Olive Garden Lifetime Pasta Pass

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Olive Garden Lifetime Pasta Pass

Who else loves dining out?

Each year, Olive Garden offers their Never Ending Pasta Pass – typically in August. This year there were 24,000 Never Ending Pasta Passes for sale and only 50 Lifetime Pasta Passes available, and they sold out in SECONDS!

olive garden pasta passes

Follow these Steps to Score an Olive Garden Pasta Pass in 2020:

  • Join the waiting room early – it usually opens five to ten minutes prior to the sale time of 2PM.
  • Once you’re in the waiting room, the Buy Now CTA will illuminate at 2 PM so there is no need to refresh the page. Just get ready to click fast as soon as the button illuminates!
  • Never Ending Pasta Passes will be on sale for $100 for 30 minutes or until they sell out which will likely happen in seconds.
  • The first 24,000 people will secure a Pasta Pass and proceed from the waiting room to the cart page.
  • Once you land on the cart page, you will have 8 minutes to complete your purchase so don’t dilly dally!
  • If you’re interested in the opportunity to upgrade to a Lifetime Pass Pass, be sure to check the box to opt-in!
  • A “Sold Out” message will appear when all the Passes are purchased.
  • 50 lucky Passholders will then be notified via email to upgrade to a Lifetime Pasta Pass for an additional $400 – that’s $500 for pasta for the rest of your life!

Olive Garden

The Never Ending Pasta Pass is typically valid for two months. Passholders can score unlimited pasta, sauce, and toppings, plus all the soup or salad and breadsticks they want while dining at the restaurant. The Pasta Pass is not available on To-Go orders.

Both passes include the following pasta, sauces, and toppings:

  • Pasta: Fettucine, Spaghetti, Rigatoni, Angel Hair, Cavatappi, Gluten-Free Rotini, Whole Grain Linguine
  • Sauces: Creamy Mushroom, Traditional Marinara, Five Cheese Marinara, Traditional Meat Sauce, Alfredo
  • Toppings: Garden Veggies, Meatballs, Italian Sausage, Crispy Chicken Fritta, Grilled Chicken, Crispy Shrimp Fritta

Note that passes cannot be shared and gratuity is not included.

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Comments 89

  1. Kathleen

    Keep in mind that most Olive Garden kitchens are not Celiac safe and do not follow safe protocols for limiting cross contamination for food sensitivities. So the ‘gluten free’ options are not for those medically necessary, they’re more for those who ‘choose’ to be gluten free.

    • deb

      Thanks. I was wondering after I saw they now have gf. I have eaten at several Italian places that are safe but some just don’t get you can’t put gf pasta in same water etc.

    • Cat

      Why the quotation marks around the word choose??

      • Betty

        Because those who have celiac sometimes think their need to avoid gluten is superior to those with non-celiac gluten sensitivity. If I eat gluten I have excruciating pain and puts my Ulcerative Colitis in a flare, often become bed bound, but yet I don’t have celiac. I don’t know anyone who chooses to avoid gluten as a fad or lifestyle choice, everyone avoids it due to health issues even if they don’t have celiacs.

  2. Em

    Just curious, why do you have to eat there now? Business lunches?

  3. Kathryn

    Was thinking the same thing!

  4. Dani

    Is pass for year or just a month

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Dani! The Never Ending Pasta Pass is valid for 9 weeks.

  5. MombieZombie

    Save your superiority and just scroll past things you are not interested in please.

    • Amber


    • Alli


  6. Elizabeth With An S

    Would the lifetime pass be a epic gift for a child or weird?

    • Emily

      How old is the child? I think for a teen, this would be bomb!

      • Elizabeth With An S

        11! It would be amazing when he is in college!

        • Emily

          Great idea! Even boys at 11 like to eat a lot 😉 Hope you can snag one for him!

    • Shannon

      Probably not something they’d be too excited about depending on their age. A teenager may appreciate that gift more though.

    • Christina

      It might be a better idea to put that $500 in an account to gift the child rather than unlimited pasta. That money could go toward his education, first car, seeing the world… endless possibilities

      • kase

        I think you mean endless PASTAbilities 🤣🤣🤣

        • Jen


    • jessa

      Heck yeah, i think ur chances are slim but even with little use at first, like a commenter said…as he gets older it will be an awesome thing to own !

  7. Beamergirl

    Dear lord $400 for the rest of ur life for pasta ! That’s a lot of money but I guess if u eat there every week it’s a great deal

  8. CaMomOf2

    If they go out-of-business at any point, I’m guessing you won’t get a refund. The restaurants I’ve been to have gone downhill, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that eventually happens. Just a “buyer beware” thought.

  9. Meredith

    They couldn’t pay me $500 to eat their pasta.

  10. Doug

    Does a new (bigger) wardrobe come with it?

    • Riem


    • Cristine

      Right!? Lol

  11. Cat

    Why are people so obsessed with tipping?? I have waited on tables and it isn’t harder than hundreds of other jobs that don’t get tips. I wish we would do away with tipping. It’s getting too expensive to eat out anymore let alone all this tipping.

    • JulianFaux

      I wouldn’t say people are “obsessed” with tipping, but it’s how many people make a living. If you can’t afford to/don’t feel like tipping, grab some Wendy’s on your way home and avoid dine-in restaurants.

      • PeachPie

        Or still go to a dine in restaurant, sit down and eat…. if that’s what you feel like doing!! I’m not going to Wendy’s if I want Olive Garden, If I don’t feel like tipping, just because you said so, HA, the nerve!

        • JulianFaux

          Lol! 😂

        • Anne

          If you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to eat. Super weird to brag about not tipping. Do you also brag about littering and not picking up after your dog?

          • Anne

            *eat OUT, not eat

          • PeachPie

            I don’t litter, own a dog, or tip if I don’t feel like it (never said I couldn’t afford to), and you can’t make me…. mad much?! 😜😁

            • Emily

              This just mostly makes me sad for the people who wait on you. Not tipping essentially means the employee will make significantly less than they’re worth. It’s dehumanizing.

              • PeachPie

                Oh hush, I’m not tipping for bad service if I, I repeat IIII don’t want to, or if I just don’t feel like it…. it is what it is so you might as well stop being sad and get glad! 😁

            • Anne

              Not mad, just confused by why you’re bragging about not tipping. But I guess that does explain why you wouldn’t put your real name on your comments.

              • Brenda

                Wow, “Anne” (is that your real name?) give it a break and get off your high horse! Does the phrase “You do you” mean anything to you?

                • Tina

                  Someone named Brenda would make this comment

      • Lu

        Waitresses make $2.13 per hour. If you don’t tip, they are working for free. I waited tables too and it is defínelo difficult and stressful. Anyone lucky enough to say otherwise must not have worked in a tourist area as I did.

        • Just Saying

          They make $12/hr. here in CA.

          • KJane

            I live in California and did not know that they made so much. Thanks for letting me know. I won’t overtip anymore. Wow ! $11-13 bucks plus tips. That could be like 40 bucks an hour average.

        • PeachPie

          That’s too bad, my baby makes more than that… I don’t know what to tell ya!! 🤷‍♀️

        • Jen

          This must be a typo bec I cant imagine $2/hr to work in a fastfood chain or resto?! The other thing is why is tipping have to be passed to consumers to help fill the gap of their salary because the business owners are not paying them enough? I do tip though but sometimes I feel its more of an obligation and customary rather than rewarding for a good service provided.

          • Emily

            Employers are expected to make up the difference between the “tipped minimum wage” ($2.13) and the actual minimum wage ($7.25) if employees don’t earn enough with tips. These numbers may be higher where you live, but it doesn’t change that these are humans who are working for a living.

        • Juli

          Wait staff in WA make min wage, $12.50 per hour PLUS tips. Seattle makes $15 per hour PLUS tips. And some places automatically add 18% tip no matter how many are in your party. So if you aren’t paying attention, you are double tipping.

          On average, wait staff here makes $30+ per hour with some of it non reportable (cash tips). I still tip but not nearly the level previous since the wait staff is not working as hard to bring good service.

          • Clair

            Servers pay taxes on the cash tips whether they report them or not. Since 2013 the government started taxing a servers total sales for the night and not the reported tips. The restaurant is not required to report each servers total sales per night and withhold taxes on this amount. What this means is a server who is stiffed on the tip still has to pay taxes on the total bill as if they did receive a tip.

            • Rain

              Should have said the restaurant is NOW required.

    • Anne

      If you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to eat out. Cook at home.

      • PeachPie

        When I dont want to cook I’ll eat out because I can afford to eat out, and I can afford to tip, but if I don’t want to I’m not going to…. sue me!!

        • Anne

          I hope you find happiness.

        • CaMomOf2

          You sound like a spoiled brat that was never held accountable by her parents for anything. You continue to do what you want, when you want, and don’t care about anyone but yourself. Very sad.

      • MamaBear

        Thank you for your words. I am a bartender and people that don’t tip usually weren’t raised to respect other people!

    • animity

      Preach it! Why can’t we go they wait the Europeans do it. My husband works dang hard and does something that is beneficial for every single person in American but he doesn’t get tips, lunch bought for him or even bonuses so the whole tipping thing really peeves me especially when they are expecting it and not even working for the little extra tip for doing a good job. Servers make a a good chunk of change each night from tips. It isn’t even a “skilled job.” We don’t eat out often either because of the tipping madness. Why do you deserve 18% of my bill? You filled my drink cup maybe twice and brought out my food….wow, that was a lot of work ::sarcasm added::……Don’t get me started on tipping for cutting hair. I regret tipping 100% of the time because I always get home and find longer pieces or shorter pieces or my kids hair is just completely tortured. We move a lot so finding the right person to cut your hair each move it ridiculous.

      • Anne

        So fly to Europe and eat in restaurants there, honey. I’m also cracking up because you’re not seeing the connection between tipping poorly and receiving poor service.

      • MamaBear

        You need to do the job for a week and then come back and say what you said. Isn’t hard? Try remembering the order for a table of 6 without writing a single thing down. Oh, and don’t forget you have 10 other tables right now and your about to get triple sat. Get out of here with the it “isn’t skilled work”. I have about 40 regulars that come see me and I know what everyone of them wants to eat and drink. Heck, some weekends I make $50-60 an hour. If your good at it, you will make money.

      • Rain

        You have clearly never been a server. You aren’t the only table your server is waiting and many people are downright abusive to wait staff.

        I’m a military veteran and have worked many jobs. The time I spent as a server was by far my most difficult and exhausting job. You’re constantly on your feet, people are abusive, you’re waiting on a crazy amount of people at the same time and you are at the mercy of the cooks to get your ordered right and out on time. The only good thing about being a server is the unconventional hours so you can go to school or work a second job.

        • Vee

          To tip or not to tip!?! Oh the big debate. It is pretty silly to ask the consumer to pay you to do your job. That’s what the employee is doing. You know the nature of the job stop complaining and be happy you have a job. It is a choice even if ppl want to say it’s not. Should I ask my clients to pay me for doing my job? I would never. That’s my employers duty. Do I complain about work? Who doesn’t but we all know what our job is. Why don’t we tip retail or others in customer service? They bring us new sizes in dressing rooms, fill our popcorn at theaters, change our oil and drive our cars… etc. others should stop telling people how to spend their money. You’re not better than the other because of a tip. We all work for our wages and a tip should just be appreciated, not expected.

    • pokz

      Well tell the restaurant management to pay their employees the same pay as non restaurant jobs…not $2/hr +tip…

  12. acgold

    FYI- Olive Garden donates millions of meals to charity a year through Feeding America. They don’t just donate leftovers, they make food specially for local charities. It is sometimes the only healthy vegetables ( salads) that are donated to these charities. It was on the news a few months ago.

    • Patty d

      Thanks for this info.

    • Amanda P

      I was in a rehab/recovery program in Central Florida about 8 years ago. 2 days a week the Red Lobster (sister comp) would donate TONS of food. I mean an insanely laughable amount of food to us ladies. There were less than 20 of us in the program at a time but let me tell you…it was all fresh, yummy and appreciated! Hee hee especially the cheese biscuits..
      So i concur with the generosity of the company as a whole. Yes i know they get tax write offs that in turn benefit them more but it was nice and thoughtful IMO. Especially during a low time 😊

  13. Ben

    SOLD OUT! I can’t believe that!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      DARN! That sure went fast. 😢

  14. April Z

    Wow that sold out in like .2 seconds! Did anyone on here get one?

    • TraciBo

      I got one with an iPad and lousy WiFi. I was shocked

  15. Emily

    Sold Out! I was in the waiting room, had a “hang tight” message, and then boom sold out. 🙂 Oh well! I didn’t really need it.

  16. AmaniMo

    So exciting J was able to get a pass! I wish I had know that I could only buy 1 at a time.

  17. Ang

    Did anyone actually get one? It literally was a second

  18. Tina

    Got one for my retired dad! Thanks!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! How sweet! You’re very welcome, Tina!

  19. Michael

    I was able to get three of the I can’t believe it

    • AmaniMo

      Wow. I didn’t see an option to load more to my cart. But I’m excited for the 1 that I got. 😃

    • Tina

      That’s awesome! Did you do 3 different devices??

  20. susie

    Got one so excited

  21. Michael

    Yes I was on three different devices. The last device I singed in at 1:58 and still managed to get it. I was shocked, now my whole family can enjoy 🙂

    • travis

      So basically you cheated 2 other people on getting a pass because you’re greedy and had to use other devices and buy 3 of them, right?

    • Mary Ann

      Yeah, thank you. I appreciate you being a jerk and buying 3 of them. When others are trying to buy one.

      • Chris

        Seriously?! Name calling because she scored three passes. Sad day.

    • Joy

      I think it’s great you got one for each of your family members so you can all have family time together at Olive Garden!! I think that’s awesome and do not think you’re a jerk at all! Don’t listen to the haters! 🙂 I’m glad to see someone who is putting family outings as a priority!

    • jessica

      Wow, the rudeness of some commenting here is awful! Glad you could get three so you can enjoy as a family. For those hating on him, it says you can give them as a gift. What’s the difference between him using both an ipad and computer (for example) to purchase, or his wife being on one of those devices? Sheesh, some folks are just jealous. Enjoy!

      • Suzanne

        I agree with the other people. Im not jealous, in fact I didnt even attempt to buy one, I never do. But i do agree it’s a selfish thing to do.

        Its like when theres a great deal on a item at the supermarket and some selfish customer clears the ENTIRE shelf for themselves. But whatever….there will always be selfish people in the world.

    • hellfiregainz

      Blessed!! That is awesome, Michael! Way to rock it.

    • Marlene

      I don’t know why people are being rude to someone they don’t even know. We should be congratulating him on scoring those tickets instead of being so negative.

      Congrats to everyone to managed to score these passes !!! 🙂 enjoy your pasta days!!!

  22. Angie

    I got one! Any tips for using effectively and getting your money’s worth? And can we take anyone with us to dine in and share with them?

  23. Chelsea

    I used to work at an Olive Garden and some of our regular pasta pass guests would call in their order and just take it home. They would get the sauce and the noodles separate and freeze it for winter! People are committed to getting their moneys worth! But pick up is definitely a nice option.

  24. ali

    I got one but no confirmation email. Did anyone get a email?

  25. Tonya

    Got one for my daughter away at college.

  26. Ginger

    I’m just really impressed so many of you have $500 extra dollars for pasta laying around. 😂 I actually thought it was a great deal for a college student or retired parents who are on a budget. That’s such a thoughtful and practical gift.

    • Tm

      It’s not $500 unless you get offered one of the Lifetime Pasta passes. Just $100.

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