Lowe’s Return Policy 101 | Everything to Know About Returns, Refunds, & More!

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Check out this guide for navigating the Lowe’s return policy.

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Returning at Lowe’s?

When it comes to all things home improvement, Lowe’s has pretty much every solution. Because there are so many custom orders at Lowes, it may seem confusing to know what you can and cannot return. For this reason, we’ve read through the return policy and are breaking it down.

All information comes from Lowe’s website. If you’re looking for more information, check out their return policy page or contact your local Lowe’s location!

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What is the Lowes return policy?

Simply put, to make a return, you’ll head to your local Lowe’s customer service desk. You then show proof of purchase and your valid ID. You can also show a return barcode, which you can find on the order details of items you’ve purchased online. It’s that easy!

You can ship back items ordered online for free. Package your item, print two labels for both the inside and outside, then seal up the package and drop it off at a shipping location.

Within 90 days, most new, like-new, and unused merchandise can be returned. Those with Lowe’s Commercial Account (LCA), Lowe’s Business Advantage (LBA), Lowe’s Advantage Card (LAC), or Lowe’s Business Rewards (LBR) have 365 days to return merchandise.

If you’re returning an item that was paid with a gift card, merchandise card, store credit, or refund card, your refund will be in the form of store credit. Debit card purchases will be returned via cash or credited back to your debit card; this can take up to 15 days.

multiple petunias in store

Is Lowes plant return policy different?

Slightly, but in a good way. You can show your receipt within a year of purchase for any perennial, shrub, or tree to get a refund or replacement! Any other plants follow the same standard 90-day return policy.

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Lowes return policy without a receipt:

Like many other retailers, your receipt can usually be retrieved by looking up your phone number, credit card, checking account number, and/or MyLowe’s card. Depending on each scenario, you may receive store credit for the returned item’s current sale price.

Refrigerators display models at store

Any other Lowe’s return policy exceptions?

Major appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, washers, and more, must have returns initiated within 48 hours of purchase. However, if you purchased with a Lowe’s Commercial Account (LCA), Lowe’s Business Advantage (LBA), Lowe’s Advantage Card (LAC), Lowe’s Business Rewards (LBR), Lowe’s PreLoad Card (PreLoad) or Lowe’s Lease to Own (LTO), that warranty extends to 30 days as long as the item is in original, unopened condition.

Holiday items must be returned before their respective holiday; if purchased after the holiday, the item is final sale. If you return or cancel a special order configured product after 72 hours, you’ll likely pay a 20% restocking fee. These items must be returned in the same store purchased. Depending on the state, this fee may be taxed.

Items containing hazardous materials including gas or lithium batteries must be returned in person and never by mail.

lowes paint

The following items must be returned in “like new” condition within 30 days:

  • Televisions and other electronics
  • Outdoor power equipment (not including Craftsman or Black+Decker)
  • Air conditioners
  • Liquid paint
  • Water heater
  • Highway trailer
  • Plumbing
  • Mowers, generators, chainsaws, trimmers, wood chippers, and other similar items (must be unopened to apply)

The following items are nonrefundable:

  • Safety masks and facial coverings
  • Delivery and shipping charges (unless caused by a Lowe’s error)
  • Store credit, merchandise cards, and refund cards
  • Gift cards
  • Labor and installation charges

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Lowe’s shopping made easy!

With this laid-back yet detailed return policy, there’s no need to stress again when shopping at Lowe’s!

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Comments 33

  1. Joe Zawislak

    Everything I purchase from Lowe’s has gone bad within 6 months, weed wacker my impact gun refrigerator freezer and then they charge me $500 for a shower head sprayer

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      So sorry to hear about your previous purchases, Joe! You might check to see if any of those items (or any future purchases) have warranties you can register for. I’ve had luck with doing this, along with saving a receipt, especially on larger purchases, to extend coverage a bit longer on an item. Hoping this might be helpful! 💕

  2. Desiree Boswell

    I bought a microwave on 4/13/23 and it stop working today 4/25/23! while heating up a meal! Called Lowe’s and was told we cannot return it because it’s over 48 hours and it was purchased with a gift card. Who would imagine that a microwave would only work for 12 days!!! Thus policy stinks and very undermining towards their customers. Done shopping at Lowe’s!

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      So sorry to hear that your microwave stopped working, Desiree. You might check the manufacturer warranty to see if it’s covered for a specified length of time, and reach out to their customer service with the UPC and receipt details from Lowe’s to see if they might be able to help you a bit more with this. 🤞💕

    • Terri

      I also have experienced their awful return policy and will never shop there again. It’s best to get the word out to your family and friends. I’ve never heard of such a bad return policy!

  3. Judith

    Can I return a washing machine, I don’t want it, I got it 1 week ago

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey Judith! Most new, unused merchandise can be refunded or exchanged with proof of purchase within 90 days of the original purchase date. You might call the Lowe’s store that you bought your washing machine from to find out more about returning this appliance. ❤️

  4. Ray L. Henderson

    Trying to return a lawn mower that was used once and don’t like the variable speed is not steady, and I will run gas out and drain oil want to exchange for a regular lawn mower both being craftsman, I bought it April 15, its like brand new… Purchased with a Lowe’s card..

  5. Vanessa Costa

    I bought a refrigerator at Lowe’s 05/26/23 but didn’t work and I went there they told me I have just 4 days to return. They send the technician in my house today I had to paid $129.00 now the refrigerator needs a new compressor.

    • Trish (Hip Sidekick)

      So sorry to hear this happened, Vanessa! You might check to see if there is a manufacturer warranty that would cover the compressor since Lowe’s would not accept a return. Hoping the manufacturer might be able to offer some help with this. 🤞 ❤️

  6. Jerry

    Is it possible to return a new, unused item today (with receipt) for store credit even though it was purchased in 2018 from Lowe’s? The item is showing when i scan it using the app but it says its OUT OF STOCK. It may be discontinued since its been 5 years. It would save me a trip. Depending on what you say then i will ask you this.. if its discontinued even though it shows out of stock, should i try WITH or WITHOUT the receipt(because it shows the original date of purchase 5 years ago 2018) and their policy says up to 90 days. Thank you for your help!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey Jerry! You could always call in and talk with someone to see what type of help they may be able to offer. Sometimes it can vary by location, item, etc. Hoping this is helpful! 💖

  7. M

    Not sure if the policy has been updated since the time this article was posted but you don’t have to return within 48 hours it just says that the return process needs to be initiated within 48 hours on major appliances like refrigerators, washers, dryers etc

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks a bunch for pointing that out, M! That detail has been updated above. 🤗

  8. Mimi Powell

    Lowes in Evans, GA…..DONT GO HERE… I bought a waher/dryer with the tag stating it was a display item. Got the washer home and it has water in the inside tub…..First sign the washer was previously used and not on sale because it was a display item. Hooked up the hose, and tried it out, it would not spin/drain all the water out. I called the EVANS, GA location and asked to speak to the manager. I waited 20 minutes only to have someone pick up, breath in the phone and hang up. Apparently, wahers and dryers have a 48 hour return policy. So, since I work all week and was unable to handle this until 4 days later, I am out 1,000.00. USE CAUTION when purchasing an item here. I will not go back…

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. That does sound frustrating. Thanks for taking the time to share with us, Mimi. 😔❤️

  9. George Johnson

    Does Lowes pickup bulk items from your home? I have pallet of pavers (210) that I would like to return. We changed the pattern and it left us with extra pavers. The pallet is unopened.

    • Trish (Hip Sidekick)

      Great question, George! I don’t see anything about picking up bulk items from your home listed in their return policy. I would suggest calling your local store to see if this is possible. 😊 💕

  10. Linda Boyd

    Please refund my $5 fee because I can’t connect with anyone to help me. Its only for computers and I need helpwith a faucet.

  11. Claire Bruhn

    We bought a fridgidaire range and found after a few times that we could not turn off the appliance while it was preheated to 400 degrees.

    We first called frigidaire to get a service person and after a few failed attempts to find a local servicer we decided to see if Lowe’s would exchange the range.

    After a week, we inquired about an exchange only to be told that unless we used a Lowe’s credit card, we only had 48 hours to return it.

    For a large company to have a return/exchange policy almost like a used car lot is unacceptable. It seems as if they want to collect interest on their credit card.

    This policy needs to be posted clearly for the customer.

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Very sorry to hear about your experience with Lowe’s return policy, Claire. 😔 Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to share your story and how it worked out. ❤️ Hoping you’ve found another range that has been working well for you!

  12. Linda Fisher

    I purchased an Amana Washer on10/17/21 and it quit working today. Is there any guarantee on this washer?
    I thought it should last longer than 2 years!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Bummer! It seems that would not qualify for a return since it has been so long. You could always try reaching out to the manufacturer to see if they may be able to offer any help. 🤗💞 I did find their customer service nubmer if you wanted to give them a call. 💖 1 (866) 616-2664

  13. Arietta Geisenheimer

    Lowe’s just refused me a return on 2 gallons of paint on a $400.00 order with a receipt. I was only 2 days late on their 30 day policy. The paint was never opened. I’ve been doing business with them over a decade and never late on a payment. I did major renovations on a 4 Plex uptown New Orleans. I’ve spent 10s of thousands on Lowes account.
    I will be canceling my account. This is ridiculous.

    • Trish (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on your recent experience with Lowe’s and their return policy, Arietta. That does sounds frustrating! So very sorry to hear that they would not allow you to return the paint. 🤗

  14. Andrew

    We purchased a new Whirlpool dishwasher on 11-26-23 and installed it that day. While in use, it leaked through the an electrical sensor on the right front side (opposite side of the water connection). We tried a second use and had the same result and attempted to return it the next day (24 hours). We were told that we needed to have a Whirlpool technician come to the house and verify before the return as any “installed” appliance can’t be returned. Nowhere in their return policy do I see that, not to mention how are you going to know a dishwasher is defective before use? After contacting Whirlpool, we were told it would be almost a month before they could come (December 20). Clearly this is unacceptable and have now put a stop payment on the defective dishwasher. This has yet to be resolved.

    I STRONGLY suggest buying appliances at another retailer as any defect will be your problem!

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh no, that sounds like such a hassle when you’re all set to enjoy the new one! Dealing with appliance issues is never fun. 😔 Sorry to hear you’re going through this. It’s frustrating when return policies seem a bit tricky. Fingers are crossed for a speedy resolution! 🤞❤️

  15. Jim Hayden

    I ordered insulation and paid cash on Sunday. Monday morning, I received an email saying Lowes cancelled my order. I went back to store for refund and was told it will be gift card and take 10-14 business days to receive. I explained I paid cash and it’s only been a day. Why can’t I receive refund the way I paid it?? Am still waiting for refund for something THEY cancelled– not a return.

    • Trish (Hip Sidekick)

      So sorry to hear your order was cancelled and about your experience with getting a refund. That does sound frustrating! Hoping you’re able to get a resolution soon! 🤞💗

  16. Steve

    Last year I picked up an Ego lawnmower which has a janky self-propelled speed system which Ego discontinued pretty quickly after this release. I used my Lowe’s Advantage card which I would assume gave it a 365 day return. Would they be correct? I’d like to return it, no box anymore, for the newer model that replaced what I have which doesn’t have the bad self-propelled system. Would this probably be accepted as a return?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Steve! Not sure on how they might honor that and it could vary by location. My store has always been great about most all returns I’ve done if you wanted to call up your customer service to double check on if they can offer an exchange for you. Hoping this is helpful! 🤗❤️

  17. Gina tango

    Returned power tool that had problems with receit.would have done exchange but didn’t have it. Return the amount to the card it was on told her we don’t have that card anymore. I spent hrs trying figure out what card. Then they said we would have to go to bank and tell them to reimburse the money back to us. They couldn’t exchange it so they should have gave money back. Another of stress and time on us. I will not shop there again and will be closing our account.

    • Trish (Hip Sidekick)

      So sorry to hear about your experience when trying to make a return, Gina! Hoping you were able to find a resolution with your bank. 🤗

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