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What To Buy at Sam’s Club and Nowhere Else

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What To Buy at Sam's Club and Nowhere Else

A trip to Sam’s Club can be overwhelming, but sometimes you simply just can’t beat their bulk prices! And at this popular warehouse, there are a few other product categories that go beyond the obvious stock up items. We’re here to help you plan a successful trip to get the most bang for your buck.

While prices may vary at each location, we’re sure that this guide will help you make purchases that actually save you money.

1. Paper goods

Sam's Club Member Mark Paper Towels

Stock up on paper good at Sam’s Club where they carry rock bottom prices on their own brand, Member’s Mark, as well as big name brands like Bounty paper towels and Charmin toilet paper! Plus, you can save even more whenever these items have Instant Savings available. You can’t go wrong buying in bulk when paper products never expire, so these are great items to stock up on!

As an idea, you can grab these highly rated Member’s Mark Super Premium Paper Towels (15 rolls, 150 sheets per roll) for the regular price of just $18.24 in-club or online, which equals just 81¢ per 100 sheets!

2. Tires

Sam's Club Tire Center

If you’re not a frequent Sam’s Club shopper, you may be surprised to know that they offer a one-stop Tire Shop, unlike any other large retailer. They have a huge stock of competitively-priced tires with an array of different brands to choose from. Plus, when you buy tires with your Sam’s Club membership, you’ll get the best “all-in” price, or they’ll match it to give you the best deal!

Their unique “all-in” tire installation also includes 24/7 emergency roadside tire service (for three years from the date of purchase! 😱), road hazard protection, lifetime tire balance, rotation, and flat repair, waste tire disposal, plus free tire mounting, valve stem, and tire pressure monitoring system reset.

Hip Tip: Shopping for more than just your car? Sam’s Club also has big savings on specialty tires including ATVs, UTVs, lawn mowers, golf carts, tractors, and more!

3. Baby wipes (& select diapers)

Member's Mark baby wipes

You can score awesome deals every day on Member’s Mark baby wipes and diapers at Sam’s Club. For instance, be sure to look for these super highly rated Member’s Mark Premium 1,152-count Baby Wipes regularly priced at $19.96 per box, which is just 1.8¢ per wipe! Plus, be sure to read the reviews as some members claim they work better than name brands!

And, the nice thing about buying Member’s Mark products is that Sam’s Club offers a satisfaction guarantee and will refund or replace any item that you find unsatisfactory!

Pampers baby wipes at Sam's Club

You can also save big on name-brand baby wipes and sometimes diapers, especially when there are Instant Savings available. Large boxes of Pampers wipes regularly cost around 2¢ each, but pair the bulk pricing with Instant Savings when they’re available (such as $10 off whenever you buy two participating Pampers items), and you can snag wipes for as low as 1.4¢ per wipe – a stock up price!

4. Snack foods


Got kiddos at home who live for their after-school snacks? Or a household of hungry teens? Sam’s Club’s snack deals are on point, from their exclusive organic applesauce pouches to Nabisco snacks or their 40-pack of Honest juice boxes! Look for deals with Instant Savings to save more!

For instance, you can grab a 40-count pack of Lance Crackers for around $6.88 every day at Sam’s Club – or around $5.40 whenever there are Instant Savings available! Considering that an 8-count pack of these crackers regularly sells for $2.50 each at Walmart, you’re much better off stocking up at Sam’s Club!

There are tons of snack options to choose from at Sam’s that make perfect on-the-go bites, school lunch fillers, or class/sports team celebration treats.

5. Rotisserie chicken

Sam's Club Rotisserie Chicken

If you’ve never been to Sam’s Club, you’ll want to sign up for a membership just to try their delicious Member’s Mark rotisserie chickens! At just $4.98 per 3lb chicken, this is a steal compared to most other grocery stores (even Costco’s chicken is a penny more)! 😉

Marinated and seasoned with Lawry’s Seasonings, these irresistible chickens are roasted to a perfect golden brown. Enjoy them in pasta, soups, salads, or simply by themselves. These juicy chickens make weekday dinners a whole lot easier and so much more delicious.

You’ll be pleased to know that Sam’s Club also makes their rotisserie chickens fresh daily. We also found that their chickens are significantly larger than any other grocery store, giving you more meat to eat and even more bang for your buck than at most other top retailers.

Hip Tip: Make our team fave Keto Buffalo Chicken Soup from Hip2Keto with your rotisserie chicken!

6. Eggland’s Best eggs

Eggland's Best eggs at Sam's Club

Eggland’s Best large white eggs are a great deal at Sam’s Club, and we found that they’re not even available at other top retailers like Costco. You can scoop up an 18-count carton for just 16¢ per egg at Sam’s Club, compared to Walmart which will run you 22¢ per egg! 🥚

That’s a savings of $25 for every 500 eggs when you buy from Sam’s Club. Plus, you can save even more and snag these eggs for around $2.49/carton when there are Instant Savings available!

7. Bacon

Member's Mark Bacon at Sam's Club

Oh how I love a good deal on bacon! 🥓

At Sam’s Club, you can snag THREE 1-pound packages of Member’s Mark Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon for just $10.98 – that’s just $3.66 per pound!. This is a sweet deal compared to most grocery stores – and even beats Costco’s bulk pricing on their Kirkland Signature Thick Sliced Bacon, which regularly sells for $13.49. Time to cook up some bacon & eggs!

8. Party food

Sams Club party food cheesecake

Sam’s Club can make it seem like you spent hours in the kitchen prepping for a party when all you really did was pick up some gorgeous pre-made food in store! They offer an assortment of grab-and-go trays with budget-friendly prices, we love these veggie trays averaging less than $2.50 per pound.

They also carry this deli meat assortment running you less than $5.50 per pound, which it’s almost unlikely to make them any cheaper on your own — so you’re saving time AND money!

And we can’t forget about dessert, since no party is complete without a spread of sweets! Sam’s Club is our go-to place for delicious treats like a variety Cheesecake under $15 or a New York style cheesecake for just under $13. That’s a huge saving compared to similar cheesecakes we found elsewhere!

9. Sports drinks

sams club bulk gatorade

Stay thirsty to save money and save BIG on bulk drinks at Sam’s Club, like this variety pack of 28 12oz Gatorade bottles which regularly sells for $12.98 – just 46¢ per bottle (this is a penny less than Costco’s regular price of these drinks)! Also, be sure to watch for Instant Savings where you can grab these packs for even less!

Hip Tip: Have a long road trip coming up? Avoid the costly drinks at gas stations, and fill a cooler with some ice and your favorite bulk beverages from Sam’s Club. We guarantee you’ll save lots of money and time along with having extra spending money on things that really matter.

10. Cleaning products

Sam's Club disinfecting wipes

Doing some spring cleaning or wanna disinfect your house? Stock up on store brand cleaning products like these highly rated Member’s Mark Disinfecting Wipes Variety Pack at Sam’s Club. You can grab this 4-pack of Wipes for only $8.98 every day, which is less than 2.9¢ per wipe.

what to buy sams club – Sams club gift card

Convinced you should be hitting up your local Sam’s Club ASAP? Make sure to check out our Sam’s Club deal page to help plan your next trip to the store!

If you’re not a Sam’s Club member yet, sign up here and even order online so you can scoop up all your favorite deals! PLUS, for a limited time, you’ll get a $15 eGift Card and bonus Instant Savings whenever you sign up for a new Sams Club Membership!

sams club instant savings book coupons

Hip Tip: Keep your eyes peeled for the Sam’s Club Instant Savings Book. Once you’ve become a member, this happy mailer will come with so many great deals inside!

What’s your favorite item to buy at Sam’s Club?

Please let us know in the comments below.

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Comments 90

  1. Stormy

    Great post! I am always telling people that our T.P and paper towels are member’s mark/from Sam’s. I bought expensive name brands forever, but I have made the switch and love it. I always only buy their home, 13 gallon trash bags, too. I’m a diet coke girl, so unlike Costco, I love the food court choices!!
    I find that some things are better at Sam’s and others at Costco, but there are deals at both. OOHH…those choc. Pure protein shakes? WAY cheaper at Sam’s. I go to both and I always have to check that price. We both/DH drink these daily. Anyhow, fun post. Thank you!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome, Stormy! Thanks for sharing your favorite items to grab at Sam’s!

  2. KB

    Great post! I love when Sam’s offers their cheap deal on Luvs. It’s also my favorite place to get gas. I filled up for $1.95/gallon yesterday which is a great price in my area.

    • Mickey

      Which area?

    • Mirela

      $1.73 per gallon in metro Detroit area at Sams. Plus 5% cash back when you pay with their card.

    • Katrina

      Ours is $1.68 right now at Sams

  3. Dee

    I love the member’s mark premium baby formula. It is half the price of enfamil and the nutrients the same. Almost identical to enfamil. My baby had no problems switching from enfamil neuropro to mm premium. The mm diapers are good too. MM Paper towels and toilet paper is all I buy as well.

    • Heather

      I agree! And Ibotta usually has an offer for $4 cash back, so it’s an amazing deal

  4. Krys

    I’m all for the chicken. Our local Kroger sells them for $2 more and are smaller in size. Perfect for when I don’t want to cook dinner after my grocery run to Sam’s. Can’t be their in-store restaurant, too. Pizza and frozen yogurt is dirt cheap and delicious!

  5. Nadia

    The members mark wipes are great! A box lasts forever! The formula is good too!

  6. Kristi S

    We recently discovered the Southern Style Chicken bites! They’re a chick-fil-a copycat with a bit more pickle flavor, but my kiddos love them! We also like the Morrison’s country style gravy mix (we eat a LOT of gravy at our house! LOL) and the Sam’s brand trash bags are great as well. The reason we enjoy Sam’s club the most is because my daughter is named Samantha and likes it when we shop “her” club. LOL

    • Mandy

      I second the chicken bites, they’re delicious! And my son’s name is Samuel. He loves going to “his” club too 😄

    • Krisp

      Are they grilled or breaded?

      • jax

        They are breaded

    • Heather

      Ooh, will have to look for those!

      • Chris

        My kids love these as well, and I woyld have to agree about the extra pickle favor. They are in a red and white bag if that helps 🙂

        • Kim Easton

          They’re back?!?!?! We got them a few times last year and LOVED them. I’ve been putting off renewing our membership, but those chicen bites are so good!!

        • Barbie

          Member’s Mark Southern Style Chicken Bites (3 lbs.) This one??

  7. Amy

    I swear by their Member’s Mark Ultimate Clean Liquid Laundry detergent. It’ s 127 loads and in orange and navy packaging. I think it works just as great as Tide.

    • Kbay

      I sometimes wonder if it is actual Tide sold under Sam’s labels.

    • Kate

      I love Windfresh powder detergent. 25 loads for $16.48. Works in HE machines, doesn’t fade clothes

      • Sara

        Did you mean 250 loads? Only 25 loads for that price would be terrible.

  8. Fei

    Be sure to check out their clothes clearance area! i always find super cheap and good quality clothes at their clearance area.
    And must download their “Scan & Go” check out app, super convenient and easy!

    • Sara

      The Scan & Go app is so awesome. I always miss it at other stores. I wish everyone had it!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the tip! My Mother In Law loves grabbing their clothing deals!

  9. Mjoyful

    We got the sams club wipes as a baby gift and have never bought anything else since! Love the quality and the price! Even better when they go on sale!

  10. Whitney

    My main thing to buy is gift cards at 20% off to places I frequent. Pair that savings up with being a member of restaurants’ rewards clubs and it really adds up!

    • Peaches

      I agree about the gift cards. The extreme value gift cards are a great deal and make Sam’s Club membership a reasonable value even for single folks if they frequent one of the restaurants that are featured.

  11. Sara

    A box of Sam’s Club applesauce pouches is $0.02 less than Costco, but each Sam’s Club pouch has 3g more sugar than the Costco pouches.

    • Jessica

      Sounds like a win! Extra sugar without the extra cost!

      • Sara

        I get the Costco pouches for myself, but my mom will eat them too. I got a 4pk of Treetop pouches from a salvage grocery store. I think they had 11g of sugar. My mom didn’t like them as much. My mom is also diabetic. She prefers to keep snacks at 10g of sugar or less.

  12. Emily Adams

    I love the Bob’s Red MIll almond flour and 3 lbs. for $13.99 is a nice deal. We also love the Members Mark toliet paper. Totally agree with the rotisserie chicken, its the best!

  13. Lana

    You may want to consider that your tire package which you pay for is only god as long as you have a current membership which is just wrong. Also it can take 2-4 hours to get your tires rotated and balanced at Sam’s. The employees in the tire shop are not well trained either. We had our tires rotated and balanced and tires that were made to roll only one direction were put on rolling the wrong way. We could not keep the car on the road. We took it back multiple times and were told there was nothing wrong until the tires started coming apart. Never again will we buy a tire from Sam’s. We found that there are far better options out there who have the same prices such as Discount Tire and when I need service on my tires I make an appointment and my vehicle is in and out in 30 minutes or less. Live and learn. It took us far too long.

    • celticmommie

      We had a bad experience with Sam’s tire department as well.

    • kayti

      We’ve hadulyiole bad experiences with Walmart, specifically Douglas brand.

    • rel8ted

      Some manufacturers specifically make products to meet Walmart/Sam’s price specifications. We had a sidewall blowout and were told by the tire manufacturer “oh, that’s a Walmart tire” We were unable to get a replacement from store or manufacturer bc the manufacturer has a deal where the store is supposed to eat the cost & the store insisted it was not under warranty though the tires were less than 3500 miles old. Never, ever again.

  14. Sara

    I prefer Costco for the shopping experience and most of what I get from the food court. I have always preferred the Sam’s Club chocolate frozen yogurt over the now-discontinued Costco chocolate frozen yogurt. The Costco version always tasted off to me.

    The reason I keep my Sam’s Club membership is discounted Disney gift cards on the Sam’s Club website. I rarely go to the club for anything. I save more than the membership fee each year paying for a 10 day/9 night stay at Disney World each year. I will save $175.50 this year just on Disney gift cards for my stay, annual pass, extra ticket event, and food. I also buy a $25 Starbucks gift card sometimes. It only takes about $0.52 off, but it’s better than nothing.

    • CoreyS

      How much are the Disney gift cards? I might consider a Sam’s membership if the price is right.

      • Sara

        • $50 card =$47.98 online
        • $75 multipack(3 $25 cards) = $71.98 online
        • $150 multipack(3 $50 cards) = $142.98 online
        • $500 ecard or physical card = $484.98 online

        The $150 multipacks are the best deal. After the $5 gift card from Disney Movie Rewards, the $25 card my mom gave me for Christmas, and the $90 card I should get for declining housekeeping, I will need $3,750 in gift cards from Sam’s Club this year. Twenty five $150 multipacks will save $175.50. Seventy Five $50 cards would save $151.50. Fifty $75 multipacks would save $151.00. Seven $500 cards and two $150 multipacks would save $119.18.

        • Chelsie

          Sara one thing I will say if you have a meijers where you live sign up for their rewards and a few times a year they give $5 rewards for every $50 in gift cards you buy up to $500 per reward period. So I bought one $500 Disney gift card and got $50 in Meijers rewards $ that can been used all at once and put it on my r us card and saved 2% cash back also for another $10 savings for a total of $60 saving off $500 gift card = 12% over all savings. If don’t go to Disney every year this is a super easy way to save up. Or if you have other family memebers in your household or someones account you can use for this deal if they are not going to do it more than once each time if you do go more often that will also help you a ton saving way more than sams and not costing you anything. I used my rewards on my next weeks grocery bill. Just an idea for anyone trying to save for Disney. Plus Starbucks in each park and you can get discounted gift cards from their site paying with different cards for whatever promotion or get free gift card or whatever the deal is when you reload your account also groupons has deals at time. That can be your daily coffee or favorite drink even lunch or snack at the park too and help yourself save some extra money as well.

        • Jenn

          Do you know if you can get the cash back rewards on gift card purchases if you’re a plus member?

        • CoreyS

          Thanks for all of the information. I think I will just buy Disney gift cards through Target with my red card, it is slightly cheaper than Sam’s

          • Sara

            I only shop at Target three to four times per year, so either red card isn’t worth it. I likely wouldn’t get either card even if I shopped there regularly. I’m don’t get retail cards.

            • Sara

              *I don’t

              Hip2Save needs an edit button.

            • Sue

              I use the Target debit card because I would prefer to not use credit if I don’t need to. It keeps my spending under control. If I can’t pay for it now, I don’t need it.

              • Sara

                I use my credit card whenever possible to get cash back. The only two things I don’t pay for with my credit card are my rent and my electricity bill. Both charge a fee for paying with a credit or debit card. I pay my rent by check and my electricity bill through my bank’s bill pay service.

                I pay off charges as soon as they post. I don’t wait for the cycle to close. I won’t buy anything unless I already have the money in my checking account.

  15. Frances

    I always buy the 40 count peanut butter cheese crackers. So much cheaper. My snack every day

    • J


  16. Gina G.

    I buy those products from Sam’s except for the eggs, I get them from either Sam’s or Food Lion for $.99..

    • cindyawarf

      Our Aldi’s & Walmart cant be beat on eggs. 47 cents & 49cents/doz.

  17. jen

    I love the cheese! 2lb blocks of cheddar or Colby jack for $4.49! My local grocery sells 1lb blocks for more than that.

    • J.H.509

      Yes the cheese is such a good deal and tastes so much better when you shred it from the block. And with the price you can’t beat it.

  18. Kandy

    One of the reasons we keep our Sam’s membership is for their price on motor oil. Also, in our area, you can’t beat their price on birthday cakes/ cupcakes. And they taste good as well.

  19. Kelly

    We buy the Chicken all the time. It is made with all gluten free spices so it fits by dietary needs and taste great.

    • Barbie

      Member’s Mark Southern Style Chicken Bites (3 lbs.) Is this the chicken that everyone is talking about

  20. Jill

    Love my local Sam’s club. Hate the tire department. Bad service. Don’t fix holes other places fix. Tried to get a battery put in but it was a 2 hour wait and they couldn’t guarentee a time. We ended up buying the battery and putting it in ourselves. Then returning the old battery for the core charge.

  21. Donna

    Store brand Zyrtec! The price difference is amazing!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yes! My dad grabs those sometimes! They are great on the grill! Thanks for sharing!

  22. LK

    Just loaded up on snacks this morning – snyders pretzels, Pirates Booty, McCafe k-cups, etc. We always buy Kraft Parmesan in a large container, large black outside trash bags, napkins, gift cards, gas, romaine lettuce (5 pack of hearts), decorated cakes (half the price of a grocery store), 2 packs of sliced ham, blue cheese, and on and on. We bought a queen size mattress and box spring during their summer sale. The gas savings alone pay for our membership. And, the berry sundae in the food court is fantastic!

  23. Holls

    We have Sams and Costco Memberships. What we buy at Sams is the Purina one dog food, it is the cheapest price in our area without couponing and doesn’t upset our dogs stomach. When I use to work at a place with tons of potlucks I would get cupcakes from there. At the time they were 15 dollars for 30!

    • cindyawarf

      We are NOT renewing our Sam’s club membership because of their poor standards & work ethics. Shop & go just puts MORE people out of work! The cafe area is always filthy. An employee told me they regularly remove labeling on their pallets that states made in China & they recycle their veggies & fruits by taking out the moldy ones & making a new bag with the old.

  24. kroc

    Bad Tire experience as well… never again even though I got a great deal on the price.

  25. lisa

    How different the prices are from region to region. The bacon at my Costco is only $10.89, which is really delicious because it is the thick cut. The brick cheese at Costco is $4.49, but at Sam’s Club, it is $6.49. Go figure.

  26. Kimberly

    I second the members mark trash bags! Great deal! We purchase the movie ticket deal. 2 tickets for $18.98!

  27. Ashley

    Ah!! I bought tires last year elsewhere and they are subpar! Wish I had even thought to go to sam’s 😕

    • Meg

      I’ve been buying tires at Sams club for years. Always a great selection, great prices, fast service, and never any problem with fixing flats, rotation or warranty issues. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

  28. Hill

    I’m Not a fan of the seasoning on the rotisserie. Too salty!

  29. Tami

    Members Mark baby wipes are the best we’ve found! And they seem to go on sale about every other “savings event”, at $3-$4 off.

  30. Sarah

    No Sam’s Clubs in Washington State. They closed them all down.

  31. Katrina

    We love the rotisserie chicken at Sams and get it all the time. It is delicious and like you said, always juicy – best rotisserie out there! For toilet rolls you can’t beat Sam’s “POM” brand that they stock. Way better deal even than the one you mentioned above! We’ve been buying it for years. We’ve got tires and batteries there and have always had an excellent deal. It’s also the cheapest place to get passport photos done. Everywhere else is around $10 whereas they are around $4. They also have the cheapest organic eggs around and their organic milk price is equal to Aldi’s. They do organic carrots cheap, and organic salads.
    We also do a family nite trip there at times to have their family deal on pizza at the cafe. It is an absolute bargain and really delicious (in fact my fav pizza of all pizzas!) you get a pizza, bottle of coke, 6 choc chip cookies and cheese sticks with marinara all for $13.99. It’s VERY filling. I can only eat one or two slices of that pizza! We always get the deluxe – it’s the best! Also in the cafe their berry twist frozen yogurt is so cheap and really delicious too.
    There are so many things we love at Sams… I could go on and on…. – I also get the big bag of organic sugar for cheap there also.

  32. Garfield

    Thank you for the awesome posts. Is it possible that you make a comparison between Costco and Sam’s club on their brands. Such as whose product is better priced and/or better quality. Or at least national brands?

    Thank you!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You are SO very welcome! Thanks a ton for the suggestion! Such a great idea! Stay tuned!

  33. Ann

    Member’s Mark TP hands down is the best. I buy the plus membership (extra $50) because I live in a rural area 120 miles away from the closest Costco & Sams Club. With plus membership ,I get free shipping on most non-perishables. Yesterday Fedex delivered 3 pack of ketchup (I was running low) to me down a dirt road and I paid in-store Sam’s Club price. When I do make it to Sam’s it is SO much less crowded than Costco so my shopping experience is so much less stressful.

    • Sara

      I have the opposite experience.

      The Sam’s Club near me is smaller than the local Costco. Sam’s Club puts long rows of piled up merchandise in the freezer aisles. That makes getting through that section a real pain. All of Costco’s aisles are wider than the aisles at Sam’s Club. The food court at Sam’s Club seems to only ever have one person working, so the line backs up quickly and moves slowly. The Costco food court seems to always have two to three people working.

  34. Louie2

    The roast chicken. I use it for two meals, chicken dinner and a chicken pot pie.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      GREAT idea! My Mother in Law likes to do that too! Thanks for the suggestion!

  35. Edy

    I love their Clorox wipes package, only shop for trash bags , and items that are in their saving booklet vitamins, trash bags , chips , and love their brand of while ceramic bowls , and their spice rack , I buy their ground meat family pack divide it in four bags – and I get cash back every year – and use it to buy Christmas gifts

  36. Alicia

    Discounted movie tickets

  37. Crystal

    Unless Goldfish are on sale at Kroger or the commissary, I buy the Goldfish crackers in bulk at sam’s.

    And I always tell friends that the Members Mark toilet paper is a great dupe for charmin! So soft and thick!

  38. Katrina

    Is that really a good deal for eggs? I live in the midwest, and I know we are a bit spoiled with pricing on eggs and milk, but I bought a dozen eggs from Aldi for 80 cents last week. I think that works out to less than 7 cents per egg. 16 cents sounds really expensive to me, unless you’re buying free range or organic.

  39. Lynne

    Contact lenses! ‘Even better than the online sites I’ve looked at.

  40. Olgraygirl

    Two things I never leave my Sam’s without: The big bags of SkinnyPop and their in-store made sushi!

  41. AmyJo

    Things I love to purchase at Sam’s are their store brand trash bags, toilet paper & disinfecting wipes. Contact lenses are less expensive there than anywhere else!
    I also love Sam’s brand carpet cleaning solution. It comes in a one gallon jug for under $7. I use it at half the recommended strength and my carpets look and smell terrific!

    I have had good experience with out local Sam’s (Utah) tire center. They were willing to price match any local competitor on Michelin tires and gave us the current gift card promotion that was going. They have even repaired a punctured tire for us that we did not purchase from them.

  42. Shellie Middleton

    I’m surprised no one mentioned batteries. Such a great price. Also love Sam’s gas, worth the price of membership alone. Great post!

  43. Nicole S.

    If you are a Sam’s Plus member online you can order the Toliet Paper,Paper Towels & trash bags in a combo pack with free shipping and the savings are about 10.00 for the combo if you look you will find it and you can get the large 33 gallon or kitchen 13 gallon bags. I love being able to order and it come to my door and not have to drag it all home.

  44. hiya

    I’ve been a Sam’s Club member for years and through 4 kids, I disagree about buying Members Mark wipes and Members Mark diapers in particular. The wipes are terrible. They are thin and slide around (talk about poop on your hands when changing your baby). The diapers are thin and subpar quality. Instead, I highly recommend Costco’s Kirkland brand wipes (they are very thick and absorbent and don’t slide around and you end up using a lot less) and Kirkland brand diapers (very thick and absorbent with a gathered waistband and gathered around the legs for leak protector and have a wetness indicator line) and they are on sale $7.50 a box right now. They are my premium go to diaper and I have tried them all! (Worst of the worst diapers in my opinion are Members Mark Brand, Luv’s and Honest Brand – Honest b/c of leaking. Worst wipes are Pampers Wipes, Target Wipes and Members Mark wipes….all very thin and slippery.)

    • hiya

      Meant to say they are on sale right now for $7.50 OFF a box right now, not $7.50 a box! Lol!

      • Angela D Hosea

        Love Sams club for paper products, trash bags etc. Get monthly and don’t have to worry about it!! Also gotta say thier fruit is top notch!! Love the place!!

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