This Swiffer Duster Hack Will Save You Money (We Tested This Viral Trend)

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Did you know you can actually reuse a Swiffer Duster? We gave this viral hack a go… see the results!

man holding swiffer

This hack really cleans up!

Last year on TikTok, I saw people sharing something that could be a game-changer when it comes to cleaning! According to the Tik Tok’ers, you can throw Swiffer disposable dusters in the wash to clean them, then reuse again and again.

Hold up, whaaaat? We decided to give this a try and see if the dusters would in fact hold up in the wash.

If this is true, I know it would personally save me (and many of you) quite a bit of money! I go through so many of these when cleaning my home as I prefer Swiffer dusters to traditional feather dusters.

dusters on counter

For this test, we also decided to grab a generic duster that is comparable to the Swiffer Heavy Duty, so we chose a 360 duster from Walmart’s Great Value line.

Great Value 360 Dusters start at $5.97 while Swiffer Heavy Duty Dusters start at $7.97 depending on the length and type of handle you choose, so the price is pretty comparable between the two.

dirty swiffer duster in front of washing machine

Here’s how to wash your Swiffer Duster:

1. After dusting, simply throw the Swiffer Duster into the wash with your other cleaning rags and a little laundry detergent on the delicate or gentle cycle (I always choose hot water to kill germs).

2. Once the Swiffer has finished washing, be sure to air dry on a towel or hang it up to dry. I typically hang mine up outside. Once dry, they are fluffy and like new again.

3. Use your Swiffer Duster again and again! They’ll eventually wear out, but it’s definitely good for multiple uses!

How well did the generic Swiffer Duster version hold up in the wash? 

swiffer dusters on counter

I’d say that the Walmart Great Value brand Duster (orange) held up better than I anticipated. It wasn’t quite as fluffy after the wash as the Swiffer brand was, and it took a little longer to dry, but it’s ready to use again.

Initially, it looked like cantaloupe or spaghetti squash and was kind of stringy when I took it out of the washer, but after a day it was much better, so be sure and allow it to air dry a little longer.

washed Swiffer Duster

You can also reuse the regular (cheaper) blue & white Swiffers Dusters, but I recommend that you hand wash them with a little dishwashing liquid and use your sink sprayer. After washing, I’d place the duster on a towel or hang to dry.

The regular dusters aren’t as fluffy and durable as the heavy-duty dusters, so hand washing is the better option in this case. Machine washing tends to make them clump up, unlike the heavy-duty version.

Hip Tip: Although this doesn’t work well with the mop Swiffer products, there are some designed specifically to be reused, so be sure to read our review about reusable Swiffer Pads!

Many Hip2Savers also mentioned you can cut up and use an old flannel or cotton t-shirt on a Swiffer stick for dry sweeping.

man dusting kitchen

You can save quite a bit of money by simply washing your dusters instead of tossing them after each use! Good for your budget and the planet!

Have any cleaning hacks you’d like to share? Be sure and let us know as we love finding new ways to save time and money when cleaning!

*Please note that you cannot wash feather dusters!

How to clean almost anything with Bar Keepers Friend!

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Comments 66

  1. Bremoeller

    Wow I wonder how many times you can wash them. Do you dry them normal? I am afraid my dryer would melt them. Should I dry them on low?

    • s

      2. Once the Swiffer has finished washing, be sure to air dry on a towel or hang it up to dry. I typically hang mine up outside and they end up being fluffy and like new again.

      • Bremoeller

        Thank you

    • Lori

      You just shake the really well when they come out of the washer and lay to air dry. Definitely no drier!!! Messes them up.I’ve been doing this for years.LOL

  2. JD827

    What an intriguing idea!

  3. Niki

    I’m a housekeeper and you seriously don’t need these disposable products. Just use a damp cloth or microfiber rag. Save the Earth.

    • Kathleen

      When I try to use microfiber clothes to dust, it just pushes the dust around instead of picking it up. It’s there a trick to getting it right?

      • Heather

        Buy a GOOD microfiber. Check out Norwex. I’m not a consultant, but a relatively new and now super loyal customer. Their products truly are amazing. The dust mitt is fabulous.

      • MrsGarfield

        I personally wipe the dust first then I fold the microfiber cloth. After that I spray with a spray (for dust removable if wood or winded if glass) and I wipe again. I dust off the cloth outside once it appears dusty. Maybe the trick is to not go in circles but go in one direction from side to side. I hope this makes sense. I have always been cleaning this way. Btw, I use the Costco’s yellow microfiber cloths. They are great. I use them to clean my car as well.

      • 3boys

        I use ScotchBrite (3M) microfiber cloths, they pick up the dust immediately. Note – do *not* use fabric softener/sheets when you dry them!

      • JD827

        Try using a vacuum cleaner like the Dyson with a dusting brush. Also unless you have priceless antiques take a piece of an old cotton t-shirt and wet with water. Wring out the cloth until it is just barely damp. It won’t spread but will be caught in the cloth. Go behind with another dry piece of cloth and make sure that furniture is absolutely dry. Water is nature’s top cleaner. It is what we used to do before Pledge was invented. It came out when I was in high school and I was excited since I hate dusting. Buy an air cleaner if you live in a super dusty area.

    • Marcy

      I agree! Hate our disposable culture, but at least this post is embracing reuse! I was so confused in March when everyone was freaking out buying up all the paper towels and disposable wipes. Ain’t anyone every heard of rags?

      • queen62

        Yes a rag goes a long way. I refuse old towels and t-shirts for clean up. Dish towels. Paper towels are a waste of money

      • Erin

        Haha. I know! I keep paper towels on hand for gross messes that I don’t want going down the drain or in my washer but use rags elsewhere. People don’t know how to function in a house without paper towels. You can see their brains glitch as they try to process that, standing in your kitchen with dripping hands. That said, Swiffer refills might now make it onto to my shopping list. I have a bunch of microfiber dusting cloths, all of which just push around the dust (even much-hyped Norwex). They work minimally better when spritzed with a spray bottle of water, but the Swiffer dusters work so much better. I still have some free ones from back in the Golden Age of Couponing. I’m kicking myself that I’ve tossed so many refills (and handles because I knew I’d never buy the refills–gulp!). I can’t believe I never thought of washing them!

        • Linda

          For Norwex, you need to make sure you use a Free and Clear detergent when you wash them and do not use dryer sheets! Also, a deep clean may be needed. Did you try rubbing it against itself to create some static before dusting?

    • Suzanne Bassyouni

      What’s ur go to product for the orange mildew On the tiles in a shower?

      • 3boys

        Target Tile Cleaner + Bleach (white spray bottle) works awesome!

      • Sg

        Lime Away is good too!

      • B

        I use fels naptha bar . I just get it wet and use a sponge to scrub tiles
        I also have dissolved it in hot water in a spray bottle.

      • breanna-2

        Bar keepers Friendor powder and a scrub brush work for us.

    • Patty d

      Can you recommend a good scrub brush for cleaning the shower.
      I would like one with a long handle so I don’t have to get in the shower to clean it.

      • Csandst1

        Use a stiff broom or scrub broom or a scrub brush on a stick. I bought mine from Dollar Tree.

        • Gigi

          I use a Dollar Tree broom too after seeing the Do It on A Dime Lady suggest it.

        • Sherry

          That sounds like a back saver! I’d be dangerous if I had some ‘common sense’!

      • DeborahMc

        I just purchased this last month from Amazon. It is awesome with over 3,000 reviews. I wish I would have purchased this years ago but as I age I found it a needed tool to use in the bathrooms. I highly recommend it and well worth the money.

        Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Cordless Shower Scrubber Built-in 2 LG Batteries, 360 Power Bathroom Scrubber with 4 Replaceable Cleaning Brush Head and Adjustable Extension Handle for Tub, Tile, Floor

        • Patty d


        • jane

          Thank you so much for posting about this…I didn’t even know this was a thing lol =) I just ordered one!

      • Carly Lapp

        Buy a toilet bowl brush and use it just for the shower.

    • Sharon

      But they are kinda fun.

    • Dbeyr Orsee

      Common misconception. Recycling is bad for the environment because the extra carbon to collect is not worth the savings. The only exceptions are aluminum cans and #1 plastic drink bottles taken as rarely as possible to your commercial recycler and plastic bags to the grocery (so they don’t need separating). Yes, plastic bags are far better for the environment. Save a tree – like the rest of us for the past 60 years. Plastic straws are far better than paper (which is killing trees) like how plastic diapers are far better than cloth (due to the cleaning). This is the same concept for your microfiber rag. It’s no better since it’s the same thing as a swifter but doesn’t work as well. Similarly, Electric Vehicles (EVs) have a higher carbon footprint to build and worse for the environment than gas powered for most people (like seniors). The idea that you are saving the Earth is just you falling for the marketing, making them billions. Not good. I assume you still use a cloth instead of feminine products, right? Don’t need that disposable crap, huh? I am an engineer, good enough that I was able to retire shortly after 40. I am actually the expert here. If you actually want to “Save the Earth” get off the Internet (which is mostly coal powered) and sell all your computers. If you are serious about this (likely not), we should never hear from you again. #GoAmish!

  4. Suzanne H

    Incredible; can’t wait to try this!

  5. Gina

    Anyone have a good stainless steel cleaner that doesn’t have too strong a smell?

    • Eileen

      Bar Keepers Friend….works nice

      • kelli gol

        I use Bar Keepers Friend to clean ALL kinds of stuff. It’s great!!

        • Gina

          Do you use the regular liquid bar keepers friend on stainless steel fridges or the one specific to stainless steel appliances (which is like 5 times the price).

    • mommyof51987

      Better Life has an amazing stainless steal cleaner!! I buy it on Amazon. I love that is natural too. Check it out.

    • Hipgrandma

      I love my Weimar liquid stainless steel spray cleaner

      • Hipgrandma


  6. Dee

    I’m glad you posted this. I’ve been doing this for a while. Eventually, they wear out, but you get many uses before they do.

  7. Stephanie

    Wow! I’m going to try this. I wonder if you can wash the floor Swiffer pads too?

  8. 3boys

    The best dusting cloths are rags cut from old flannel sheets (actually buying a 1/4 yard of flannel from the fabric store is $1 to $2). My mom always sprayed the cloth with Endust and it picked up the dust just as well as current microfiber cloths. After every dusting, shake it off outside and it’s good to go for the next time; she only needed to wash it maybe once a year.

    • emybird

      Yup – cotton flannel makes for the best cleaning & dusting rags. They are super soft & durable and last forever. My mom did the same thing, add a little Endust on them & you’re good to go.

    • Gisette

      Thank you for the tip! I have some old flannel I was getting ready to throw away.

  9. Lacey

    I wonder if you could do the same with the pre wetted swifter sweeper mop heads. Wash them and then re wet them?

    • Kimbo

      I’ve seen people use an old sock as a replacement!

    • LisaK

      I cut up towels and use that or a microfiber rag on my swifter mop. I tell work on either mop head (the Velcro one or the one where it goes in the prongs. I don’t ever purchase those refills. Also they do sell some microfiber reusable ones that fit the swifter Velcro mop. I have used them and they were ok … still prefer the towel or microfiber rag. And please watch a video if you use the swifter mop with the solution …. you can re-fill those bottles! Easy to remove the cap with boiling water.

    • Kathy

      I use the “microfiber” cloths from the dollar tree in my pronged swiffer mop. I have an old container of the wet mop refills, I now fill it with water/vinegar/essential oil, then put about 4 cloths in it. They work fantastic on my tile. I doubted it would work but they are better than the original refills. I will never go back.

  10. hope-0

    TikTok is Chinese spyware

    • Jen

      Yes. If you read up on it, you’ll discover big names in Silicone Valley that won’t use it along with gov’t agencies.

  11. LisaK

    I have rewashed and reused swifters as described here. They are not as fluffy and I find they don’t hold as much dust the more you use and wash them. But definitely not a one use thing! And I have read and watched videos on making your own swifter duster pug of flannel which I think will hold up even better through the wash. Has anyone made the flannel ones and can comment? Thanks.

    • Kathy

      I have cut up old flannel pj’s into a simple rectangle and used them on my Swiffer for dry sweeping and they work great. I use a Dustbuster to get all the dust off after I sweep and throw it in the laundry when it seems dirty.

      • LisaK

        Thanks Kathy! I will give it a try.

  12. Kylie

    Am I the only one that doesn’t want all that dust and dirt in my washing machine? Sorry I’d rather toss it 🤷‍♀️

    • JD827

      No it is a very valid point. Over the long term it might very well plug up the laundry drain lines as well which is very expensive. I know washing area rugs will do it so I take those to the laundromat. If I try I will hose it down first outside and than wash outside in a bucket.

      • Erin

        Smart!!! I love it! Also in regard to clogging your machine: liquid fabric softener can do it and even cause your machine to malfunction. We had SO much trouble with out Bosch washer and got no help from Bosch. Once we got it fixed this last time (it had to be fixed multiple times!), I stopped using liquid fabric softener and haven’t had an issue since.

        • TheQueenBee

          Saw a video about using liquid fabric softener. They had a resealable container with I think around 3/4 water to 1/4 softener. Dip a sponge, ring put the excess, and throw it in the dryer instead of the washer. Only tried it a few times so far, but the clothes still smell great coming out.

      • alevdean

        How do you fit your area rug in a bucket?

    • Josie

      Count me in about not putting all that dirt in my washing machine to clog up the drain. The plumber costs far more than the disposable cleaners.

  13. Cat


  14. stephanie-9

    For our floor swiffer, my mom used to cut up old worn out flannel pajamas in the same shape as one of the pads. She passed away about 8 years ago but I still have her reusable swiffer flannels.

  15. MrsG

    Or just invest in a reusable one 🤔

  16. Teknia92

    Personally, I love these Australian wool dusters

    The Wool Shop 24 in. Lamb’s Wool Duster has a head made of 100% Australian lamb’s wool. The head contains thousands of soft, dense fibers that act like a magnet to naturally attract and hold dust particles without the use of chemicals.
    Attracts and holds dust like a magnet without the use of chemicals
    All-purpose duster
    100% Australian lamb’s wool
    Easy to clean

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the tip! Good to know what you have liked best!

  17. Dee

    Wow! Thank you so much for this life hack

  18. Sou

    Pieces will fall off in the washer and clog the drain. It happened to me, if you want to save money use a rag to for wipe down that are meant to be washed. It’s more expensive to call a plumber than to save a few dollars on replacing this.

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