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Rite Aid: Free Wet 'n Wild Nail Polish + More Deals

7:15 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Here are a few more Rite Aid deals you can score this week…

Buy 8 Wet ‘n Wild Nail Polishes $1.99 each
Minus buy 1 get 1 50% off sale = $11.94
Use the $5/$10 Wet ‘n Wild coupon found in the Sept. Issue of All You mag.
Pay $6.94
Get back an $8 +Up Reward (for buying 8 nail enamels)
Final cost better than FREE!
*These will make great stocking stuffers!

Buy 3 John Frieda Travel Size products $1.49 each

Total = $4.47
Submit for the $5 Single Check Rebate #58
Final cost better than FREE!
*The travel size products have been confirmed to work with the rebate.

Select Revlon products discounted 75% (may not be available in all stores)
Buy 2 Revlon Nail Polishes on clearance for $1.19 each
Pay $2.38
Get back a $4 +Up Reward (for buying 2 Revlon products)
Final cost FREE + a $1.62 moneymaker!

(Thanks, For the Mommas and Missy!)

**Check out the rest of the Rite Aid weekly deals here and here.

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  • Olivia Smith says:

    Awesome, going to Rite Aid again tomorrow after work to snag these awesome deals! :)

  • Sheila says:

    I wonder if the $3 off Nail Care Purchase RA coupon will work with this deal. I think I found it on the site…

  • Karen Bell-Williams says:

    My Nov All you issue coupon expires 12/1/2010.. Shucks!

  • Kimberly says:

    I did this deal with Wag’s last week. I had two five dollar off 10 coupons. I got enough lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, and nail polish for myself, mother and daughter. The products are “AWSOME”! The nail polish is beautiful, I have been wearing it now for almost a week, and not a sign of chipping, now that’s what I call a bargain!! LOL!! You ladies enjoy all of these wonderful deals, Collin, is a God send!! :)

  • Amye says:

    I am so jealous! Gotta see if I can find this q somewhere! What an awesome deal!

  • sammy says:

    it may just be for my rite aid because these garnier cleanser products were marked 25 percent off but when i checked out, it rang up as if it was 50% off. i got the face wash that was priced 6.29 but when i went to the register it came up 3.14! i used the 2 dollars rite aid value and a dollar off coupon that i came in the newspaper coupons a while back. u can use the 2 dollars off coupon that came in todays paper to make this a moneymaker!

    • Anonymous says:

      mine rang up 50% off too this item at my RA was marked 50% off on clearance. I did try to use the 2.00 mgf q with the vv.. the cashier marked the vv coupon down to 1.14.. still free ;)

  • Emily says:

    woops, reposted, sorry! XD

  • Emily says:

    Here’s a coupon for 3 off any revlon nail @ rite aid!! :)
    Oh, and the coupon for 2 off any john freida styling aid, and the coupon for 1 off any john freida shampoo in this sunday’s paper works for the trial sizes!!! :) so REALLY free john freida! :)

    • Barbie says:

      thanks emily!

    • Belle says:

      The John Freida coupon in my insert from this sunday is NOT valid on trial sizes. It has in fine print under the image – Excludes trial size and childrens-
      Others may want to verify that the coupons they have indeed include trial size.
      There were some IP coupons, if people printed those out some weeks ago, that didn’t exclude trial size, but I am finding that the recent IP, as well as the recent insert, does in fact exclude trial size.

      A good deal even without coupons when submitting for the SCR. :)

  • Laurie says:

    I guess this is a little off topic but can anyone else confirm that their holiday rewards dollars are only adding up AFTER all discounts and +UPs are used on an order? On my receipt my total before coupons and +UPs was over $30, After coupons and +UPs it was down to $2 and change and on my record it shows that i only have $2 and change towards the holiday cash rewards. Last year it added up before coupons. Anyone know what is going on?

    • linda2010 says:

      @Laurie – This year they are calculating the price after all coupons and UPRs. At least this is my experience and everyone else I’ve heard from. HTH.

    • SCR Customer Service says:

      Dear Rite Aid Customers,

      We heard your feedback, and we’ve changed our Gift of Savings coupon policy. To best reward you for shopping at Rite Aid, manufacturer coupons will not be subtracted from your total spend amount. Check your accounts within the next 48 hours to see your recalculated balance. We understand you have a choice of pharmacies and thank you for your continued support of Rite Aid.


      Single Check Rebates Customer Service

  • Fay says:

    I qualified for the $20.00 Holiday rewards and my total with all coupons and Ups rewards did not total $100. I really don’t understand how they are doing this offer. In the email it said that it would be emailed to me, I didn’t have to request it they did it. I called today and they told me I was going to get it mailed to me. Do Not Understand this offer.

  • mary martin says:

    I bought some of the .99 cent nail polish and it did not print out a UP reward – I did get up rewards for the 1.99 polish – beware the difference. Still only paid 1 for all 8 polishes.

    • ej says:

      Is anyone finding the clearanced Revlon polish for $1 and what ever change??? I actually could only find one revlon nail polish display and it had 3 bottles on it and they were marked at $4 something. I checked clearance shelves and didn’t see them, were they with the other polish or off somewhere by themselves??? I might just be out of luck.

      • robin says:

        Yes 1.19.. they are right in with my regular revlon nail polish ……. they have the little yellow circle 75% off price tags on them.

    • Dana says:

      I bought 8 nail polish last night and only got $3 +UP but I called them today 1-800-Rite-Aid and they are going to mail me the $5 +UP, takes 2 weeks!

  • Lesli says:

    John Frieda travel size did not work for me. BEWARE!

  • Eve says:

    I went to get the wet and wild deal today. I purchased 6 nail polish (the last ones as this is a small store) and a eyeliner pencil to ensure that with the BOGO 50% I got the total above 10 for the coupon. I went and got cashed out with my other items and realized I didn’t get the 6 1 up rewards I was expecting. I asked and they told me to dial the 800 number (well I have not done it yet because it is 1-800-RITE-AID and that doesn’t translate well on the phone). I did look at the receipt and each of the nail polishes rang up at .20 off (the eyepencil too). So the add says – 1 + only for 1.99 and above (and no bogo50% either). I am going to contact Rite Aid but mostly to just tell them that that was a lousy thing to pull as opposed to “not understanding” because I do understand. They basically put an end to this deal. :(

  • couponmama says:

    Went to RA last night. Bought 8 Wet-n-Wild nail polishes and got 8 + UPs back! This deal still worked for me!

  • esther says:

    are these deal only good til tues? i saw that Riteaid has a separate flyer for wed- sat (4 day sale).

    • RA Cashier says:

      No, the deals on Ad from 12/5 to 12/11 are still in effect along with the 12/8 to 12/10 supplement ad. Jus tbeware that not all RA stores will have all their ad tags up immediately today. RA changed how AD tags work for getting them put up so it is taking longer to get them up than it should. Ask the cashier to price verify for you.

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