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Rite Aid: *HOT!* Duracell Batteries 10 Pack ONLY $2.24 (No Coupons Needed!)

4:21 PM MST
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WARNING: It seems that as of today (May 5th) this deal may no longer be working. :(

Wowza! If you are wanting to stock up on batteries, then you need to jump in your car or hop on your bike and head over to your local Rite Aid. Reader, Maura from Everett, WA, emailed me about the fact that she was able to snag the Duracell Coppertop AA and AAA batteries 10 packs for ONLY $2.24 each (without coupons!)!! Keep in mind that these 10 packs are NOT marked at the sale price (they actually appear to be priced at $8.99,  so I strongly and I mean strongly encourage you to ask for a price check.

As soon as I received this email from Maura, I sent my sister in Boise out on a shopping mission and she was able to confirm that these 10 packs were also ringing up at her Rite Aid in Boise, ID for ONLY $2.24! Even better, she discovered $1/1 Rite Aid peelie coupons on several of the battery packs (pictured above), so paired with the $1/1 coupon from the P&G Everday Savings Book, she only spent $0.24 for a 10 pack of batteries! Yep – $0.24!

Run to Rite Aid!! :D

…And let us know if you are able to snatch up this *HOT* battery deal!

(Thanks, Maura!)

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  • Amanda says:

    This deal worked at my RiteAid yesterday but my mom went and tried it today and they had fixed it. :(

  • Renee says:

    This is definately over! Went Tuesday and got 3 packs-went back yesterday and got 4-went this afternoon and they were 8.99!!! Oh well, glad I got 7 packs while it lasted. Guess cororate thought 75% off was too good of a deal! Glad I got free Breathe-Right before they stop that too…

  • Lauren says:

    ugh i was so bummed that when i went in this afternoon they were 8.99. i knew i should have gone earlier

  • Anonymous says:

    Forgot about this deal till 10pm last night and went today and its a No-Go now. Oh well.

  • mary says:

    I got 4 packs of batteries at one rite aid yesterday (5/4) and they rang up at the $2.24 I went to a different rite aid today and they were back to regular price. The cashier told me that it had been a “glitch” in the system, it was caught, so no more good deal on the batteries. Wish I had gotten more yesterday…..

  • OhGrowUp says:

    To those who go to the commissarys the 8pk(with bonus 2, so 10pk) were 1.94 at ours tonight when DH and I were there.

  • DailyDealerFinder says:

    I went to late……told the lady to make a price check and when she said $8.99

  • DailyDealerFinder says:

    I went to late……told the lady to make a price check and when she said $8.99 I was like “nooooooooooooooo……………………….” I HATE ALLERGIES

  • thuy says:

    I got 10 packs before they fixed the price :) Learn my lesson long time ago…get it quick before they fix the glitch!

  • Janel says:

    I tried this Thursday at Zanesville, Ohio and it didn’t work when I had cashier price check them. Should I have scanned my card first and then price checked?? If so I am so bummed. It was my first trip to a Rite Aid. Got a few things & good deals but had major problems at the checkout. At one point the cashier knew the total was $2.00 more than it should be and just looked at me like I should pay it and go away. I politely waited while she called for help from someone that could correct it.

    • thuy says:

      I think most of the stores fixed their price on batteries on Thursday morning. Price check does not require wellness card but you need your card to buy at the sale price.

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