Unsafe Hand Sanitizers List Now Tops 100 | Includes FDA Subpotent Products

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using hand sanitizer pumping in hand

Be mindful when using hand sanitizer right now!

The US Food and Drug Administration released a list of hand sanitizer recalls that contain the ingredient methanol, which is known to be toxic when ingested or absorbed through the skin.

In addition, they have now expanded their list to include hand sanitizers containing insufficient levels of alcohol. The FDA is testing hand sanitizers and has found that some have less than the recommended levels of ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol.

Not all brands of hand sanitizers have been specifically recalled, but the list of recalls is growing each day. Many large retailers like Target and Walmart previously sold these hand sanitizers, and it appears select brands may still be on some shelves. Be sure to head here to see the full list of recalled items and subpotent hand sanitizers.

Check your local stores for the following hand sanitizer recalls:

stock images of bottles of recalled hand sanitizers blumen

Blumen Advanced / Clear Advanced Hand Sanitizer Varieties

  • Bottles are clear with a blue cap and have a label with blue, white, red, and silver coloring. There are more than five types of Blumen hand sanitizers sold, to see the full list of lot numbers, head here.
  • These hand sanitizers were added to the recall list on 7/11/2020 and were distributed nationwide.

Scent Theory Keep it Clean Pure Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer 16.9 oz. Pump Bottle

  • A product of Real Clean Distribucionnes SA de CV, these bottles were added to the recall list on 7/23/2020 and distributed nationwide. For full list of lot numbers, head here.

Born Basic Anti-Bac Hand Sanitizer 9.5- 34 oz. Bottles

  • Also a product of Real Clean Distribucciones SA de CV, these bottles were added to the recall list on 7/23/2020 and distributed nationwide. For the full list of lot numbers, head here.

Please note: Scent Theory and Born Basic hand sanitizer products are produced by several different manufacturers, in several different countries, and only those lots manufactured by Real Clean in Mexico are subject to the recall. The affected Born Basic products have all now been removed from store shelves.


row of hand sanitizers

Saniderm Advanced Hand Sanitizer 1L Bottles 

  • Bottles will have lot number 53131626 and are manufactured on April/1/20. These hand sanitizers were sold in Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey beginning on April 15th, 2020. Head here to learn more.
  • Bottles will have lot number 0530 and an expiration date of 04/2022. These hand sanitizers were sold nationwide. Head here to learn more.

All Clean Hand Sanitizer, Moisturizer and Disinfectant 1L Bottles

  • Bottles will have UPC Code 628055370130. They were distributed nationwide to both wholesale distributors and retailers. Head here to learn more.

Mystic Shield Protection Topical Solution 8.45oz Bottles

  • Bottles will be blue or green labeled with a white or transparent cap. This product was distributed between May 21, 2020-June 30, 2020 to select wholesale and retail customers in California, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Texas. Head here to learn more.

4E Brands Blumen Hand Sanitizers 

  • Bottles will be clear plastic with blue lids and range in sizes from 2oz to 1gallon. The lot number will be a 4-digit number. These were sold at retailers nationwide including Sam’s Club. Head here to learn more.

bottles of hand santizer on white background

Bio AAA Advance Hand Sanitizer 480mL Bottles

  • Bottles will be in a clear plastic bottle with spray capped top. Label is white with blue/deep purple writing on it. The product was distributed Nationwide in the United States beginning in April 2020. All recalled lots have the expiration date of April 2022. Head here to learn more.

Next Hand Sanitizer 8oz Bottles

  • Bottles will be in a clear plastic bottle with a pump top with blue, red, and white label. These products were added on July 30, 2020 and were distributed nationwide and sold at Walgreens beginning on November 15, 2019.
  • UPC: 650240053573 The affected lots are those that end 1001,1002, 1003, 1004, 1005.
  • There are several other brands made by the same company such as Assured, Modesa, and Nuuxsan. Head here to learn more about these.

Command Gel AntiBac Instant hand sanitizer 8oz Bottles

  • Bottles will be in a clear plastic bottle with flip-top lid and with red, yellow, and blue writing.
  • This was distributed The FDA recommended the company recall on 7/31/2020.

Shine and Clean Hand Sanitizer Gel

  • These are packaged in plastic 1000ml bottles and 1-gallon containers Lot numbers listed here. Bottles are clear and have a hummingbird pictured by the logo. Labels are white, yellow, dark and light blue.
  • These were distributed nationwide to retail stores via distributers. Head here to learn more.

Find the complete list of recalled and subpotent products here.

Get the latest coronavirus updates here!

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Comments 106

  1. sara

    This is a common known fact that anything you put on your skin enters your body. Your skin is your largest organ and it allows things in and lets things (like sweat and toxins) out. You should not put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth! People are crazy for just rubbing anything on their hands or skin! I wish this country would have more education regarding health and how the body works. That would help us tons more than masks and hand sanitizer!

    • mlj211

      I agree 100%!

    • Becks

      My scientist friend told me years ago to NOT put sanitizer on my kids hands! (or really even my own) To use baby wipes instead if no washing station was available! This was due to a few things: They tested chronically ill kids only to find out their parents constantly sanitized them so they had low immunity & they had it IN THEIR BLOOD STREAM!!!

      • Cherryluva

        @Becks, my kids pediatrician said basically same thing. She feels everyone lives in a bubble and no one is building immunities. Let kids play in dirt, don’t use hand sanitizer, no need for vitamins. While I understand her theory, personally, if I get copied and have to take off work, I DONT GET PAID! q of my friends got it and had to take off a month and half, that would be me, having no incoming money for that long. Also, my families use of vitamins, hand sanitizer, and hand washing has my household RARELY sick as opposed to others who don’t follow suit. To each their own i guess.

      • Zara

        My co-worker nurse and her husband Doctor says pretty much same thing!

    • Kathy

      Good info. What do you use as body cream? I’m out of aveno and can try new natural option. Thanks!

      • Lana

        Hopewell Oils .com has a line of natural lotions. I love them and have used them for years.

      • boom

        I use coconut oil as face cream

        • bob bart

          Who cares

          • Kara

            Then go ahead and use it, if you don’t care about the facts.

  2. lindak

    Blumen which was sold by sams club has been recalled too

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing, Lindak!

    • Bela1217

      Yes! I saw them on the list the other day. I had 2 Blumen bottles in my pantry unopened and called Sams customer service with my concern. I was issued a refund and disposed the bottles immediately.

      • Jaime

        They are making me return them to get a refund (ordered online)!

        • Kristin

          Jaime – They tried that with me and I told them that since I purchased online they should be able to see my purchase history. They refunded via chat.

          • Amber

            I also got an email from Sams about the Blumen hand sanitizer. I chatted with them online and received a refund. Grrr..thankful for the refund but disappointed about the sanitizer being potentially dangerous! I’m glad we barely used it but still… 😛

        • Cheryl72

          I just got off online chat & was refunded for my 4 bottles & was told to just dispose of them, just needed the order #s & it took about 4mins total to get it taken care of. I would try contacting them again. Good luck!!

        • Michele

          I ordered this from Sams as well. When I called, they issued me a refund immediately. When I expressed concern about just throwing this toxic liquid in the trash, they emailed me a Fed Ex label to return the sanitizer to them for disposal. I pushed a little on how they planned to dispose of them, but didn’t get a clear answer. I’m sure the rep had no idea. I’m trying not to think that Sams is just throwing them in a landfill……

    • teachermom4

      I had used a ton of mine! Now, I’m afraid to buy any unrecognized brand.

      • marie


  3. mlj211

    I haven’t bought any weird products I’ve never heard of and this is why. When the shortages started brands and companies I’ve never heard of popped up. You have to question what’s in it. I choose to use a lot of Young Living products and I’ve been so thankful to have access to a company I know and trust. It’s scary how much our government does not protect us.

    • oo

      It’s also good to support smaller new companies too.

  4. rochellemcgee

    Is this a common ingredient in hand sanitizers or just something that has popped up recently in all these unknown brands flooding the market? Just wondering why the suggestion to stop using hand sanitizer all together.

    • Heather

      These contain methanol instead of ethanol.

    • Sylvie

      Methanol and ethanol are naturally occuring substances during fermentation. Alcohol is made by distillation of fermented organic products, when you heat it evaporation takes place, the vapors are collected and cooled resulting in liquid. The first liquid is methanol. The boiling point of methanol is lower than ethanol, producers of alcohol are supposed to discard the first liquid and do measurements to get rid of all the methanol, but it is not always done right resulting in product toxicity. When you buy any products you put on your skin I suggest to use it from large established companies, same applies to cosmetics and creams, a lot of toxic chemicals formed during processing can stay in your cosmetics if there are not filtered out the way it should be.

      • rochellemcgee

        Thank you for the very thorough response! Did not know any of this.

  5. Debbi

    funny these are all made in Mexico

    • oo


      • Shelley

        Because they don’t have any real regulations to make sure products are safe. Not that our government is perfect but at least we have some checks and balances. There aren’t those oversights in Mexico and China so beware.

    • MaaMaaBear

      I agree…. They are just cranking them out, making $$$ off us!

    • Novie

      No need for racist or ethnocentric comments

      • Gina

        How in the world is that racist? 🙄

    • leslieleslieleslie

      Funny, the US approved these items to be imported and sent for sale.

      • Mima


  6. Renee

    Born Basic Hand Sanitizer which can be bought online and in Store at Target was added to this list yesterday. Unfortunately my family has been using the Blumen from Sams a couple of months and I just ordered the Born Basics yesterday. Since the product is still available on the Target website, I called this morning. They are unaware of the recall and will be investigating. If anyone has any information please share. The Target associate was very concerned so I’m sure if it’s the recalled sanitizer it will be removed for purchase shortly.

    • oo

      Thanks for sharing. Just recently bought the Born Basic one. ☹️

    • oo

      I just checked the bottle I ordered. It does not say it contains Methanol. Are you sure that one was recalled?

      • MaaMaaBear

        I don’t think methanol is listed on the ingredients…

        • Renee

          Methanol is also not a listed ingredient in the Blumen hand sanitizer purchased at Sams Club that was recalled several days ago.

          • traci

            it is not suppose to listed as an ingredient since it is TOXIC. It is a contaminant or they did not make the product correctly!!! get your refund and throw the blumen and any other listed product away.

      • Renee

        Born Basics was recalled as of yesterday, July 14. It is posted on the FDA website. I also purchased the Blumen from Sams. which was recalled several days ago. Methanol is also not listed as one of the ingredients. I thought it was safe buying this products from Sams and Target.

    • Ms

      Thanks for sharing!

    • ES

      We contacted Sam’s too and the associate on the phone said they were unaware of the recall too.

  7. oo

    I think the wording should be “These hand sanitizers have been recalled.”

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for the suggestion! This has been updated!

  8. locoasabat

    I bought the Blumen brand from Sam’s back in March/April 2020. Does anyone know if Sam’s will issue any type of refund/store credit?

    • VickiL

      Yes. I bought Blumen in April from Hip2save post. Sams refunded me through their chat. Didn’t have to go to the store.

      • locoasabat

        Thank-you VickiL! I used the Sam’s chat feature and they proceeded to give me a full refund including shipping cost.

        • Dollar Revolution

          Just did this as well. Just needed my order number and address it shipped to. Refunding the full order amount including shipping and taxes.

    • Chris

      I also bought back in March/April and our bottle does not fall under the recall. Blumen has a list of lot numbers that are recalled on their website. You might want to go check it out.

    • stephanielowewise

      If you find out please let me know as I bought it too

    • Bela1217

      I also received a refund from Sams Club. Called customer service with the concern. They’ll Just need your order number or they can look it up with your phone number.

    • Karen!

      Hey they emailed me about it and called the store and said they said i would have to go inside to get a refund. But that same day i called customer service.. the lady was really nice and helpful and it was quick should be getting my refund in 48 hrs. Just give your emial and name and thats it!

  9. MaaMaaBear

    Be sure to click the link and read the full list! There are a bunch!!!!! Including Born Basic which I purchased at Target!!

  10. Ms

    From FDA website: “FDA is warning consumers and health care providers that the agency has seen a sharp increase in hand sanitizer products that are labeled to contain ethanol (also known as ethyl alcohol) but that have tested positive for methanol contamination.“ Blumen and Born Basic are recalled due to methanol contamination despite labeled as ethanol as ingredient.

  11. Lynne

    Blumen was sold at Costco and they did a recall….
    Only certain lot codes are affected by this recall – 2372, 2373, 2374, 2894 and 2895. To identify if your product has been recalled, please locate the lot number on the bottle near the pump, as shown below or visit https://www.blumensanitizerrecall.expertinquiry.com/:

    • Nana Donna 2 6

      As of today, ALL Blumen lot numbers have been recalled by Costco. I originally had a bottle that wasn’t in the original/first recall, but today I got a phone call from Costco stating they are recalling all lots and to return the unused portion to the warehouse for a full refund.

  12. tracey

    Please look again at the list guys. New ones added as of yesterday. I had bought Scent theory brand (made in Mexico) at Walmart and it’s on the list. Also read what others have said about Born Basic sold at Target and is still selling online now!

  13. dee

    This and taking a covid 19 vaccine that is being pushed out to take without the proper testing..ppl need to vett what they put on and in their bodies

    • Amber

      I second that!!

    • Zara

      Yes! People need to stop living in fear and educate themselves!!!!

  14. Evie

    People are making a lot of money to keep us safe! I want a job I do not have to perform or be accountable for. A simple Google search, just saying.

  15. Julie

    Blumen was sold at BJs stores too.

  16. VB Vee

    I have received a refund on the Blumen hand sanitizer I bought last week from Sams Club. Got the issue resolved thru Chat.
    I was considering buying the Born Basic from Target last week when they got a large supply in. I am glad I did not make a purchase.
    Just yesterday, I bought some Defendr Hand sanitizer from Target. Labeling says it was made in China. I tried it and it seemed ok. It did not have any weird smell nor an after smell. I will be using it on my nitrile gloves to sanitize them during trips to grocery shop and run errands. I always sanitizer my gloves between stores. At this point….nothing negative has come from the FDA about it. It’s the only sanitizer I have now. I have some 70% bottled alcohol for those few “must sanitize my hands” moments.

  17. nita

    Omg Born Basic is the brand Target sells and that we’ve been using! Ugh this is infuriating.

    • nita

      Thanks Hip2Save for posting this!

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        You’re welcome, Nita!

  18. JD827

    A Star Hip2Saver is a recognized member of our Hip2Save community hand selected by our team for demonstrating a long history of engagement with helpful & friendly comments across Hip2Save.com and our social channels. Our Star Hip2Saver badge acts as a verification for readers who know the ins and outs of all Hip2Save sets out to accomplish — assisting our community to live extraordinary lives on ordinary budgets. Readers cannot pay or provide any sort of exchange in order to earn this badge. Rather, they are invited to participate by a member of the Hip2Save team and opt to have the Star Hip2Saver badge added to their profile & comments.

    Walgreens still has Germ-X available online. I have found it instore as well as some Purell but that’s probably not everywhere. Online at Walgreens you will find both Hempz and Raw Sugar brands both made in California. Methanol has many industrial uses as a solvent. My mother used to use it as a solvent to remove residue from paint removers on furniture she was restoring. It is a hazardous chemical. If you were exposed to it please call your doctor or the poison control center for advice.

    • shop4mybabies

      raw sugar brand smells so putrid i wouldn’t put that anywhere near my body. I have always been anti hand sanitizer, and a wash your hands kind of mom…i never let them put it on my kids in school. with covid, we are hand sanitizing when we get done shopping or with an appt before we can wash our hands, but we use a hand santizer made at the local distillary.

  19. Sara

    Are all Blumen hand sanitizers recalled? I checked the lot number on my bottle but it’s not listed on the FDA site so I’m wondering if it’s still ok? My email from Sam’s Club said all lot codes were recalled though?

    • Garth

      I too have this same question. My bottle is 1 lot number before a few that are recalled. So how do I really know my lot is safe? I have already seen a difference in the press release from the printed one I got from BJs and the latest one online. Can they really check ALL precious lot numbers? And why is my batch ok, but the ones earlier and just after are not ok????

      • Garth

        *previous (not precious!)

      • Garth

        Oops. Typo. “Previous” not “precious”. Thank you spell check!

  20. Katherine

    Do you know if the Purcell are being recalled ?

  21. Lynne

    All of the Blumen hand sanitizers have now been recalled. Received another call today from Costco now stating this. 😡

    • Nana Donna 2 6

      Same for me.

  22. hip2trade

    Earlier I was browsing yahoo and saw the recall list. Then discovered Blumen which I had purchased from sams Club online(in April)on the list. Luckily I had not used any of it, still sealed. I contacted Sams and they issued a refund just a few moments ago.

  23. Daya

    Mystic brand was full on the shelves of many Walgreens here in the Midwest. Be careful!

  24. bobear

    Good old soap and water works better. And they’ve never recalled either 🙂

    • JMcRayde

      I agree. It’s simple, effective, and safe for use😊

    • PNW

      But sometimes you aren’t near any water so that doesn’t always work.

      • Amber

        At this point, you’re better off being “dirty”.

  25. Judy

    I also bought Born Basics from Target as they were readily available online at the time. I received an email from Target yesterday informing me that it was on recall. I believe it’s on recall for having traces of Methanol and made in Mexico. I will give them a call tomorrow to see what my options are and how to go about in getting a refund. If anyone has any idea on how their refunding process is for this item or any recalled items, please let me know. Thanks in advance. Stay safe everyone!

  26. Melsoca

    It’s interesting to me , I called the company who makes Blumen hand sanizitizer and they couldn’t provide any proof that they tested the other lots or to prove they were safe to use and therefore wouldn’t refund me since my lot# wasn’t on the list. I informed them of the possibility that mine and the others could also be tainted and she just dismissed my concerns and said no refund. I noticed my husband and I started getting headaches each time we used it which happened about twice and I stopped it altogether and told my family to discontinue it until I can call. Now I see they’ve discontinued ALL the lots of that sanitizer. The lesson is trust your instincts they’re usually right on.

  27. Helen

    Got an automated phone call from Costco based on purchase history re the Blumen this week.

  28. Aimee

    I found Raw Sugar brand hand sanitizer at my Target. Hopefully it’s a safe one. Thankfully I have not purchased any on the list. Young Living has good hand sanitizer too!

  29. natz

    I had purchased the Blumen a couple of months ago online from Sams Club. I called today and they refunded my money.

  30. Michelle

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I did an online chat with Sam’s Club and they refunded me for the Blumen hand sanitizer. It took just a couple minutes. As always, thank you for all you do! 🙂

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You are very welcome! We do our best and appreciate this comment, Michelle!

  31. hip2trade

    I’m curious about the Assured brand from dollar tree. I had bought this even before the pandemic and have not used. Still using my purell from Walmart many months ago when I stocked up. At the time I had no idea there would ever be a shortage.

    • Brittany

      It is made by the same company as Blumen and according to their site is being recalled also. I had some from last year, never used, and I threw it out to be on the safe side.

      • hip2trade

        Oh wow. Thanks for the information Britney. Good to know this. Now I have 2 full bottles of sanitizer to dispose of. I’m glad I ordered germ x from Target recently. It will help once my purell is gone.

        • hip2trade

          Oops. *Brittany.

  32. nancy

    go with old brand GemX and Purrell

  33. Jen

    Not terribly surprising. Hate all of the synthetics that so many choose to save a buck. We use everything doTerra that we can. With the skin being the largest organ, that can be a positive or a negative. Take care of gut health, and skin and you’ll be in great shape!

    • wifeandmomof3

      Me too!

  34. Casey

    Don’t buy and odd brand you have never heard of. Another thing, the ingredients list should be short and easy to pronounce. It doesn’t take that many ingredients to make hand sanitizer.

  35. Dawn

    We have been refilling small pump spray bottles with straight rubbing alcohol. We keep them in the car and use that instead of sanitizer. When we get home, we wash our hands really well. This has kept us going so far.

    • Elsa3

      That’s what I do. Plain rubbing alcohol. 👍

    • hip2jen

      Same here! The only difference is I don’t use spray bottles anymore because I feel like I inhale it every time I use the spray bottle. I just use it as a regular hand sanitize, very watery though 😉

  36. nita

    Wondering why Purell isn’t selling it’s hand sanitizers at this moment? When it’s needed the most. Seems like the safest bet, yet they’re aren’t making it available. 😐

  37. E

    Locally they distributed the Blumen kind for free to various businesses. Careful when you use hand sanitizer that’s out on the counter at stores, too!

  38. hip2jen

    Why not just use rubbing alcohol? Smells good too!

    • kate-1

      I use that & aloe mixture to get it a bit less watery. Still have a lil Purell left im kinda hoarding lol

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