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A Beautiful Bouquet For Under $6?! Where to Buy Flower Arrangements & the Best Ways to Save

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Display of brightly colored flowers at Trader Joe's for $5.99 a bouquet

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary, or just because, a fresh bouquet of flowers is a lovely surprise! We’ve compiled some of our favorite places to order flowers along with some tips from the Hip2Save community.

ordering flowers tips to save money — flower bouquet mix

Flower delivery websites

1-800-Flowers, FTD, Pro Flowers and more!

Potentially the easiest way to go about buying flowers is to order straight from a delivery service website. Simply search through the hundreds of arrangements, add your recipient, and boom! Consider your flowers as good as sent.

If you’re curious about how the companies stack up against each other, you can refer to Cheapism or Consumer Reports for their breakdowns of online flower delivery services.

How to score a deal:

  • Check the “Radio Offers” section on 1-800-Flowers by entering the name of a local radio station, even if you didn’t hear their ad. There are usually at least two arrangements that are discounted up to 40% off.
  • Consider buying a discounted gift card from for a floral service. Currently, they have eGift cards available for 1-800-Flowers for almost 18% off. Even sweeter, you can use these gift cards across their whole family of brands!

“I usually start looking for deals towards the end of February when the sales are good. Usually, there is only a deadline for ordering, not delivery, so I order them months early at a bargain price and have them delivered in May. This year 1-800-Flowers sent me 40% off for flowers delivered by local florists, so I ordered a gorgeous arrangement to be sent May 8th at the total cost, with delivery, of $22!” – Joanne

Boutique flower websites

farmgirl flowers bouquets in deliver bike

The Bouqs Co. and Farmgirl Flowers

Take a step out of the ordinary arrangement with the gorgeous offerings from boutique flower delivery sites. Hip2Save readers as well as members of our team rave about the high-end design arrangements for their quality and customer service!

How to score a deal:

  • Upon visiting either site, you’ll receive a prompt for 10% off your first order just by entering your email.
  • Follow their social media accounts for exclusive savings and promo codes.

“I always use to send flowers. I love their idea of no extra fees. When it says that a bouquet is $40 dollars, then it really is $40. They have two different farms that they ship from (California & Ecuador). I usually order ahead of time so I order from the Volcano collection, and I don’t know how but the flowers, especially roses, last much longer than buying flowers from the store.” – Anna K

Fast deal websites

Groupon and LivingSocial

Apart from all the deals and steals you can score on experiences, beauty services, and even consumer goods, sites like Groupon and LivingSocial often feature promotions for the flower delivery sites mentioned above.

How to score a deal:

  • Check to see if there is a sitewide promotion that adds additional savings to your order. You could easily end up saving around 60% on your flower purchase! 
  • Search for coupons and promo codes via Groupon. Sites like 1-800-Flowers, FTD, and The Bouqs have dedicated pages to list out their current promotions.

Grocery stores

Trader Joe's Flower Bouquets

Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods

As if walking into Trader Joe’s could get any more pleasant, you’re instantly greeted with a huge assortment of flower bouquets. And they’re a STEAL! They may not be ideal if you were hoping for delivery, but they’re so affordable that readers swear by them when choosing flowers for weddings or events.

“Trader Joe’s is great when ordering flowers for an event. I ordered flowers for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower about a month ahead of time and they had them reserved in the back, ready for me to pick up. They were beautiful and about a quarter of the price of getting them at a florist.” – Lauren

display of flower bouquets at whole foods on sale

And don’t forget about Whole Foods! Their stores have an impressive arrangement of flowers in their floral department. It makes it even easier that you can have them delivered should you purchase through Amazon Prime Now.

And if you don’t have either of those grocery stores nearby, check with your local grocer to see if they offer delivery. My local Wegmans delivers flowers through Instacart!

How to score a deal:

  • If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll often find deals exclusively for members like this one for $5 off tulips.
  • Keep your eyes open for sale signage as often certain arrangements may get discounted.


Emily ( is a content creator at Hip2Save. She loves deals, fitness, and all things beauty. 

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Comments 50

  1. Emily

    I LOVE fresh flowers! Thanks for the tips.

  2. Happy Aunt

    Aldi 3.99 Roses or mixed bouquets can’t be beat!

    • Bunny

      Where are you located Happy Aunt? My Aldi doesn’t sell fresh flowers.

      • Happy Aunt

        I’m in Iowa

        • Beth

          We are in Wisconsin and all the local Aldi stores sell flowers for this price. I love it!

    • Emily

      Was just going to say this! I buy aldi flowers a few times a year. 🙂

    • Stacy

      Aldi is where I go too! Great price and good flowers. Always good to know when they restock. They have seen better days if you go right before they re stock. Always been happy with them as gifts too.

    • Amanda

      No flowers in Aldi stores in southern CA.

    • Breanna

      I’m in Iowa too! Love the flowers from Aldi and the mums in the fall! Can’t beat their prices!

  3. Laura

    I LOVE King Soopers floral arrangements, they’re always so pretty and fresh. They also mark them on Woohoo’s before they go bad so keep an eye out for those.

  4. Christine

    Two thoughts to share…. check you local florist or market (I go to King Sooners) 1-2 days after a Valentines Day! Huge discounts!!!! Also, consider talking to the florist at Costco for floral arrangements for weddings or big parties. We found our table arrangements and floral bouquets/boutonnière ideas on Pinterest, printed out the pictures of the Pinterest ideas to copy, ordered the flowers at Costco and then had a party with all the ladies to arrange everything a day or two beforehand. Saved SO MUCH money!!!

  5. Fairy

    Produce junction has very good yet cheap flowers. A dozen roses for $5, bunch of tulips for $4. Orchids for $3. I’m in Delaware.

    • jennifer

      Love Produce Junction too! When I buy flowers there I feel like I’m a florist because they have such a wide variety and super fresh! : )

  6. lydia

    I love having fresh flowers in my house. There are a few floral suppliers/warehouses in my area (south florida). They sell to florists so their prices and quality can’t be beat.

    • Lynn

      Lydia, I’m in south florida…who do you use of the floral suppliers?

  7. Ashley

    Which company is the best to order through? Have you seen pictures of what your loved ones receive? I have ordered through 3 companies and I’m always disappointed! It never looks like the picture. The last time I bought flowers for my mom we were on a family trip together but out of our own state. I spend over $60 for the saddest looking bouquet. I took it back to the floral shop and they told me their guide lines aren’t to copy the picture and the same amount of flowers it’s by height. He showed me his book and measures the flowers. If they didn’t match up to the measurement he didn’t add flowers he just pulled them out to make them taller. In the end he was a sweet man and made a lovely bouquet but I was shocked by their guide lines. Is this typical?

    • rebecca

      i have had the same experience as you when i ordered for delivery. i sent a bouquet once that had SIXTY PERCENT FEWER flowers than the example picture that i ordered. a very sad-looking droopy bouquet.
      then 2 other times, my husband ordered flowers and it was not right, either (two times had totally wrong message than what he had said). these were all 3 from different places. what is sad is that if you don’t go check on what actually GETS delivered, you might just pay and assume it worked out.
      i feel you should not have to follow-up and see if they deliver what you ordered, but they must know that most people don’t actually see what gets delivered if it is going out of state. when i have called to complain after, i got the same story about how those example pictures are not what the specifications have to actually be, they are just examples for the photographs. ‘those are stock photos. we don’t necessarily make those types of bouquets.’ 🙁

    • Amanda

      My mom had a double mastectomy. I sent flowers to her home a few days after her surgery. I asked my stepfather to send me a picture and I was appalled. The arrangement was ugly and flowers were so thin and definitely not fresh. I contacted the florist who said they would return to pick up the arrangement, take it back to their store, have the manager inspect it, then determine if they would replace the arrangement. I’ve never ordered flowers online since then. I absolutely was not going to make my mom deal with that hassle.

      • LS

        I’ve also had a very bad experience with with online flowers. I ordered a bouquet through FTD (using a Groupon). Sent them to my Mom for Mother’s Day. I was absolutely appalled when I got to my parents’ house and saw the bouquet!!!!!!! Dreadful, dying, flowers!!!!!! Really and truly, they were hideous!!!!! I immediately called FTD to complain. FTD said the local florists cannot provide customers with quality flowers at the low Groupon price!!!! WTH???!!!! I demanded another bouquet be sent to my Mom ASAP. They sent next day … bouquet was only slightly better!!!!! Never ever used them since then … and never will again!!!!

  8. Emily NYC

    I have good look with flowers from Costco. Just did a 90th birthday party and used all Costco flowers that turned out wonderful. Some of the online flowers have guarantees and will replace if needed. I did this with tulips from Proflowers and they sent a new bouquet the next day to the recipient.

  9. Kelly

    Trader Joe’s flowers all the way. I have some now that have been going strong for 16 days!

  10. Emily

    I ordered my wedding flowers from I was nervous because I couldn’t find many reviews and I felt like I was taking a chance and had to be ok with either not having flowers or buying them last minute somewhere else if they didn’t come. They came right as scheduled and were beautiful. I ordered hydrangeas and I just cut the stems and arranged them the night before and they were perfect. I saved so much money (I paid less for 30 table arrangements and the buffet arrangements than I paid for bouquets. I dug through my email to find the exact order but you can see it was much cheaper than I would have even gotten close to elsewhere. They had great customer service too. I highly recommend it for bulk orders if you have someone who can arrange them or don’t mind doing it yourself! Always look for a coupon code as well!

    Regular Hydrangea | Blue
    Choose Delivery DateDec 16, 2017
    Number of Stems | Price per Stem80 Stems
    $2.60 per stemFL-HY-RE-NB-HB1
    Discount (CAM55)-$5.00
    Shipping & Handling$0.00
    Grand Total$203.00

    • Bunny

      Thank you for posting this Emily. I’m saving this in my bookmarks. What a fantastic deal you got for 30 table arrangements!

  11. Jeanette

    I just bought the sweetest bouquet of daisies from Walmart…yes, walmart! just under $5!!! My husband loves daisies…I bought them on Saturday. Today is Tuesday and they look like they did when I bought them! 🙂 Flowers are so fun!!

  12. Sam

    Costco all the way! They have some beautiful floral arrengementa at reasonable prices. I know people who have used them for their weddings to save $ without sacrificing quality

  13. Patricia Goff

    My parents live in Germany (my father retired over there) so I order online at Lidl’s and they always send me discount codes so it is always cheaper than going anywhere else. My mother always sends me the discount codes that come with the flowers too which helps a lot.

    • Lana

      Thank you for this! Our daughter’s family lives in Germany and it would be so fun to surprise her with flowers!

  14. Stacey Jones

    Costco will also order what you need if you ask (and if their suppliers carry that flower). FYI, if your Costco has a plant nursery department, you can order almost anything from them including specific species of plants or trees. Take what you want as a list and ask the department manager what they can get from their growers. The prices are so much less than buying through your local nursery.

  15. DSch

    My new DIL scared me when she suggested Sam’s Club for flowers (online) for her wedding. She ordered them online for a California wedding in June and they turned out to be amazing. I cannot remember what countries they ended up being from but they were from like New Zealand and Austria(??). All I know is that for her wedding, they ended up being absolutely gorgeous. She did have an amazing aunt who did up all the arrangements, but when the flowers arrived, we they were stunning. Never would have thought mail order and from Sam’s would have worked, but it did.

  16. VeroDish

    Having worked for a florist in the past, there are A LOT of fees charged whenever you order arrangements online. I can tell you that calling a florist shop directly is the best way to get the most out of your money. Even if you see an arrangement on their website, call and tell them you’d like to to look like whichever one you prefer. You’ll save at least $10 or more on a nice arrangement if you call it to the florist directly, or even send them a message if they use social networking/email.
    At least that’s my personal experience.

    • VeroDish

      This is regarding a regular special occasion arrangement, not necessarily flowers in bulk or wedding flowers, BTW.

      • carrie

        Yes, I second this! Call a florist directly and you can get so much more for your money. A florist I know says she barely makes anything on orders she gets from sites like 1-800-flowers, etc.

  17. Emily

    Aldi has bouquets as well for very cheap if you are just looking for some to brighten up the house or a special treat

    • Chicagomom

      I have some Aldi flowers on my table right now that still look good after 2 weeks!! Best $3.99 I spend in a while!!

  18. Alyssa

    I LOVE FLOWERS!! And as someone who has a micro flower farm, I just wanted to throw my two cents in here! There are a lot of wonderful local flower farmers who have great prices and even pick-your-own flower farms. I realize this isn’t always an option when you want to have them delivered, but some even have a subscription option where you can get a fresh bouquet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis ( and those are often delivered). A lot of us are also organic and very conscientious about our growing practices and have local and seasonal varieties, which is better for our planet. My favorite pick-your-own flower farm is Miss Effie’s in Donahue, Iowa. Just wanted to spread the slow flower love in case anyone was interested!

  19. Gayle

    Try a different aldi in your area, I live in Ohio and they all sell different things.

  20. sherry

    If you want your roses to last, just put a can of Mountain Dew in the vase. They will last alot longer.

  21. Michelle

    I shop at Walmart but always found the “saddest” flowers there. I do however, find some great bouquets marked down at my local King Soopers, that last, about the same time as a “regular” bouquet would

    I have purchased flower “deals” online and I am always underwhelmed by what I receive in the mail. I don’t recommend.

  22. JenniferS

    Don’t forget Central Market H-E-B in Texas. You can special order flowers for an event by color and variety wanted. Also every Tuesday is Rose Tuesday, all single rose stems are a $1.00, you can mix and match colors however you want. I’ve always had good luck with their roses. I love walking through the store’s floral department, so many choices 🙂

  23. Stacey

    Just FYI… the $5 tulip deal for Whole Foods from Amazon was from May 2018.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks, Stacey! That is listed as an example of a type of deal you may find to pop up, if you have Amazon Prime. Hope that helps!

  24. coulter

    Im a minority here but i dont enjoy flowers as gifts as much as most ppl. My family knows to get me a flower plant. I replant outside and always have the memories. I get a lily or daffodil plant for easter, a christmas cactus or even a tiny rose bush. While many wouldnt prefer this way. I sure do.

  25. Kay

    From multiple bad experiences, I ask the recipient to send me pics of the flowers. If they don’t look good, I’ll report a complaint to get a refund or replacement. If u don’t ask, the recipient likely won’t tell u that the flowers look bad. I have learned to not assume that the flowers will look like the online pics.

  26. Elizabeth Griffin

    I get Lilies every January from Proflowers from my significant other for our anniversary of the day we started dating. They always last upwards of 2 weeks easily. Great flowers!

  27. Rebecca in TX

    Love Sam’s Club flowers!

  28. Jennifer R Osborn

    I grow my own!

  29. Sonja

    I just found out Amazon sells fresh flowers, free delivery on many of them. The prizes were pretty decent. I placed an order, should get them tomorrow. What doesn’t Amazon sell!!!

    • Lynn

      Sonja, we have used Amazon for fresh flowers and the prices were good. I’m happy to report that both Mothers enjoyed the flowers and they were beautiful. After arranging the sunflower bouquets, they looked very close to their pics online 🙂

  30. Debbie

    I’ve been buying flowers from Lidl, they usually last 2 weeks until it’s time to toss them. They’re extremely cheap and very fresh.

  31. miss alli

    as much as i love these tips, its always best to buy from your local florist shop! small and local is where its at! i NEVER buy flowers from a grocery store i aways support my local shop. its small and friendly and i always pay about the same for flowers at my florist and they last weeks! grocery store flowers are just not given the care and love a actual florist gives them. just my 2 cents. gotta support local and small businesses. big box stores are taking away from the local businesses and its just horrible.

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