People are Going Crazy Over This Incredibly Affordable New Walmart Brand

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Thyme & Table cookware with gold handles

Thyme to head to Walmart!

Looking to elevate your kitchen essentials? We’re sharing a super affordable home goods brand, Thyme & Table, straight out of Walmart. This line uses higher-end materials, trendy colors, and unique prints. And we’re sharing some of our favorite finds you can scoop up right now!

Just keep in mind some of the popular Thyme & Table items are only available in-store, so you can order them online to pickup at your local store or browse the kitchen and dining aisles on your next Walmart trip! 🛒

Here are our favorite Thyme & Table pieces we spotted recently:

1. Thyme & Table 5 qt. Nonstick Sauté Pan

non stick thyme and table pan in packaging hanging on store shelf

Price | $29.98

You can find stunning cookware in the Thyme & Table line. From a show-stopping black and gold speckle to super unique rainbow accents, these will be sure to have all your friends asking where you got them. Plus, they’re perfect for anyone who loves a safe cooking experience since they’re thoughtfully made without PFOS and PFOA.

2. Thyme & Table 12-Piece Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Set

sets of cookware in boxes on store shelf with non stick pans

Price | $97 (JUST $8 per piece!) 

Not only can you find show-stopping pans in this Walmart line, but Thyme & Table even offers entire cookware sets to fill your new kitchen or as the perfect housewarming gift for a friend. Better yet, these sets are ringing up at just $8 per piece! Safer cooking really doesn’t get any more affordable than that!

3. Thyme & Table 3-Piece Titanium Stainless Steel Rainbow Knives Set

hand holding rainbow thyme and table knives in store aisle

Price | $12.44 (JUST $4 per knife!) 

Could a set of stainless steel knives get any more affordable and gorgeous?! We sure don’t think so! For around $4 per knife, you’ll score a pairing, utility, and a chef knife finished with stunning rainbow accents and they’ll even come with a cover for storing them in your drawer.

Need a storage recommendation? My favorite knife organizer will make storing your new knives practical and pretty!

4. Thyme & Table 5 Qt. Gold Colander

gold thyme and table colander on store shelf

Price | $12.97

If you’re all about adding trendy gold accents to your kitchen, then this colander is going to make the perfect addition to your space! Available in a brushed gold or fashionable rainbow finish, either option will look fabulous on some open shelving.

5. Thyme & Table 8-Piece Measuring Cups and Spoons Set

gold and blue silicone measuring cups and spoons hanging on store shelf

Price | $6.97

I may be biased, but I’m pretty sure there’s no better combination than navy and gold! 😍 These measuring cups and spoons will add a touch of class and sophistication to your kitchen. Better yet, you’ll only spend a few bucks to have them!

6. Thyme & Table Stainless Steel Sugar Shaker

gold and rainbow shakers in packaging on store shelf with price tag

Price | $8.44 or less in-store

Now your garnishing game just got elevated with this Instagram-worthy sugar shaker. Perfect for powdered sugar for your Belgian waffles or even shaking some cinnamon on your keto sheet pan pancakes, these will look incredible on your table or on your shelves for everyone to admire.

7. Thyme & Table Bag Clips

set of rainbow bag clips on packaging hanging on store shelf

Price | $3.97 (in-store only)

Now even your bag of chips can remain just as fashionable as all your new cookware with Thyme & Table clips for all your food. While they’re only available in-store, they also come in black & gold, so you can mix and match these cute accessories as desired.

8. Thyme & Table Soho Acacia Wood Cutting Board

hand holding thyme and table wood cutting board in walmart store aisle

Price | $19.97

Need a new cutting surface that’s as affordable as it is aesthetically pleasing? Thyme & Table has a cutting board for that too! Crafted out of Acacia wood and detailed with a drip groove around the edge, this board will be ideal for everyday use or for serving up the perfect charcuterie board.

Organize your kitchen with these unique products.

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Comments 70

  1. Kathleen

    Does ‘affordable ‘ mean imported? I can’t find any info that these are made in usa 😥

    • slw

      They are imported

    • Sharon

      Isn’t everything at Walmart imported?

      • dealmama

        yes- mostly china.

        • Emily

          In reply to many of you who think you know that everything from Walmart is from China, yes many wm items are as are Amazon and target products. I have found some really nice affordable American made towels at Walmart. So I’m wondering if many of you have actually looked in Walmart to find american made products? Or are you just bashing Walmart because that’s a trendy thing to do. Also, it’s not this site’s job to only show deals and items that certain people like, but rather to show a variety of items for a wide variety of people. You’re free to choose the posts that are best for you and not everyone has to agree with you. I’m glad to see a variety of posts here. I don’t get offended when i see posts that don’t appeal to me or are for items i would never buy, because i know some people will benefit from them.

          • Larry W.

            It looks like you were very much Offended at some posts.

            • Emily

              I’m calling posts the deals the hip2save team puts on the site. I think some of the anger and hatefulness in the comments is unnecessary. I was just trying to give the hip team some positive words in my comments. In other words, if i don’t like a deal or approve of product i move on with out clicking. I was just looking in these comments to see what people thought of the product if they’d purchased it.

    • Hattie Smith

      It’s Walmart, not some local shop. Truly shop local if that’s important to you, not at Walmart. The crying after your comment is ridiculous.

    • KellZoll

      After reading these comments I searched “Made in USA” on the site. Was pleasantly surprised they are making a commitment to buying more items made in the US even if it may be more a marketing ploy than anything else.

    • Mandy

      C’mon now, 95% of everything we buy is imported! I couldn’t find a single vehicle rotor made in the USA!

  2. ajfloyd

    I have this set and I love it

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh awesome! Thanks for letting us know you’ve been loving it!

  3. Ashley

    I have this set and really love it!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Happy to hear that, Ashley! Thanks for commenting!

  4. Amy

    Oh I want those knives

  5. galillo

    Helping China take over the world- there is a hidden price in buying cheap imported products- to the environment, health, US economy, etc.

    • Joanna

      I don’t think these products are “cheap” by any means. More middle of the line priced in my opinion.

    • eadybakegirl

      Any recommendations on American made that won’t break the bank? And well made as well

      • Sharon

        That is the problem. Can’t find those qualities in American made if you can even find American made.

        • Noor Haryati

          American made are going to break your bank, and the minimum pay is $15 and the sole purpose of business is to make profit, sorry you cannot have it both ways. Everything cost money from start to finish.

          • ctmt0214

            Naar, the purpose of companies making profits is also to put money back into the company to make it and their products even better. Yes, the Owners make money but remember they are the ones who took the risk to put money up to build that company that provides products at a low cost. That’s how business works.

            • Evie

              No, they buy, sell and short their own stock.
              Workers get low wages and the merchandise becomes shadier and shadier, yet you pay more.
              I have great cookware from years ago!

          • dealmama

            Buy American. Is your country worth the extra couple of bucks?

      • Lana

        Go on Amazon and search for just about anything and add USA made. It has been helpful to find American made products whether I purchase them there or not. I agree on the well made. We have been married 42 years and are on our second set of cookware. It should not have to be replaced every few years.

        • ctmt0214

          Great advice. Thank you

      • Kim

        Lodge cookware

    • Angie

      Is ceramic safe to use?

    • Dajanny

      Mostly EVERYTHING is from China, if ya didn’t know that.. and it’s been that way for many years! 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️

      • ctmt0214

        I did know it. It’s just now we realize China is out to destroy us. If these, and any other products are made in China, I will steer clear as much as possible.

        • KellZoll

          Since I’m old I can say that this isn’t new. It’s been going on for decades. Since their labor is so much cheaper, American companies can’t compete on price.

    • Mandy

      It’s inevitable no matter what we buy! There are under 20 companies that make pans in the USA. Only a few of them make a non stick or ceramic. The rest are all expensive metals (at least to me) I can’t afford $150 for 1 pan & that’s low end! So I’m curious, what brand pots & pans do you have?

  6. Joanna

    I discovered this brand back in September and since then have purchased the knife block and 2 cutting boards. Love their products!!

  7. Csandst1

    The article doesn’t mention how/why people are going “crazy” over this. Is the title click bait?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Sorry for any confusion! These new kitchen essentials and are not only pretty but made with high quality materials and are available at affordable prices. Hoping that helps!

      • MandyMable8

        I agree. The title was total click bait. And so much has been. At Hip2Save, we know you’re brilliant. We know you’re trying to get us to click.

    • Dana

      Yep. Sadly tons of posts lately have been click-bait.

      • Sharon

        You don’t have to buy the stuff.

        • Dana

          Yes clearly know no one is forcing me to buy stuff – click bait has nothing to do with buying stuff. It’s about tricking you into clicking. Google click-bait if you’re not sure what it is.

  8. Sandy Butt

    I am crazy!!!!

  9. Shirley

    After watching the movie “Dark Water”, I avoid nonstick cookware for sure.

  10. Diane

    Don’t buy non-stick cookware. It is so bad for your health. Buy cast iron. Or stainless steel.

    • peachcraze

      I love my cast iron pans!

      • Kathleen

        We love our cast iron too! If it’s seasoned properly it becomes nonstick, without the risky materials in so many of the nonstick cookware ❤

  11. Britt

    My parents purchased us a set for Christmas, so far they hold up pretty good. And we cook almost every day.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you for letting us know, Britt!

  12. chesca

    Maybe im just a real cheapskate but i dont find any of these to be anywhere near the prices i expected when i clicked. Ok so they are not outrageous but far expected the prices to be lower. Found just about the same pan thats $30 here for $22 at TJ Maxx and it was a very well name brand. Hey i mean no disrespect to anyone that loves all this, the look, the prices, the quality – but it probably doesnt help that im not a walmart fan to begin with 🤷🏼‍♀️

  13. James A Stiner

    Don’t buy something thats gonna drive ya crazy man. Real life can do that.

  14. Ali B

    Pretty but I can’t stand metal handles, they get too hot

    • IH

      You can find silicone handle covers for the pots / pans

  15. galillo

    Just Google one of the many kitchen products made in USA websites- there are many. I’m trying to buy only made in USA/American companies as much as possible, even if they cost a bit more.

    • Animity

      My whole family was just talking about this, even if we have to wait to buy it. We all need to stop with China. The games they are playing and the way they treat their citizens. We should all stop supporting what they are doing over there. The concentration camps, Hong Kong. We need to stand up to them and not fill our material obsession.

      • heiAt

        Not that this has anything to with the ACTUAL post, but your shoes are most likely from China. Your phone was made in China. You think your making a stand but if you’ve never been to China then you really can’t judge. The working conditions might be horrible or not but this also might be their livelihood. You don’t know the situation.

        • Animity

          We all know the situation. How can you not anymore?! Exactly, that’s why we are going to start looking elsewhere for our items starting this year. A quick Google search will teach you all about concentration camps over there, what they are doing in HK plus how a lot of their citizens live. Infirm yourself. No one deserves that kind of life, NO ONE!!

        • T

          There is a literal Holocaust happening in China right now. Just because big tech and media won’t report on it (while filling their pockets). We need to ask ourselves why. It’s more than just treating their citizens bad it’s governmental murder.

        • ladyashiri

          I think I understand your intention; it may be awful but if everyone switches then the conditions will worsen even more for workers. That is possible, but people will continue to vote with their dollars and hopefully China gets the message and starts investing more in worker well being!

  16. galillo

    Buying American manufactured products has not broken my bank. It’s all about priorities. I’d much rather pay a bit more for people to earn a living wage/decent/safe working conditions.

    • ctmt0214

      Thank you. We’ve been spoiled for so long we no longer research for American made products.

  17. shawnetta

    Geesh wasn’t expecting this when I came to the comments.

    • anyamichellecolclough

      Right !!!

      • MandyMable8

        I was. It’s true the click bait has been too much lately

    • NubianGoddess

      I wasn’t either.

  18. Kris

    These are terrible. They chip REALLY easily and the customer service behind them is also a terrible. My children bought this set. When they contacted customer service they sent them the “rainbow” handle replacement and not the original blue one. Then refused to take it back and replace it with the blue to make their set matching again and said they fulfilled their end of the problem. I wouldn’t waste my money on it.

  19. IH

    I just bought the bag clips.

  20. Amy

    I’m so blown away by the buy USA products!! I love it, especially now!! I’ve been doing my best to make conscious choices about who I support and eliminate the frivolous spending on imported junk!! Let’s continue this trend, buy American and embrace a thoughtful, more minimalist lifestyle!

  21. MJ

    You can look up which companies use suppliers from China that are known as human rights violators. Cheap labor and enslaved labor are different. We can’t avoid everything from China but maybe shop with a little more awareness. Amelia Chang’s book Made in China is an eye opener…sometimes it’s hard to make the connection directly to ourselves as a consumer when something is so far removed and out of sight from our lives. I just want to save my money and get the best deal myself, but when I take a minute to think, I know I can do better, and if more people try it will make a difference to these large brands that will have to find different suppliers if we the consumer demand it.

  22. Freida

    I find the comments helpful. I’m glad we can all express our opinions and not be censored here.

    • MandyMable8


  23. catmom

    People who feel the need to rant over cookware have serious underlying issues that need to be resolved. Ask yourself what you’re really so angry about and try to fix that.

  24. sunflower10905

    Love mine so far!

  25. Auntie

    I encourage everyone to give thrift stores a chance. I have found many made in USA items there because they are older items. Revere Ware, Farberware, Roseville Ohio mixing bowls. If those items lasted 20, 30, maybe even 40 years for someone else, I’m thinking they will last for me too! Just walk in and browse around, you may be surprised!

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