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10 Places to Buy Reusable Face Masks Online

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Woman wearing floral and polka dot face mask

The CDC now recommends that everyone wear face masks to help stop the spread of coronavirus germs to others who may be at high risk. Consider buying a few of these reusable face masks below for you and your family so they can be reused again and again!

Note: These are not medical-grade face masks and are meant to only assist in preventing the spread of harmful germs.

Here are 10 places to buy reusable face masks online:

disney face masks

1. Disney is offering reusable cloth face masks with fun character designs. 

During these challenging times, Disney is using the power of their timeless stories and beloved characters to address the need for family-friendly reusable cloth face masks available in a variety of fun Disney characters. Note that these masks won’t ship until July 15th or later.

2. Amazon sells reusable face masks that are comfortable & hand-washable. 

Amazon is a one-stop-shop for reusable masks, bandanas, and disposable face covers that will protect you against environmental health issues while being very comfortable. Better yet, many are available with Prime shipping to ensure you get your face masks as quickly as possible!

man wearing face mask

3. Vistaprint’s RFS reusable face masks are engineered with a replaceable filter system.

Vistaprint now sells face masks! These Vistaprint reusable face masks are engineered with a Replaceable Nanofilter System, tailored for comfort, and printed in unique designs. Find the design that expresses your (or your child’s) style and keep your community safe.

4. Hot Topic sells face masks with trendy designs.

Pre-order trendy fashion face masks online at Hot Topic! From masks with the iconic TV-sitcom Friends logo to silly cat fashion masks, there’s something for everyone at this trendy store.

woman wearing face mask

5. Buy one Food52 reusable face mask, and they’ll donate a second mask to medical facilities. 

These Food52 reusable cloth face masks are one-size-fits-all, available in Adult and Child sizes. Due to health and safety reasons, all masks are non-returnable and final sale. Plus, whenever you buy one mask, Food52 & Steele Canvas will donate a second mask to medical facilities across the U.S. Win win!

6. ShopVida’s protective face masks are made of two layers.

VIDA’s face masks are made of two layers of 100% cotton and easily adapt to different sizes with adjustable straps and integrated metal nose-piece. Each mask comes with a multi-layer PM2.5 Filter featuring two layers of Meltblown Filter and one layer of Carbon Activated Fabric, and note that filters should be replaced every seven days. This is a great option for the whole family as these fit adults and kids ages 5 and up.

face masks

7. Threadless offers fun reusable face mask designs that are machine washable. 

These Threadless 3-ply polyester reusable face masks are form-fitting to lay across the bridge of the nose. They’re printed on one side and reversible to black on the other side. While they are reusable and machine washable, all masks should be properly sanitized after each use per CDC guidelines.

Plus, a portion of proceeds that Threadless earns for each sale of these masks, up to a $250K maximum donation, is being donated to MedShare, a humanitarian aid non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of people, communities, and our planet. 🙌

8. Buck Mason makes anti-microbial prevention reusable face masks.

Pre-order a 5-pack of non-medical, reusable face masks from Buck Mason! The inner layer is treated with an anti-microbial coating that will last up to 30 wash cycles. Note that these masks are made to order and they cannot guarantee color or design.

kenny flowers face masks

9. Kenny Flowers offers reusable face masks with stylish designs. 

Bring the tropics to you! These soft, comfortable, machine-washable, non-medical reusable face masks are designed to bring a little style and a smile to everyone’s face (under their masks of course). For every mask you buy, Kenny Flowers will donate one in Bali on your behalf.

10. Browse Etsy for lots of reusable face mask options.

Find a huge selection of sellers that make reusable face masks on Etsy! You’ll find a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes of non-medical grade face masks.

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Comments 63

  1. Bob

    Gap and old navy have had them too! (They have been selling out quickly). The average person in China has 30-45 masks so they can be used one day then laundered.

    • asbfl32

      Madewell is also selling masks. They have a birthday program w/ a $25 gift card and free shipping too!

    • Rae

      Wow 30-45? I guess we take for granted in the USA we can wash our clothing a few times a week.

    • BobSr

      It is known folks in China wear masks for years, it’s their culture to do so, but yet masks couldn’t stop the spread of Covid10 in China? Think about it….

      • Jodi E.

        China has just under 83,000 cases. We have more than that in deaths. Right now we have over 1.4 million cases of Covid-19. Wearing a mask and physical distancing helps protect other people in case you have it. Please encourage everyone to wear a mask.

        • Julie

          Of the 83,000, how many wore masks on the daily? And our unfortunate deaths in the US are not accurate and are not all caused by Covid19, even tho the death certificate may say so 🙁

        • P.b.

          You have a lot less cases, when you lie about the numbers.

  2. Tina

    Anyone know where to buy mask with the nose wire built in?

    • lindak

      A local tailor shop near me is selling masks for $4. Could be a possibility elsewhere too.

    • Masks

      Lesley Evers has nice ones, but they are pricey.

    • Bunny

      Tina you might have luck finding ones with the nose wire by reaching out on either Nextdoor or Facebook.

    • amsf32

      Banana republic has ones with nose piece and sleeve for filter.

    • Niki

      I make a nose wire mask

      • Lizag

        Thank you Niki. I just placed an order at your store. It was great, since I also love artisanal soaps!

    • Mandee

      I’m not sure if this is allowed (please delete if not), but I make them with a nose wire. I have been laid off for 8 weeks, so I have plenty of time to sew. 🙂 Let me know if I can be any help.

      • Alana Cooper

        I would like to purchase some.

        • Mandee

          Alana, pm me on fb messenger. It’s Mandee Brown-Hutchinson! 🙂

      • my1fortress

        I’d love to find out if you make them folded layers, not just straight across, and with a pocket to put another layer in? Looking for cotton on cotton How much do you charge?

    • Candy M

      I have a friend who makes them. The cotton masks have liner so you can place a filter inside. The ear part are cloth & adjusts. They are super comfortable Please private message me.

    • Peaches

      A pipe cleaner or twist tie and a small snip on either side (inside the mask and you have a retrofit nose wire. I was desperate to see without my glasses fogging when I found out about this. It’s not perfect but it will get you by.

  3. kellyh

    The amazon links don’t work.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for letting us know! Those links have been updated if you wanted to check again!

  4. Lisa G is great

  5. Jackie

    Be very careful with the masks out there. They should be 100% cotton not a blend of polyester, spandex and cotton. Look for ones you can add a filter but those are hard to find. The ones with the 3 pleads are the best since they can adjust way better to your face. The “flat” ones don’t contour very well you your face. For those to work they need to be made with the specific measurements of your face, not one size fits all. If you can make them use interface fusible liner. Goodness this is crazy, wish things would go back to what they used to but this is the new normals. Stay safe people and wash those hands!

    • PammyJo

      I’m seeing people out there wearing masks that fit poorly. Large gaps between their face and the mask. Defeats the whole purpose. Also masks pulled down below the nose. Pleated ones with nose wires properly bent seem better. On the rare occasions when I have to run out, I feel like I spend the whole time staying extra far away from people who aren’t masked properly.

      • M

        Here I am seeing barley anyone wearing a mask…

  6. tracy

    Hi! Where is the one at the top from? The navy with floral? I love that one but can’t tell where to find it. Thanks!

    • Jackie

      That looks like an Old Navy one.

  7. Colorado Amy

    I won’t have to go out in public much but wanted a simple face mask for when I do. I didn’t want to have to go to a store to find one. I searched Ebay and found one for $3. It is homemade and happened to be from a seller in a town close to me.

  8. Shawn Glover

    Morgan Mercantile in Fort Worth, Texas has locally made masks. They have curbside pick up or you can order online.

  9. Kenaby

    Was wondering if anyone bought a mask that they found more breathable then others, and if so, where did you buy it. I’ve 3 different masks, but find it difficult to breathe & can’t wear
    for more then a few minutes before I need to pull it down to breathe. I’m in my 50s, so maybe it’s my age, but I’d love to find a mask that I don’t feel like I’m going to pass out in & don’t have to keep adjusting…anyone else have that problem?

    • Candy M

      I have friend who makes 100% cotton masks adjustable nose piece. The ears have cloth loops are adjustable. You can place filter inside. Yes you can breathe out of them. Priced very low. Please private message me.

    • Emilytwinmom

      Look for something made out of 2 layers of good quilting cotton, no interfacing. The interfacing layer makes it more difficult to breathe thru. I have been making masks for months now, and found using just the 2 layers works the best to breathe and keep your sneezes and snots to yourself 😉 I also suggest the pleated kind, they are more adjustable to various face sizes.

      • Monique

        Are you currently selling those masks you described and how much?

    • Julie

      Same here. I’m 40 and after a bit, I can’t breathe well and need to pull my mask down.

  10. Janet Jansen has been selling wonderful ones with filter pockets and filters since early April. in Boulder CO has a line and also and can create custom designed fabric for your team, family or company!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the helpful suggestions!

  11. ASHLEY

    any good ones that work well with glasses? I have large frame glasses and I’m finding it hard to find a mask that doesn’t push my glasses all around. I’m in a state where it’s mandatory to have one on anytime you leave the house and I’m finding it’s hard even to go grocery shopping because of the masks

    • JD

      Look for ones that have the flexible nose pieces those really help. To check if that’s the problem get a pipe cleaner and tape it on to mold the maskand see if that helps. If it does than get sew on bias tape or just cut up a piece of old nylon stockings and make a pocket by slip stitching it on to put a pipe cleaner in. Also try taking a paper towel and insert under the mask so that your glasses rest on the combo of paper towel and mask and it will slip less and your glasses will fog less.

  12. Judy

    YES…totally agree!!! I can’t breath at all in the masks I have tried. Maybe it is our age I’m in my 50s too & non-smoker.

  13. Leslie

    Check your next door site, this way you are buying & supporting local.

  14. Momma of 8

    I say to buy local masks. Many of the people sewing from home are making masks and selling them to you and I for about $5- $10 depending on the design. With that money, they are covering the cost of materials to make other masks to donate to hospitals and essential businesses as needed. Your money would be put to use for a good cause. Please take that into consideration. Check Facebook and Nextdoor app.

  15. JO

    I found a pattern online for masks made of cotton t- shirts. So simple, made of 2 layers of material with a paper towel ( or whatever you want) filter in between. No sewing involved and pretty much free. Who doesn’t have a couple of t-shirts they could chop up. Worked out good enough for grocery trip and easy to adjust size. Just add quarter or half inch to pattern.

    • my1fortress

      where did you find this site?

  16. Betty

    I’m glad to see all positive comments. Let’s keep it up and stay healthy.

  17. Kristina

    eBay is a great place too. I’ve found quite a few pretty ones that people have made and shipping is usually pretty fast too!

  18. stacy mccafferty

    Also Redbubble and Teepublic! Spreadshirt will be getting them soon!

  19. Bailey

    And, (They have Disney & Marvel) & These are especially useful if you want to add a monogram or message or need a specific profession like real estate or hair stylist.

  20. kredman540

    Check out Mercari too. A lot of really good deals on homemade face masks on that app.

  21. Linda

    I’ve bought some of my masks from two ladies selling different shaped masks (some pleated, some not) on my app. Nice quality and only paid $3 and $4 for them.

  22. tiredday

    Anyone finding deals of disposable gloves?

  23. sue

    cdc has instructions to make facemasks both to sew and non-sewing

  24. ChaundrasMom

    Kind of worried about where some of the masks are coming from and what precautions are being taken within those businesses. Idk!

  25. Amanda

    I make and sell masks. ALL proceeds go to materials for masks I make and donate. I’ve donated hundreds! They have a nose wire, pocket for filter, 100% cotton, no front seam. priddyruffledboutique on FB.

  26. StirCrazy

    Bolder Athletic Wear (used to be sparkle skirts for those that run) has tons of cute 3 pleat designs and the fabric is quite comfortable. They do have a nose bridge sewn in. The only downside is the wait time. They are about 10-14 days from custom order to shipping. They are $15/ea shipped. Not the cheapest, but if you wanted to splurge on just one, I would recommend them.
    You can order adult and kids sizes as well.

  27. LisaK

    For those looking for masks check Facebook, Facebook market, call your town/senior center. I and several others in our town make them for free. Been working on masks for various organizations who give them out in the community. If you can’t get something free, I’m sure there is someone local selling. Many of the businesses doing alterations are selling as well as individuals. And if you look hard enough people will make what you like. I don’t mass produce … I give people choices on colors, I make several types of masks, etc. I know most are not like me but that is what I decided to do to help.

  28. Steph and searched face masks. Bought a five pack of black washable masks for $29.99. Also bought bandanas from Amazon and use those as well. While I wouldn’t rate these as a perfect 10 they work. Nothing is going to be perfect.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for letting us know where you have been able to grab yours!

    • snezhinka

      Target online have face masks too, looking very basic and cheap though..

  29. Mp

    Thank you so much for this post! I ordered from shopVida & found a 30% off coupon online. Excellent price, cotton, has a metal nose piece, fits ages 5 to adult, neutral colors that would fit our whole family! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  30. Stevie

    There is a Minnesota company that switched from making/printing T shirts to mask production. They are a small, American business with 3 locations in Minnesota.
    I believe the masks are $6 each. If people are interested in supporting support small business, and American made products. I do not have any interest whatsoever vested in this company, I live in one of the towns they are located in.

  31. Patti Thompson

    Zulily – Buyers BEWARE. I ordered the masks from Zulily. I tracked them all the way. Zulily says they were delivered and we have watched for them, and they have not been delivered/received. I contacted Zulily and they are not responding to my email. Looks like I’m out $25. I knew it was too good to be true!!

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