A Third Stimulus Check Is Coming Soon! Here’s What We Know So Far…

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Get ready for another round of stimulus checks!

The US House of Representatives signed off on the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act today (March 10), approving a third round of direct stimulus payments for millions of American households. In addition to sending payments of up to $1,400 for each individual, this bill will also extend federal unemployment insurance benefits through Sept. 6, 2021 and increase the current child tax credit for 2021.

President Biden is expected to sign the bill on Friday. Then, the Internal Revenue Service is expected to begin sending payments to eligible households in a matter of days. As in the past, payments will be deposited into bank accounts for anyone with their electronic banking information on file with the IRS. Other eligible Americans will receive either a prepaid debit card or a paper check in the mail.

Here are answers to questions you may have about the third round of stimulus checks:

Woman writing in notebook with tablet next to her

Who will receive a third stimulus payment from the government?

Virtually any U.S. resident with a valid Social Security number will be eligible for an economic impact payment under the American Rescue Plan Act, including veterans, workers eligible for unemployment, and most people receiving Social Security retirement and disability benefits.

In a big change from the first two stimulus payments, this time around all dependents, regardless of age, will qualify for a payment as long as the person who claimed them meets the necessary criteria. This means that college students and other adult dependents will, for the first time, receive a stimulus payment. Note that the payments will go to the individual who filed the taxes, not the dependent themselves.

dollar bills

How much money will I get this time? 

Individuals with an adjusted gross income of $75,000 or less, and couples with an adjusted gross income of $150,000 or less, are eligible to receive a one-time payment of $1,400. These income thresholds have not changed since the first two payments.

This round of payments will be based on the income you reported on your 2020 tax return. If you haven’t filed yet, the Treasury Department will use your 2019 tax return to calculate your payment.

As with the previous two payments, Americans who earn more than the income threshold will still receive a partial check, but this time, there’s a much steeper phaseout. Individuals who earn $80,000+ a year and couples who earn $160,000+ a year will not receive any payment at all. For those filing as the head of household, the phaseout begins at $112,500 and caps at $120,000.

Woman holding iphone with IRS get My Payment button

What will I need to do to collect my stimulus check?

Similar to the first two rounds of stimulus payments, you probably won’t need to do anything to receive the third payment. Taxpayers will not need to register or sign up in any way. As stated above, if the IRS already has your bank account information on file, it will likely just issue your third stimulus payment via direct deposit. If the IRS doesn’t have your electronic banking information on file, you will likely receive a paper check or prepaid debit card in the mail.

In the past, Americans who received direct deposit seemed to get their payments much faster than those who got a check or debit card in the mail. In certain limited cases, the IRS allowed taxpayers to provide their bank account information to receive electronic payments, but it’s unclear whether that will be an option for the American Rescue Plan Act payments.

woman using Macbook

The IRS has created a website to provide information regarding Economic Impact Payments, who qualifies, and what to do if you don’t receive a payment.

Bookmark this page and keep checking back for new updates as they’re posted! We expect to see new information posted here after the President signs the American Rescue Plan Act later this week.

Curious about how much money might be coming your way? Kiplinger.com has a handy Stimulus Check Calculator that you can use to estimate your next payment!

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Comments 1967

  1. Tricia

    Got our $1800 on January 4th.

  2. Gramma C

    I got mine 6 days ago in Ca. My daughter who I live with has not. Just like last time. Also this has a lot of posts!!

    • Tara M Marsh

      If your daughter did not receive any of the stimulus money, there is a place to claim it on this year’s tax return.

      • Cathy

        Yes, my son was a dependent under me and he was a college student. So we did not get anything. This year he filed himself and he got his stimulus in his taxes. I made him do his own taxes this year since he works and I wanted to avoid what happened with the last two.

  3. Judi

    Check your mailbox everyday if you are eligible, and not getting direct deposit. Here in Reno, our neighborhood mailbox and 30 others were broken into on New Year’s Eve. The post office said there is a big surge because thieves are looking for them.

    • hip2trade

      Also signing up for informed delivery can help. You can see your check on the day it’s arriving and be prepared. It’s been a helpful service for myself.

      • Cathy

        Love informed delivery. I see everything coming to me before it hits the mailbox. We use it because my husbands old boss was old school and sent out checks instead of direct depositing the money.

      • Kari

        What is informed delivery?

        • Heather Junger

          It’s a service the post office offers.. you sign up for it on the USPS website

        • BigLou

          You get an email showing a scan of most pieces of mail you should receive in your mailbox each delivery date. My email usually arrives between 8:00-9:00 each morning.

        • BigLou

          When you sign up you’ll get an email showing a scan of most pieces of mail you should receive in your mailbox each delivery date. My email usually arrives between 8:00-9:00 each morning.

  4. Leane

    We need to realize in the USA that there is free enterprise! Freedom of speech even if we don’t like what hate people are spewing. This is a business that supports families and they use their discretion as to what they do to support those families. Anyone who does not like a website can never look at it again. I love the deals and when I find it’s changes don’t benefit me anymore I will stop using it. You can too! But for now we need to work harder everyday to be what God wants us to be. Encourage and help those who are discouraged and angry! We surely don’t need anymore unrest! Walk away from the news and pray tomorrow will be a better day!!!🙏

  5. Evie

    Warning! If you paid any Bill’s Visa the USA mail during December, check your bank info. Very likely they did not reach destination.
    Had I known this would happen, would not have mailed my bills.
    The credit card companies of course, will feel entitled to charge late fees!
    This sounds like it was done on purpose!

    • hip2trade

      I assume you meant via the US mail. Snail mail. Yea mailing payments in December would likely been a really bad month to do so unless mailed in advance. Paying bills online if possible is always a good option. (Especially during an unprecedented situation). Hopefully these companies can be contacted and explain your situation. Cant hurt to try. Best of luck.

    • mrswagley

      People still use snail mail to pay bills??? 😅

      • Dee

        I never received either stimulus check 😞- my work hours were reduced I’ve tried to call – Guess I’m still going to have to wait til I file our taxes 😩

      • Patti S

        I do. But I suppose in time that will not be allowed either.

      • Heather Junger

        I was just wondering the same thing 🤣

  6. Judy Kee

    Stimulus check was made by direct deposit but the bank have not release the money to me although I asked several times, is there a way IRS can retrieve the money $600 back. to IRS and redeposit to my other bank. I need help please.

  7. Lisa

    Just an FYI for others, if you receive the debit card, the monies on the debit card can be transferred to a bank account (no fee). It does take 1-2 days extra, but if this works for you, great. I believe if you look under the FAQs for the debit card, that it is FAQ #6.

  8. Emily

    Mine and my parents’ say they should have been mailed on January 9th but still nothing. I guess if it doesn’t come by the time we file taxes we just do the recovery thing? And if it shows up somehow later don’t cash it? Who knows! My parents don’t make enough to file taxes so I really hope theirs will come and they won’t have to worry about it.

    • Sharon

      Mine said mailed on January 6th and it just arrived today January 29th. Hang in there!

  9. Dana

    I received mine via a DEBIT CARD.

  10. Momof3girls

    Mins said payment #2 status not available since they started sending them out but 2 days ago it changed and said it would be deposited today and sure enough it was in my account this morning🙌

    • Ashley

      That’s a blessing. Glad you got it.

  11. Liz Curtis

    Both of my daughters finally got their money yesterday by direct deposit. I’m not sure why it took so long for them to get theirs because they’re both lower income. I got mine on time, but had to help them out since they didn’t theirs in the beginning. Ty h2s for the opportunity to share when we got them.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome!

  12. Holly C.

    My husband and I received our first stimulus money on a debit card. Our bank transferred the money from the card to our bank account, easy peasy. The 2nd stimulus money came to us in the form of a cheque from the treasury department.

  13. Lane C.

    The cards come with a truckload of terms and conditions and junk fees.
    My advice is take the card and your pin # you have to create to a bank and draw all the money from your card and deposit into your account. Your first withdrawal is free.

  14. Nicole

    Ours was deposited into our bank account that we closed after the first stimulus. Today we checked and our status is saying it will be mailed on the 5th of February.

  15. CvilleCurious

    Just checking, the Jan 4 payment for $600 (I’m a single taxpayer, no kids) was direct deposited Jan 4. But the 2nd payment, was that suppose to be $1,200? When I checked the Fed website, it detailed the 3 previous direct deposit payments, but didn’t show any info for $1,200. Anyone else have this happen?

  16. Nikki

    It’s February 9 and although eligible, I have not received the second stimulus EIP. When I checked the IRS website, it said that it was mailed on Jan 6. Anyone else not receive it?

    • Lori

      My mom has the same issue. We are trying to check into it for her, but not sure what to do.

  17. susan-5

    I haven’t read the comments yet. However I’m glad they didn’t turn them off so that I can read them. Thanks Hip2Save. Now I’m going to read them and see if I feel differently. Try keeping an open mind about things and not shutting things down. People are going to think or feel the way that they do and thank goodness that’s your right.

  18. Amy

    did anyone get a letter in the mail from the IRS dated February 26, 2021 (strangely we received it yesterday and that’s today’s date). It mentions issuing the second EIP and how it’s not taxable income, etc. Just curious.

    • Shelly

      Did you receive it? I just got the same letter (at least it sounds the same) and its dated Feb 26,2021.

    • Jenny

      I did as well. I got the payment awhile ago, so I found the letter very bizarre.

    • Jen

      I’d just say, if you have any plan to contact the IRS, use contact info directly from their website (irs.gov) and not from that letter. This round of stimulus didn’t get finalized by Feb 26… Seems weird to get a letter before it was finalized. I’m assuming there’s a big market for fraud in scammers trying to get people’s personal info in all of this.

  19. Yess Min

    My mom who is disabled did not receive any of the stimulus money. When we check the status it says it was sent to an bank account but it’s not her bank account. We have checked years back and it’s not a bank account that she’s ever had. What to do?

  20. swathichintha

    When can we expect the 3rd stimulus check .. will this be deposit or card sent in mail?

    • casey-4

      As soon as next week. Direct deposit at first then mailed checks and debit cards. It is going off most recent taxes so if you have filed 2020 it’s going off that for deposit type or it will come how the past two or the way your 2019 taxes came.

      • Amy

        If I already filed my taxes on feb 12 , will they send the stimulus to my new address?I did not receive a federal refund so IRS does not have my direct deposit information.. I’m hoping they don’t go off my 2019 taxes because all the stimulus money will go to my ex husband . Can somebody confirm this?

        • Breana McCoy

          They will go off your 2019 then. I filed and have not received my 2020 tax refund, even though they have received them they went off my 2019…ugh

  21. Lana

    America will soon be bankrupt. Less than ten percent of that bill is for Covid relief. We have just put mountains of debt on the backs of our children and grandchildren.

    • shop4mybabies

      first your 10% math is false. second we have a 27 trillion dollar deficit. we just wasted 1.7 trillion on a failed fighter jet. it failed. it’s useless. wasted money. I’m fine with adding 1.9 trillion that can actually do some good.

      • Deal Dawg

        If $1.9 trillion actually went to the American people, we would all get around $7,400. Now that’s an economic stimulus. This bill is full of wasteful 🐖.

    • Sylvia

      Your comment is misleading. Yes, about 9% goes directly to combat COVID (contain the virus) BUT 80% of the bill is to provide economic relief to businesses and people affected by the pandemic (COVID-19). Businesses and people are really being affected by the pandemic so this stimulus is absolutely needed.

    • Sj

      100% yes! The government is doing whatever they can to push inflation. One day we will come to the painful realization that we created our own mess, and by then it will be too late and the damage will be done. Remember, the government has no money. The government’s money come from us!

    • runnergirl838

      Are you donating yours to charity then?

      • catmom


      • KT

        A lot of us do donate to charities, so yes. Are you in need of charity? If so, we can get you the help you need.

    • Cooper

      Sure you said that when Trump gave massive tax cuts to the ultra wealthy.. right right?

  22. HR Rose

    Just to clarify, a number of comments here are about receiving the 2nd round of stimulus (from federal legislation signed into law in late 2020) while this post is talking about Biden’s American Rescue Plan (ie 3rd round of stimulus) that just achieved final passage in Congress TODAY and has not yet been signed into law (so IRS has not yet even begun sending this round, still needs to be signed into law by Biden). In addition to the $1,400 checks, there is also billions for vaccine distribution, allocations for aid to State and local governments in particular for reopening schools, and it ALSO expands the child tax credit to up to $3,600 per child and extends some of the federal boost to unemployment benefits (that was set to expire soon/ in a few days).

    • sona

      Main stream media has kept the full reporting of where the majority of this money will go to a minimum. Of course people who need it, should get the help they need. At the same time it is important to note that the majority of the money is going for bailouts to poorly run states/cities like New York and San Francisco et al. And other “pork” that should not be laid on the middleclass taxpayer. Yes, some for the schools who havent used the money allocated to them on the last round yet, so why more? It is important not to take my word or anybody elses word on FB or blogs. You must look to reliable sources and/or read the bills yourself. This country used to be run on a balanced budget. That ended years ago and we keep piling on the debt that will indeed be put on the backs of our children and grands. There are no free rides, everything comes at a cost.

      • Evie

        I am a boomer and none cared about me paying the debts of the www generation.
        This is how government works, um the dollar will be destroyed by the time your kids are older.
        One world government, one world currency!
        Get yours while you can!

  23. Jennifer

    Sooo what happens if you filed your 2019 and the government still hasn’t processed it???

    • laura

      I am in the same boat, had to do a paper return and still no refund

  24. Pat

    Oh goodie, so looking forward to paying HIGHER taxes for years and years to pay for this.

    • Tia

      Spend trillions of tax dollars to go to Mars, no problem. Return (some of) the money Americans have been paying the government for decades, SoCiaLiSM. Like clockwork.

      • Kat

        What about…..
        IT’S HIP 2 SAVE? Our government shouldn’t be spending money they/we don’t have on anything!!!

    • Christina A Nelson

      I don’t know about you, but my family could really use this NOW and worry about the higher taxes later. Hopefully, we will be in a better position to deal with the higher taxes.

    • Liz

      $1400 at a cost of $6000 per person. Ridiculous!

  25. Leslie

    I thought it was $1400 per person for couples with an adjusted gross income of $150,000 or less, totaling $2800

  26. Deanna

    Question… My brother just got out of jail a few weeks ago. How does he get his stimulus check? Should he file 2020 taxes even though he was incarcerated? Please no nasty comments. TIA

    • Leslie

      Deanna, this is what I found:
      People in prison or who where who did not receive the stimulus payment (first or second) may be able to claim the payments by filling out a 1040 tax form and mailing it to the IRS.

      • Deanna


  27. ugh

    Great! just what my lazy brother who lives off my mom and hasn’t worked in years needs, more free money handed to him.

  28. Evie

    These should be sent every month, so people can catch up with rents and other Bill’s because government shut everything down!
    They seem to be able to allow illegal immigrants into the country, interested for covid.

  29. Nicole Walker

    Good info, but you didn’t mention only 9% of that entire bill went to us or that we’ll have to repay $5,200 to reimburse this $1,400. Or that:
    $21k for federal employees to stay home
    $25k bonus for state government workers
    $50M – Planned Parenthood
    $200M – Museum and Library Services (to keep promises to political doners)
    $270M – Endowment for Arts/Humanities (kickback for lobbyist and political doners)
    $600M – To bail out Pelosi’s home of San Francisco (mismanagement)
    $1.5B To fund abortions in other countries
    $12B – Foreign Aid
    $15B – Illegal immigrant-eligible health care, legal aid, transportation, etc.
    $111B – Welfare without needing work requirements for immigrants
    $350B To bail out blue states from years of mismanagement
    Don’t bother commenting back. I won’t read them because
    By the time a coupon blog is giving us political updates about stimulus packages it’s time for me to find a different blog.

    • American Patriot

      Isn’t this bill just sick? We won’t use this money, it’s going straight to our church.

  30. Jimmy O

    Biden will be in jail soon enough for high treason. Don’t believe me? Why is the national guard STILL in Washington? Why does EVERYTHING about this presidency not smell right? Look at the thumb down ratios on the WH youtube videos. Maybe when he’s finally in hand cuffs, you sheep will learn.

  31. Brandi

    Apparently I don’t qualify for this $1400 because I get disability every month. I am so way far below the poverty line only got a little over $11,000 for the entire 2020 year! Not enough to file a tax return and half of that goes to my $375 a month for rent that does not include any utilities. I can’t even afford a car! So pissed that I am not getting this $1400 stimulus pymt! I am one of the americans who could really use it! Thanks President Biden and the rest who over looked us disabled low income folks who most def could use that stimulus money!!!

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