How Much Should You Spend on Bath Towels? (+ 5 Brands We Love!)

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stack of colorful bath towels on marble top table

Is spending more really worth it?

We’re debating on how much you should really spend on bath towels, and after hearing from the entire Hip2Save team, we’re also sharing the 5 best towels to buy on a budget. Our picks are soft, high-quality, and will actually last.

Keep reading for all our top towel recommendations, tips, and team feedback on how much we spend!

1. Mainstays Performance Texture Bath towels

stack of brown and blue bath towels on bathroom sink

By having a unique textured bath towel with zero-twist cotton loops, you’ll have an extra fluffy & luxurious feel every time you step out of the shower. Plus, as my Hip sidekick, Rachel stated, they’re extremely quick-drying and so far she’s experienced no fading with the rich colors she chose.

Speaking of color, they come in 12 different variations and start just under $4 so there’s something for every bathroom and every budget. Win, win! Just keep in mind, Rachel recommends washing them a couple of times before using to get rid of any excess lint most towels have anyways.

2. Sam’s Club Hotel Premier Collection bath towel by Member’s Mark

arm holding up pile of purple towels

According to my Hip sidekick, Chelsey, these affordable 100% cotton bath towels never fall apart and are great at holding their color! If you’re a Sam’s Club member, you can score a set of these oversized towels at an amazing price! Not only are they oversized, extra soft, and super-absorbant, but they’re also cosmetic-friendly so they’re resistant to fading from all your favorite beauty products.

3. Target Soft Solid Towels by Opalhouse

stack of colorful bath towels on marble top table

If you needed another reason to love Target, these bath towels are it and they come in 15 different colors, including a rich gem-toned emerald green color (my personal favorite 😍). Most importantly, they’re OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they’re completely free of harmful chemicals and safe for humans to use. You’ll never know how you used anything else before!

4. Charisma Bath Towels from Amazon  or Costco

hand holding folded white bath towels

Lina on our team has been using these towels for over two years and she said that they’re still fluffy, thick, and they haven’t piled for frayed. These towels are designed with Hygro cotton, meaning they have a patented spinning technology using a hollow core cotton yarn which makes them ultra-soft and quick drying. So if you’re looking to replace all your towels, as Lina did, these will be sure to check off all the boxes on your must-have list.

white bath towels in box at store

As a bonus, if you’re a Costco member they’re also available online or in-store at a great price! You can scoop up regular bath towel sizes or bath sheets. Plus, they’re normally $12.99 each, but they occasionally go on sale for just $9.99 so keep your eyes peeled!

5. BOSPHORUS Cotton Turkish Towel Set

row of bright colorful bath towels hanging on wall in bathroom

If you’re short on space, you’re going to love how small these cotton Turkish towels fold up. Not only are they my Hip sidekick, Holly’s favorite towels, but they’re also the best-selling Turkish towel on Amazon and rated one of the best by The Spruce!

They’ll take up a fraction of the space compared to regular bath towels and are so pretty to look at no matter where you put them. Given their high-quality diamond weave, they’ll also dry quicker than any other towel you’ve owned!

Let’s talk about how often should you wash your bath towel:

hands washing white towels in dirty water

You can extend the life of your towels by avoiding unnecessary laundering. It’s recommended that you wash your bath towels after every 3-4 uses. Make sure to hang your towel immediately after each use as proper air circulation encourages faster drying and reduces the risk of mildew and bacteria.

A few additional things to keep in mind:

  • Eliminate excess moisture in the air where you hang your towel by leaving the door open, using an exhaust fan, or opening a window.
  • If you’re sick, wash your towel after each use to avoid the spread of germs.
  • If a damp towel has been hanging out in a pile on the floor for an extended length of time, wash it. (Lack of airflow encourages bacteria growth.)

Hip Tip: Bring your towels back to life by giving them a deep cleaning. Thanks to Lina, we just learned how to do laundry stripping – great for your everyday towels, and you probably didn’t even realize they were that dirty, to begin with!

Our team had a lot to say about bath towels and price points…

a person shopping online for towels

I’ve broken down our team’s feedback based on whether each of us goes for the cheapest options (SAVER), if we look for the solid middle ground (MID-RANGER), or spend all our money on lush towels (SPENDER).

Here’s what the SAVERS had to say:

Home Expressions Solid Bath Towels folded in store

“I like to spend less, so I grab white cheap towels from Walmart. I like to add a little bleach to the wash every so many washes to keep them white. I don’t really care about them. It’s like pajamas for me. I can’t spend on those either—No one sees them LOL! (It’s old tees, leggings, or sweats!)” – Amber

“We have super cheap white ones from Amazon. I like to bleach them every now and then, so going with an inexpensive towel that I can be harsher with is the way to go for me.” – Emily

“In our house, the guest bathroom and kid’s bathroom have towels that are easily replaceable and they are all white so I can clean and bleach them without worry.”  – Stacy

Here’s what the MID-RANGERS had to say:

showing white bath towel tag

I’m a mid-price range towel girl. I don’t like the cheapo ones, but I also don’t spend a fortune on them, either. I usually buy nicer brand ones at places like TJMaxx.” – Michelle

“My dream towels are the Turkish ones from Restoration Hardware, but for now I’ll settle for Charisma line from Costco. (See my review.) My thing is I don’t like them too small – the larger the better for bath towels!” – Lina

“I’m a mid-range girl too! I don’t like cheap towels, but at the same time, I don’t want to spend a ton either. Wash, dry, done.” – Jennifer

And here’s what the SPENDERS had to say:

lacoste bath towels on claw foot tub

“There’s something about wrapping yourself up after a warm shower or bath in a high-quality towel versus settling for something cheap. As I’ve gotten older, I’m all about the higher-quality items that not only last longer but give you the experience of luxury! I currently love the Lacoste Legend Supima Cotton Bath Towels from Macy’s. They are large, thick, and such high quality, plus they often go on sale!” – Collin

“I do spend extra on towels for our family, but not for extra fluffiness. We have a large family & big towels take up so much space. We splurge on Turkish towels from Amazon because they work wonderfully, are thinner, and dry quickly. I love that I can stack a whole lot more in the cabinet.” – Holly

“I used to be a cheap towel person, and then my husband got fed up with the towels we had and got rid of ALL of them. We went to Sam’s Club and bought a bunch of new ones, and they were a little more spendy but SO worth it. They are so soft, and I can definitely say I’ll be spending more on towels if these ever start to not be so soft. We’ve had the Sam’s ones for a little over a year now, and they are still just as soft as day one!” – Chelsey

How much do I spend on bath towels?

Whenever I need some new towels, it’s because I’ve totally had it with the ones I currently have so I’m looking for new ones in a pinch. That said, I can always turn to Home Goods for quality towels at a decent price.

As for the color, they always have white ones in stock, which is my favorite to buy since I just bleach them frequently to keep them fresh and crisp. I know bleach isn’t normally the best way to clean whites, but it’s my favorite. With having 3 kiddos, towels tend to get used and abused in our house, so I can’t justify spending a ton on them. I do still care about the softness though, so I just feel for whatever’s softest in the store and run from there!

Thinking about bedding, too? Check out our team’s favorite sheets!

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Comments 34

  1. nk

    Lol I love to use beach towels.

    • nita

      Lol same.

  2. Michelle

    I love the towels from Costco! Seriously considering the all white route….currently have navy blue, but they do fade after so many washings.

    • Sara

      I love white towels, Michelle! Let me know what you decide! 🙂

    • Hilary

      Right? I have the charisma and they take up too much space and never dry. I love the jcpenney ones that I bought on sale! They are so much better.

      • Sara

        So glad you found some towels that work well for you, Hilary!

    • Sara

      Awesome, thanks for sharing, Angela!

    • Kelley

      Those are my absolute favorite too and you can get great deals on them!

  3. Allison

    Yes, I wanted to know who had the best quick dry towels

  4. JD827

    Love the article! I have some new varieties to try now!
    Here are a few laundry tips to keep towels fresh and clean with the least amount of work: if your washer allows set for an extra rinse, override the automatic water level and set to high, and use hot water for the wash. Be careful not to use too much detergent and if you just have to minimal softener. If there’s no build up in the first place there’s no problem. If you suspect there’s buildup just wash several times in your washer with hot water and no detergent and no softener. Towels still stinky after washing and they can’t be bleached? There’s a bacteria load in the towels since washing even in hot water doesn’t get it all. My go to options to kill the bacteria are OdoBan, or Lysol laundry sanitizer or line drying in the hot sun.

    • Sara

      Thanks so much for sharing, JD827!

  5. patricialavenz-goff

    I buy mine on sale when you post them (if they have them in the color I want) on your site.

    • Sara

      I love that shopping tip, patricialavenz-goff! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Jess

    I got some kookaburra by ugg towels on clearance at kohl’s last week. They feel so luxurious. I’ve always just bought cheap towels but these seem worth it for the clearance price.

    • PrincessMom

      I was SO tempted to grab the comforter from that brand, also on clearance, but the reviews said it fell apart in the washing machine. Please come back and let us know how the towels do in the wash!!

    • Sara

      Wow, that’s awesome, Jess! Thanks for sharing!

  7. JD827

    Two towels per person I think is the bare minimum. That allows for one towel for the body and one for the hair. Allow four per person if you don’t want to wait for the wash to be done to take a shower/wash frequently during flu season etc. if you have old towels that are just faded or thinner most animal shelters/ vets would love to have them;they can’t use frayed or loose bindings for animal safety. If you just hate the color seek out groups supporting women and teens escaping abuse and setting up a new home. If they are frayed and ugly cut them up and use as dish clothes or cleaning rags. Keep several old towels in the trunk of your car in case someone gets sick on the road or you have to change a tire and don’t want to sit directly in the ground. Too many towels is when it bothers you that you have no where to put them.

  8. HBee

    Thank you so much for this informative post! I have been known to return towels because they linted out too much ( I’m looking at you, the Big One at Kohl’s!) . Anyway, it’s nice to know what other people like. Thank you for all you do!

  9. Puppysam1

    Some of the best towels I have are from H & M. I was shocked when someone told me where they get their towels. Some even have hooks for hanging the towel to dry. Affordable too!

    • Sara

      Wow! Those sound so amazing, Puppysam1! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Suzanne H

    I love the Charisma towels from Costco but my husband thinks they are too thick. I buy him and the kids Apt. 9 towels from Kohl’s. I swear by Apt. 9; we’ve had some of those towels for years and they hold up so well! I buy different colors for everyone in the family so everyone knows which towel, hand towel, washcloth is theirs. Our towels are solid colors (white, grey, brown and blue for the 4 of us). Guest towels all have a design – same design for all but different colors so the guests know which towel, etc. is theirs. Nothing worse than hanging up your towel then other people hang theirs and you have no idea which is yours. Maybe I am weird! LOL

    • Sara

      That’s such a great idea to buy different colors for your family, Suzanne! Thanks so much for sharing your tips with us. 🙂

  11. JD827

    ? Baking soda or washing soda?

  12. lillianalvarez

    This is so helpful …thank you

    • Sara

      You’re so welcome, lillianalvarez! Thank you for being a valued Hip reader!

  13. PrincessMom

    The “how many per person” totally depends on how people in your house use the towels and how often you do laundry. We would be fine with two towels per person since we each use a towel three or four times before tossing it in the wash and I do a load of towels once a week. We go through a lot of hand towels, averaging two a day, and also there’s two washcloths a day. So those are things we actually need more of than towels in our home.

  14. *Angela-Miles*

    My favorite are the Martha Stewart polka dot and striped ones from Macys. They are soft but not super thick is why I like them, besides the design being so cute lol.
    I also have several of the different colored cheap Jcpenney brand bath towels that are more thicker. They are decent for a $5 towel. And I love picking out bright colors since I’m a very colorful person 🤣💜💚🧡.

    I however, do not like a towel I picked up from Penneys a couple years ago that is suppose to be benzoyl peroxide resistant. Its scratchy and doesn’t absorb moisture like at all!

  15. JennA

    I love the Turkish towels … they take up no space and they dry quickly . I have converted my parents to these and they won’t go back to a regular towel .

    • Sara

      That’s awesome, JennA! They really are great. 🙂

  16. Kim

    I use the Turkish towels as beach towels…I don’t know why I never considered using them as bath towels before?!

    • Sara

      Let us know how you like using them in your bathroom, Kim! 😊

  17. Amy

    I love love love my bath sheets from The Company Store. Soft and absorbent and my current set going on 10 years old. Well worth the price, but I’ve always found great sales for stocking up when needed.

    • Sara

      That’s awesome! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Amy. 🙂

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