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Where to Score the Hottest Apple iPhone Black Friday Deals for 2019

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holding new apple iphone in hand

Have your eye on a hot new Apple iPhone?

It’s no secret that the Apple iPhone is one of the hottest phones on the market so we’ve rounded up the best iPhone deals coming up on Black Friday 2019. Take advantage of the sales and upgrade to a new iPhone 11 or iPhone Pro!


Apple iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XS — Free $200 Target Gift Card w/ qualified activation.

Deal details: Target will be open at 5 PM on Thanksgiving (11/28) until 1 AM, then they will reopen again at 7 AM on Black Friday (11/29). Head in-store to grab their Black Friday deals or shop online without having to change out of your jammies!

Best Buy

Apple iPhone 11

  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro – up to $500 off with qualified activation and in-store trade-in of an iPhone. Starting at $499.99.
  • Apple iPhone 11 – save up to $500 with qualified activation and in-store trade-in of an iPhone. Starting at $199.99.

Deal details: Best Buy will be opening their doors at 5 PM on Thursday, November 28th – Thanksgiving night! They will close the doors at 1 AM on Friday morning and then re-open again at 5 AM Black Friday (November 29th) along with a whole new round of doorbusters!


Apple iPhone X

  • Apple iPhone XS – Free $450 Walmart eGift card w/ qualified activation.
    • Get up to $250 Walmart eGift card w/ eligible trade-in of select iPhones.

Deal details: Walmart is hosting its Black Friday sale on starting at 10 PM EST Wednesday, November 27th, and in most stores starting at 6 PM local time Thursday, November 28th.


Deal details: T-Mobile is hosting Magenta Friday with all deals going live starting November 21st.


  • Apple iPhone 11 – $0/month when you trade in an iPhone 6s or newer in ANY condition, w/ eligible trade-in and Sprint Flex lease. Or get the iPhone 11 free when you lease the latest iPhone.
  • Apple iPhone XR – $10/month with Sprint Flex lease

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Comments 60

  1. Klp

    What does qualified activation mean?

    • Melanie

      You have to activate the phone on your account, whether it is an upgrade or a new line. So basically starting a new contract. Its nice if you need a new line, but sucks in you don’t. 🙁

    • Swirlypop

      Not exactly a deal but I don’t like contracts with phone companies. I bought the galaxy s10 from Samsung website. Came with free wireless ear buds. $762.99. I paid in full but Samsung does have a payment plan for those wanting one.

    • Swirlypop

      Sorry, comment went to wrong place

  2. Neilly

    If you don’t need the newest iPhone, Tmobile has a great promotion going on. If you trade in a qualifying phone you get an iPhone 8 for free. I dug through a drawer to find an old iPhone 5 that we hadn’t used in years and it qualified. I added a line for my daughter. She is going to be so excited on Christmas morning!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for helpful suggestion, Neilly! SO happy you could score a great deal for your daughter!

    • Luv

      So did it require a new line? Also is it 24 months bill credit or instant discount to make the iPhone 8 free? I have iPhone 4s that I can give them for the iPhone 8 but don’t really want to add a new line. My iPhone 6 is not behaving and I’d like to upgrade it without paying a fortune for a new phone. 🌺

    • mamasweetpea

      ATT has a current promo where you get an iphone 7 or 8 free without trade in with addition of a new line. Our child saved enough to purchase an iphone 7 renewed unlocked from Amazon but we were contemplating if we should allow our child to have a phone and if we wanted to activate or not as she would be okay with just using wifi at least for now. anyhow, we went in to att yesterday just to check on costs etc and found out about the offer. We were also given an option to get iphone XS for just $5 more per month. We opted for the 8. Now, we’ll have to lay down all the rules and responsibility of having a phone. Hubby and I have older model iphone 6 that we plan to use until they dies unless we can get a great deal on a phone without service…

      • mamasweetpea

        just wanted to add the term is 30 months

    • Tina

      Hi! My old iphone phone looks brand new but battery is terrible. Do u think it would qualify? Confused on wording.

      You’ll receive a trade-in credit based on the fair market value of your trade-in device


      • Amanda

        Yes! They only care if it turns on and if there are no cracks on the screen.

  3. Yelena

    I was wondering the same thing. What is qualified activation? If I already have an accounting with the carrier, would just changing a phone and activating be considered a qualified activation?

    • shop4mybabies

      if you’re eligible for an upgrade on your number then it’s a qualified activation

  4. Mary

    I’m looking for an iPhone 11 and I have Verizon. I can’t figure out the actual deal at Best Buy, there is not much description on their website. Do you have to trade in to get the $500, and if so what trade in? It looks like to me Walmart giving a $300 gift card is a better deal than Target giving a $200 gift card. Does anyone know of a better deal that Walmart’s $300 gift card?

    • Debbie

      I was curious about that trade-in deal too. When I got my iPhone 7 Verizon had that Discount up to xx dollar amount but it depended on what phone you were trading in. My trade-in value was much lower than the amount advertised so I’m wondering if this Best Buy deal will be the same. Like do you need to trade in an iPhone X to get $500 off but an older phone will get you less of a discount?

      • Molly Duran

        I did this last year with the Verizon and it was a nightmare. Different phones have different trade in values. Then you have to mail it in (the store won’t take them). Then they credit your account over 12 months. It took them over 3 months to accept my phone and credit the account. It was painful

  5. Emmie

    Any links to the details for the Black Friday offers? AT&T keeps requiring a new line for any special deals. And most trade-ins don’t give much for an iphone 6. 😉 Thanks!

    • Mary

      Yeah, I’m really frustrated by the new line requirements. I need to stay with my carrier and want a deal for upgrading and they seem hard to find.

      • Dwilson19

        The target deals works if you are just upgrading and not adding a new line. I did it in store, I have att

        • Lauren

          @DWilson19, when you did the upgrade at Target, did you have to change to a new plan? I want to upgrade my Dad’s phone but want to stay on the current plan we have now. Thank you for any information.

    • JD

      Apple gives $100 and that’s a pretty good deal for an ancient phone. Next year when the new phones come out a 6 will be worthless since it won’t take the new software upgrades. I’ve got the same situation and will be looking for the best deal I can find. Unload your 6!while you can still get anything.

  6. Cindy

    With the iphone 8 deal on Best Buy, how long do you have to pay the 9.99 monthly fee? What is the cost of the phone?

    • Klp

      I wonder if it’s two years. Any time I’ve had a monthly fee, it’s been for two years.

  7. Melissa

    Any T-Mobile iPhone deals?

    • SKS

      No they never do. Unless you add a line than than you can get buy one get one free on select phones . I dont think it starts until black Friday

  8. mvt964

    Verizon has IPhone 8+ for $10 month x 24 months. The IPhone 8 is $5 a month and I believe the IPhone 7 is free. If you purchase online, you can save 50% off the $40 activation fee. You can select in store pickup for the phone.

    • Jen

      I did this for my kids. I had to open two new lines to get them but then had to cancel their old lines… annoying but it worked

      • Carrie

        Did they just have to get new numbers?

    • Rachel

      Is this going on right now? I have a 6s plus on its last leg and desperately need to upgrade!

    • Janice B

      I’m going to do this for my girls but was debating on if there’d be a better deal on Black Friday! lol I just don’t know! I was waiting for Verizon Wireless Black Friday ad, but haven’t seen it yet. but this is the deal I’ve got my finger on! lol
      Of course, I want a new phone too (I have an Iphone 6), but I don’t want a new phone number. My girls have only had a phone for a year – it won’t too tough to text their friends! lol

    • audreysmith

      You have to add a new line for those deals.

  9. dianne

    The best deal is from sprint. We got 2 iphone 11 pro max, 2 iphone 11, 3 apple watch series 5 for $250 a month for 18 mos. That includes the unlimited line for all devices. We also get a one time credit of $150 and $200 visa card after 3 mos.

    • LolaLolita

      Wow, that does sound like a good deal! Are they all “paid off” in 18 months, or does the price change at that point?

    • Jennifer

      How u get the credit

  10. Mamaof3

    I am so confused. We can do a new contract (prefer Verizon) and want new Apple phones, but how do these deals even work? I get new contract and phone is free and I get gift card from Target or Walmart, for example? Or….?

    • shop4mybabies

      the phone is not free. you pay full retail value for the phone. i have verizon and the iphone 11 is about 28 bucks a month on my bill for 24 months. and then target gives you or walmart gives you the gift card. if you are in the market for a new verizon contract your best bet is to do it directly with verizon

  11. Likesale1

    Any Tmobile deal on Samsung Galaxy cellphone?

    • SKS

      I’ve been watching all year for a deal on tmobile Galaxy S10. The only ones I’ve seen is the buy one get one free when you add a new line and have a qualifying trade in. And I guess you have to Finance it so your cel phone bill is higher than you car payment. They also might want your first born. Oh and that’s only if you have the right plan if you have the basic 120.00 month plan you don’t qualify.

  12. Calvin

    Reading all the post and still confusing on the activation. If I got Best buy iphone deal with a new verizon contract (about $60 a month? + activation fee). I paid full price for the iphone 11, and got bestbuy gift card (or vgc whatever). For how long can I cancel the verizon plan without early termination fee or penalty?

    • audreysmith

      You can cancel at anytime with Verizon you would just have to pay the full cost of the phone off. When you purchase a phone on Verizon you do it through 24 month no interest payments not a 2 year contract. So no early termination fees and you can pay the phone off anytime after 14 days of purchase(14 days is the return window which of you return there is a $70 restocking fee) I used to work at Verizon.

  13. Anna

    Is it possible to do the Walmart deal online, or do you have to fight the crowds at the store to get the gift card?

    • audreysmith

      You have to do it in store. So they will begin to make appointments at 6pm Thanksgiving night and they will begin actually activating devices at 9pm. Depending on how popular this deal is at your walmart you could stand in line for hours just to get an appointment to get a phone and by the time you get to make your appointment they may be out of the specifics that you want I.e. Color, size or model) good luck!

      • Shelly

        I just talked to a manager at our local Walmart and they said you can get the gift cards when you purchase online?

    • Erica

      I am wondering the same thing!

  14. J

    Anyone know of any deals for iPhone with a pay as you go plan?

  15. Denise

    I purchased an iPhone 8 through total wireless for 200 bucks it was refurbished but works great. Total wireless plan for my family of three is 80 bucks. No contracts (Verizon towers) great reception unlimited text and talk. We purchased all three of our phones on total wireless site. My son and I own iPhones my husband got his phone free because he doesn’t mind carrying an older android. I figure through this plan with no contracts we save hundreds a year.

  16. Megan

    AT&T has had a deal the last couple of weeks where you get $700 off per line with any iPhone trade in when you switch carriers, plus a $300 gift card per account on top of that. I assume it’s still going on. So hubby and I both traded in iPhone 7s for 11 pros and got $700 credit toward each of them (distributed over 30 months) plus another $300 gift card on top of that. It ended up being the best deal by far for what we needed.

  17. Penny

    My daughter is job searching (nearing the end of college) and would prefer to not lose her number, but she needs to upgrade her iPhone 6S while it can still be traded in. We have an account with Verizon and actually have two 6S phones if a BOGO would be a better option. We get so confused with the best way to do this, so I would be most appreciative for any responses that would help us.

    • JD

      I can tell you that you can keep your phone number if you switch carriers. The carrier you pick does all the work. If by any chance you are over 65 T-mobile has the best price for the plan itself available that I could find. I’m struggling with the best way to get a new phone myself so I don’t know that.

    • audreysmith

      I worked for Verizon and unfortunately when it comes to bogo deals you would have to add at least one line ( one person would have to get a new number) and cancel the other line. They do highly frown upon doing that but we would always suggest waiting 2 months before canceling the line to ensure you can’t have the deal taken from you. A lot of people do it. I wish they would change the terms of those deals.

  18. deb

    Thanks hip2save for the i phone comparison. Any plans for doing their popular competetors android phones. Samsung Galaxy and note? So many Decisions for black Friday lol

  19. Erika

    What are the Costco iphone deals?

    I know they usually have MUCH better deals on new phones. They usually throw in Costco gift cards on top of the current promotions.

  20. Yvette

    If you buy at target, can you use your redcard and get 5%?

    • Rainy

      I was curious about that too!

  21. Rainy

    So to upgrade, do I have to trade in my phone?? My iPhone 8plus is paid off and I want to do one of these deals and get a new phone but keep my current phone to give to my son. ??

  22. jen

    when does the Sprint deal start? Can it be done on line or do you need to go in store?

  23. cassy

    Anything on Samsungs?

  24. Melanie

    Does anyone know if you have to pay the full value of the phone or when activating it do you get to pay the tax on the phone and then pay the monthly payments on the phone? Thanks

  25. emilysuehammell

    AT&T seems to have some good promos going on right now – I’m looking at $1000 credit for a trade in with a new line and bringing over my old number. Ends up with almost any of the new iPhones pretty close to free!

  26. B Smith

    Beware of shady practices at Walmart (in Chickasha,Ok) BLack Friday iPhone gift card deal. Family stood in line for hours. Went back to pick up phones at scheduled time. Walmart had raised the price by $266. When this was brought to manager’s attention he did not honor price posted when we were there in line to get phones. Will definitely let everyone I know about this experience.

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