How to Save Money on Gas as Prices Soar to a Record High

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Wondering how to get cheap gas with skyrocketing prices at the pump?

person pumping gas at gas station

Looking to save money on gas? 🚗

We’ve been facing major spikes in gas prices since last March when the gas nationwide hit a whopping $4.17, making it the highest gas and oil price we’ve seen since the recession in 2008. 🤯 Currently, the nationwide average stands at $3.45, which is still super pricey. Because of this, we’re sharing some tips to snag some cheap gas!

We want to help you get the most bang for your buck at the pump so you can squeeze more miles out of every gallon for both practical and entertainment purposes! These simple yet effective tips will help you score some savings on cheap gas because let’s face it. At this point, every penny counts!

Here are some helpful ways to snag cheap gas:

1. Check your local grocery store promos first.

person handing over kroger shopping card in checkout line

Watch for fuel promotions or even gift card deals at your local grocery store. Select grocers will sometimes team up with affiliated fuel stations to offer a gas discount whenever you shop at their store. Plus, some stores even offer double fuel rewards whenever you purchase gift cards!

Here are just a few stores that offer fuel perks with your store loyalty card:

  • Albertsons: Earn one point for every $1 spent on groceries or pharmacy items and two points for every $1 spent on gift cards. Redeem points for up to $1 off per gallon.

  • Fred Meyer: Earn one fuel point for every $1 you spend on groceries and two fuel points for every $1 spent on gift cards; fill prescriptions and earn 50 points. Redeem 100 points for a 10¢ discount, for up to $1 off per gallon.

  • Giant Eagle: Earn 10¢ off per gallon at GetGo for every 50 Perks, up to a free tank of gas.

  • Hy-Vee: Earn special offers, digital deals, surprise savings, and the chance for random rewards including a kitchen makeover, vacation packages, or even a car loaded to your card.

  • Kroger: Earn one fuel point for every $1 you spend and two fuel points for every $1 spent on gift cards. Fill prescriptions and earn 50 points. Earn 10¢ off per gallon when you spend $100.

  • Murphy USA: Save 3¢ per gallon whenever you fill up at Murphy USA stations using a Walmart gift card (not valid at Murphy Express). Offer not valid in Alabama. Plus, use the Murphy USA mobile app and discover more savings in-store.

  • Price Chopper: Earn 5¢ off per gallon at Sunoco when you spend $100 at Price Chopper.

  • Redner’s: Earn 10¢ off per gallon at Sunoco when you spend $100 at Redner’s.

  • Sam’s Club: Readers claim you can save at least 15¢ – 30¢ less than competitors per gallon.

  • Safeway: Earn one point for every $1 spent on groceries or pharmacy items and two points for every $1 spent on gift cards. Redeem points for up to $1 off per gallon.

  • Shop ‘n Save: Earn 10¢ off per gallon at Sunoco when you spend $50 at Shop ‘n Save.

  • Stop & Shop: Save up to $1.50 per gallon with Gas Rewards! Earn one point for every $1 you spend with your Stop & Shop Card. Save 10¢ per gallon for every 100 points you receive.

  • Weis Market: Earn 10¢ off per gallon at Sunoco when you spend $100 at Weis Market.

Don’t see your store listed above? Be sure to ask or check their website as many stores with fuel stations offer rewards programs or even credit cards with exclusive savings.

2. Watch for deals on gas gift cards.

inserting gift card into shell gas station pump

Another way to save at the pump is to watch for gift card promotions at your local grocery store or even at drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid, especially during the holidays. You may also find discounted gas gift cards at sites like, Gift Card Granny, eBay, or Groupon.

Also, it’s important to note that some gas stations may offer a lower price if you pay with cash instead of a credit card – and this discount usually applies to gift cards, too (may vary)!

The difference between the cash and credit price usually ranges from around 10¢ – 15¢ per gallon.

Hip Tip: You can stay up to date on all of our latest gift card deals!

3. Save on Top Tier gas by filling up at Costco gas stations.

Costco Kirkland Signature gasoline pump

Are you a Costco member? Get the most out of your membership by filling up while you’re there as you’ll save money and get quality gas. Costco sells only TOP TIER detergent gasoline, the fuel recommended by dealerships and manufacturers, so it cleans your engine with every fill-up.

Plus, the average gas price at Costco is consistently lower than competitors!

4. Find the cheapest gas near you using gas apps.

person using Gas Buddy app in car

Download free gas apps that find the cheapest gas near you (driving around town to find the cheapest gas kinda defeats the whole purpose).

Here are a few reputable apps we like:


New Upside users can score a RARE $5 off ANY $10+ purchase on gas, restaurants, grocery, convenience store, & more when you apply the promo code HIP2SAVE5 to your app! 🔥

Gas Buddy

Save 5¢ per gallon with GasBuddy when you link your banking information! You’ll receive a card in the mail that you scan at the pump.


Want to track and compare your gas mileage? Fuelly (iOS or Android) is a handy mobile app and website that helps you calculate your vehicle’s fuel economy. Tracking your usage over time can help you monitor changes to your driving habits and keep tabs on the health of your vehicle.

Hip Tip: We loved the BP app so much that we shared how our team was able to score a BP gas discount and how you can too! Don’t forget to check out AAA or Gas Guru for more gas savings!

5. Don’t pay for premium gas unless

Gasoline pump handles

Does filling up your car with premium gas give you the sense that you’re filling your car with liquid gold? Well, some cars require premium gas, but others simply carry a recommendation that owners use it. This means you may be dumping money down the drain every time you fill up.

Consumer Reports tested the fuel economy and acceleration of cars on different grades of gasoline used in two different sedans and found that both cars achieved the same fuel economy and felt/sounded the same when tested with regular fuel as they did with premium.

That means it’s probably okay to use regular gas even if the manufacturer recommends using premium gas, but be sure to check the inside of your fuel-filler door or the owner’s manual before making the switch.

6. Know the best times to fill up.

Gas gauge on car dashboard

Fill up your tank when it is coolest outside (early in the morning or late at night) and avoid the heat of the day as much as possible. Why? The fuel is denser at those times, so you’ll get more gas for the same amount of money.

It’s also best to avoid filling up an empty tank during a holiday or on the weekend when people are doing more driving (that’s when gas stations are likely to raise their prices).

Hip Tip: Have a hard time remembering which side of the car your gas tank is on? If you’re driving a newer car, look for the arrow by the gas gauge on your dashboard.

This is a directional indicator that identifies which side of the car the gas tank is located. If the arrow points to the left, the gas cap is located on the left side, so the car should be parked to the right of the gas pump.

7. Leave extra items at home.

Trunk full of sports equipment

Been toting around items for Goodwill in the back of your trunk for a few months? Or carry sports equipment in your car? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Even an additional 100 pounds in your car can reduce gas mileage by up to two percent.

Note that the reduction is relative to the vehicle’s weight, so smaller vehicles are more affected by increased weight than larger ones. Still, for every 100 pounds in extra weight, you can plan on spending up to 6¢ more per gallon. Yikes! Ditch the stuff you don’t need – especially the heavy items!

8. Waiting? Turn off the car.

woman looking at watch

If you live in a mild climate, this tip may work for you! The California Energy Commission (CEC) advises that vehicles should be turned off if your expected wait time will be longer than 10 seconds since an idling vehicle can burn as much as one gallon of gas each hour. Turning the car off can save about 5¢ per minute. Every little bit adds up!

9. Don’t always take the car.

man riding on child's training bike

This tip might seem a little silly, but hey! Before jumping in the car to drop your kids off at a friend’s house or head to the corner store, consider walking or hopping on a bike instead to help save gas. You’ll burn calories, enjoy the great outdoors, and reduce emissions, too! 😉

Hip Tip: Speaking of burning calories, these fitness apps pay you to work out!

10. Don’t drive like a race car driver.

white racing car on road

You may aspire to be Danica Patrick or Dale Earnhardt Jr., but unless you’re racing in the Indy 500, avoid that kind of driving to save money on gas.

You don’t ride your bike and slam on the brake pedal right when you get to each stop sign, right? You slow down nice and steady a little ways before the stop sign to ensure a smooth stop. Then you start again at a slow, steady pace. The same should be true for driving!

Speeding, braking, and rapid acceleration can waste gas, and gas mileage decreases at above 60 miles per hour. Keep this in mind next time you’re in a rush!

11. Keep your tires inflated & wheels aligned.

air pump at gas station

A little vehicle maintenance can go a long way in improving your car’s gas mileage! Because tires may naturally lose air over time, it’s important to check tire the pressure on ALL tires, including your spare, at least once a month.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can improve your gas mileage by 0.6% on average—up to 3% in some cases—by keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure.

tire pressure gauge in front of car tire

Properly inflated tires are safer and last longer, so you’ll definitely want to make sure you have a tire gauge in your glove box and know how to use it. And, if you don’t have a tire gauge and need air fast, you can actually fill up your tires using a bike pump if you have one!

Also, be sure to check that your wheels are properly aligned and your tires are balanced! Wheels out of alignment can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 10% (around 31¢ per gallon). Tires that are out of balance can cause uneven tire wear, which can result in lower gas mileage.

*The proper tire pressure for your vehicle is usually found on a sticker in the driver’s side door jamb or the glove box and in your owner’s manual. Do not use the maximum pressure printed on the tire’s sidewall.

12. Check your air filter & spark plugs.

car engine air filter

In addition to checking your tire pressure and alignment/balance, make sure your car has clean air filters so the airflow stays at the proper level to mix with the gasoline.

It has been estimated that replacing your dirty air filter will increase miles per gallon on the car by up to 10%. It also generates fuel savings of close 15¢ per gallon at the fuel pump!

13. If you have T-Mobile, check those T-Mobile Tuesday offers – sometimes it’s discounted gas!

hand holding mobile phone looking at home screen

We’re always sharing the latest T-Mobile Tuesday deal, so keep an eye out as sometimes they have gas discounts! Recently, one of the T-Mobile Tuesday offers was discounted gas. Many people who have T-Mobile forget to check, but sometimes there are some seriously awesome offers to score!

14. Don’t bother warming up your car.

car vents and heater on dashboard

If you live in a colder area, you’re probably spending a few minutes heating up your vehicle; surprisingly, according to RD, your car doesn’t need more than a minute to heat up.

Waiting any longer could actually waste your gas, which is totally unnecessary!

15. Refill your tank on specific days of the week.

BP gas station pump claims that Mondays and Fridays are allegedly the cheapest days of the week to fill up your gas per Gas Buddy. This was based on the data from over 150,000 gas stations. While it’s not a guarantee since gas prices are constantly fluctuating, it’s worth a try!

Check out these oil change coupons for more ways to save on car expenses.

About the writer:

Kaitlyn has a Bachelor's Degree from St. John's University with 2 years of writing experience for LinkedIn, Celeb Magazine, and other various publications.

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Comments 66

  1. patricialavenz-goff

    Kroger has deals on gift cards sometimes where you get 4 times the fuel points. So if you buy a $25 gift card you get $100 worth of fuel points.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for the helpful suggestion! 🙌

    • karastrong

      Kroger also has airline gift cards. We bought gift cards for airline we knew we were going to use, while they had 4x fuel points promotion. So we had several thousand fuel points! Just be aware that airlines do have limits on how many gift cards you can use.

  2. Suzanne

    Check your Kroger receipts! They frequently have a survey on them and you’ll get 50 gas points for completing it. You can do 1 every 7 days. Also, Publix offers $10 off a $50 gas card with a $50 grocery purchase. Good deal if you’re shopping anyway!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh awesome! Thanks for the tip, Suzanne!

  3. Katie

    Sam’s Club, like Costco, also has great prices on gas. Much lower than the normal gas station. Hate to see that it was left off this list.

    • Lisa

      Katie, exactly. Sam’s Club is convenient for us and is always at least 15 cents cheaper than at regular pumps. We don’t buy a lot at Sam’s but the gas alone pays for our membership. Oh, and the most important thing… NO LINES like at Costco. When we go shopping with my DIL at Costco, there is always at least 3 vehicle waiting in line for gas. That’s nutty.

      • shop4mybabies

        3 vehicle line? our costco in tacoma wa usually has a dozen or more cars per pump each side, it lines up out into the street, doesn’t seem to matter if it’s 10 am on a monday or 4 pm on a thursday it’s always insane! blows my mind

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing with us, Katie! We’ll be sure to check Sam’s too!

    • Taryn

      My Sam’s Club has been .40 cents cheaper then anywhere else the last 2 weeks!!!

    • Sheri Baby

      Sams club is cheaper by 30 cents here.

  4. Nicole

    Use the getupside app to get money back. My referral code is LATASHA9834 if you sign up… thanks!

    • Samantha

      I was going to say the same thing… GetUpside is amazing!

      • Chrissy Goff

        Upside doesn’t work in our area. When we get gas it says that all offers have been taken usually. We gave up. I just use Kroger and Mapco as they have money off and I can use points to get money off gas too at Mapco.

  5. Dorothy

    Pilot stations have a member card and/or app that gives you 3 cents off your gas at the pump. Also, Sam’s charge card gives you 5 percent off of gas all year long with a redemption in February. We usually save quite a bit by combining both of these offers especially when our Pilot station is the cheapest in our area. Our Sam’s card is redeemable only at Sam’s, and we go and fill up on paper products (which are the very best products from Sam’s.) We had a $100 to spend on anything @ Sam’s.

    • Dorothy

      I have bought our gas @ Sam’s in the past (which was a great deal,) but they closed their gas station. That is why I do the Pilot card.

  6. Happy Aunt

    I personally prefer to use my Hyvee fuel saver at Casey’s who now has a new rewards system based on amount of money spent in their store. I still need to sign up, but I’m thinking this could be a double win. Love their donuts and pizza 🙂

  7. Jillian

    For those who live near a Cumberland Farms (we have them in NY, VT, MA – not sure if it’s a regional thing), if you download their app & link your checking account, you can pay for your gas via the app & save .10/gallon for EVERY fill up!

  8. Suzanne

    If you have a Giant Eagle grocery store near you, stock up on gift cards at places you’ll spend money at anyway. You’ll get the equivalent of 6% back in gas credit every time you use a 30 gallon fill up. When they have double points promos, you’ll get 12% back with a 30 gallon fill up. If you have the AmEx Blue Cash Preferred card, you’ll get an additional 6% back as an AmEx credit for grocery store purchases of those very gift cards. Also with that AmEx card, you’ll get 3% back for any gas purchase, which I use when traveling and can’t fill up at Giant Eagle’s GetGo gas station option.

  9. DebJ

    Get the GasBuddy app. Gives you prices on the gas stations in your area. I use it all the time!

  10. Lisa

    Walmart usually seems to take about 3 cents off per gallon if you pay with a Walmart gift card.

    • Patricia Goff

      Our Walmart quit that March 1.

  11. Wendy

    My husband and I fill up at the same time, in order to maximize our gas point discount. It helps that both of us fill up on the left side.

    • animity

      us too..hahaha

    • Bharathi

      How do you both fill up at the same time?

      • Wendy

        Just pull up to the pump at the same time and fill up the first car. When it’s done, the first car drives off and the second one pulls forward but don’t hang up the gas pump in between! Just put it on the ground when the cars switch places.

  12. AggieChef

    Using KrogerPay at the checkout lane earns you even more fuel points. 1.5 points per dollar

    • Alicia

      Has that recently started? I use it and haven’t noticed that. TY

  13. Dave

    Use a credit card that offers a percentage back-for gas station purchases-in points to your card in addition to using the 10/15 cents off per gallon.

  14. Momof4

    I use an app called GetUpside and usually save at least 10 cents a gallon each time I fill up. The savings accumulate on my account and then I can cash them out with gift cards. Of course, I usually choose Amazon gift cards but they have lots of options. If you sign up, please use code MS244 and we both get twenty cents off a gallon for a fill up!

  15. Luv2save2

    I’ve wanted to get a GasBuddy card but they want my bank account number and I’m just not comfortable doing that. I would sign up if they accepted a credit card though.

    • Becky M

      It’s a debit card, kind of like using a Target debit card. I have one and have never had any issues.

  16. Denise

    Thanks for all the tips, Hip2Save & commenting community🙏

  17. Mima

    I buy prepaid Mastercard/Visa cards when my Kroger affiliate is offering 4x fuel points on gift cards (check to make sure they are included before purchasing) and then immediately and use them to buy other gift cards. You are basically getting 8x fuel points for the same amount. Most of the MC/Visa cards have fees for purchasing so make sure it is worth it. i have the Kroger credit card and they often send me coupons for $5 off a MC/Visa purchase absorbing most or all of the fee.

  18. Shirley

    I just sign up Getupside with code from Momof4. Please use my code W2JX7 if you sign up. Thank you.

    • Lori

      Just used your code. Thanks!

  19. eljackson

    Agree with all the Kroger folks. I live in CA and our gas is crazy high. I can buy premium gas at Shell for less than Arco with the $1 off.

    I buy gift cards for Target, Amazon, Starbucks, AMC, restaurants, etc. — places I spend money anyway. Did this over a 4x point promo in Oct-Nov and had gas points to use through most of the country in Nov-Dec, paying $1.50/gallon. One fill was $1/gal! I drove my camper van this time and saved $30/fill up on both tanks.

    The person who buys Visa/MC gift cards first to get 8x rewards is a friggin genius!

  20. joe22

    I don’t know if you have heard about an app called OnMyWay It offers gas 50¢ off per gallon. I suggest that you can check it for more information. I appreciate that you use my referral link: Or if you download OnMyWay app, use my referral code: ilEqII90m6

  21. Dkp91576

    My Amex has an offer, 15% cash back on all BP gas purchases until 3/31. I am filling there for this month. And then back to my cash only discount spots.

  22. MrsG

    I just joined get upside. Use my referral code to join! Check out this free app that gets you cash back on gas and other errands! Click this link or use promo code A93HYP to get an extra 15¢/gal bonus the first time you make a purchase.

  23. momto2nc

    Sheetz for us! Their regular is cheaper than anywhere else, but we’re able to use their unleaded 88 and that’s at least 30¢ below the regular price

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      YES! Thanks for sharing! We have Sheetz too and that’s where I like to fill up! 🙌

  24. Renee

    If no one has mentioned BUC-EE’s, their fuel is usually cheaper than around town. Locations in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Texas.

    • Shoppingfan

      Yep Renee. I agree! 👍🏽 Love their gas prices all year long & they are right by my house! My H-E-B store gas prices are starting to get competitive with the Buc-ees price, which is even better since it’s closer & I’m there everyday!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing that, Renee! Good to know their prices have been cheaper!

  25. Laurie kerze

    Mainly remember, votes have consequences.

    • Sarah

      Right. Because we all voted for Putin…

      • laurie Kerze

        Put in was in check when Trump was in, gas was 1.97. Brandon blew up the Nordstrom pipeline from Russia. See NY times Hurst article. Poke the bear. He knew about china’s spy Ballon yet let it gather info. Over Montana nuclear missile site. But he personally profited from China so theirs that. Start watching redacted on y.t. for real news.

    • Vivi

      So true 👍🏼

  26. Rebecca

    BJ’s is the cheapest gas I find in the Charlotte area.

  27. Kathryn

    If you have Walmart + look under member benefits. They offer 5 cents a gallon off at Murphy stations AND member pricing at Sam’s.

    Our Sams is 40 to 50 cents a gallon cheaper and the lines are crazy, but worth the wait.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for mentioning that, Kathryn!

  28. kat9

    I also just signed up for the GetUpside app and have a referral code if anyone is interested: PMQRG. We’ll both get a one-time 15 cent/gallon cash back the first time using the app.
    I’ve been hearing radio ads for GetUpside for a couple of months and have been meaning to check them out. All of you finally motivated me to do so. (I also just recently got the Ibotta app and needless to say, I’m hooked … hopefully I’ll find GetUpside to be just as rewarding) Thanks everyone!

  29. kat9

    A gas station I go to is part of a grocery store that comes up on the GetUpside app, but it isn’t listed under the gas category. Do you think my gas receipt would still work for redemption? Thank for your help.

  30. Melissa M

    I love this app ! I have saved over $50 since January … please use my link below and we will both get a bonus !!! 👍
    Check out this free app that gets you cash back on gas and other errands! Click this link or use promo code D9KT5 to get an extra 20¢/gal bonus the first time you make a purchase.

  31. Sharina

    Gonna check the Kroger suggestion. Gas in the areas surrounding Seattle is currently $4.89 for regular.

  32. Karen Snipes

    Walmart + members save 5 cents a gallon for gas at all Murphy stations.

  33. Austin Eilts

    This website definitely has all the information I wanted concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  34. Michelle

    Upside hasn’t really been a great deal for me. Wish I could take advantage of the offers others seem to get. Sam’s club is so much cheaper than any of our stations though! 🎉

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Bummer! Thanks for your honest feedback, Michelle. Sorry to hear you haven’t been able to grab much savings. ❤️

  35. Angela

    Walmart plus offers up to ten cents off per gallon at Mobil and you also can fill up at Sam’s club. I got the yearly membership for $50 before Christmas and between gas savings and the free year of Paramount plus it’s been totally worth it.

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for mentioning that, Angela! Some members of the Hip team have also been loving Walmart+! Glad to hear you’ve found value in the membership too! 🙌💞

  36. Christina

    76 stations have kickback rewards. If the station participates then you can earn points on gas & in the convenience store & redeem for the same.

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing this suggestion, Christina! Great idea to check for participating gas stations with promotions! 🙌

  37. Ann

    At Kroger, if you pay for your gas with the Kroger credit card, you save an additional 5 cents per gallon. I think the promotion for signing up for a Kroger credit card is that you will save an additional 25-50 cents per gallon with each fill-up for a year….at least they have had that in the past. That means if you have 1000 points…..$1.00 off per gallon + an additional 5 cents off per gallon for using the Kroger credit card + an additional 25-50 cents off per gallon for a year using the Kroger credit card = $1.30-$1.55 off per gallon. The limit on gallons that can be redeemed per fill-up is 35 gallons so either we take my SUV, my husband’s SUV, or his truck plus gas cans to fill (for lawn mowers) in order to get our entire 35 gallon limit savings.

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for sharing the details on how you snag the savings at the Kroger gas pumps, Ann! Awesome savings! 🤗⛽️

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