We Think These Target Brand Items Are Better AND Cheaper Than Name Brands

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One thing that we love about shopping Target’s brands is that there is essentially NO risk when buying them! That’s right! If you’re not satisfied with any Target Owned Brand item, you can return it within one year with a receipt for an exchange or a full refund.

Plus, REDcard Debit and Credit cardholders will receive an extra 30 days to return nearly all items purchased with their REDcard at Target and Target.com. Sweet! 🙌🏻

BUT, are you wondering if these Target-owned brands are any cheaper or just as good as the name brands?! Wonder no more! From Market Pantry to Archer Farms and Up & Up to Smartly, we love these affordable and high-quality options that you won’t find anywhere else but Target!

1. Archer Farms trail mix

Archer Farms Trail Mix at Target

Archer Farms Trail Mixes offer an amazing value and a flavor explosion, perfect for munching! Love peanut butter? A fan favorite (and one that we love!) is this irresistible Peanut Butter Monster Trail Mix with its peanuts, peanut butter chips, raisins, peanut butter M&M’s, peanut butter pretzel balls, and mini peanut butter cups. It’s SO yummy and affordable too! 😋

Priced at just $7.99 for a large 34oz container, this is a great deal considering a 19oz pouch of Planters trail mix sells for almost $7 at Walmart. Not to mention that Target often has savings opportunities (sales, Cartwheels, etc.) to get these containers for even less!

Be sure to try their other delicious Archer Farms options like Caramel Cashew Trail Mix, Black & White Trail Mix, Handful of Everything Trail Mix, and more! Yum!

Check out this Target.com review:

“This was one of the BEST trail mixes I have ever had! The Peanut Butter Chips, Peanut Butter M&M’s, & Mini Peanut Butter Cups really MAKE this amazing!! If you love peanut butter, then this is the trail mix for you!”

✂ Save even more on this brand at Target with these Archer Farms Cartwheel Offers!

2. Market Pantry ice cream

target brands cheaper than name brands – unicorn magic target market pantry ice cream

Target’s Market Pantry ice cream line offers an array of traditional ice cream flavors like Homemade Vanilla and Cookies and Cream as well as fun and unique flavors like Unicorn Magic, Coco Choco Nut, Monster Cookie, Cherry Chocolatey Cake, Cotton Candy, and Caramel Brownie Moose Tracks.

With half-gallon containers regularly priced at under $3 each (watch for them to drop to $2 during a sale!), you’ll want to scoop up all of these delicious, creamy flavors and enjoy this sweet treat at home. 🍦

Check out this review from a Hip2Save reader:

“I totally thought Unicorn Magic was going to be a gross kid flavor, but it was actually pretty yummy! The adults enjoyed it at my daughter’s birthday party.” – Lonie

✂ Save even more on this brand at Target with these Market Pantry Cartwheel Offers!

3. Market Pantry Smooth Ranch tortilla chips

bags of nacho doritos

While we found Target’s Market Pantry Nacho Cheese chips to be even better than the popular Doritos brand, the price comparison between the two is even better. 🙌🏻 As an idea, you can pick up two of these Market Pantry 9.75oz bags for almost the same price of a single 9.75oz bag of name brand chips!

Check out this review from a Target.com customer:

“These chips are SO good! I’m a huge fan of the big name brand version of these chips, so I was skeptical that anything similar could be as good. I think these are better! The chips have the same consistency as the name brand, and the seasoning tastes the same!”

✂ Save even more on this brand at Target with these Market Pantry Cartwheel Offers!

4. Market Pantry fruit snacks

target brands cheaper than name brands – target market pantry mixed fruit snacks

A perfect snack for school lunches, sports team snacks, or on the road munchies, these Market Pantry fruit-flavored snacks are significantly cheaper per pouch than all the other name brand fruit snacks.

As an idea, the Market Pantry fruit snacks regularly sell for just 12¢ per pouch and a 24-count box of Mott’s Fruit Snacks sell for 18¢ per pouch. Plus, they have no artificial flavors and no synthetic colors!

Check out this review from a Target.com customer:

“These Fruit Snacks are amazing! I put them in my kids’ lunch boxes every other day as they love them so much, but I love them cause they are so affordable and easy to grab!”

✂ Save even more on this brand at Target with these Market Pantry Cartwheel Offers!

5. Smartly facial cleansing wipes

Smartly face wipes

Target recently launched Smartly, their new line of household essentials and personal care products – and they do not disappoint! You’ll find an assortment of items, from all-purpose cleaner and body lotion to paper plates and razor blades — and most items are less than $2!

One of our favorites is these Smartly Unscented Facial Cleansing Wipes priced at $1 or less for a 30-count pack. This is an awesome price, considering name brands with the same sizes sell for $4-$6 each! 😱 Plus, they’re hypoallergenic and paraben-free. Talk about a sweet score!

Check out this review from a Target.com customer:

“WOW! I saw these at Target for $0.99 and thought that is was mislabeled because all other comparable makeup wipes are $5+. These are great! My favorite part besides the price is how gentle it is on my sensitive skin. Normally, makeup wipes leave my skin feeling tight and red from the drying alcohol, but these left my skin feeling fresh.”

✂ Save even more on this brand at Target with future Smartly Cartwheel Offers!

6. Up & Up diapers

target brands cheaper than name brands – up-and-up diapers target

Need diapers? Target’s Up & Up brand has got you covered! The prices of their diapers are an astonishing difference compared to the large, popular diaper brands, like Huggies and Pampers.

Not only are they the most affordable, quality option, but they also come in the largest quantity boxes so you know they’ll last you longer than the average box. They’re also a favorite among Hip2Save readers!

Check out this review from a Hip2Save reader:

“LOVE these diapers, and especially the price. My little girl never leaks out of them, they have never given her a rash, and they work great for her overnight. Like any diaper, some kids will leak and others won’t, but I’m so thankful we tried this brand – we save a TON on diapers because of it!” – Kate

✂ Save even more on this brand at Target with these Up & Up Cartwheel Offers!

7. Market Pantry K-Cups

Market Pantry K-Cups at Target

Not only are the Market Pantry single-serve cups affordable every day, without a sale or coupon (they’re just 33¢ each), they’re made with premium roast coffee. Even better, they are unlike other coffee brands as they are friendly for the environment, too! That’s because they have an inner filter that can be popped out and composted and the plastic cup can be recycled! ♻️

Check out this review from a Target.com customer:

“Three main things which make this the best coffee for us; [1] Delicious; [2] Affordable (even with sales, the 48-pack is cheaper than anything else on the market); [3] Environmentally friendly! For some reason this isn’t promoted nearly as much as it should, but these pods are two part pods which allows the filter to be popped out and composted and thrown in the trash and the plastic cup to be recycled in single stream recycling.”

✂ Save even more on this brand at Target with these Market Pantry Cartwheel Offers!

8. Up & Up Ibuprofen

target brands cheaper than name brands – target ibuprofen tablets over the counter 100-count

Target’s Up & Up brand over-the-counter medications are competitively priced. For instance, the Up & Up Ibuprofen 50-count bottle is priced at just $1.59 and has the same quantity of tablets as Advil Ibuprofen, which sells for $6.29 for a 50-pack. Given each brand essentially does the same thing and has the same active ingredients, Up & Up is over $4 cheaper than the major brands! Talk about big savings!

Check out this review from a Hip2Save sidekick:

“For me, it’s definitely worth buying most generic brands of medicine as they have the same active ingredients and work just the same! I found that Up & Up’s Ibuprofen worked just the same as Advil in relieving my headaches quickly. I highly recommend it for everyone!” – Mary

✂ Save even more on this brand at Target with these Up & Up Cartwheel Offers!

9. Up & Up plastic storage bags

target brands cheaper than name brands – up-and-up sandwich plastic bags target

At Target, you can score their Up & Up sandwich bags and other disposable plastic baggies for a few dollars less without compromising on quality. Compared to the popular Ziploc brand, we love these cheaper options by Up & Up that make lunches, daily organizing, and clean-up more budget-friendly.

Check out this review from a Target.com customer:

“I have these set up on a monthly subscription. They work just as well as the name brand for less $$. I love that they come in such a big box as we go through several sandwich bags a day with our family of 5. The zipper stays closed, they do not leak, and they hold up well!”

✂ Save even more on this brand at Target with these Up & Up Cartwheel Offers!

target red card

Hip Tip: Looking for an easy way to save even more at Target? Use your Target REDcard for 5% off all your orders! You can opt for a debit or credit card.

Here’s how you can combat the money-spending black hole at Target. 

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Comments 63

  1. Marilyn

    I pretty much live off target brand products. I especially love the smartly makeup wipes. I used to use olay and ponds and buy them when they are on sale, but you can’t beat the $1 price tag for the same quantity!

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Glad to hear you like them too! You really can’t beat a buck for makeup wipes!

    • mamasweetpea

      does it work well for eye makeup? i currently use the simple brand which works well for removing eye makeup

      • Lisa

        My daughter does colorguard and they wear heavy make-up. Honestly the best make-up remover is Huggies Natural Care baby wipes. They’re really thick and so much cheaper!!

  2. KS

    I love the up&up diapers and have heard great things about their diaper cream!

  3. Hannah

    Contact solution!

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Good to know! Thanks Hannah!

  4. MombieZombie

    I was happy to discover Archer Farms Knockoff Nespresso Pods next to the Peers Nespresso Pods on my last visit to Target.
    They are pretty good for the cost. 10 pack for $4.99

    • JuSharp

      Second this! I just bought them yesterday and had one this morning, pleasantly surprised at how good it was!

    • Jessica Lodge

      I didn’t know they make knock off Nespresso pods! Good to know!

    • Maite

      I just discovered these too! I am super excited because I had stopped buying the brand name pods because they are super expensive! 👍 for target!

  5. steph

    Up and up baby wipes! They are nice and thick and work great!

    • Cherryluva

      Great diapers but found the wipes to be thin and not that great. Good when money is low.

  6. Jessica Lodge

    I would add the Up & Up baby wipes along with the diapers. I usually get them for around $10 a box after discounts and/or gift card offers. They are such good quality and so much cheaper per wipe than anything else out there.

  7. Jo

    I just tried the Up & Up Premium Ultra Strong. The whole family love it! They’re really comparable to Charmin’ Ultra Strong. You get more sq ft with lower prices and equal (if not higher) quality. Just a word of caution, it comes in mega roll so if you have standard basic holder, it might not fit. Will definitely use this from now on.

  8. Debbie

    Love the up n up paper towels. Same as Bounty but cheaper.

    • sandrabozarth

      Yes! Better than bounty which I used for years. I bought these in a pinch and I’m now hooked. Very soft and absorbent and usually get 5% cartwheel.

  9. Cherryluva

    I REALLY love that the target k cups are recyclable!

  10. Rachel

    I love when you guys post things like this! So helpful. Thanks for sharing. ❤️

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Glad you like it Rachel! 🙂

  11. EM

    The Market Pantry salsa is a big hit in my house! And so inexpensive!

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Oh yum! Will have to try that!!

    • candace

      Yeah it’s a huge bottle for around $2.09.

  12. Colorado Amy

    I love that you post stuff like this. I need chips for my son’s lunches and toilet paper, so I just ordered the ranch chips, the TP and some other stuff I need (actually need, not just want). Saved myself a trip to the store. Thank you!

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome Amy!

  13. acgold

    I have bought the Up &Up zipper seal bags for years and like them better than Ziplocks. I also buy the Target disinfecting wipes ( when I don’t make my own with alcohol, vinegar and baby wipes).

  14. Susie

    my opinion target nose strips are better then breath rights

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Good to know! Thanks for the tip Susie!

  15. Kristie

    Thank you for highlighting the fruit snacks are free of artificial colors! Many people don’t realize how many items contain these. My son has an allergy, so I always check for those ingredients on packaging.

    • L

      Haven’t bought them in a while but they used to sell veggie fruit snacks made from vegetable juices.

      • Kristie

        Yes they did have one variety a few years ago that was like that then they all went to artificial colors. I’m glad to see they’ve removed that.

  16. Lori

    The dryer sheets smell great and are super affordable.

  17. jg

    I love those pretzel balls in the trail mix! I’d give anything if I could find where to buy a bag of just those boogers by themselves! I bought their candy corn Halloween trail mix with pretzel balls on clearance, & that’s where I fell in love with those little pretzel balls. I bought some of the monster or peanut butter mix with the pretzel balls & ended up running out of them when the bag was only 2/3 gone cuz I made sure to get a pretzel ball every bite. So like I said, I’d LOVE to figure out where to get just those by themselves!

  18. mel

    the Ibuprofin is the best! I remember it used to free when Target offered printable store q’s for $1 off! Those were the days!!
    I was surprised how good the MP K-Cups tasted. Even better than some name brands!
    I’ll have to add the Ranch Tortilla’s to my list for our football party next Sunday. GEAUX SAINTS!!

    • Alexa

      Ah, I remember the Target coupon days. Ibuprofen was always fully stocked in our house!

  19. Aleshia Jones

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention the popcorn! I think it is one of the best brands on the market!

    • MommySpendsLess

      I LOVE their kettle corn. They use sugar rather than artificial sweeteners, which I personall prefer. (Almost all thr microwave popcorn I’ve seen use sweeteners. I prefer it to any of the other pre-popped, bagged varieties I’ve tried. Unfortunately only select Targets in my city carry it.

  20. Jennifer L.

    I love their organic blue corn chips, coconut sugar, whole wheat flour and pretty much everything from the Simply Balanced line.

  21. Linda

    I love the MP frozen dark pitted whole cherries for my smoothies!

  22. amyforgey

    Once we tried up and up pullups…we never went back to huggies!

  23. L

    100 count up and up excedrin for $2! Works the same.

  24. Carla

    Organic barbecue sauce.

  25. joni

    I really like the Market Pantry Traditional Spaghetti Sauce. It is a lot like Prego..the only brand I would buy until I tried Market Pantry.

  26. MommySpendsLess

    I’ve used their warranty on Cat&Jack jeans now and both times it has been super quick and easy, no hassles or questions. I bought my daughter two pairs of jeans in early December. We live in Florida so she’s worn each of them maybe twice. One pair looks brand new, the other had tears starting in both knees and the length shrunk 1″-2″ despite being washed in cold water and dried with low heat. I took them to guest services with my receipt, she keyed in the item number from the sewn-in tag and I got 100% of my money back. I’m hoping the replacement pair holds up better but I can’t think of any other store that would have refunded me for returning worn/washed/price-tagless clothing.

  27. Natalie

    Yes, the Cat and Jack brand! Also, Market Pantry heavy cream is excellent, usually on Cartwheel, and was only $2.11 for a whole quart around Christmas time this year! I would be extremely skeptical of the Archer Farms pizza, though. We tried the Greek one, and it literally had 5 small chucks of topping on the entire pizza, and I could count the individual shreds of cheese on my fingers. It was the worst pizza we’ve ever had. Ever.

  28. Melissa J

    Their Art Class brand of clothing consistently has really cool designs for my daughter. Someone else mentioned the Archer Farms pizza and didn’t like it, but I’ve had the opposite experience.. The Archer Farms spinach and goat cheese, and the mushroom truffle pizzas are my family’s two absolute favorite pizzas, ones we’ve been hooked on for years. I second the trail mix too. Looking forward to trying the ranch chips and the face wipes, thanks for the tip!

  29. Maite

    I love the big containers of the animal cookies, in target they are letters instead of animals and they come in vanilla or chocolate. They taste great and are good for treats! Not the healthiest but better than Oreos or other cookies that are more harmful.

  30. J

    I love the Smartly Makeup wipes! They are such good quality and don’t irritate my skin. And the price is a steal! I also tried the new Up & Up baby wipes and I liked them better than the Huggies brand.

  31. Maureen Marthaler

    thanks for all of the recommendations

  32. Lisa

    Market Pantry ice cream is the BEST!! My family wont eat name brand ice cream any more! It has a very creamy texture, they don’t skimp on the add ins like cookie dough and they have yummy flavors you can’t get anywhere else. It is so good my local Target rarely has much in stock, people actually have Target employees contact them when special flavors like monster cookie come in. I’ve only had the monster cookie flavor twice because those were the only times I’ve seen it in my store.

  33. Annie

    The Up & Up Breastmilk storage bags are fantastic. They work better than the name brands are significantly cheaper.

  34. Miss Kitty

    One of my favorite things is the Market Pantry mayonnaise. It runs about $2.09-$2.59 for a full size jar and often, there is a 5-15% off cartwheel on it. I did a comparison of the listed ingredients with Hellman’s and it appears the same! The taste is….well, my family and I CANNOT tell a difference between the two. It’s a great find at a much cheaper price! IMHO.

  35. Brenda

    Thanks for the great tips. However, I have a question about your cute, messy bun I noticed in this post. How did you do your hair like that? I think I have similar hair to yours and need some tips on how to get it to do that. Thanks.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi Brenda!

      lol So the secret, to keep things honest and open, it’s actually not my hair 😉. I use fake hair pieces that I’ve purchased in the past from stores like Sally Beauty, Target, Ulta etc. for under $20. I grab the ones that closely match my hair color and then just secure with some bobby pins… and voilà! 💁 Quite a while ago I actually did a Facebook Live video showing how I put it up – https://www.facebook.com/hip2save/videos/10157291130520343/ Maybe I’ll have to do an updated one, stay tuned! 😃

      • Brenda

        Thanks for the beauty secrets! You are the best. I will look forward to your next hair video!

        • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

          Aww, thanks for the sweet comment! You’re very welcome, Brenda! ❤

  36. Lisha

    Thanks for the list, I am going to try a few. I have tried the trail mix and like the taste, but do not find it to be a good value. I do not like the taste of their fruit snacks (yes, I tasted them after my son complained:-)

    Again, h2s Crew thanks for all you do. In addition to the post of sales, I love Lina’s recipes; when you rate items and cool lists like the above. Blessings.

  37. Katie C

    We really like Target’s organic line. We usually shop at Trader Joe’s for most of our food, but Target is closer (and my favorite store) so I get food here if I don’t have time to get to TJ’s. They never disappoint!

  38. Amyre

    I agree with everything but the Up&Up diapers. They used to be great when I had my first. Something changed and they’re awful now. Not a lot of coverage. The absorption is suspect. I only buy them in emergency situations.

    I do love the wipes though.

  39. Colorado home sweet home

    I love just about everything Market Pantry. The frozen veggies in the steam-in bag are as good as any I have tried. The one thing that I really love is the Target card. I use mine as a debit and it has really helped save – plus the perks like free shipping and longer returns make it a no-brainer.

  40. Beth

    The smartly hand soap and lotion smells so good. The soap was .99 and the lotion was 2.39. I was so happy to find these new bargains.

  41. Rhoda

    We buy the Market Pantry cheese, butter, and frozen vegetables and find the quality as good as if not better than the name brands! Also the Simply Balanced Tortilla Chips are delicious.

  42. Christine E Ziebarth

    Smartly single roll paper towels are 59 cents!!

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