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Mega Swag Bucks Day: Win 100 Swagbucks!

1:20 PM MST
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As you all know, I’ve jumped on the Swagbucks bandwagon! I’m already a little addicted and so is my hubby! Every time I looks over to see what he’s doing on his computer, well… he’s performing another Swagbucks search! Sometimes when I peak over he quickly clicks on to another site… I think he may be a little embarrassed.

Anyway, I am definitely motivated to score lots of Swagbucks,  which is why I will be searching lots today! You see, today is Mega Swag Bucks Day. That means that instead of just winning 1 or 2 Swagbucks, you can possibly win up to 100 Swagbucks… and remember, that’s just for doing a simple search!

On top of that, there is also a new FREE Swagbucks code you can score! To get this code, go to the Swagbucks homepage, click on “Ways to Earn” in the top left, then click on “Special Offers” and then click on the “No Obligation Offers” blue box on the right. One you get to this page, it will state this: “Welcome to Swag Bucks Special Offers. Sign up for the free money-saving offers you like, feel free to skip the rest, and find a special swag code reward at the end.” Skip ALL the offers by clicking the skip button or the See Next Offer button beneath the advertisement. Finally after about 7 pages you’ll be awarded with a Swagcode! Enter the code in the box provided on the homepage to see how much you’ve earned.

Lets talk Swagbucks in the comment section and get one another motivated to rack up those Swagbucks!

**New to Swagbucks? Check out this post.

(Thanks for the reminder, CouponingToDisney!)

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  • Mo Keaton says:

    sorry typo, it’s PRO>EGE. I am seriously getting discouraged. I can’t seem to get the code from special offers, and today my first day and all, just doesn’t seem worth the time and frustration. 40 minutes later, I finally got the free code. Blah. Are we sure this is worth it?

    • Lolo says:

      the 100’s f people posting their addicition to it can’t be wrong LOL! Yes it is worth it. Just hang in there once you understand it it will pay off nicely. To learn more on how it works go to the FAQ’s and read them and go to and there is a great tutorial there and tons of info on how swagbucks works.

    • Honest Swagbucks Strategies says:

      Mo, I hope Swagbucks has gotten better for you this past year. There is a learning curve depending on how much time you spend exploring Swagbucks. I started a blog recently to share my journey and experiences. I also include tips and strategies to earn swagbucks fast. Check out my blog and see if you can start earning at least 50-100 swagbucks each day. If you earn 100 swag bucks per day (just weekdays), you can redeem for $20 in Amazon e-gift certificates each month (that’s $240/year!). Hope my tips help you! Let me know what you think.

  • Kristi says:

    I have tried the Special Offers tip that Collin gave twice now and each time the code I am given comes up with nothing when I put it into my search box. I know I am doing something wrong, but I have no clue what it may be. Can someone please help me?!?!

    • Anonymous says:

      i dont think you are spose to enter the code in the search and win box. try putting it in where it says enter code here

    • fran says:

      Kristi, I don’t know if I will be much help since I just started today, but did you copy and paste the code?…it is case sensitive, and has to be exactly how they type it…I got 1 Swagbuck with my code.

      • fran says:

        Yes Kristi, Anon is correct. The box is on the right side of the home page, under where is reads “Hi Kristi” …below that you will see the box that reads “enter a swag code”.

        • Anonymous says:

          thanks Fran for explaining to Kristi to. i am new to this and still figuring stuff out also. I am not having any luck tho

          • Kristi says:

            Thanks so much everyone!! I didn’t realize you had to be signed in on the homepage to enter the code. I am signed in on my toolbar so I thought it would work the same. Thanks for clarifying.

    • Kiddo Savings says:

      Fran – Be careful – posting a code can get your account deleted (and Collins) and all your swagbucks taken away..

    • Lolo says:

      there are two place to enter the code. It will say enter tcode here and there is one on the home page and one under my account. wither one will work if you post your code there. Even if you incorrectly post it there it will tell you it is invalid or whatever… so at least you will know you are in the right place!

  • clodyo says:

    I have not used swagbucks in so long. This prompted me to go back to using it and I won 5 swagbucks!!!! I am hooked.

  • Stephanie says:

    Yes, be careful. You are only allowed one swag account per household/address.

  • Anonymous says:

    arent you spose to put the code in where it says enter code and not in the search and win box???

  • Meagan says:

    I haven’t gotten any :( Besides the sign up I can search and search and get nothing ;(

  • misti says:

    wow its a valid code so quick use it before it gets deleted!

  • Savnformyzoo says:

    gosh i still dont understand this…

    • Anonymous says:

      me either Savnformyzoo. are you spose to just type in anything in the search and win box??? Im sooooo confused. help me plz!!!! LOL

      • Laura says:

        You just use it like google. Type in something you want to search. Occassionally a picture of a swagbuck will appear after you hit enter for your search.

  • Shell says:

    I misunderstood this program dangit! I thought she said you get a buck per search. However, I am now realizing you “may” win a buck or a few bucks while searching. I won 1 woo hoo, not!
    I keep going back and searching, but nothing more. I can’t quite see how people get so many gift cards???

    • Natty says:

      Ditto, Shell. I think it’s like the Huggies Rewards games. It’s just totally random. I get probably a point or two a day from Swagbucks, but that’s it. Guess I’m just not one of the lucky ones.

      • Suzie says:

        Alot of people earn alot of swagbucks through refferals! For every person you refer, when they search and win you get a buck too!! I think up to 100 SB!!

        • Kris says:

          It is a slow process, I’ve found. I earn only 1 or 2 bucks per day, sometimes an extra if there’s a special code out. I look at it as an easy and FREE way to earn stuff. Kind of like MyPoints and Inbox Dollars. However, I can’t make money sitting in front of the tv any other way! I often use my gift cards for teacher gifts or just small “thank you” gifts. But hey, I didn’t have to buy them!

    • Lolo says:

      Shell there is a madness to this method LOL! Keep this in mind, certain times are better than others (less people on and more swag bucks being given out), also the search engine “learns” your search technique. Remember you are supposed to be doing natural searches so if you search too much it will NOT reward you. I do this, do anywhere from 1 to 5 searches when I get on. I be sure to wait a few seconds as if I were really looking at the search results before typing something else in. If I do not get anything then, I will wait for at least about 10 mins and come back and usually will get one within 1 to 2 searches, but not always. If I do not get one I leave it alone for a while before trying again. ANother tip to note is that if you have won, it is VERY rare for you to get another back to back or even in a short amount of time so it is best to wait at least 3 to 4 hours before searching again. There is one exception to this. At 10 PM PST it resets for the day and you can get another one even if you just got one minutes before. So following these guidlines you most likely will only win 2 to 4 times in a day, but keep in mind you can earn more than 1 sb on 1 search so between that and referrals, people can score quite a few GC’s. I have 1 not so active referral and 1 I already maxed out and I have gotten over $100 in Amazon cards since June ’09. So not too bad I would say. The more referrals you have the more you can earn.

  • Dana says:

    ************PLEASE READ*****************

    You cannot post the actual Swagbucks code on a blog. We could get Collin in trouble. I know it’s all new and confusing. Here’s their policy.

    “NO! Swag Codes are meant to be discovered and applied individually. expressly prohibits the sharing of Swag Codes in any manner whatsoever. This includes, but is not limited to, posting active Swag Codes on Facebook, message boards, blog comments or any other website; hosting a site that allows Swag Codes to be posted; emailing active Swag Codes, or participating in any online and offline properties whose chief purpose is the distribution of active Swag Codes, or permits active Swag Codes to be divulged.”

  • Maria says:

    Just read this in Facebook:
    “I’ve noticed that if I have more than one swag window open, I won’t find a buck. I was wondering why I was having a dry day- I had a search window open in the back ground the whole time, closed it, then got one. Have you noticed this?

  • Katie says:

    that was a lot of work for 1 point, but thanks for keeping us in the loop!

  • MamaBear says:

    for those just getting started, hang in there! this is not a deal where you sign up and boom- instantly get a ton of sb’s… i started last year and i was a little discouraged at first because the accumulation of points was too slow for me. However i stuck with it using it daily for my searches and daily blog reading and by christmas i had hundreds of bucks that i used ‘twards amazon gc. i just purchased a rubbermaid 24 piece set on amazon a min. ago for $1! using 2 gift cards. My advice, just use it as much as you can, and dont pay any mind to the bucks, in a month or so you will have soo many you will be surprised. it took me awhile to get used to the whole system but the sb community are very helpful to noobs so dont be afraid to ask some of them! have fun and dont get too discouraged!! hth :D

    • Kiddo Savings says:

      I agree – stick with it!! I started right before Christmas, and it took me awhile to get it figured out!! Now Im hooked and have already scored 2 $5 GC.. I replaced my google search bar with the swagbucks one!!

  • Laura says:

    Collin, please delete any posts with swagcodes in them (I saw 2.) You could get your account deactivated for having them posted on your page.

  • Rebecca says:

    On average you will probably get one or two a it usually takes a month or so until you will have earned enough to get a giftcard!

  • Amanda says:

    Off topic…the pampers sample is now available…

  • Anonymous says:

    I LOVE Swagbucks. I typically get 1-3 per day, and I try to save up all year to use at Christmas. This last Christmas I was able to get 3 gifts for free just using my swagbucks, and I had only been saving up 6 months or so!

  • Sharon says:

    Wow! I just searched and won 4 swags!! Must be a good day.

  • fuzzymitten says:

    Thanks, Toph. I’ve been trying to enter the swag code trying every which way and it didn’t work. I think they forgot half of the code on my email.

  • Lisa says:

    I’ve noticed that if I log in before I search I get a lot more points than if I’m not logged in yet. If I’m not logged in I’ve never gotten more than 1.

  • fifster33 says:

    Usually you will only be allowed around 3 search swags per day, one morning, afternoon and night. I’ve found that you can search and search and search and still get nothing, if you’ve already earned one for the morning. So I only jump on 3 times a day, unless I NEED to search for more. AND do not post where the secret daily codes are or what they are, because they will delete you or freeze your account!

  • Jen says:

    so why would I get a letter with a swag code in my email and then it does not work?

  • Joan says:

    I used to just search on Swagbucks and didn’t get many. Then I installed the toolbar and I get from 1 to 3 most days. It is adding up fast, and I will probably get Amazon cards because I buy there regularly. I plan to get all my Christmas gifts this way. Every once in a while, I check out the free offers, and get extra Swag Bucks. Didn’t know about the newsletter, so signed up for that today. I love making extra “money” this way; it is addicting.

  • ann says:

    if you have never seen a code there is someone who posts a description AFTER the code is expired of where and how you would have found the code. look -up TattooAstronomy Blog. He also gives great instructions on how to do other swagbuck things, he just posted a great explaination of how twitter trivia works.

  • Jen says:

    I’ve been searching with Swagbucks for almost a year now and have never won more than once in a given day — usually first thing in the morning and often on my second or third search. My biggest win was 10 on a mega buck Friday, but usually it’s 1-2 every other day. And if you get someone to sign on under you you’ll get matching bucks up to 100 for each person when they search and win. I have cashed in for probably about 6 Amazon cards — paid for some of our Christmas presents… Yipee!

  • Andrea A. says:

    Thanks Collin. I have made 25 swagbucks in 3 days. At this rate I could do a gift card in a week! We do use it A LOT! I homeschool so we look up a lot of different things every day. To think a week ago I wasn’t getting paid to do it even though I was signed up on swagbucks I never really looked into it or got it. I am so excited about this. Not a lot of money but hey a little is better than none!

  • Anonymous says:

    Collin where are you today??? I hope you are doing something fun!

  • Melissa says:

    WOOOHOOO I won 5 swagbucks just for searching for your site :)

  • Jayne says:

    Cool – signed up today and have 11 bucks already :) Even if I just get on eor two a day – it will add up and hey – it is free so that is great! Thanks!

  • Leyla says:

    OT but have you guys noticed the new changes on kashless (the place to earn points for recycle bank)???? They no longer give points for saved searches. I hate it when that happen. They start of with something really cool and as soon as tons of people join they change everything.

  • Christyn says:

    Went to order a pizza and my boyfriend told me to search for Domino 45322 got a Swag Buck! This is great!!! How many swag buck do you need to get a gift card?

  • Kimberly Harris says:

    Just started swagbucks yesterday. Have 12 already. I did the offer listed above and it gave me 1 swagbuck but did not add it in my toolbar info? Thanks for the tip on the e-mails. Mine was in my junk folder.

  • Amy says:

    Does anyone know how long it takes an Amazon gift card to show up to your account? Or do they ship it to you? I ordered an gift card and it credited my account in 3 days. I bought an gift card on 1/17 and it says verified, but is not usable yet.

    And, are the gift cards like a regular gift card, can you use multiple $5 gift cards on the same order? Because I want to buy more, but am confused…. why do they “sell” the higher gift card amounts for amazon at a higher rate than the $5 gift cards? I was just thinking that if they don’t allow you to stack gift cards, then that’s why you would buy a $50 gift card for 590 SB instead of 10 $5 gift cards for 450 SB…. otherwise, what’s the point? :)

    • Laura says:

      Amazon cards post on the 15th and the 30th only unless it’s a weekend, then it posts the following Monday.

    • MamaBear says:

      you can stack the gc’s on amazon, i did it earlier…im not sure the limit but i did 2 of them… i dont know why they sell the gc’s like that, but i like to use the $5 ones.

    • Lolo says:

      Correction Laura it is the 16th and 30th of the month. So to Amy since you just missed the cut off you will receive your gift card on the 30th technically but since it is falling on a Saturday TSG posted they will not post to your account until Monday the 1st! HTH AS far as the gift card amounts being worth more the only reason why one would do that is that if they have a lot of swagbucks (say from referralsand such) then they may opt for the higher amounts even if they cost a bit more because you can only order up to 2 prizes/day and up to 5 of the same prize per month so they may have way more than that and want to be able to get a higher amount of Amazon gift cards in a particular month. Make sense? and Yes you can stack as many amazon gift cards in your account as you want and once they are in your amazon account they do not expire. Beware that the gift cardis not stackable. :(

  • Britt says:

    How long does it take for a friend referral so show up?

  • Stephanie says:

    All the comments about delete the codes makes me laugh! Its like “big brother is watching!!!!”. For everyone a bit freaked-out, you need to view swagbucks as a BONUS, not a sure thing. Its random. It has been a nice little BONUS to get gc money off. Its not going to happen instantly & you just have to be patient to earn.

  • Kim says:

    lol. My hubby’s the same way. He always gets excited when he wins bucks ! Yesterday he won 5 on one search and he jumped out of his chair to come find me and tell me about it. hahha. I think it’s hilarious because when I first downloaded the bar he asked me what in the world I had done and when I told him that we can get “paid” to search he didn’t believe me. Once I showed him the info and told him that the author from another blog that I follow were doing it he was on board with it and does tons of searching every day just to try to win some. It’s definitely good stuff. ;o)

  • Kalsie says:

    I JUST WON 5 on my first search of the day!

  • Shell says:

    Just now I tried to use a code I got after skipping the offers. It told me I already used that code. I am pretty sure it is not the same code I got yesterday though. Did I do something wrong, or did this change already?

  • Cassidy says:

    Watch Axe – Clean Your Balls video
    Watch Axe – Clean Your Balls video for Swag Bucks.

    No purchase required to receive Swag Bucks within minutes.

    Swag Bucks will be awarded after you watch the full video Axe – Clean Your Balls.

    This is a really strange 3 minute video and you get 1 swagbuck just for watching. You can find it at SPECIAL OFFERS – WALL 3.

  • Kelly K says:

    Well here I sit at 6:15am on Monday morning. I am waiting for my kids to go out to the bus so I can sneak back to bed for a bit. I decided to play on my iPhone to entertain myself. I pulled up swagbucks and started to search. I tried 2 random phrases and got nothing. Then I typed hip2save. That got me 2bucks!! I’m very excited by this because I have barely gotten anything for a few days now. It almost makes waking up at 5:30 worth it today!!

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