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FREE $10 Lane Bryant Gift Check for Taking Survey– 1st 1,500 Only!

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If you’re a Lane Bryant shopper, you can head on over here and take part in a 10 to 15 minute survey. The first 1,500 responses will score a FREE $10 gift check that can be used in Lane Bryant stores. Hurry!

(Thanks, Beauty Events and Free Stuff!)

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116 Hip Readers Commented

  • Barbara says:

    Please stop sending me emails that this survey works for you….it does not work…it clearly states that the 1500 limit has been met and the survey is closed!

    • Denetra says:

      I totally agree with Barbara. Over the past several days, I have spent over 250.00 and wanted to take advantage of getting the 10.00 offer. I think this is very bad customer service as I am a very loyal customer of LB as I shop at the outlets, online and at the local stores. I’m sure that Ashley Stewart would love to get more of my business.

      • Barbara says:

        I called the store and they told me to stop trying but that they would honor a $10 off if I came in, they made me spend $50 to get $10 off and after the service I got I called the home office,they sent me a coupon or 25% off but cannot be used on anything on sale, clearance, seven7…so what I’m getting at is they sent me a useless coupon….needless to say, I’ll be closing my account there as soon as I can pay it off, not worth the bad customer service!

    • LINDA says:


  • s brown says:

    I agree with Barbara. At the store I was given a receipt that said to do this for $10 reward. Doesn’t say anything about a limit available. I love your store but this is a little cheesy for lane bryant.

  • Deborah says:

    Ipay my bill late some time and they very understand,and very friendly. If you get the write person.I tell them why Iwant to change they will work with me and it make me to work with them more harder.

  • Gina says:

    Great bras and underwear. Clothes are a little expensive. Usually have to wait for a sale before I buy clothes.

  • I was at lane Bryant yesterday and they have every good prices its a good store

  • Wendy Duncan says:

    I had spent 86.30 at the lane Bryant outlet in myrtle my purchase qualified for one real women dollar. When I got home I returned 2 of the items but even with returning them I spent over 50 dollars but they kept my real women dollar off my receipt I thought as long as you spent 50 or more you qualified for them am I wrong?

  • marlene says:

    I took it already so what is code

  • Angelica says:

    I have a receipt from today that says to do a survey for 10 dollars and when I try it says no longer available

    • Barbara says:

      I called the store where I just spent $130 and the manager told me that in her opinion, I should just quit trying..told her great customer service…but that she could now talk to her DM about it…and I called customer service. When they circled in at the bottom of my receipt, I told them it did’t work and they tried to tell me people were bringing them in…that’s why I called to see if maybe I was doing something wrong….she was in no way willing to help though…

  • I love shopping at Lane Bryant. Do not waste your time to access the website. They try to scam you with a “special $10.00 offer”, that is just a joke. I recommend they shut down the website. Only feedback I give is shame on you Lane Bryant corporate gurus.

  • Lashawn Victorian says:

    I hear everyone!!! What is going on ? I have spent over $300 in the past 2 days. I was looking forward to the $10 coupons from my three receipts. Come on Lane Bryant!! Work with your faithful customers! Get it together!

  • Lydia Brisciano says:

    Upon returning merchandise to the lane Bryant located on south Santa fe Dr. Space 230. The sales accociate named Brooke was so very rude to me and did not want to assist me in locating the receipt . I did not have it but I purchased the items 1 day before with my lane Bryant card. Brooke informed me there is nothing she can do to getting the correct amount for the exchange due to the system they have there is so old. I suggested calling another store which she did and in the end I got the correct amount due to me with lousy customer service. I will not go back nor will I encourage anyone else to go to that location .

    • Barbara says:

      I was told, after calling the Evansville, IN store, to let them know that the survey was STILL not working..the young associate told me that in her opinion I should just stop trying! REALLY?! Called the home office and was sent a 25% gift card, but It can’t be used on sale, clearance, anything…in other words, they sent me a coupon that I can’t even use…when I went back to purchase some sandals, the mgr told me they would give me $10 off a purchase of $50 but that this was the last time they could give me a discount without a coupon….and she was really the most unprofessional in telling me! Had ordered some other clothes but with the way I was treated I returned it all…anything I buy from there I have shipped to Catherine’s so I don’t have to deal with the store…pretty sad on their part! If i didnt have to, i wouldn’t shop there at all!

  • kathymartin says:

    excellent service. Ladies were very helpful.

  • renita agnew says:

    I love this store. I love there bras.

  • Barbara Beckford says:

    When there’s a sale, there’s a sale. I love shopping Lane Bryant ’cause of their stylish, high end clothing. I’ve been a customer for years. I also love the way they keep up to date with fashion for the plus size. I even see skinny girls in the stores and wondering why. They love the bras and the accessories. Thanks Lane Bryant for being such a fashionable friend.

  • lane Bryant’s is the best store in the world

  • Bridget Gilling says:

    The experience was not great i have to be honest the women behind the register was very nice but her supervisor always gives a little attitude she was a little frustrated that I got a really good deal online I needed to exchange the shirt I bought for a bigger one and she told the women ringing me out do it as an exchange and she did not do it in the same transaction so then the supervisor said you should of some it in the same transaction so then she said I can’t I’ve you the same deal as you got online really! She could of done it 5 minutes before that, for management if you ask me its the same damn thing. Except she was going to charge me $20 instead of $8

  • Mary Campo says:

    I also have the same complaint as Barbara. The salesperson told me to logon to and It does absolutely nothing. I made my purchase today and it has nothing to do with the first 1500 customers. I feel this is very poor customer service.

  • nita flores says:

    Great clothes

  • Angelica says:

    I love their bras they have great styles..

  • Siuris Castellanos says:

    Yay Clothes!!!!

  • Christine bailey says:

    Always get excellent service in Saugus mass store

  • Tonya says:

    I shop at LB often but the customer services needs some improvement, I’m not a window shopper I goes in there an spend 100 or 200 easily, but with the poor customer service I would rather shop online or elsewhere.

  • D K says:

    This is about your Bay Shore, NY location and your manager of this store Marlene.
    This past Saturday the 31 st I had the pleasure of shopping in this store. I am a transgender person and it is not always easy finding someone that is caring and nice to help me. She made me feel very comfortable while I was in the store and very helpful.I will continue to shop there, because of Marlene.

    Your shoes are great, but you need more colors and styles and that would make my shopping experience even better at your stores. Once again, thank you Marlene.


  • Abigail says:

    I love Lane Bryant. The employees are really nice and helpful. The clothes are beautiful and the prices are good.

  • Betty says:

    You all are right I was in the store today and went to the survey it was close to me also and I spent over 100.00 in the store

  • Pat G. says:

    I LOVE ‘LB’ !!! Great service, great coupons great deals. Can’t wait to go back there. Pat G.

  • alicia says:

    Lane bryant is a wonder plus size organized store. They’re models give me great ideas for putting together outfits for so many occasions. They’re alwsys offering such wonder discount pricing. I’ve been shopping at lane bryant since I received my drivers license to drive. I give lane byrant ★★★★★ anytime.

  • juan bergeron says:

    I love lane Bryant the employes are very nice and helpful and the sales are wonderful

  • Evelyn Phillip says:

    My last visit lanebryant was got everyone is always nice and also very helpful

  • eileen says:

    Don’t waist time with web site .

  • valerie taylor says:

    Love to shop at lane bryant

  • Felicia Dunn says:

    I love the sexy underwear and nighties
    That Lanebryant sales.

  • Phyllis smith says:

    The sales person was very helpful I was very pleased

  • janet says:

    Greet customer service

  • Martha says:

    I receive text all the time, tanking for that

  • Alice says:

    m awesome customer service! !

  • Robin says:

    OMG another SCAM!!!!! WHEN you spend the money we ALL spend at this store, $10.00 isn’t anything…we should ALL boycott this company and lets see how much this 10.00 scam cost them!!!

  • Tina says:

    How dare them!!!!!! I spend thousands of dollars here….what is 10.00…that scam will cost them now I will NO longer give them my business. There are a lot of other plus size clothes stores!!!

    • barbara says:

      Tina I told them back in the Spring after I had made two trips totally over $400…their response was quit trying to take it…I said, really, you’re the ones that keep circling the questionair at the bottom of my receipt and I try and it says it’s full..since that you’ve commented, every time some thinks LB is great or makes any comment on here…you’re going to hear it….it sucks!!

  • SHIRLEY Pearce says:

    This survey, or sharing my feedback to receive a “special” $10.00 offer isn’t special at all. It’s a giant hoax. Lane Bryant is a big corporation, and to scam their loyal customers like this is unconscionable . Why don’t you just take this offer off the bottom of your receipt if you don’t intend to honor it……..nowhere on the receipt does it say the offer is good ONLY for the FIRST 1500 customers……if it had, I wouldn’t have wasted my time!!! Lane Bryant you should be ashamed of your self!!!

  • The manager at the store #375 at grand coastal mall that Was on duty around 3-4 pm I believe her name was Dee. Was being very rude to her employees as Ginny the employee was being very helpful in sizing us and shopping with us to find what we needed. Dee was making rude comments in ear piece that we heard ourselves and was saying that Ginny needed to hurry up and stop having conversations with us as she was helping us. Dee also made comments that we made 4 trips in and out when I would leave to get my husband to pay and help me make decisions. I purchase all my lingerie here for past few years. I was highly offended of the manager of all people to make rude comments about me while being rude to her employees as well. We opened credit cards and me and my daughter were going to purchase more but after hearing the many rude things she was saying we bought what we had already and left. The following day we returned to get my daughters slip for opening accredit card since Ginny was feeling rushed she gave the store copy. We also confronted Dee on how we felt disrespected and hurt by the comments that were made about us and also how she was treating the two employees that were working with her. We feel that it is not right and she should be in trouble for turning away customers and mistreating her workers.

  • tama jovin says:

    Love everything thanks lane bryant!

  • kelly romaine says:

    Love lane bryant

  • Bettye Newberry says:

    Took my sister in for a bra fitting. Linice was wonderful. Her knowledge of the products were 100%. She is an asset to your company.

  • lora howard says:

    I luv lane bryant bras

  • Alexis coleman says:

    My visit to lanebryant was great. Everything i bought fits just right.

  • Patricia Giles says:

    For sales i love your sales and your clothes boots shoes and bras

  • kris says:

    I went to lane bryant today.. great help with the bras.. Came to take the survey and its closed.. why print them on the receipt and tell your customers to take it . Not good..

  • Patricia Giles says:

    Need to fix website so i can get my coupon

  • Felicia Dunn says:

    I am a 54 year old lady who loves
    your sexy lingerie and your many
    different pastel colored bras and

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