10 of the Best Things to Buy at Sam’s Club

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Sam's Club shopping cart filled with groceries

A trip to Sam’s Club can be overwhelming, but sometimes you simply can’t beat their bulk prices! At this popular warehouse club, there are a few product categories that offer high quality items while still keeping the prices low. We’re here to help you plan a successful shopping trip so we’re sharing 10 of the best things to buy at Sam’s Club!

While prices may vary at each location, we’re sure that this guide will help you make purchases that actually save you money.

1. Paper goods

member's mark paper towels are a must buy at sam's club

Stock up on paper good at Sam’s Club where they carry rock bottom prices on their own brand, Member’s Mark, as well as big-name brands like Bounty paper towels and Charmin toilet paper!

Plus, you can save even more whenever these items have Instant Savings available. You can’t go wrong buying in bulk when paper products never expire, so these are great items to stock up on!

2. Tires

row of tires on shelves

If you’re not a frequent Sam’s Club shopper, you may be surprised to know that they offer a one-stop Tire Shop, unlike any other large retailer. They have a huge stock of competitively-priced tires with an array of different brands to choose from. Plus, when you buy tires with your Sam’s Club membership, you’ll get the best “all-in” price, or they’ll match it to give you the best deal!

Their unique “all-in” tire installation also includes 24/7 emergency roadside tire service (for three years from the date of purchase! 😱), road hazard protection, lifetime tire balance, rotation, and flat repair, waste tire disposal, plus free tire mounting, valve stem, and tire pressure monitoring system reset.

Shopping for more than just your car? Sam’s Club also has big savings on specialty tires including ATVs, UTVs, lawnmowers, golf carts, tractors, and more!

Check out what Hip2Save readers think of Sam’s Club tires:

I’ve been buying tires at Sam’s Club for years. Always a great selection, great prices, fast service, and never any problem with fixing flats, rotation or warranty issues. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

I have had good experience with out local Sam’s (Utah) tire center. They were willing to price match any local competitor on Michelin tires and gave us the current gift card promotion that was going. They have even repaired a punctured tire for us that we did not purchase from them.

3. Baby wipes (& select diapers)

member's mark baby wipes

You can score awesome deals every day on Member’s Mark baby wipes and diapers at Sam’s Club. For instance, be sure to look for these super highly rated Member’s Mark Premium 1,152-count Baby Wipes regularly priced at under $20 per box. Plus, be sure to read the reviews as some members claim they work better than name brands!

And, the nice thing about buying Member’s Mark products is that Sam’s Club offers a satisfaction guarantee and will refund or replace any item that you find unsatisfactory!

Check out what Hip2Save readers think of these wipes:

We got the Sam’s Club wipes as a baby gift and have never bought anything else since! Love the quality and the price! Even better, when they go on sale!

Members Mark baby wipes are the best we’ve found! And they seem to go on sale about every other “savings event”, at $3-$4 off.

The members mark wipes are great! A box lasts forever! The formula is good too!

Pampers baby wipes at Sam's Club

You can also save big on name-brand baby wipes and sometimes diapers, especially when there are Instant Savings available. Large boxes of Pampers wipes regularly cost around 2¢ each but pair the bulk pricing with Instant Savings when they’re available (such as $10 off whenever you buy two participating Pampers items), and you can snag wipes for as low as 1.4¢ per wipe – a stock up price!

4. Snack foods

Lance crackers

Got kiddos at home who live for their after-school snacks? Or a household of hungry teens? Sam’s Club’s snack deals are on point, from their exclusive organic applesauce pouches to Nabisco snacks or their 40-pack of Honest juice boxes! Look for deals with Instant Savings to save more!

For instance, you can grab a 40-count pack of Lance Crackers for around $6.98 every day at Sam’s Club – or around $5.40 whenever there are Instant Savings available! Considering that an 8-count pack of these crackers regularly sells for $2.50 each at Walmart, you’re much better off stocking up at Sam’s Club!

There are tons of snack options to choose from at Sam’s that make perfect on-the-go bites, school lunch fillers, or class/sports team celebration treats.

5. Rotisserie chicken

woman by rotisserie chickens at Sam's Club

If you’ve never been to Sam’s Club, you’ll want to sign up for a membership just to try their delicious Member’s Mark rotisserie chickens! At just $4.98 per 3lb chicken, this is a steal compared to most other grocery stores (even Costco’s chicken is a penny more)! 😉

Marinated and seasoned with Lawry’s Seasonings, these irresistible chickens are roasted to a perfect golden brown. Enjoy them in pasta, soups, salads, or simply by themselves. These juicy chickens make weekday dinners a whole lot easier and so much more delicious.

You’ll be pleased to know that Sam’s Club also makes their rotisserie chickens fresh daily. We also found that their chickens are significantly larger than any other grocery store, giving you more meat to eat and even more bang for your buck than at most other top retailers.

Check out what Hip2Save readers think of the rotisserie chicken:

We love the rotisserie chicken at Sam’s Club and get it all the time. It is delicious and like you said, always juicy – best rotisserie out there!

I’m all for the chicken. Our local Kroger sells them for $2 more and are smaller in size. Perfect for when I don’t want to cook dinner after my grocery run to Sam’s.

6. Gift Cards

Sam's Club gift card wall in store

If you’re looking to save on entertainment or dining out, be sure to stop by the gift cards kiosk or check out out their gift card selection online. They offer a variety of gift card bundles to retail stores, movie theaters, and restaurants with savings up to 25% off or more during their one-day sales!

Check out what Hip2Save readers think of Sam’s Club gift cards:

The extreme value gift cards are a great deal and make Sam’s Club membership a reasonable value even for single folks if they frequent one of the restaurants that are featured.

My main thing I buy is gift cards at 20% off to places I frequent. Pair that savings up with being a member of restaurants’ rewards clubs and it really adds up!

7. Bacon

Members Mark Bacon at Sam's Club

Oh, how we love a good deal on bacon! 🥓

At Sam’s Club, you can snag THREE 1-pound packages of Member’s Mark Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon for just $10.98 – that’s just $3.66 per pound! This is a sweet deal compared to most grocery stores – and even beats Costco’s bulk pricing on their Kirkland Signature Thick-Sliced Bacon, which regularly sells for $13.49. Time to cook up some bacon & eggs!

Love bacon and trying to eat low-carb? Check out our sister site, Hip2Keto.com for lots of delicious bacon-related recipes, tips, tricks, and more!

8. Party food & desserts


Sam’s Club can make it seem like you spent hours in the kitchen prepping for a party when all you really did was pick up some gorgeous pre-made food in store! They offer an assortment of grab-and-go trays with budget-friendly prices, we love these veggie trays averaging less than $2.50 per pound.

They also carry this deli meat assortment running you less than $5.50 per pound, which it’s almost unlikely to make them any cheaper on your own — so you’re saving time AND money!

And we can’t forget about dessert, since no party is complete without a spread of sweets! Sam’s Club is our go-to place for delicious treats like a variety Cheesecake under $15 or a New York-style cheesecake for just under $13. That’s a huge saving compared to similar cheesecakes we found elsewhere!

9. Sports drinks

Gatorade Variety Pack

Stay thirsty to save money and save BIG on bulk drinks at Sam’s Club, like this variety pack of 28 12 oz. Gatorade bottles which regularly sells for $12.98 – just 46¢ per bottle (this is a penny less than Costco’s regular price of these drinks)! Also, be sure to watch for Instant Savings where you can grab these packs for even less!

Hip Tip: Have a long road trip coming up? Avoid the costly drinks at gas stations, and fill a cooler with some ice and your favorite bulk beverages from Sam’s Club. We guarantee you’ll save lots of money and time along with having extra spending money on things that really matter.

10. Cleaning products

members mark disinfecting wipes

Doing some spring cleaning or wanna disinfect your house? Stock up on store brand cleaning products like these highly rated Member’s Mark Disinfecting Wipes 4-Pack at Sam’s Club.

You can grab this 4-pack of Wipes for only $8.98 every day, which is less than 2.9¢ per wipe. When they go on sale, you can often grab this huge pack for just $7.48 after Instant Savings!

Sam's club gift card

Convinced you should be hitting up your local Sam’s Club ASAP? Make sure to bookmark our Sam’s Club deals page to help plan your next trip to the store!

If you’re not a Sam’s Club member yet, sign up here and even order online so you can scoop up all your favorite deals! PLUS, for a limited time, you’ll get $45 in Instant Savings whenever you sign up for a new Sams Club Membership!

sam's club instant savings book coupons

Hip Tip: Keep your eyes peeled for the Sam’s Club Instant Savings Book. Once you’ve become a member, this happy mailer will come with so many great deals inside!

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Comments 28

  1. peachcraze

    Are Sam’s club baby wipes comparable to Pampers or Huggies? I’d like to try them but I don’t like Pampers and would hate to buy a giant box full of those.

    • KetoMama3

      I buy Sam’s wipes, and I really like them. To me, Their texture is not as flimsy as pampers. But absolute fav is Costco Kirkland wipes but we live closer to Sams.

    • emily

      Just fyi i bought members mark wipes for our family of 6(no babies), and we all noticed a definite burning sensation after using them. It was bad enough that i returned them! This was within the last 6 months, by the way.

      • dblD amber

        Very true, then all of an sudden the unscented wipes went away. Our only quotes we buy. The scented ones smelled horrible. Just this month the unscented ones came back and they are amazing. I tried Kirkland when I couldnt find Sam’s club and couldnt stand them. Glad Sam’s club came back again.

        • emily

          Yes the ones that burned were the scented kind when i couldn’t see any option to buy the unscented ones.

      • Judy

        Doesn’t Sams sell adult wipes?

  2. Lisa

    Another thing that is dirt cheap if you use a lot of it (I do) is YEAST! It is so much cheaper than buying the 3-packs or a jar of it in store. I cannot remember exactly but it was like $6 for 2 big foiled bags. I would never have thought of buying yeast at Sam’s Club, but it is literally pennies every time I bake my bread.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh cool! Thanks for the helpful suggestion, Lisa! Good to know!

    • Gramma C

      Yes! A 3 pack is like over $2 now. I have been using my first bag of yeast for so long and it still works great. We make a lot of pizza dough and cinnamon rolls. So much cheaper. Even if you only use half of it.

      • Lisa

        Gramma, so glad I’m not the only one who likes the price of the yeast. Yes, sadly, even if you don’t use it all. It’s dirt cheap yeast!

        • Bri

          Store it in the frreezer it lasts forever!

    • Kismetkitty

      And you can keep your yeast in the freezer to keep it indefinitely.

  3. breannapowers

    Noticed last week when I was shopping through the app that they had bundles of the paper goods that saved a good chunk of money. I got a bundle that had toilet paper, trash bags, and paper towels at a very reasonable price!

    • Lisa

      “Bundles.” Now that is new (for me anyway) at Sam’s Club. But is that available in store or just online (via the app)?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh cool! Thanks for the heads up! We’ll be sure to look for those!

  4. Faith

    We have used the Members Mark brand paper products for years and I would never use anything else. I prefer Members Mark over any brand. They are amazing.

  5. ashley

    Sam’s brownie bites are my absolute favorite. I don’t know if they’re necessarily a frugal deal since I haven’t purchased in a while, but they are delicious.

  6. V

    I buy over the counter Allegra. A 90 day supply seems to be the cost of about a 45 day supply everwhere else.

  7. Momof4

    Wait! I thought another post said to ditch paper towels to save money! Lol

  8. lk

    We buy Monster drinks by the case, huge bottles of Kraft Parmesan cheese that we put in the smaller bottles, Romaine lettuce and bananas regularly. I supply snacks for my department and am always purchasing their instant savings items – I have a 40 pack of the Lance crackers right now. Another great deal is Klondike bars. Not to mention gas – usually lower than the stations in town.

  9. Suz

    Diphenhydramine (brand name Benadryl) is really cheap, under $5 for 500 pills. Those of you who take a “PM” medicine, this is what is used to aid in sleep.

    I don’t want to be a Debbie downer, but I recently learned Sam’s Club and Walmart both use an ingredient in their rotisserie chickens to make them cook faster. This was confirmed by a former employee of Walmart. I know they are cheaper to buy at those stores than other grocery chains, but I will gladly pay a little more to not have additional chemicals on or in my chicken that is not necessary. The very few times I purchased them from either place prior to learning that, the meat always did not seem as juicy as other stores. (Probably due to the “quick cooking additive”.)

  10. Julie

    Our family regularly buys seven of the items on this list, love Sam’s Club! We don’t get the chicken and we’re not a big sports drink family. But, I need to try out the bacon one of these times!

  11. Sandra McCully

    When are the Same Club one day sales? How do I get notified of them?

  12. Karen Matteo

    Would like to know about sales!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You can find the February deals here!


    HP laserjetpro,8600 plus, 950 black 951 color cartages


    I buy many things at Sam’s and have lately been buying more online that they deliver. I’m a plus member so my delivery is free. Also certain prescriptions are available for Plus members at little or no cost. I get bullion, soup base and certain spices they’re at a very low cost. Bacon is a must! Plus they have great deals on pre-cooked bacon for those of us who don’t cook that much anymore! There are great deals on cleaners, Electronics and tires! I’ve used them for tires for probably 25 years or so and they have specials that can’t be beat plus all the advantages of no extra costs and road hazard

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