash Cakes for Baby’s 1st Birthday!

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Here’s where to get a free smash cake!

baby with smash cake

Birthdays are a big deal! 🎂

Even more so when it’s to celebrate your little one’s very first trip around the sun! Lucky for you, we’re sharing a pretty sweet birthday freebie you can score for their big celebration. It doesn’t get much sweeter than your baby and FREE smash cakes!

That’s right, I’m sharing tons of grocers and stores that will give you a FREE cake on them for your baby’s first birthday! 🥳

Just note that most of these stores require a minimum purchase or a bakery purchase in order to snag this freebie. Some offers and locations may vary. To be sure this deal is available at your location, simply contact your local store to confirm before ordering.

Here are the grocers that offer free smash cakes:

baby girl wearing white dress touching rose pink icing on cake

1. Albertsons Market

In order to score a free smash cake with Albertsons Market, you need to place an order for a quarter sheet cake or bigger, which will feed approximately 16-24 people. Then you’ll get a FREE 5″ double layer smash cake for your little one. Orders can be placed as late as one day before your little one’s big day.

2. Barnes & Noble

When your family is a part of the Kid’s Club at Barnes & Noble, you can score a FREE cupcake, cookie, or gluten-free Rice Krispie treat from the Barnes & Noble Café during the week of your kiddo’s birthday! While it isn’t exactly a smash cake, it’s totally free to join, plus you’ll be able to reap many other exciting rewards.

To make matters even sweeter, you can actually score a cupcake from their café on all your children’s birthdays so the fun & freebies don’t stop after the first year! Woohoo!

baby with one shirt sitting on wood floor touching piece of birthday cake

3. Giant Eagle

At Giant Eagle Bakery, you can score a FREE smash cake with any purchase of a quarter sheet cake valued at $19.99 or more. The smash cake will be a 5″ round single layer cake and must say “Happy 1st Birthday” to qualify. Your free smash cake cannot be added to an online order so make sure to call at least 24 hours before your party to scoop up this sweet deal!

4. Giant Food Stores

With any purchase of a quarter-inch sheet cake or larger, you can score a FREE 7″ single-layer smash cake for your little one’s big day. Call as little as 24 hours before party day to get your order in!

5. Harris Teeter

At Harris Teeter, you can score a smash cake totally FREE with no purchase required! All you have to do is print their online form, fill it out, and turn it into customer service. Then you’ll receive a coupon for a FREE 5″ Patti-cake! Just make sure you get ahead of the game because processing your application can take between 4-6 weeks!

baby wearing cloth diaper eating blue free smash cake on floor

6. Kowalski’s

Get a FREE 5″ single-layer chocolate or white smash cake with an order of $9.99 or more at Kowalski’s. Your smash cake will be finished off with delicious buttercream frosting and can be personalized with either pink or blue icing. Discounts will be applied at checkout.

7. Lund’s and Byerly’s

At select Lund’s and Byerly’s, you can either order a quarter-inch sheet cake, round cake, or some delicious cupcakes that total a minimum of $21.99 or more in order to score your free smash cake. While it’s still considered a cake, the size of it will be more equivalent to a large cupcake and should be ordered at least 48 hours in advance. Note that not all locations participate, so be sure to double-check by calling.

8. Price Chopper

You’ll get a FREE 6″ smash cake with a giant one on the top when you purchase a birthday cake that’s at least a quarter-inch sheet or larger. Additionally, Price Chopper does require that the cake you’re ordering reads “Happy Birthday” and is ordered at least 24 hours prior to pick-up.

baby boy putting hands into smash cake

9. Publix

When you order an 8″ round or quarter-inch sheet cake that says “Happy 1st Birthday” on it, you can score a FREE 7″ two-layer round smash cake for your little one. Just make sure to order about 24 hours before you’d like to pick up your treats.

10. Safeway

You can get a completely free smash cake at Safeway for your baby’s first birthday! Be sure to call your local store for more information.

11. Shaw’s

At Shaw’s, you can score a totally FREE 5″ single-layer smash cake! Plan to order at least 24 hours in advance to score this sweet deal and pick it up the next day!

12. Stauffers of Kissel Hill

When you purchase a cake that’s a quarter sheet or larger, you can score a FREE single-layer 5″ smash cake for your little one. Orders must be placed within 48 hours or more before your celebration. If you want just the smash cake, it’s only $5.99!

baby sitting in highchair eating white smash cake

13. Super Target

If you’re lucky enough to have a Super Target near you, complete with a bakery (yes, those really do exist!), you can fill out this form and receive a FREE smash cake with any purchase of a special-order round or sheet cake! We found this smash cake to be among the smallest free cakes offered, but still delicious!

Call your local store to confirm and bring your completed form at least 24 hours before you’d like to pick it up.

14. Thrifty Foods

At Thrifty Foods, they value the importance of family and want to help you celebrate milestone moments. Therefore, their bakery offers a totally FREE 8″x12″ first birthday cake to them! Cakes can be ordered by phone or in the store and are available in pink, blue, or green.

Note that your child’s birth certificate is required upon pickup and this deal is valid for cake per child. Make sure to call at least 24 hours before you plan to pick up your order.

15. Tops

If you live in Pennsylvania, Vermont, or New York and have a Tops market with a bakery near you, you can score a 5″ smash cake completely FREE just by showing your baby’s birth certificate! You’ll also get to totally customize it with your choice of yellow, chocolate, marble, or white cake finished with whipped or buttercream icing! Plus, you’ll get to choose whatever decorations you want! Just make sure to order at least 24 hours ahead of time.

16. United Supermarkets

When you order a quarter-inch sheet cake (or larger) for your baby’s first birthday, United Supermarkets will automatically include a FREE 5″ single-layer smash cake! Just make sure to claim your freebie at least 24 hours before you plan to party.

17. Walmart

At Walmart, when you place a bakery order for $14.98 or more, you can score a FREE 6″ round smash cake in either white or chocolate cake. Just make sure to place your order at least 24 hours before you plan to pick it up.

18. Wegmans

Order a sheet cake for your one-year-old at Wegmans, and they’ll likely throw in a free cupcake! Call ahead to your location to confirm.

Older than a year old? These 29 places offer legit freebies on your birthday too!

About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 8+ years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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Comments 52

  1. Sarah Hartman

    Tops as well for those in the northern eastern part of the US.

  2. Errrr

    The whole idea of a smash cake is so wasteful and just plain idiotic. That is, unless, people actually eat the smashed cake afterwards. I like the idea of a smash cupcake better. That said, I realize a lot of things I personally do are also wasteful 🙂

    • yjr2004

      I just don’t get the whole smash cake thing. When I was growing up my mother made all our cakes. I would never dream of smashing the cake her cake especially since it was the only cake we had. I make my kids cakes too I would be mad if my cake got smashed.

      • Jess

        Smash cakes are generally only done for the 1st birthday. There is really no malicious intent on the 1 year old’s part for smashing the homemade or store bought cake. They are mostly just for pictures. A small cake looks much better in a picture than a slice, but to each their own I suppose.

        • Nicole221

          After 7 years and 3 IVF treatments I can tell you that a smash cake was important to me. It was important for the pictures, the memories and the blessing that I was watching my baby turn one. She loved the cake, dug into half and the untouched half was used to eat. While I do understand everyone is different I personally love the idea of a smash cake, and the post of cheap ways to get them!

          • SarahH

            Congratulations Nicole22, would you be willing to share more of your story, like the cost and what a couple interested in IVF should expect? IVF is not covered through insurance so was thinking of paying out pocket.

            • Nicole221

              Absolutely! Shoot me an email and I am happy to share anything you want to know ☺️ Lnmcguffee at And thank you so much.

              • Jessica

                I would love to hear about your ivf stoey

          • WENDY RUIS

            Nicole221 Same here!! It was important with my first IVF miracle…ANF the second time around with my miracle IVF twins! 🙂

          • Avasmommy

            I totally agree! 42 yo, several ivf treatments finally with my little baby doll! I want to celebrate her everyday! I want her to have a smash cake and if it makes everyone feel better I’ll eat the smashed smash cake remnants! 😛

      • Jennifer Carlyle

        Its for a babys first bday and its usually a very small cake just for that

    • rochellemcgee

      The smash cakes generally are not that big – it amounts to maybe 4 slices. I really wouldn’t fret over the wastefulness of what probably amounts to a few dollars in ingredients, especially since they’re almost always free with the purchase of a larger cake (I actually thought this was a standard chain bakery thing).

    • Rae

      It is a very tiny cake for a one year old baby. It isn’t wasteful and can likely be made with the leftover cake mix. My daughter’s first time eating cake was the cake smash. This tradition is normally done because it isn’t safe or possible for a baby to blow out a candle.

  3. a

    I’ve never even heard of a “smash cake”

    • Amanda

      LOL me either!!

    • Kaila

      It’s a small cake the size of a giant cupcake 1 layer. With frosting over the top.

  4. Marie

    I like the idea of a cupcake instead of a whole mini cake, but I would think the whole idea behind smash cakes is who wants to eat off of the same cake as a droolly, handsy one year old smashing their cake into their mouth and face. It’s not very big, and I wouldn’t consider it wasteful when you consider the photo ops of the cuteness overload lbs.

    • C

      I agree. It’s one small cake on the 1st birthday. I think calling it wasteful is a stretch. There is no obligation to get the smash cake if you don’t want one.

    • Trina

      You don’t eat off their cake…that’s the point-they get their own little tiny cake to dig in and eat it however they like! Then there’s a separate cake for everyone else. It’s just fun because most 1 year olds go for it and eat and smile!

  5. Lpmousse

    We had one from Jewel osco for my son. It was free with the sheet cake we got. He puked it. Hahah. We still talk about it. So funny! We did a homemade mini ice cream cake for my daughter, and she loved it.

  6. Meg

    I never did this for either of my kids. We didn’t have the money for extras and I don’t get the concept of them playing in it. Boring mommy, I guess!

    • Kaila

      Alot of places do it for FREE so you don’t have to pay for it

  7. Terra

    Stater Brothers offers one without a purchase.

    • Bianca

      Good to know for those of us in Southern California!

    • mandeez

      Not anymore

  8. KR

    All that sugar for a 1-year old 🙁

    • Jess

      Haha! They definitely don’t eat the whole thing.

    • mackyjane

      I’m with you! I looked up recipes to make a healthier smash cake that sweetened with bananas, pineapple, and some maple syrup. The texture wasn’t as light as a regular cake, but I thought the taste was still good. One of those cakes from Walmart and the massive overload of sugary icing is too much for an adult too, IMO. Granted when in moderation!

    • Rae

      They really don’t eat much of it that’s why it is small. That being said A nice idea… A friend of mine shaped watermelon like a cake for her babies cake smash.

  9. Amy

    Just give the child a piece of the cake you are already buying?

  10. Jen

    We did this with my son and it was so much fun to watch him enjoy eating it (not much makes the mouth). It was small, cheap to make and we love the pictures. This is a great reminder just in time for my daughter. Thanks!!!

  11. Sarah C

    I ordered a sheet cake from Wegmans for my daughter’s first birthday and they threw in a free cupcake for her. We sang Happy Birthday with the cupcake in front of her and then she went to town tasting it. It was so perfect. It was whipped cream frosting instead of the really sugary kind. I love the “smash” cupcake (that she actually enjoyed!) more than a smash cake.

  12. agh925

    We just did a smash cake for one year pictures. Had no idea Walmart did them free! Their bakery is really good!

  13. Sbhart

    Weve always had the Shaw’s ones for my daughters and now we have a baby again and I was wondering if they still had them. Good to know!

  14. Amber (Hip Sidekick)

    Oh awesome! Thanks for the helpful tip, Amber! Good to know!

  15. Dkp91576

    As a latina, smash cakes were def not a custom. If I even poked the cake, for any celebration at any age, I was in the corner facing away from the party for 15 min but it felt like an hour lol. So no I wouldn’t dream of doing this. But also cake is probably the cheapest thing to make so I don’t find it super wasteful. It does make cute instagram pics especially now when families can’t gather.

  16. Kay

    In reply to previous comments, I’m also an IVF mom with miracle babies. But even with them, I think a smash cake is wasteful. I do get them a free smash cake from HT or Walmart, but I only give them enough to eat. The rest of the fam, especially the sibs, eats the rest. Pictures n memories still turn out great without wasting any cake. I liked Walmart’s cake. Very lovely. As for HT, they r very slow. When u fill out their form, u might never hear back from them. H2S, thanks for this post. My girls luv B&N so I will sign up there.

  17. Kaila

    Safeway also does it.

    • Hawkscheerleader

      Hi! Do you know if the cake has to be preordered or do we just pick out a cake from the bakery and ask them for the smash cake as well?

      • Jillian

        From Safeway you have to preorder 24 hours in advance. I would think most places make you preorder.

  18. Kaila

    This isn’t for everyone. The smash cake size is a giant cup cake basically. A touch bigger. The whole point it to have them have an entrie “cake” to them selfs as a reward for living their first whole year of life. It’s free for the baby. I think the bigger question is why would you make a baby share something that’s ment for them and them alone that’s free with others? I mean really? It’s a baby. Its their first birthday. How can you honestly make them share the cake that free with others?

  19. Ana

    Look up recipes online that don’t have sugar and are better for baby☺️

  20. Jillian

    I don’t understand why there is so much controversy over a “smash” cake. I didn’t get one for my eldest because I never heard of one. Then with my other children’s first birthdays, I ordered one because I was asked by the baker if I wanted one free with my 1/4 sheet cake purchase. They are only the size of about 2 large cupcakes. My kids dug in and experienced cake for the first time. They loved it. It really was no different than when I cut a piece of cake and gave it to my oldest on his first birthday. Does it really matter if you give them a cupcake, a piece of cake cut from a larger cake, or a piece of cake that is just decorated to look like a miniature cake? They’re all cute. The kids will end up eating half of it and making a mess with the other half.

  21. Ashley

    Omg who cares if someone does or does not give their own kids a smash cake. People get so upset over the most ridiculous things. It’s the size of a large cupcake and can be as cheap as free or iced in gold for all I care. You do you. Thanks for the tips on the free smash cakes 👍

  22. Grink

    I am appalled by the amount of rude remarks on a simple post about free or cheap smash cakes for a child’s first birthday. If it doesn’t appeal to you, move on. No need for putting other’s down for something that doesn’t personally appeal to you. How about showing a little kindness?

    • Megsie

      Exactly. People are really weird and get offended over everything.

    • Materof6

      I’m with you on this! Some folk just have to be snarky! It’s a BABY’s birthday! Geez!

    • D972

      Agree! So unnecessary. The post was intended for informational purposes. Either you’re into the idea or you’re not. Keep it moving, use that energy for something more productive.

  23. Kaila

    Also safeway, QFC, Fred Myers, and a few other stores offer them as well

  24. riya

    shoprite does it too and its a huge cake about $20 worth. Can actually get it and use it for their bday cake and get a small cupcake to smash

  25. mandeez

    Starter Bros is no longer completely free. They told me you need to buy a cupcake or another cake to get the smash cake free. Smash cake needs to be ordered as well.

    • Claudette (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the update, Mandeez! I will pass this along to the team!💕

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